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1.  photos -  Waffen-SS Photo Album - SS FÜHRERSCHULE BAD TÖLZ - TOP!
67 photos. Very rare original photo album of a man serving the SS-Junkerschule BAD TÖLZ.  In a rare original album from the school itself, with large silver SS runes!  Great photo of SS-LAH troops carrying the BLUTFAHNE at a Nurnberg Rally, super studio portrait of the a SS officer, many photos of the Bad TOLZ, good photos showing SS Schule TOLZ cufftitles in wear, unit group photos, two original photos of HIMMLER, SS bands on march, and more!  Great album!
$875 - sold
3.  photos German WWI Flieger Photo Album, Document & Medal Grouping - TOP!
SUPER grouping to Flieger Paul STORCK.  Comes with a beautiful photo album with 80 photos. Filled with many excellent photos of aircraft - in flight, on airfield, crashes, etc. Also several very good photos of Storck in uniform and flight gear, passes, aerial recon photos, and more!
Also comes with his original MILITAERPASS - well filled out with all his relevant service details, a letter he sent to and return from the Zentralnachweisamt with transcript of his service, and one of his original Flieger shoulder boards. Also comes with his BAVARIAN PILOTS BADGE, Hindenburg Cross, Black Wound Badge and the Hessian Tapferkeits Medaille.
4.  photos - ORIGINAL HIMMLER Signed Document -  SS-Gruppenführer  Georg-Henning Graf von Bassewitz-Behr Investigation
Original personal letter dated 27 Aug, 1944 sent from Heinrich HIMMLER to SS-Obergruppenfuehrer Maximilian von HERFF (DAK Knights Cross Winner before being called to SS administrative duties). From 1 October 1942 to 8 May 1945, he was chief of the Persönlicher Stab Reichsführer-SS (Himmler's personal staff). He dealt with internal and financial SS matters. Von Herff was in Warsaw during the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising and supervised its suppression under orders from Himmler. The letter contains HIMMLER'S ORIGINAL HAND SIGNED INITIALS. You can also see notations from secretaries concerning replies received and sent.  The letter concerns a personal investigation into SS-Gruppenführer  Georg-Henning Graf von Bassewitz-Behr who was serving as SS Commander of Hamburg. After the July 20 assassination attempt on Hitler, Bassewitz was investigated due to his nobility as well as having sisters living abroad married to foreigners.   The link below is an extensive online biography of Bassewitz that contains a transcript of this letter and discusses the investigation and outcomes.  A rough translation is as follows:
Bassewitz was a convicted war criminal who died in Soviet captivity in 1949.  Historically important document.
170 photos.  Super rare album to an SS guard who served in the WACHKOMPANIE SS-Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler OBERSALZBERG! - Hitler's personal SS guard for the Berghof!  The man is easily seen throughout the album. Contains FORTY-FIVE original photos of HITLER including images of MUSSOLINI, GOEBBELS, many photos from the Berghof and Berchtesgaden, super studio portrait of the man in SS uniform, photos of the man in SS uniform on guard duty on hill behind the Berghof, SS German shepherd dogs, photos from the SS Kaserne at the Berghof with guards off duty, HJ torch parade in front of the Berghof, Josef & Madga Goebbels arriving by train, SS guards in formation on porch of Berghof, several good photos of Hitler greeting and posing with children outside Berghof, many photos showing LAH cufftitles and shoulder boards in wear, truck in Berchtesgaden used by SS with SS pennant, and more. Top rare!
$4350 - sold
6.  photos - Japanese WWII IMPERIAL GUARD Photo Album & Full Pack Emperor Gift Cigarettes!
Very nice Japanese photo album with 112 photos to a member of the IMPERIAL GUARD. Very well captioned throughout.  I was told this was from an Imperial Guard.  Super photos of Japanese soldiers wearing medals, posing with swords, unit photos, cold weather gear, imperial royalty, great photos of troops posing with Mt. Fuji behind, railway artillery cannons, tropical uniforms, studio portraits, and more! Also comes with a rare COMPLETE pack of Imperial Gift marked cigarettes! It is rare to fond these complete as dealers like to sell them individually!  Comes with the Emperor's Gift symbols on cover of box as well as the Mums on each of the cigarettes.
