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1.  photos -  WAFFEN-SS Photo Album - SS Standarte "GERMANIA" - 14x HITLER photos + 14x Original SS Helmet Decals!
134 photos in a beautiful official SS album cover for SS Standarte "Germania.'  It took part in the invasion of Poland attached to 14. Armee and following that campaign it was used to form SS-Division Verfügungstruppe (later renamed Das Reich).  The album has 14 (!!) ORIGINAL SS helmet emblems pasted inside.  Many photos are captioned on reverse. Many good images of GERMANIA SS collar tabs and cufftitles in wear, photos date form about 1936.  Good MG images, SS Krads, officers, FOURTEEN ORIGINAL PRIVATE Photos of HITLER on his yacht the AVISO GRILLE, his unit at the 1936 Olympic sites in Garmisch Partenkirchen, original photo RUDOLPH HESS, parades and rallies, many SS vehicles, one photo of HIMMLER, SS Generals, original photos of Mussolini, more. Nice album!
2250 - available again - buyer never paid
2.  photos  - Luftwaffe Photo Album - Lehrgeschwader 2 - Jagdgeschwader 77 - Photos of IHLEFELD - 132 Kills!242 photos of a ground crewman who served in LG2/JG77. Contains great photos of ME 109 aircraft, several super photos of famous RK+Swords winner Herbert IHLEFELD including a super photo of the tail of his plane with all his detailed kill insignias. crashed planes & Me 109 in ABBEVILLE, France, RAF planes, photos from Dunkirk, good photos from the Poland Campaign with many identified locations written on the reverse, and more. In a great album with unit name embossed on cover!
3.  photos  -   Army Photo Album - France & Russia Campaign
169 photos.  nice album with large panzer emblem/plaque on cover.  Photos from the Russian and France Campaigns. Graves, destroyed town and cities, vehicles, refugees, motorcycles, horses & wagon columns, troops on French beaches, burning villages, tropical uniforms, more.
3b. photos - FALLSCHIRMJAEGER Photo Album - 1. Fallschirmjaeger Division - France,  ITALY - Top!
201 photos of a FALLSCHIRMJAEGER - paratrooper. Starts with his time in training as a pilot - nice Me 109 photo & original photo of MOELDERS, then transfer to Fallschirmjaeger training. Has a fantastic studio portrait photo of officer wearing Fallchirmjaeger Badge & Pilots Badge as well as a big medal rack, photos of him in jump smocks, unit parades in FJ helmets and jump smocks, FJ officers, then stationed in France in JOSSELIN in New Years 1943, great photos of the unit jumping in Flugplatz AVIGNON, France, great photos of FJ's jumping, landing, camo jump smocks, then the unit transferred to ITALY and the photos jump to ROME including the harbor ruins of  Ostia Antica in July 1943, great photos of FJ's in the Rome train station, officers conferring, super photo of FJ officer in jump smock with MP 40, ends with original photos of GENERAL STUDENT, Maj Gerster and General RAMCKE!!
4.  photos - Army Photo Album - GEBIRGSJAEGER - Polish Campaign
81 photos of a Gebirgsjaeger (mountain troop).  Good images of GJ insignias and gear, GJ troops on skis in the Alps, officers, Standarte & Fahnentraeger, ceremonies, mountain climbing, GJ mules, vehicles, train transport, POLISH POWS, Polish refugees, more.
5.  photos -   Luftwaffe Photo Album - Original GOERING photos - Aufklarungsstaffel (F) 1/123
233 photos from a Luftwaffe man who served in Aufklarungsstaffel (F) 1/123. original photos of GOERING and other high officers visiting the unit,   planes, ceremonies, base signs, unit graves, funerals, hunting parties, bases in France, more.
- sold
6.  photos - Army Photo Album - France & Russia
110 photos. Several captions. Ceremonies, officers, artillery, vehicles, field headquarters, halftracks, refugees, exhausted troops troops napping on roadside, graves, photos from Lithuania, camo helmets, KO Russian tanks, KO Panzers, grenadiers, crashed planes, Russian artillery, trench positions, more.
7.  photos - Army Photo Album - BALKANS
110 photos.  Well captioned.  Starts with unit stationed in France in 1940.  Identified officers, motorcycles, Panzer III tanks, photos of the unit in ROMANIA, HUNGARY & BULGARIA, postcards, train transport, many identified towns and cities, vehicles, troops interacting with locals, border crossings, more.
8.  photos -   Army Photo Album - France, Italy & Greece - GEBIRGSJAEGER PAK Unit - Nice!
166 photos of a man who served in a Gebirgsjaeger PAK (mountain troop Anti-tank) unit.  Content from France, Greece, Italy and Russia.  Good MG 34 photos, soldier on day of EK2 award in the field, PAK cannons, officers, Krupp vehicles, motorcycles, Greek soldiers, EK1 medals in wear, female Russian soldiers, burning towns, motorcycles, tropical uniforms, combat, trench positions, more.
9.  photos - RAD & Army Photo Album
88 photos. Starts with man's RAD service then Army. Portraits, vehicles, training, and more.
10.  photos - Army Photo Album - France Campaign - Nice!
136 photos. Very well captioned throughout. Many identified locations, crossing French border, KO Maginot Line bunkers, captured French TANKS, photos of unit capturing French base in SAINT-DIÉ-DES-VOSGES,  other locations in the VOSGES, black French colonial troops, another captured French Kaserne in WECKRINGEN, more. nice album!
11.  photos Army Photo Album - France & FINLAND - Murmansk
100 photos. Portrait photos, group photos, motorcycles, officers, troops in Waffenrock, captured French tanks, French POWs, KO enemy Pill Boxes, Maginot Line bunkers, refugees, graves, destruction, French colonial POWs,  photos of Paris, photos from FINLAND, attacks on Murmansk, more.
12.  photosArmy Photo Album - Panzer Regiment 26 - Russia & ITALY
65 photos of a man who served in panzer Regiment 26.  Artistically captioned. Panzer troops in Panzer tunics, Panzers, photos from Russia, photos from ANZIO, Panzers in ROME, portraits, graves, Russian artillery,  photos from POW camp, more.
- sold
13.  photos - Army Photo Album - France Campaign + GREECE - Inf Rgt 226
119 photos of a man in Inf Rgt 226. nice album with army Eagle on cover. Standarte & Fahnentraeger, MG, PAK cannons, Army band, Maginot Line bunkers, motorcycles, destroyed French towns, bunkers, trench positions, black French colonial POWs, graves, vehicles, bicycle infantry, Artillery, captured French TANKS, mortars, troops in PARIS, Moulin Rouge performances, portraits, photos from GREECE, more.
14.  photos - Army Photo Album - Inf Rgt 37
70 photos of a man in a PAK unit in Inf Rgt 37. nice official unit album. Captioned. Large unit photo, ceremonies, officers, cannons, bands, nice officer photo wearing large medal bar, vehicles, good maneuver photos, MG 08, Panzers, more.
15.  photos -  Hitler Jugend + BDM Photo Album
78 photos. many captions. Good images of HJ & BDM units on march, flags, ceremonies, photos of SCHIRACH speaking at rally, camping and hiking trips, more.
16.  photos - Hitler Jugend &  Army Photo Album - France & Russia French Atlantic Coast
240 photos. Portraits, some WWI photos, several Hitler Jugend, Standarte, ceremonies, vehicles, some Kriegsmarine photos, KIA, road sign "trees," identified locations in Russia, bicycle infantry, photos from  MINSK, photos from France, MG 34, photos of the man stationed on the French Atlantic coast, more.
17.  photos -   Army Photo Album - Reichspost Polizei - POSTSCHUTZ
90 photos.Many captioned on reverse.  All from a man serving in the Reichspost Polizei.  Photos form his time in France, crashed French planes, captured French tanks, Reichspost vehicles,  photos from identified French towns including ST NAZAIRE, ANGERS, NANTES TOURS and VANNES,  photos from Paris, more.
- sold
18.  photos Luftwaffe OFFICER& Army Son  Photo Album - France & Russia + Belgium & Holland
220 photos. Many captions. Starts with WWI service, then service in WWII as a LW officer - mostly photos of the son in the Army, vehicles, photos from POLAND, ceremonies, then France campaign including BELGIUM and HOLLAND,  KO French B- 1tanks, photos from MAUBEUGE, DINANT and other locations, KO Maginot line Bunkers, graves, Dutch border crossing, Panzer columns, signals HQ's, photos from  MINSK, Russian TANKS, more.
18b.  photos WWI German PILOT Photo Album - Fliegerabteilung 280 - TOP!
