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Army OFFICER Photo & Document Grouping - Commander III./Gren Rgt 203 - STALINGRAD WOUNDED!
294 photos. Named to Major Erich GERSTENBERG who served as commander in Inf RGt 105 & 36 and later as commander Jaeger Batl in Gren Rgt 178. He was also commander III./Gren Rgt 203 which was destroyed at STALINGRAD. Comes with a nice selection of award documents. They were stored improperly and suffered discoloration. I placed them in acid free bags & boards. Iron Cross FRIST Class with original signature General der Infanterie Albrecht Schubert (RK winner), Iron Cross Second Class award document also with original signature Schubert, Infantry Assault Badge award document while serving as commander III./Gren Rgt 203 with orig signature General. Black Wound Badge awarded for being wounded at STALINGRAD Sept 1942 with orig signature 14 Panzer Division Generalleutnant Friedrich Sieberg - RK winner). Westwall medal, second Black Wound Badge award document, Long Service Medal document, also comes with the VORSCHLAG FOR THE GERMAN CROSS IN GOLD for and Oblt GUTMACHER which Gerstenberg wrote gives great details of his military exploits at STALINGRAD - Gerstenberg was the commander of II./Gren Rgt 178 at the time! the unit was destroyed at Stalingrad. Lots of other documents, several Stalingrad related. Photo album is well captioned covering his pre-war service, very good images. Rare grouping to an officer that survived Stalingrad!