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NINE Luftwaffe Photo Album & Document Grouping - Luftwaffe FELD-DIVISION - France, Italy, Sicily, Leningrad, AFRIKAKORPS++
Amazing grouping of 9 photo album grouping, all from the same man - Willy Eschweiler who served in various Medical units! Appx 2500 photos!  Comes with his KVK2 award document awarded Jan 30, 1944 when he was serving in medical unit of the 9. Luftwaffe Feld-Division. Starts with his RAD service, then a who album dedicated to the NEUENBURG AM RHEIN 1940.. After the attack of the Wehrmacht on France in 1940, Neuenburg was under fire. It was the first German city to be completely destroyed during the Second World War. On the 10/11th June, French artillery leveled the town. This album shows his unit visiting it and inspecting it, with some building still on fire. Also contains newspaper articles. Then album dedicated to the FRANCE CAMPAIGN 1940 when he served in Luftwaffen-Sanitats-Bereitschaft 4/VII. with souvenirs and mementos in brought back including Paris Ausweis - Good photos of destroyed French TANKS, crashed French airplanes, destroyed French towns, many identified locations - Vannes, Angers, Rouen, Nantes, St Naziere,Chartes, Cherbourg, photos from Normandy beaches, and more.  Then THREE entire albums dedicated to his time in ITALY & SICILY - also with newspaper articles, original maps he used, many identified locations - Trapani, Palermo, Catania, Naples, Castelvetrano, etc. Italian solders, visit of the Italian Crown Prince, field hospitals, Ju 87 in flight. good photos of ships loading weapons and vehicles for departure to Africa, warships in harbor, photos and postcards from the Isle of Capri, more.
A large album dedicated to his time in AFRIKA - also contains Mao of Africa he used while there and other souvenirs and mementos, good photos from Tripolis, many tropical uniform photos, field bivouacs in the desert, field ambulances in the desert, road signs, crash landed Me 110 Zerstoerer, field hospital in the desert, camp painted vehicles, photos from Derna, nice TOBRUK road sign, and more. Then an album os his time in the medical unit of Luftwaffe Feld-Division 9 with content from LENINGRAD & ORANIENBAUM - nice hand drawn maps, souvineers, troops in foxholes, great photo of Luftwaffe Feldgendarmerie wearing Gorgets and cufftitles, letters he wrote home, Russian POWs, newspaper articles, passes & IDs, harsh Wolchow battlefield conditions, and more.