SUPER album to German pilot in Fliegerabteilung 280 Rudolf BECK (can be identified in other photos in album also). Very well captioned throughout.  85 photos. Starts with a super studio portrait of him in flight gear with original signature!  Filled with fantastic photos of German WWI aircraft!   Super photos of BECK posing by his HALBERSTADT CLII airplane with aircrew, several original aerial recon photos of locations in France including MARS LA TOUR, FLEVILLE, ROSSIGNOL, and more. Identified personnel including Hauptmann Gristes, Pilots badges in wear, captured French Spad fighter, Super view of LVG C.1052, crashed LVG named to Lt. Schneider, balloons in flight, photo of LVG.C which he indicated was his first crash landing, nice photos of identified aircraft and pilots in flight taken from airfield, Albatross planes taking off, photos showing their air base, nice photos of aircraft drinking and celebrating, funerals of KIA aircrew, generals reviewing maps, super view of a FOKKER DIII in flight taken from above (rare view), KIA pilots burned in crashes, super photos of LONGUYON Train station after bombardment on March 18, 1918 - additional info of the US attack can be found online, more photos of the unit at LONGUYON, more! Super album!
19.  photos -   Army Photo Album - Pionier Batl 186 -  France Campaign
252 photos of a man who served in Pionier Batl 186. Photos from the man's service in the France Campaign - destroyed towns and villages, troop movements, vehicles, motorcycles, French POWs surrendering, wounded Black French colonial troops, burning towns, captured French materiel, PAK cannon firing, unit graves in the field, more.
20.  photos  Army Photo Album - 24 + 269 Infanterie Division - Russia - Nice!
Appx. 215 photos. This album contains many good photos of Infantry Regiment 31 - part of the 24 Infantry Division. He appears to have later been in the 489 Inf Rgt - part of the 269 Inf Div given later photos of grave markers and 269 ID vehicle insignia. Many of the photos have very detailed descriptions written on them. The album opens with his Wehrmacht training showing several photos of him and his comrades on parade, during weapons training, in barracks, etc. Photos during his combat time include: soldiers wearing Infantry Assault Badges, Would Badges, EK1, etc., award ceremony in the field, unit vehicles, RAD members wearing "Deutsche Wehrmacht" armbands, wounded German soldier who appears to have had his nose flattened, burning villages, troops attacking a village, destroyed Russian Tank, troops crossing the Duna River, destruction in Novgorod (Aug, 41), troops observing opposite bank of the Schelonge River (position of photo shows troops under combat conditions), excellent photo of a group of battle worn soldiers in an underground bunker - one is holding an MP40, another photo of their bunker from outside - another MP40 can be seen, troops crossing river in assault boats, soldier on day of EK2 award, Russian POWs, photos of his troops at Leningrad in 1941 (when he was with the 269 ID), destroyed Russian tanks in Leningrad, 8.8 cm Cannon in camouflaged position with barrel depressed for ground attacks!, good photo of the man's officer with maps stuck in belt and wearing EK1, officers conferring in the field, another soldier on day of EK1 award also wearing Infantry Assault Badge and Wound Badge.
21.  photos -  Army Photo Album - Nurnberg + NARVIK NORWAY - France & Belgium 1944
178 photos. Well captioned throughout.  Many good photos of the man's time stationed in NORWAY - NARVIK, GARGIA, LANGFJORDEN, OSLO,  - many identified locations, also some photos from Denmark, also photos from NURNBERG, then photos of his time stationed in Normandy around the time of D-DAY "vor der Invasion," photos from St Quentin, Laon, Brugge, etc.  nice album!
22.  photos -   Army Photo Album - Artillery Unit - France and Russia Campaigns – DUNKIRK+
Appx. 130 Photos. Black album with embossed Heer Eagle and “Meine Kriegserinnerungen.” Many photos have detailed captions on the reverse. Dead Soldiers, Destroyed Allied vehicles and ships at Dunkirk – several photos, Crashed Bristol-Blenheim Bomber in French town with fire crew working to put fire out, German and French graves, destroyed towns, mounted troops, bicycle troops, crashed Ju52, nice photos of troops in well fortified bunker positions, artillery, destroyed and burning oil refinery, captured French POWs, troops loading ammunition into artillery cannon, several photos taken through a telescope at coastal shore battery – two of a German Destroyer, photo of field radio in use, troops in Paris and Rouen, 6 nice photos of an award ceremony – several soldiers being awarded EK2s – some already wearing Russian Front Ribbons, nice photo of a plaque showing all KIA soldiers in the man’s Battery (up to 1943) with names of cities they fought in, German Recon. Planes on a frozen Lake in Russia, ZWILLINGSSOCKEL twin MG42 trailer mounted machine guns, photos from man’s time in hospital, trucks with Red Cross insignia, 4 nice photos of a formal German military funeral.

  photos   WWI Photo Album - Officer - Garde-Kürassier-Regiment - PINSK + Westfront - Flanders - Nice!
127 photos. Very nice album to man who served in the Garde-Kürassier-Regiment. Beautifully captioned.  Starts with photos from their positions in PINSK in 1915, identified officers as well as GENERAL von Baerensprung, good trench photos, German royalty visiting unit in Pinsk - Prince Leopold and others, balloon aerial photos of Pinsk, then pthoso from his service on the Westfront starting at Chateau BULSCAMP in BELGIUM, ceremonies, good photos of mounted troops, battlefield photos from VERDUN, destroyed YPERN, more.
23.  photos -   Luftwaffe FLAK Photo Album - I./Flak Regiment 47 - France, Russia
Appx. 150 photos.  All from the same man who served in FLak Rgt 47. Well captioned. Starts in 1940 station in Westfalen. Many very ood 8.8cm Flak photos, vehicles, 8.8cm Flak firing at night, funeral ceremonies, several photos of shot down RAF planes with KIA crew members in the wreckage, photos from BERLIN, then photos from the RUSSIA Campaign, unit graves in the field, Halftracks, destroyed Russian towns and villages, more.
24.  photos -   Luftwaffe Photo Album - SICILY 
170 photos, all from the same Luftwaffe man. Photos from SICILY!  Many images of tropical LW uniforms in wear, unit graves, crashed RAF planes, troops posing with Italian soldiers, bombs being loaded on planes, two photos of GIGANT planes in flight, vehicles, Bunkers,  more.
25.  photos -   Army Photo Album - KRIM
125 photos.  Nice album cover with helmet emblem. Photos of graves, Army band, destroyed Maginot Line bunkers, troops on the French Atlantic coast, then photos from Russia, MG 34, then photos from KRIM, photos from Yalta, Luftwaffe sea planes in harbor, destroyed Russian towns, more.
26.  photos -   WWII Kriegsmarine U-Jaeger Photo group – U-Boat Hunter!
Appx 420 photos – all very good. I have had this one in my collection for some time now and have recently decided to part with it. It also comes with an original unit crest with the captain’s signature on it. He was on U-Jaeger 1709.  Images include: several very good portrait photos, Km sailor with a MP40, sailors with heavy MGs, good photos of BATTLESHIPS (or CRUISERS), sea planes, many excellent photos taken on board ship, sailors in polar conditions, officers on board ship, sailors wearing minesweeper badges and others, their ship in dry dock, sailors launching torpedoes from stern of boat, German graves, sea planes doing recon sweeps, good photos of depth charges exploding, and more. A great KM grouping.
27.  photosGEBIRGSJAEGER Photo Album & Insignia Grouping - Gebirgs Artillerie Rgt 111
56 photos of a Wachtmeister "Lusk" who served in Gebirgs Artillerie Rgt 111 of the 2 Gebirgs Division  - as well as his original GJ sleeve badge, shoulder board cipher numbers "111" and his cap Edelweiss badge.   Nicely captioned. Super portrait photo of him wearing the "111" ciphers on his shoulder boards and EK1,  nice photos of GJ artillery cannons,  unit barracks in HALL in the Tyrolean Alps, officers, mounted troops,  photos of him visiting Innsbruck, original Leave Pass, more.  Nice album.
- sold
28.  photos - Army Photo Album - France & Russia Campaigns - 16 Panzer Division
167 photos.  Crashed planes, officers conferring in the field, Russian soldiers being searched, camo helmets in wear, Motorcycles, Panzer III columns, photos from the Russian Steppe, foxholes, KO Russian Tanks, burning Russian villages, Vehicles with Panzergruppe Kleist insignia, artillery positions, Russian refugees, unit graves, good atmospheric images of battlefields on fire, vehicles, photos from the Balkans as well as Paris, vehicle emblems for 16 Panzer Division, more.
