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US WWII OFFICER Trunk Grouping - Africa, Italy - 5th Army - Nice!
VERY nice and extensive trunk grouping. Named to Capt. (later, MAJOR), Curtis A. GRAY. The trunk is just as it was at war's end. It has even the original shipping tags still on it. Filled with quality items. original officer's visor cap, multiple uniform pants, two uniform shirts, multiple belts, multiple garrison caps, money belt, great coat, Uniform jacket with original insignia, desk name plaque, souvenir shell he purchased at Pompeii, Puttees, several Stars and Stripes newspapers, his Records Jacket full of original paperwork, a super PHOTO ALBUM, very well captioned throughout. Starts with photos from their wedding, then he sails to England on July 1, 1942 with the 80th Ordnance Company, telegrams he sent home, he was with the invasion force "Operation Torch" landing in ORAN in 1942. portrait photo of him taken in Oran when he was the commander of the 330th Ordnance Motor Transport Company, many photos he took while in North Africa, then photos from SICILY, many identified personnel, then photos from mainland Italy, original patches he sent home to his wife - I Armored Corps, 5th Army and 2nd Corps, phot of plaque Mark Clark presented to the unit, several nice ID cards, and more. Also comes with his original DISCHARGE and SEPARATION papers, and more! great grouping!