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US WWII 8th Air Force Air Gunner B-14 Uniform Grouping - KIA - 96th Bomb Group - MUNSTER Raid
Named grouping to S/Sgt. Thomas J. KEEFE, Jr.  He served as a BALL TURRET GUNNER with the 413 Bomb Squadron, of the 96th Bomb Group.   At 1023 on January 4, 1944, Keefe was flying in B-17F #42-30518, Short Stride IV which collided with B-17F #42-5923, Skin and Bones. The collision occurred at 52⁰20’N 07⁰10’E at 25,000’. Both aircraft were from the 96th Bombardment Group (H), 413th Bombardment Squadron (H). B-17 #42-30518 crashed near Lingen, Germany and B-17 #42-5923 crashed near Gronau, Germany. The radio operator, T/Sgt. Lyall W. Taubert; right waist gunner, S/Sgt Gerald R. Waldron, Jr.; and tail gunner, S/Sgt. John Y. Young on B-17F #42-30518, Short Stride IV, survived the collision and became prisoners of war. The pilot, 1st Lt. James E. McLean; the copilot, 2nd Lt. Harold Ziotnick; the navigator, 2nd Lt. John R. Gray; the bombardier, 2nd Lt. John E. McGee; the top turret gunner, T/Sgt. Richard R. Winn; the ball turret gunner, S/Sgt. Thomas J. Keefe, Jr; and the left waist gunner, S/Sgt. David Miller, Jr. were all killed in action. All ten crewmembers of B-17F #42-5953, Skin and Bones, were killed.
The grouping comes with his fantastic condition B-14 Jacket, great BRITISH MADE 8th AF patch, DUC ribbon, British Made ribbon bars, VERY nice Air Gunner's Wings - scarce version without the "O" target behind the flying bullet, sterling pin back with clutch post seats - one of the best Air Gunner Wings you can find. Also comes with uniform pants, shirt, tie and belt. Family must have sewn the ruptured Duck insignia on as a memento since he was KIA in 1943.