29.  photos -   Army Photo Album - Russia Campaign - Panzer Korps Nachr. Abt 440
42 photos of a man who served in Panzer Korps Nachr. Abt 440.  EK1 medal ceremony in field, vehicles, graves, photos from SMOLENSK & MINSK,  more.
- sold
30.  photos -  Red Cross Nurse Photo Album
80 photos of a Red Cross Nurse.  Well captioned. 
- sold
31.  photos - Female Photo Album - BDM + Reichsbahn Worker
39 photos of a woman starting with her BDM service then serving in the Reichsbahn. also many swimsuit photos.
32.  photos - NSFK + Luftwaffe Glider Photo Album
40 photos in a small album with LW eagle on cover. Starts with good NSFK glider photos,  then service in Russia - Gotha Gliders in the field, vehicles, harsh winter conditions, photos of the man wearing KRETA Cufftitle and flight clasps & Pilots Badge, more.
33.  photos -  4x German Photo Album Grouping - Kriegsmarine, Army + GOERING PHOTOS
Appx 150 photos in four small albums. Mixture of Army Russia Campaign, Luftwaffe officer album with original GOERING PHOTOS, Kriegsmarine, and female RAD content.
34.  photos -  Luftwaffe Award Document Grouping - Flak Rgt 6
Extensive document grouping to Wachtmeister who served in Flak Rgt 6.  Comes with his original Iron Cross Second Class award document, original Flak Badge award document, portraits of the man, Wehrmacht Driving Instructor License, promotion documents, military discharge, many original letters he sent from POW Camp in Canada, and more.
35.  photos -  Large Luftwaffe Officer Photo & Negative Grouping - PARIS & ITALY
Large grouping of over 300 original photos and Negatives - Many from the officer's time stationed in PARIS. Also photos from his time in ITALY including LECCO.  Nice original Paris Photo Shop envelopes, many photos of him at Paris landmarks, postcards, more.  Big grouping!
36.  photos -  US COLONEL'S Photo, Medal & Document Grouping - 10th Mountain Division +  CORPS SIGNALS Commander - Italy
Massive grouping to Col. Edmund D. CUNNINGHAM. Comes with his original cased ORDER OF THE HOLY SEPULCHRE (Italian).  Massive amount of material including his original BRONZE STAR GO Citations, Original LEGION OF MERIT GO citation, GO citation of PURPLE HEART, original Military DISCHARGE, diplomas from General Staff School, very nice original "300 Days in Battle" poster with IV corps button with his name on it, tons of original orders, promotions, and other official paperwork, original material related to military patent for technique of aerial wire laying he invented,  letter from Brazilian commanders, original letters from IV commander General CRITTENBERGER with original signatures - including a completely hand-written letter telling him he is being recommended for promotion to Colonel,  original Special order of the day form Field Marshal Alexander, original IV Corps Publications, two LARGE maps of Italy he used in the field, photo of Cunningham with captured German officer, documents related to him being wounded in Italy resulting in disability, original photo of FM ALEXANDER presenting Cunningham with the ORDER OF THE BRITISH EMPIRE (photo is blurry in listing but is actually sharp), also comes with a LARGE number of 8x10 in. photos when he served with the 87th Mountain Inf Rgt of the 10th Mountain Division - great photos of 10th Mountain troops training in high mountain conditions, ski troops, weapons, rare photo of halftrack modified Jeep, mules and equipment and more. Great grouping!
37.  photos -  US WWII Pacific Theater Press Photo Grouping
42 original wartime press photos covering action in the Pacific.  Most have the caption "slugs" on reverse. Good content! Tanks, combat, KIA, POWs, beach landings, and more.
38.  photos -   US WWII Photo Grouping - France & England - NORMANDY BEACHHEAD - Engineer Special Brigade
Appx 250 photos from the same solder who served in the Engineer Special Brigade (348th Engineer Combat Batl.) and who landed on Omaha Beach on D-Day!.  Many photos from France in 1944/5, photos from Paris, weapons, photos of beachhead  at NORMANDY (OMAHA),  D-Day invasion helmets in wear, Engineer Special Brigade insignia in wear, photos from hospital in France, vehicles, unit marked trucks, St. Lo, Siegfried Line and more. Great grouping!
39.  photos -   US WWII Photo Album- France, Germany & England
173 photos from the same man.  Destruction in France, Red Cross donut trucks, photos from Paris, German POWs in forced labor, captured German heavy Anti-Tank guns, retrieved unexploded aerial bombs, good photos of what appear to be some kind of specialized bomb retrieval cranes?, medal ceremonies, visiting British cities, quad 50 cal MG trailers, more.
40.  photos - US WWII Photo Album - Pacific Theater - African American Soldier
282 photos.  All from the same African American soldier.  Starts with stateside training and then overseas service in the Pacific.  Good photos of troops posing with M Carbines and Tommy Guns, halftracks, base vehicles, construction, base buildings, motorcycles, boxing, more.
41photos  - US WWII Photo Album - Okinawa - Many B-24 NOSE ART Photos!
200 photos Well captioned. Many photos from his time stationed on Okinawa, many identified locations on Okinawa, KIA soldiers on Okinawa, Japanese POW camp, crashed planes, nice photo of a Japanese BAKA BOMB, troops interacting with locals, identified personnel, Many good B-24 NOSE ART photos, portrait photos, nude native women, also nude photo of US Nurse. Great album.
42 photos - US WWII Photo Album - 28th General US ARMY Hospital - Belgium, Holland - many photos from LIEGE
200+ photos, Well captioned.  MANY photos from his time stationed in an Army Hospital in LIEGE, BELGIUM.  Many photos have photographer stamp from Liege studio on reverse,  Photos start from Sept 1944 to end of war.  German Pill Boxes in Liege, interacting with Belgian locals, VE Day celebrations, US Bomber formations flying overhead, photos from inside hospital, planes, captured 8.8cm Flak cannons, many photos of Fort De La Chartreuse in Liege, German destruction in Liege, great photos of US Tank crews rolling through Liege in Sept 1944, Belgian soldiers on parade, German uniform effigy, destruction in Liege from German V-1 Buzz bomb - close call for the man!!,  field ambulances collecting dead Belgians from the Buzz Bombs, photos from MAASTRICHT, Holland, more!  Fantastic album!
43 photos - US WWII Photo Album - 198th US Army General Hospital - France
700 photos!  Massive album to man who served in the 1998th General US Army hospital. Most photos from France. Many identified locations including ETRETAT, PARIS, LE HAVRE, SUIPPES, CHALON
German Atlantic Wall bunkers, MANY photos from his time in PARIS showing great images of Parisian life, Rainbow Corner in Paris, Moulin Rouge, French Boy Scouts in Paris, posing with French soldiers, many photos from the hospital's time stationed in SUIPPES, original STARS & STRIPES "PEACE" V-J Day Newspaper - also photo of him holding up this very paper! photos from Camp Cleveland, France, more!
$850 - sold

46photos - STAHLHELMBUND Photo Album, Document & GORGET Grouping - Nice!
Very nice photo album and ORIGINAL STAHLHELMBUND Fahnentraeger GORGET!  There are great photos of the man wearing this very Gorget.  Came directly from the family of the man.  My buyer took it directly off their living room wall!  42 original photos. Also comes with his original Stahlhelmbund Membership badge award document, Wurttemburger Kriegerbund Membership Document with original signature General, postcards, portraits of his son in Army uniform, more!
- sold
47 photos - PANZER Photo Album & Award Document Grouping - Panzer Regiment 21 - Scarce VON THOMA Signature
174 photos & Negatives. Very well captioned throughout. Comes with his OSTMEDAILLE Award Document and his KVK2 Award Document with ORIGINAL signature general WILHELM RITTER VON VON THOMA - Knights Cross Winner. Scarce signature as he was captured at EL ALAMEIN in 1942!  Album has large Panzer on cover as well as an original panzer Collar Tab scull. 
48photos - PANZER Photo Album - ITALY - Late War - Panzer Abteilung 345 + 129
141 photos.   Nice album to man who served in Pz/Abt.129 of the 29 Panzergrenadier Division. Started with panzer Abt. 345 and was with the unit when it was reformed into Pz.Abt.129.  The 29. Panzergrenadier-Division was formed in France in March 1943 from the destroyed 29. Infanterie-Division (mot) and was sent to Italy in July. It fought at Salerno, Anzio and Po River. It was destroyed in April 1945 when the LXXVI Panzerkorps was attacked by the British 8th Army between the Po and the Apennine Mountains. Filled with Good PANZER images - the last photo is of a TIGER !   Good Panzer I, Panzer II, Panzer IIII and Panzer IV as well as StuG III long Barrels with side armor.   Very well captioned throughout.
