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US WWII 8th Air Force Photo Album - Great Aircraft Photos including Captured Luftwaffe Planes!
312 photos. Well captioned. Starts with his trip overseas to England on the Queen Mary. Landed in Scotland in June 1943. Photos of his time stationed on HOLTON Airfield and GOXHILL Airfield in England. Original photos of GENRAL SPATZ, GENRAL DOOLITTLE and other high officers, base life, 8th AF patches, base parties, base defenses, crashed planes, nice P-51 and P-38 photos, dog fight photos, planes flying through Flak on bombing runs, British planes, many photos of captured LUFTWAFFE AIRCRAFT including me 109 with British markings, Ju 88, ME 110, HE 111 and more! Visiting York, London and other locations, and more!