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4.   SA-Standarte FELDHERRNHALLE & Fallschirmjäger Photo Album - RARE!
168 photos. Amazing album of a FHH soldier. In a very rare original FHH album cover! Well captioned throughout. Great images of all types of FHH uniform insignia and helmets in wear, photo of transition time where they were wearing Luftwaffe breast eagles as well, original HITLER images, photos of the unit'a attendance at a MUNICH RALLY, FHH cufftitles in wear, other good studio portraits, Gorgets in wear, photos of him later wearing FALLSCHIRMJAEGER SMOCKS, FJ HELMETS in wear, Lugers, FJ's on motorcycles in the field, and more. Very Rare Album!


The SA-Standarte Feldherrnhalle was formed in 1935 and renamed Feldherrnhalle in 1936. It was the elite unit of the SA and guarded important SA, state and party offices. Its headquarters were in Berlin and battalions of the unit were stationed in Berlin, Hannover, Hattingen, Krefeld, Munich, Ruhr, Stetten and Stuttgart. It was one of the units that entered Austria in March 1938 and it was placed under the control of the Wehrmacht in September 1938. In February 1939 most of it was transferred to the Luftwaffe (where it was incorporated into the Fallschirmjäger-units) and another part of it was made a part of Infanterie-Regiment 271 of 93. Infanterie-Division but it continued to exist as an SA unit during the war on a smaller scale