49photos - Luftwaffe & Kriegsmarine SEENOTFLOTTILLE Photo Album & SOLDBUCH - Flugsicherungsschiff Hans Albrecht Wedel
Rare grouping to a Luftwaffe man who served as a FLAK gunner on the Flugsicherungsschiff Hans Albrecht Wedel. The HAW was part of the 3. Seenotflottille and was used to rescue downed airmen at sea as well as other security duties. In  October 1944 it participated in the evacuation of Memel and then the Opertion Hannibal, the evacuation of German refugees and soldiers from East Prussia.  On each trip,  around 1500 wounded and refugees were evacuated; on the way back ammunition and fuel was delivered to front line troops heavily engaged in fighting the Russians
At 8:20 pm on April 8, 1945, the ship was struck by an aerial bomb during a Soviet air raid in Gdansk Bay south of Hela Peak.  The ship capsized very suddenly and sank. There were 10 people killed.
The Soldbuch is complete and original but has a replaced cover. Award listed include Iron Cross Second Class, Luftwaffe Flak Badge, Flak Tactical Badge and Black Wound Badge. 135 photos. The album contains nice studio portraits of the man wearing Luftwaffe FLAK Badge. Also good photos of the ship, crew on board, good Flak cannon images, Sea rescue planes on the ship, many photos from NORWAY, funerals for KIA crew members, other photos of KM warships, more.
$525- sold
50 photos - Luftwaffe STUKA Ju 87 Photo Album
44 photos. Very good Ju 87 STUKA photos as well as portraits of the man.
$175 - sold
51photos - Luftwaffe Photo Album - POLAND - JEWISH CONTENT
110 photos. Well captioned. Starts with his unit stationed in Straubing then movement to Poland starting in KROSNO, Polish graves, contains several original photos he took of Polish JEWS wearing armbands, on leave in NURNBERG visiting the Nurnberg Zeppelin field, then photos from ZAKOPANE POLAND, then in SANOK, Poland in the summer 1940, destroyed SYNAGOGE in SANOK, photos of JEWS in SANOk, ends with him in pilot school in Prossnitz in 1941.
$295- sold
52photos - Luftwaffe Photo Album - Kampfgeschwader 77 - France & Russia
125 photos of a man who served in KG 77. Several captions. Good photos of He 111 and Ju 88 aircraft, aircraft codes for the uni, photos of KNIGHTS CROSS WINNER pilots, KIA Russian soldiers, captured Russian planes, KO Russian tanks, good photos of officers and crews in flight gear on airfields, graves, nice inside cockpit view of plane, more.
$335 - sold
53photos - NURNBERG PARTY RALLY Photo Grouping
26 photos. nice images of Nurnberg Party Rally as well as parade sin the Altstadt of Nurnberg prior to the Rally,
$150 - sold
54photos - FALLSCHIRMJAEGER Negative Grouping
10 original wartime negatives from the same FJ man
55 photos - Army & Luftwaffe Photo Grouping
66 photos. Several portraits, French Campaign, Tank, more.
-  sold
56 photos - Luftwaffe BALLOON Unit Photo Grouping
73 photos & postcards. Also comes with his military discharge
$45- sold
57 photos  - AFRIKAKORPS Photo Grouping
62 photos, all from a man's service in Africa with the DAK. nice tropical uniform photos desert bivouacs, vehicle, Krads, troops interacting with Arabs, more.
$100- sold
58 photos - Luftwaffe Photo Grouping - KRIM
84 photos of a LW man with many photos from KRIM including SEVASTOPOL and destroyed guns of MAXIM GORKY.
$100- sold
59 photos  - FALLSCHIRMJAEGER Photo & Cloth FJ Badge Grouping
26 photos from a paratrooper and comes with his original cloth FJ badge.
$200- sold
60photos - BERGHOF Obersalzburg Photo Grouping
26 US Soldier's photos of the destroyed Berghof and other buildings in the Obersalzburg. With a color photo of the soldier.
$150 - sold
61photos - WWI German MARINE Photo & Document Grouping
15 photos and two original documents of a WWI German sailor.
-  sold
62photos  - Army Photo Grouping - Greece + Serbia
163 photos. Photos of troops at CORINTH CANAL, graves, troops interacting with locals, portraits, visiting Greek landmarks, Panzers, more.
63 photos - Army Photo Group - Russia, France, Greece, Africa
160 photos. Many captioned on reverse.  Portraits, crashed planes, graves, vehicles, Russian armored cars, ceremonies, bivouacs and more.
$85 - sold
64photos - Gebirgsjaeger Photo grouping - Russia - Good Front Images!
75 photos of a Gebirgsjaeger (mountain troop) soldier. Content from the Russian Campaign.  Good FRONT and combat images! Russian TANKS, GJ troops in foxholes, MG 34 unit guarding river crossing, burning villages, assault rafts crossing Russian rivers, bicycle infantry, troops bringing in freshly captured Russians, officers, vehicles, more!
$265 - sold
65 photos - Luftwaffe PHOTOGRAPHER Photo Grouping - AFRIKAKORPS - LW Kriegsberichter Komp. (mot.) 7
200 photos, all from the same Luftwaffe photographer who served in Luftwaffe Kriegsberichter Kompanie (mot.) 7. Also comes with many original PRESS photos from the unit that he and his comrades took.  Most of the Press photos from the unit have caption "slugs" on the reverse. Most of the remaining photos are large 9x13cm size.  Nice content!
$435- sold
66photos - Army Photo Grouping - KRIM + Italy 1944
365 photos - huge lot. Many photos captioned on the reverse.  Many identified locations in KRIM & KERTSCH. Many vehicle images, portrait photos, destruction, captured Russian weapons and equipment, KIA soldiers in the field, late war images from ITALY with identified locations - REGGIO, NAPLES, etc., and more!
$220- sold
67photos  - SOLDBUCH, WEHRPASS, WH Fuehrerschein + Grouping
Complete grouping to Stabsgef. Ludwig FOERG who served in various Flak units.  His last unit was Flak Regiment 42 (mot.).   Awards listed include KVK2 & KRIMSCHILD.  Many campaign entries listed including Russia, and KRIM and later in the WESTFRONT in 1944.  By September, the unit was engaged against the Americans in the Saarbrucken area and supported the 1 Armee in it's battles at the Siegfried Line. The unit ended the war in Bavaria.  Soldbuch is original issue, complete with photo.  WH driver's license also has original photo. Also comes with several other documents of the man.
$185- sold
68 photos - Army Photo Album Grouping - 17 Panzer Division - France & Russia Campaigns
178 photos in two albums from the same man who served in Inf Rgt 63 which later became Panzer Grenadier Rgt 63 of the 17 Panzer Division. Very well captioned throughout. Named to Lt. Balthasar WIDL. Comes with two training books he wrote copious notes in including several nice pages showing hand drawn tactical symbols. they were from his officer training in 1944.  Super studio portrait showing him wearing Panzer Assault Badge, EK1 and other medals, Also promotion document to Oberfaehnrich.   Great Sd.Kfz. 251 photos, KIA German soldier in the field, salty Landsers after combat, KO Russian tanks, vehicle convoys,  Standarte & Fahnentraeger, bunkers, captured Russian artillery, more! Nice lot!
$525 sold
69photos - Army Photo Album - Inf Rgt 63 - Empty & Unused
Very nice, minty Inf Rgt 63 album
$85 - sold
70photos- Army Photo Album - Empty
Green type Army album with embossed Eagle. Has some photo corners inside.
$50 - sold
71photos - Jewish GHETTO Photo Grouping
18 original photos from on man. high quality images; he had a good camera.  Larger format 8x13 cm. Many images showing Jews selling used goods in town square, Jewish armbands in wear, toys made in field by soldiers, Christmas plays, Jewish business signs, etc.  Much cheaper than if I sold them individually.
$525 - sold
72photos - Original WWII German Glass Negative PORTRAIT Collection - TOP!
VERY nice grouping of 100 original Glass portrait negatives, all from the same studio, in the original boxes kept by the photographer. Came from a Bavarian town.  great content including 13 WAFFEN-SS & ALLGEMEINE SS portraits, two WAFFEN-SS PANZER troops, one super GROSSDEUTSCHLAND portrait with the man wearing Close Combat Clasp, TENO FUEHRER with dress Dagger,SA Brownshirts,  POLIZEI,  BDM Girls, nice Gebirgsjaeger including CROATIAN SLEEVE BADGE IN WEAR, Army, medals in wear,  Luftwaffe and more! 
