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15.    FLUGUCH & Award Document Grouping - FW 190 Pilot - Jagdgeschwader 103!
Document grouping to Feldwebel Gunter GRUNERT. Comes with his Luftwaffe FLugzeugfuehrerschein (Pilot's License) with photo listing his qualification to fly Me 109 E,F and G models and FW 190. Units listed in his license include Jagdgeschwader 104 and 103. Another Airfield license for Langendiebach, His Luftwaffe Bordschuetzenschein for previous service as Air Gunner in Fern Aufklarungs Gruppe 22. Document listing his promotions as well as his awards and dates including - Air Gunner Badge, Pilot's Badge, EK1 (AS fighter Pilot on April 7, 1945), Ek2, and Front Clasp in Bronze. His Flugbuch has his named embossed on the cover. Starts with his Pilot training. Many Me 109 as well as FW 190 flights listed.