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GERMAN CROSS IN GOLD Winner Award Document Grouping - 253 Inf. Division
Grouping of Oberfeldwebel Bernhard DIEPER. He was a German Cross in Gold Winner Comes with his letter from the commander of Gren Rgt 453 on Regimental letterhead congratulating and enclosing his DKiG - with original signature, two map postcards of the 253 Inf Division, ORIGINAL Tegesbefehl for Sept 12, 1944 listing Dieper as having received the DKiG (rare), and another rare document - 253 Inf Division citation for uninterrupted service in Russia from 1941 to 1944, with original signature of 253 Inf Div commander General KARL BECKER (RK+Oakleaves) - first time I have offered this document!