$1250 - sold
73 photos -  WAFFEN-SS Studio Portrait - TOTENKOPF - Large!
Very nice large Totenkopf studio portrait in SS helmet.  18x24cm.  Wartime original!
$75- sold
74 photos - Waffen-SS Photo Album - SS TOTENKOPF Division - Medic
106 photos all from the same Waffen-SS man who served in the TOTENKOPF Division as a medic. In original cardboard slipcase. Several portrait photos of the man, schwere MG 34, many good images of SS TK insignia, medals in wear, SS helmets and gear, barracks, attending Sanitats Schule PRAG, field kitchens, postcard from his time in American POW Camp in Fossenburg with signatures of his comrades.
$350 - super cheap!!
-  sold
76photos -  Third Reich Pionier Enlisted Visor Cap - Schirmmuetze - Original!
Nice complete condition. Maker marked. Original Eagle and cockade. Brought back by Lt. Robert E. MARTENS of the 45th Infantry Division. Cheap!
$350 -
 - sold
77 photos -   Luftwaffe FIGHTER PILOT Photo & Document Grouping - Me 109 + Me 262 Pilot!!
135 photos of a Luftwaffe fighter pilot Kurt FRIEBIS.  original NSFK Dienst-Taschenbuch, a very nice large fold out Me 109 diagram/schematic! Comes with one training Flugbuch and the other, which is empty. A "collector" visited the veteran and ripped out his operational flights and stole many photos form him also. Comes with nice studio portrait s of the man, great ME 10 photos including one with bombs attached to undercarriage (rare view!), original photos of MOELDERS, great Me 109 tail photo with many kill emblems, the man and comrades in flight gear, nice Me 110 images with nose radar antennae, aircraft with unit emblems, great inside view of cockpit of his Me 109, original GOERING photo visiting the unit, Knights Cross Winners, original photo KESSELRING awarding medals in the field, photos of his training aircraft, He 111, Ju 88, and other aircraft, many original wartime negatives, and more. See below for article about him.
$650 - cheap!
- sold
78. photos - US WWII AIR CORPS 20TH AIR FORCE Uniform, Document & MEDAL GROUPING - B-29 "Wide Spread Havoc"
Grouping to Sgt. Emil J. SUDAR who served as a B-29 Tail Gunner in the 19th bomb Group, 30th Bomb Squadron.  Their ship was B-29 "WIDE SPREAD HAVOC." Comes with his Uniform jacket with 20th Air Force patch & Ribbon Bar, OFFICIALLY WARTIME GOVERNMENT ENGRAVED DFC Medal, Original wartime AIR MEDAL, several original photos of him posing in front of their B-29, complete hand written mission list and other pages with detailed mission notes he kept, original theater made 20th AF BULLION patch,  B-29 crew pin, extensive paperwork including his original Separation Qualification Record, Truman WWII certificate, Arnold Certificate of Appreciation for War Service, typed list of his crew, official record of training and combat flights (Individual Flight Records), many original orders and promotion documents, original Air Medal General Order citation, 50 cal. MG training book, original SPERRY TURRET Manual, and more!
$550 - cheap!
- sold

78b. photos - US WWII Air Corps Bombardier Medal, Insignia & Photo Grouping - 454th Bomb Group
Grouping to 1st. Lt. Robert T. MYERS who served in  the 454th Bomb Group, 739th Bomb Squadron. Comes with his original BULLION 15th AF patch and BULLION Bombardier wings, very nice color 15th AF Certificate of Valor with original signatures of the 454th BG commander and 304th Bomb Wing commander, a very nice large portrait photo of him in uniform, a large amount of original paperwork including his official complete bomb mission list with many missions listed over Italy, Germany and Austria, welcome letter from commander 15th AF with original signature General Nathan TWINING, three original GO citations for AIR MEDALS and OLC's, original GO citation for DISTINGUISHED FLYING CROSS, Pilot dead reckoning NAVIGATOR qualification certificate with original TWINING signature, many original orders & promotions, original unit field made mission list for the 454 Bomb Group, official file listing all training and combat flight, and more.
$650- sold
79. photos -  US WWII 8th Air Force Pilot Grouping - 381st Bomb Group - Uniform, Medal, Squadron Patch ++
Very large grouping to Lt. James HARSHMAN pilot and co pilot of B-17 "Passaic Warrior" 534th bomb squadron of 381st bomb group of the 8th air force. Includes his great ORIGINAL WWII 534th SQUADRON PATCH, cased WWII AIR MEDAL, extra British made felt 8th air force and other AAC patches, 1943 time/distance computer. Original war time unit-made "Confidential" marked summary of his 24 bombing missions. Numerous training books and histories with him in them. Paper copies of pictures of the crew and the plane. A WWII "Crusher" visor cap, his nice four-pocket uniform with pin back pilot wings on a blue "Lead Combat Crew" background with nice British Made 8th AF patch. Overseas hat with warrant officer rank, shirts, Original named stenciled duffle bag, original US Army marked bag and strap he used most likely for his oxygen mask, many named pilot training manuals and books, notebook with mini original documents and notes from flight school, copies of his air metal citations, DIARY with may entries,  copy photos of him, training flight log, more. A great grouping with a super rare original squadron patch.
$950 - cheap!
80. photos -  WWII RAF Photo Album Grouping - 153 Squadron
2 Photo Album / Scrapbooks filled with hundreds of original photos of WWII taken by RNZAF Bomber Navigator, Rollin H. Bates (from 1937 to 1946) who served in 153 Squadron); good photos of RAF Scampton, good photos from inside his aircraft,  P4-G(eorge) along with the rest of the crew; RARE EARLY photos of the first RAF JET FIGHTER - GLOSTER METEORr, crew photos named -  pilot, wireless operator, mid-upper gunner, rear gunner, bomber, and flight engineer. One album has the RAF gold insignia (of the wings with the crown above it.) on the cover. Many cockpit photos and photos taken from the plane. Photos taken all through Europe; Italy, France, England, Germany. photos taken from their base and inside their living quarters on base, many identified locations, air crew in flight gear,  In air original photos of Aachen, Krefeld, Dusseldorf, Cologne, bombed bridges from the air; Krefeld, Helgoland (North Sea, Germany) taken right after their attack on April 18, 1945; aerial recon photos,  an actual photo mosaic / fold out of Cardiff, UK taken at 10,000 ft on June 7, 1945; going over the Panama Canal and more. Covers his whole service from before during and through 1946. Great grouping!
81.  photos - US WWII PIGEONEER Photo & Unit History Book - RARE!
45 original wartime photos, many captioned on reverse and some marked "secret," from the estate of Gordon HAYES who served in the Pigeon Corps during WWII & wrote the book The Pigeons That Went To War.  Comes with a very rare copy of this book. the photos are wartime original, not copies. Great photos showing details of the Pigon service training in the US and also in the field in ITALY! Rare material!
$350- sold
82. photos - US WWII Photo Album - 44th Division - France, Germany - METZ
Appx 300 photos from a man who served in the 44th Division in WWII. Photos of captured Luftwaffe officer they are stripping insignia off of for souvenirs, captured German flag, many vehicle photos, photos from METZ & AACHEN, Jeeps, USO shows, entering German villages, interacting with German locals, visiting Paris, SS building insignias, studio portraits and more!
$185- sold
83.  photos -  US WWII Photo Grouping - 80th Division -  LUFTWAFFE AIRCRAFT
100+ photos all from the same man. Several good photos of captured Luftwaffe aircraft, Jeeps, 80th Division insignia in wear, troops in French and German towns, destruction, crashed P-47, captured 8.8cm FLAK cannon, more.
- sold
84. photos - US WWII Photo Album - 7th Army + 382nd MP Batl
200+ photos from the same man - Pvt. James AMBROSE. Many photos showing him wearing 7th Army Patches, many photos form him on occupation duty with the 382nd MP Batl. which was stationed in Bremen. also comes with documents and letter and newspaper clippings.
85.  photos - US WWII OFFICER Photo Grouping - 751st TANK BATTALION - ITALY -  Rare!
200 photos from a CAPTAIN Richard Justin BENEDICT who served in the 751st Tank Battalion.  Many great images of TANKs in the field, tanks with nicknames painted on them, Tanks with beach landing exhaust protectors, beach landings in ITALY, good armored halftrack photos, field bivouacs, good FOXHOLE & trench photos, ranks in firing positions in the field, medal ceremonies in the field,  jeeps, more!
$365- sold
228 ORIGINAL color slides taken by a husband and wife with many images from BERCHTESGADEN and the Obersalzburg.  Easily identifiable locations in the area including far off images of Berghof & Eagle's Nest, town building in Berchtesgaden, Obersalzburg mountains, Pfarrkirche St. Sebastian, Kirche St. Peter u. St. John, etc.  Photos are from 1940 -1944.  in their original wartime wooden cases with hand written notes.

