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109. WWI US Navy SUBMARINER Uniform & Photo Album Grouping - Captured German UC-97 Crew Member!
Very rare grouping to MM2/c Robert Joseph MANGIN.  He served in WWI with the submarine tenders USS Fulton and USS Bushnell.  Most interestingly, he served as a crew member of the captured German U-Boat UC97 during its Great Lakes  Liberty Bond Tour.   Also comes with his certificate of service in WWI, and citations for the Victory medal, button and clasp. Comes with two extremely rare booklets - From the War Zone to Chicago on a U-Boat and Ten Thousand Miles on a German Submarine. These may be the only two known copies as none are on the used book market.  Also comes with his Navy Unifom - period named to him on interior of pants and tunic. Last, his personal photo album from his time serving on the U-97. Contains 96 photos, almost all from his service on the submarine!  He is easy to identify throughout the album, many personal photos of the U-boat, great interior shots, crew posing on deck, other captured German u-boats, studio portrait of Mangin, in various ports of call and more. Historically important grouping!