photos - 4x Photo Album & Award Document Grouping -  SPIESS - 254 Inf. Division + Landeschuetzen Btl. 386 -  GREECE
Large, complete grouping, all from the same SPIESS - Hauptfeldwebel Erich KEIL.  Three photo albums & binder of original documents.   Comes with his Iron Cross Second Class Award document with original signature divisional commander Generalleutnant Walter Behschnitt (DKiG), KVK2 Award Document with original signature Militärbefehlshaber Griechenland General der Flieger Wilhelm Speidel (convicted at Nurnberg for war crimes in Greece), Passiersschein with original signature  WAFFEN-SS Standartenfuehrer Max SCHIMMELPFENNIG, map of Saloniki,  and many more documents.  Photo albums contain 363 photos. Many goodphotos from Greece including Athens, Saloniki and other locations.  nAlso good combat photos from the WEST campaign in 1940 when he served with Inf Rgt 454 of the 254 Inf Division, many vehicle images, Bunkers, destruction, salty Landsers, inspecting the troops with officers, many good photos showing him wearing SPIESS tress on his uniforms, some nice original artwork, and more.
88. photos -  NSKK & SA Document and Pennant Grouping
Very nice grouping to NSKK man Karl PROSS.  Comes with two original wartime NSKK vehicle pennants, his scarce original NSKK-Pass, his original SA Ausweis, NSDAP Membership card, military discharge and many other documents! 

89. photos -  German WWI CHAPLAIN Photo Album & Document Grouping - Westfront - Nice!
229 photos and documents of Division CHAPLAIN of the 29 Infanterie Division - last name SCHAEFER.  Many photos are captioned on reverse.  Comes with many good photos showing him wearing Chaplain insignia, original menu named to him from the 29 ID when stationed in Attigny in June 1917, other named paperwork from him, many photos of division officers, Generals and royal visits to the Division in the field, good images of destruction in France, supply columns, portraits, good trench photos, observation balloons, vehicles, medals in wear, Pickelhaube, several good aerial recon photos, mounted troops, artillery, refugees from ROISEL, crashed German airplanes, allied tanks knocked out, photos from PERRONE, MG positions, KIA troops in trenches, mortars, captured British trenches in ROSSIGNOL, and more. Great album!
$650 - sold

90. photos - Third Reich Magazine Collection: NS Frauen Warte
17 original issues of NS-FRAUEN-WARTE.  Very beautiful color covers. he NS-Frauenwarte, an illustrated biweekly that advertised itself as the "only official party magazine for women," was among the periodicals published by the National Socialist Women's League [NS-Frauenschaft]. Like other Nazi publications, it was primarily a vehicle for propaganda. Although women did not have any political role within the Nazi regime – that role being reserved solely for men – they were expected to function as reliable bearers of Nazi ideology in the assigned role of housewife and mother. As this cover-page suggests, NS-Frauenwarte emphasized women's contributions to the economy, society, and culture. Additionally, the magazine also described the work of the National Socialist Women's League and the German Women’s Enterprise [Deutsches Frauenwerk or DFW]
$200 - sold
91. photos -  Third Reich Bound Magzine: Der Adler - 1942
Complete bound 1942 editions of DER ADLER. Official wartime magazine of the Luftwaffe.  Cover is detached.
$50 - sold
92. photos - Army Photo Album - France Campaign - France, Belgium, Holland
158 photos, well captioned -   of a man who served in the France Campaign of 1940.  Original photos of General RUOFF and Generaloberst VON BOCK, other identified high officers, vehicles, destroyed French towns, KIA French troops, motorcycles, vehicles, French colonial troops, photos of destruction of ROTTERDAM, photos from LA PANNE, more.
93. photos -German  WWI Photo Album - Empty
Period, original WWI album. Empty. perfect for your loose WWI photo collection,.
$65- sold
94. photos - German WWII Photo Album - Gebirgsjaeger -  Empty
Official album - empty - of Gebirgs Nachrichten Abteilung 54
95. photos - German WWI Photo Album - 52 Reserve Infanterie Division
49 photos. Many typed captions. Portraits, group photos, photo of General WALDORF, commander 52  Res. Inf. Division. KIA Turkish soldier, KIA French troops, graves from Verdun, tanks, observation balloons, more.
-  sold
96 -photos - Army Photo Album - Kradschuetzen Batl 8 - Russia & Balkans
89 photos of a man who served in Kradschuetzen Batl 8 of the 8 Panzer Division.  Well captioned, reads like a diary of his service.  Many vehicle images, MG 34, motorcycles, photos from Yugoslavia, photos from Serbia and Hungary, Serbian POWs, Panzers, comrades' graves, more!
$165- sold
97. photos - Army Photo Album - OBERSTLEUTNANT - Russian Campaign
95 photos of a German Oberstleutnant.  captured Russian T-34 tank, good officer portraits, officers reviewing maps in the field, medals in wear, parades, Knights Cross Winners, original portrait with original wartime signature of General WOLFGANG HAUSER - DKIG winner, and more.
$195 - sold
98. photos - Hitler Jugend & Army Photo Album - POLAND & France CAMPAIGNS- JEWISH photos & Original HITLER photos
170 photos.  Photos from the man's service in the Hitler Jugend, RAD and later Armey Service in the POLAND Campaign.   Polish POWS in forced labor, Polish JEWISH refugees, other photos of POLISH JEWS being rounded up, graves, Portraits, two original, private photos of HITLER,    also photos form the FRANCE campaign, knocked out French TANKS, captured French artillery, French POWS, bunkers, crashed French airplanes, troops in foxholes in the field, funerals, river crossings in assault rafts, photos form his Hitler Jugend service and more.
$335- sold

99. photos - Army Photo Album - France Campaign - Inf Regiment 43 - 1 Inf Division
155 photos from a Gefr. SCHNEIDERMANN who served in Inf Rgt 43 of the 1 Inf Division.  Many captions.  Nice album cover with metal helmet device.  Photos start from his training time and then from the France Campaign 1940.  French POWS, destruction, knocked out and captured French TANKS, troops marching through French towns with good signage, Pionier bridges, crashed planes, French refugees, more.
100. photos - Third Reich Era Book:  München Vom Wesen einer deutschen Stadt
Minty example.  Hard back, 132 pages.  Published 1939.
$30 - sold
101. photos - Third Reich Era Book:  Festschrift Zur Wehrmachts Ausstellung 1940: Sieghafte Deutsche Waffen
Original paperback booklet for exhibition of German weapons in Vienna, 1940.
102. photos  - GEBIRGSJAEGER Photo Album - Austrian Army + Wehrmacht -  BERCHTESGADEN
170 photos of a Gebirgsjaeger Alfred ROESSLER. Starts with his Austrian service in Inf Rgt  19. Comes with a document award for marksmanship in 1934 with original signature Kompaniechef,  portraits, group photos, photos from maneuvers, photos of his unit in BERCHTESGADEN, good troops in ALPINE locations, parades through Alpine villages, Zeppelin, mountain climbing, nice Alpine postcards, more.
$195 - sold
103. photos - Army Photo Album - RARE POSTHUMOUS IRON CROSS FIRST CLASS Award Document - Original BURGDORF Signature!
99 photos from a KIA soldier who served in Artillerie Rgt 36(m) of the 36 Inf Division. Comes with an extremely RARE example of a OKH issued posthumous Iron Cross First Class Award Document - comes with original signature of General WILHELM BURGDORF.  Wilhelm Emanuel Burgdorf (15 February 1895 – 2 May 1945)[a] was a German general in the Wehrmacht during World War II, who served as a commander and staff officer in the German Army (Wehrmacht) (army). In October 1944, Burgdorf assumed the role of the Chief of the Army Personnel Office (Heerespersonalamt) and Chief Adjutant to Adolf Hitler. In this capacity, he played a role in the forced suicide of Field Marshal Erwin Rommel. Burgdorf committed suicide in the Führerbunker on 2 May 1945 at the conclusion of the Battle of Berlin.
Also comes with photos of his grave and his original death notice from newspaper, photos of knocked out Russian tanks, artillery, portraits of the man, vehicles, cavalry, bunkers and more!
104. photos - Army Photo Album - 36 Infanterie Division - France Campaign
164 photos - from the same man as # 103 above. Served in Art Rgt 36 of the 36 Inf Division.  In nice album with metal Hemet on cover.   Very nice portrait photo of him with red Artillerie tress colorized, nice Standarte photo, identified officers of the unit wearing medals, photos from his service on the Westwall in 1939, bunkers, graves, photos from the Argonne, photos from EPINAL, artillery Batterie in the field, destruction of SEDAN, photos from his time in PARIS, French TANKS, field radios, original girly artwork, and more.
105. photos -Hitler Jugend & Waffen-SS Photo Album - BAD TOLZ+ Adolf hitler Schule - Top!
99 photos. Super photo album of a Hitler Jugend with photos up to his Waffen-SS service.  great photos from his time a HJ OBERSCHULE - one of the Adolf Hitler School for Nazi elite chiuldren.  Super portrait of him in HJ Fuehrer uniform, good photos of him wearing HJ Oberschule CUFFTITLES, superb portrait of a KIA WAFFEN-SS COMRADE with details on reverse, super images of HJ marches, HJ drums, ceremonies, flags and banners, officers, large school group photo with SS officers and NCS with signatures on reverse, postcard photos from Hitler Jugend Fuehrerschule Kasperlmuehle, postcard from OBERSCHULE BAD TOLZ, more. great album!
$550- sold
106. photos - Hitler Jugend & Gebirgsjaeger Photo Album
100 photos of a boy's service in the HJ through Army service in a Gebirgsjaeger unit.  Good HJ uniform, insignia, flags, sports, photos of him at a Hitler Jugend Fuehrerschule, HJ cufftitles in wear, hanging out with BDM girls, camping, etc. photos, then many photos of his time as a GJ - GJ uniform insignias, climbing gear, photos in mountains training, more.
$225 - sold
107. photos - Rare PARISIAN Postcard Print Collection - USGI Bringback
Rare grouping of 11 slightly larger than postcard size prints of (very unflattering) caricatures of German military done by Parisian artist Rene Auguste DEBARRE. They were brought back from Paris by a US soldier.   The first time I have ever had a set to sell!
108. photos - NSFK Airplane Model Posters - Fw 190 & He 113
Two original wartime NSFK Airplane posters.  Both framed in Plexiglas frames.
$200 - sold
109. photos - STURMGESCHUTZ Feldpost & Photo Grouping - StuG Abt 244 - Russia Campaign
120 photos & Feldpost from a man in StuG Abt. 244. Many good Sturmgeschutz III photos, nice SyuG III with "PANTHER" named on side with emblem, many photos of troops wearing StuG wrap tunics, SdKfz 251, officers, other vehicles, Panzer III tanks, medals in wear, Panzerspahwagens, heavy halftracks, troops in Paris, road sign "trees," views of KO Russian KV-1 & T-34 tanks from trench position, officer wearing KNIGHTS CROSS, medal ceremonies in the field, destruction, battlefields, destroyed Russian towns, motorcycles, Artilery batteries, and more.
$650 - sold
110. photos - Army Photo Group - Poland, France & Russia - BASTOGNE !
85 photos. Includes two nice photos from BASTOGNE. Officers conferring in the field, French river crossings, Cavalry troops and horses, GJ troops, graves, vehicles, medals in wear, field ceremonies, Russian POWs on the march, very salty infantry posing in the field, bicycle infantry, troops giving food to locals, more.
$100- sold
111. photos - SOLDBUCH & Document Grouping - Pionier - 216 Inf Division
Soldbuch & Document grouping in period folder to man who served in Pionier Batl 216 of the 216 Inf Division. Soldbuch is original 1939 issue with photo and all pages. Also comes with his military discharge, Military Drivers License and various other documents. 
$135 - sold
112. photos - Army Photo Album - MEDIC - DENMARK +  FRANCE Campaign - Nice!
350 photos in a larger than typical album. nice gold embossed swastika and helmet on cover.  Well captioned throughout. Man was in a medical unit.   Photos start with him stationed in PRAGUE in 1939, many photos from his barracks and Prague itself, then attendance at a Unterofficer's Lehrgang in 1940, then photos of his unit moving out for DENMARK, Field Ambulances, medics wearing armbands, arriving in DENMARK, many photos from  in KØGE, Denmark,  then photos from COPENHAGEN, Danish security troops in Copenhagen, other identified towns in Denmark, hanging out with Danish girls, then France Campaign photos, French POWS, Maginot Line Bunkers, captured French tanks, destroyed French towns, officers just awarded EK2's in the field, troop graves, vehicles, bicycle infantry, field kitchens, visiting PARIS, then photos form the BALKANS, more.
$285 - sold
113. photos - Luftwaffe Photo Album - Tropical
52 photos of a Luftwaffe man.  Many photos of him in tropical gear. Also photos from the frigid Russian front. funerals, POWs on the march, cavalry, destruction, refugees, graves, tropical vehicles, more.
$40- sold
114. photos Third Reich Era Book: Das Antlitz Des Fuehrers - Heinrich HOFFMANN
Hardback, in original cardboard slipcase.  Published 1938
$45 - sold
115. photos - Third Reich Ear ART FOLIO:  Siegreiches deutsches Heer- Eine Bildmappe vom Einsatz unseres Heeres
Original art print folio. Published 1941.  Handwritten dedication by an Army doctor serving in Reserve Lazarett LUBLIN (Poland)/
$75.  - sold
116. photos - 7x Third Reich Era Publications/Books
Nice grouping of seven different Third Reich Era books and publications.  Including H.Dv. 471/M.Dv. Nr. 239/L.Dv. 100 Handbuch für den Kraftfahrer with personal inscription of a SS man.
117. photos - WAFFEN-SS LAH Photo , Large Portrait & Book Grouping - signature of SS-Sturmbahnfuehrer Alexander SUKKAU
38 original photos & about 40 early post-war photos (they do not glow under black light - see last photo below). Named to Ernst LIEB. Fantastic large (100% wartime) portrait photo clearly showing LAH shoulder boards. Comes with a book with personal dedication and signature of SS-Sturmbahnfuehrer Alexander SUKKAU. Also other books (with his name and FPN for SS-LAH). Photos of SS vehicles, camo SS smocks, officers, vehicle columns, SS troops in Paris, POWs, SS vehicles, mascots, SS graves, SS Panzer officer speaking to the troops, more. Cheap!
118. photos - German WWI Photo Album
50 photos in a period album.  Group photos, bunkers, officers, medals in wear, Pickelhaube, studio portraits, Zeppelins, more.
-  sold

118b. photos - Waffen-SS FEMALE HELFERIN Award Document Grouping - RARE!
Very rare ORIGINAL female Waffen-SS Helferin grouping!  Named to SS-Helferin Hildegard SCHNUERCH.  Comes with her large format KVK2 award document, NS-Frauenschaft document and an original photo of her and comrade in SS Helferin uniform!
119. photos - German Reichswehr Photo Album Inf. Regiment 16
45 photos. All from the same soldier during his Reichswehr service, Well captioned.  portraits, photos from Kaserne, identified personnel, ceremonies, Maneuvers, training, more.
120. photos - Hitler Jugend Photo & Document Grouping
18 original Hitler Jugend photos, very nice original wartime HJ document with facsimile signature SCHIRACH and his a HJ notebook glorifying German and Third Reich warfare.
121. photos - Large German Portrait Photos - HELMETS
Seven original wartime portrait photos - all various Helmet images.  Larger frameable sizes.
122. photos - AFRIKAKORPS PANZER Photo Grouping - Panzer Regiment 8
75 photos of a DAK Panzer man who served in Panzer Regiment 8. Many captioned on reverse. Comes with an original Die Wehrmacht newspaper about the DAK.  Also original Libyan currency.  Death notice of a comrade KIA in Africa in April 1941, Nice portraits in tropical uniform in Africa, several good Panzer photos in the desert, Sd.Kfz. 251, VW Kubelwagens, portrait photos in tropical uniforms, medals in wear, Panzerpahwagens in the desert, portrait photos from POW camp, nice officer field portrait in tropical gear in Afrika w/ medals, more. Also some private photos and photos prior to Africa.
- sold
123. photos - German Photo Album - Kradschuetzen - Empty
Empty photo album. Nice Krad emblem on cover.
$70 - sold
124. photos - Waffen-SS Photo & Document Grouping - SS Regiment "DER FUEHRER" 
138 photos.  Comes with personal SS data sheet - SS Stammkarte - showing his name Johann SCHEDL and unit - 5./ SS Regiment "DER FUEHRER" of the Das Reich division. Nice portrait photo of the man in SS uniform, knocked out Russian tanks, SS group photos, SS Krads, crashed planes, Panzers on train transport, KIA Russian soldiers, vehicles, Russian artillery, burning tanks, Russian POWS, destroyed Russian towns, troops interacting with Russian locals, Panzer columns on roll, French soldiers captured, French towns knocked out, KO French vehicles, more. Cheap!
$375 - sold
125. photos - US WWII Fighter Pilot Grouping
Small grouping with nice larger size portrait photos of a fighter pilot.  nice photo of him on his plane 'Mary Abel." Named to Karl J. SWANSON.
Comes with a small box of buttons, ribbons, currency, etc.
126. photos - WWII US Airman Grouping - 3rd Bomb Group
33 photos. Named to corporal James ALBERT, B-26 radio operator on bomber crew in 89th Bomb Squadron of the 3rd Bomb group. Good strike photos, B-25's in action, good composite group photo, base signs, several signal corps photos, nice large size studio portraits of the man, more.  Nice grouping
$85- sold
127. photos - US WWII Photo Album Grouping - Medical Service - PANZER IV Tanks
Three album grouping to named soldier, Joseph M. TEDESCO.  Served in the medical services with 562nd Motor Ambulance Company. contains 330 photos!   Many photos captioned on reverse. Good photos from his training tine through service in Europe. Photos of field ambulances, weapons, photos from London, several very good photos of PANZER IV tanks, interacting with German locals, destruction, several documents, more.
$320 - sold
128. photos - US WWII Army Photo Grouping - North Africa, France, Germany
350+ photos!  All from the same man. Photo of Ju 87 Stuka captured, US tank destroyer crossing bridge, vehicles, destroyed German towns, weapons, photos from PARIS, USO shows in the field, photos from NORTH AFRICA, planes, more.
- sold
129. photos - US WWII Photo grouping - 11th Airborne Paratroopers
19 photos of a man in the 11th Airborne.
$50 - sold
130. photos - US WWII Photo Grouping - Japanese Atrocity Photos - Philippines
photo grouping of a US unit charged with recording war crimes Japanese perpetrated against Filipinos.  Photos show officers pointing out stab wounds perpetrated against the local population by Japanese soldiers.
131. photos - PANZER Photo Album - 3rd Panzer Division - France Campaign
75 photos in a very nice album with large metal Panzer emblem on cover. Very well captioned throughout. Good images of destroyed French towns, vehicles, good PANZER images, Maginot Line bunkers, PKW, LKW, troops interacting with French locals, refugees, knocked out French tanks, KIA French soldiers, captured French weapons and materials, British troops, Krads, troops breaking through French roadblocks, identified high officers - Generals BRAUCHITSCH, STUMPF, KUEHN, more. Cheap!
$375 - sold
132. photos - PANZER Photo Album - TIGER Photo + Panzer DKiG Winner
75 photos from a Panzer man. Contains one original TIGER MARK VI photo, portraits, Panzer Grenadiers, Nice Panzer portrait photos, Panzers in the field, photos of man wearing GERMAN CROSS IN GOLD,  Beutepanzer Russian T-34 tank with German ID flag, more!
$225 - sold
133. photos - SA BROWNSHIRT Photo & Document Grouping - NÜRNBERG PARTY RALLY
30 photos from a SA man. Good Brownshirt uniforms and insignias, high officers, marching, parades, ceremonies, gear, NÜRNBERG RALLY participation, more. nice lot. With document from the man.
$120 - sold
134. photos - German Imperial Marine OFFICER Document & Photo Album Grouping - Rare!
Very nice grouping to a Naval officer (Lt.) in the Imperial German navy. Content from China, Africa and Australia!  Comes with his original MILITAERPASS - well filled out - listing all promotions, ship assignments, participation in WWI and more.  Beautiful portrait photo of his commander with personal dedication (serious medal bars!), diary/ photo album of his service - great images and details, his Lehrbrief document from 1894, several loose photos with captions, more.
135. photos - Period Framed Portrait Photo - Officer - Close Combat Clasp
Very nice period framed wedding portrait of officer wearing Close Combat Clasp among many other medals!
$75 - sold
136. photos - WWII Ninth Air Force P-51 and P-40 Grouping!
Nice grouping showing very nice P-51 Mustang and P-40 Thunderbolt photos as well as a period booklet form the 9th AF "Achtung Jabos!"
$150 - sold
137. photos - US WWII CBI Photo Grouping
63 photos of a soldier in the CBI theater. Japanese tanks, planes, P-38 planes, crashed planes, USO shows, Jeeps, girls, female pilot, more.
$45 - sold
138. photos - Luftwaffe PRESS photo Grouping - Planes, Fallschirmjaeger, Knights Cross Winners ++
35 original German press photos. Almost all with slug captions on reverse. A few original HOFFMANN photos.   Nice content! Me 109 victory emblems, Fallschirmjaeger, bomber crew painting victory  emblem for sunk ship on tail, bombing runs on ships by He 111 bombers, medal ceremonies, high officers, Knights Cross Winners, more. Cheap!
$250 - sold
139. photos - US WWII Soldier Photo & Letter Grouping - GARDELEGEN MASSACRE Photos
Original grouping of photos taken by a soldier of the Gardelegen Massacre. The letter talks about these photos he is including in the envelope.|
The Gardelegen massacre was a massacre perpetrated by German local population from Volkssturm, Hitlerjugend and local firefighters with minor direction of SS during World War II. On April 13, 1945, on the Isenschnibbe estate near the northern German town of Gardelegen, the troops forced 1,016 slave laborers, many of them Poles, who were part of a transport evacuated from the Mittelbau-Dora labor camp into a large barn which was then set on fire. Most of the prisoners were burned alive; some were shot trying to escape.
$150 - sold
140. photos - Gebirgsjaeger Photo Grouping - Winter Warfare
40 photos of a Gebirgsjaeger (Mountain Troop). Winter camo, trench positions, officers, winter combat, medals in wear, Krads, troops enduring harsh Russian winter, troops at Arctic Circle, artillery, ceremonies, more.
$60 - sold
141. photos - NSFK & Luftwaffe Photo Album - GOERING photo
65 photos.  Many captions. Nice NSFK glider photos, then service in the Luftwaffe, original photo of GOERING reviewing his unit, artillery, funerals in the field, and more.
$75 - sold
142. photos - POLIZEI Photo Grouping - Original HITLER Photo
37 photos of a Polizei man.  Good Polizei uniform details, portraits, group photos, parades, ceremonies, medals i wear in the field, original photo of HITLER on balcony, graves, funerals, more.
$65 - sold

143. photos - GRAB BAG WWII Allied Military Documents
Nice grouping including three RAF maps of the far east, one US 8th Air Force Map of England with flight navigation notes, Troop Carrier airman grouping, several Santa Ana Army Air Base publications, letterhead for Kingman Army Air Base, RCAF Wings magazine, and more.
144. photos  - GRAB BAG of German Militaria - HJ Cufftitle, Collar Tab, LW Eagle+
Nice grouping, all brought back by the same veteran (seriously!). DLV/NSFK Belt Buckle, Landdienst Der HJ Cufftitle, medical metal case, original packet matches, sewing kit, comb, large LW sports eagle( heavy cloth so probably off a jacket, not a shirt - uncommon grey material) and LW officer collar Tab. Cheap!
$400 - sold
145. photos - Feldeisenbahn FELDPOST Grouping
$20 - sold
146. photos - German WWI Photo Grouping
97 photos, Good mix of portraits, group photos, Pickelhaube images, graves, CDV photos, weapons, hospital, swords, weapons, more.
$100 - sold
147. photos - US WWII Photo Grouping - XP 60, P-40
52 photos.  Many good images of crashes of fighter planes. The man was likely an military investigator of crash sites.  Good images of P-40 aircraft, original Curtis XP 60 images, and more.
$120 - sold
148. photos - WWII German KIA Officer Grouping - ITALY
Funeral booklet with several original wartime photos including a nice studio portrait of a KIA officer. He was KIA in Italy in Sept 1944.
-  sold
149. photos - Original Allied Wartime 8th Air Force & 5th Air Force Books
Scarce original wartime publications. The 8th Sees England and the 5th Over the Southwest Pacific.
150. photos - US WWII Navy OFFICER Album, Dog Tag  & Continuous Service Record - LST 312 - Sicily, Salerno, OMAHA BEACH
Officer Derrel Lee DIRKS served on many vessels. Served on the USS LST 312. The LST 312 participated in the Sicilian, Salerno AND D-Day OMAHA BEACH landings!! Comes with his CSR showing all vessels served on, listed for commendation for participation in invasion Sicily as well as Salerno in Italy. Several original photos, more
151. photos - US Marine & Navy WWII Photo grouping
60 original photos. Good collection of official photographs.
$65- sold