$850 - sold
7.  photos - US Naval Aviator Log Book, SQUADRON PATCH & Medal Grouping + Operation Crossroads
Grouping named to Paul E. HASTINGS, AOM2c who served in VPB 116 "BLUE RAIDERS." He flew PB4y2 Privateers - Navy version of the B-24. Comes with TWO log books with combat missions entered, his AIR MEDAL (appropriate Naval issue type), sleeve rating patch, VERY RARE ORIGINAL WARTIME VPB 116 SQUADRON PATCH - designed by DISNEY, ID card for VPB 116 for unit activities on IWO JIMA, SUPER RARE ID card for his participation in Joint Task Force One Atomic Bomb Test OPERATIONS CROSSROADS at Bikini Atoll. Log books have many great entries including IWO JIMA, Tinian, Kwajolein, "attacked by two Zekes but shot them down," " B-29 afire over Japan crew had to bail out," "120 miles from A BOMB when dropped," "run on sub," "spotted life rafts," etc.
8.  photos -   US WWII 8th Air Force Grouping- 390th Bomb Group - Me 262 Kill !!
Grouping to Sgt. Thomas O'BRIEN who served as gunner in the 570th Bomb Squadron, 390th Bomb Group.  He was officially credited for SHOOTING DOWN A ME 262 !!  Comes with copy of paper stating he show the Me 262 down, original pair of sheep lined gloves, visor hat, uniform shirt, newspaper article about him destroying the Me 262, Air Crew wings, Air Crew wings bracelet, collar brass, patches, a nice grouping of original negatives showing B-17's, 390th bomb base, nose art, etc., manuals, original paperwork, and more. he survived the war but was killed his second day home!
$225 - sold

9.  photos - US Navy AVIATOR Photo Album Grouping - US Naval Reserve Hell Diver Squadron - NRAB New York - Rare!
Very rare two-album grouping to a pilot who served in the US Naval Reserve Hell Diver Squadron (NRAB New York) based at Floyd Bennett Field in Brooklyn, New York.  Appx 260 photos - the majority of aircraft!  in two period binders purchased at Stationers in New York City. Each binder has a HAND-PAINTED UNIT INSIGNIA in it!  Also comes with about a 15 page diary he complied in July 1934, typed on unit stationary. And ALSO a large drawing of the unit emblem - possibly the original mock up of this insignia!!   Very well captioned throughout with GREAT aircraft photos including many SBC Curtis Helldivers, planes in flight, formation, many planes on airfield, many great photos of planes with the unit Mickey Mouse Emblem painted on them, many other identified aircraft - US Marines Curtis Navy Hawk, Douglas O-38, Martin T4M, Boeing f4B-4, P-26, parachutes, the man in flight gear posing by plane, crashed planes, maintenance, identified commanding officers, pilots making parachute jumps, and more. Rare material.

10.  photos - WWI French Photo Album
250+ photos. Hard to find original French soldier's WWI album!  Many good images of French soldiers & officers, German airplanes, aircraft crashes, vehicles, Railway cannons, trench positions, portraits, British troops, heavy artillery, weapons, French troop graves, field ambulances, armored trains, cavalry, troops interacting with locals, medals in wear, ceremonies, more.
- sold
11.  photos US WWII 47th Infantry Regiment Wartime Book, DI, photo & German Banner Grouping
Nice little grouping to man who served in the 47th Inf Rgt of the 9th Inf Division. Comes with a nice unit-made Christmas 1944 book. Inside is a paper Nazi banner he brought back, two German machine technical manuals he brought home, a super grouping of SIX DI'S including two very large types - All appear German made, also came with three photos and training certificate but probably not form the same man.
12.  photos - US WWII Hospital Photo Album - 21st general Hospital - North Africa, Italy, Germany
325 photos of a medic who served with the 21st General Hospital. Content from North Africa, Italy and Germany!  Well captioned throughout! Many identified locations, GI's in full kit, visiting the sights in Rome, vehicles, more.
- sold
13.  photos - WWII German Army Photo Album, Diary, Wehrpass, Maps – XXXX Panzer Korps - Balkans, France, Greece, Italy
very nice group named to Gef. Edmund Matz who served with the XXXX Armee Korps (later, Panzer Korps). His unit was the Panzer Korps Nachrichten Abteilung 440 (Signals Battalion 440 for the Panzer Corps). This entire grouping serves as an excellent diary of his wartime experiences. The photos from Greece are particularly good. The group consists of:
1. Photo Album w/232 photos
2. Wehrpass – with his photo on first page and many entries.
3. 3 Maps of his unit’s journeys through France, Yugoslavia, Romania, Bulgaria and Greece. The maps are large fold out maps officially printed for this unit. Very detailed.
4. Map Booklet - Printed two page booklet entitled "Balkanfeldzug der 12. Armee" It contains a map of the unit’s journeys through the Balkans and a large photo  of Generalfeldmarschall List.
5. Documents – Discharge from the Army, USA Discharge document, and another relating to his discharge from the army.
6. Document – An 11-page typed account of the unit’s travels in Greece in May, 1941.
The photo album has detailed captions throughout listing locations, events, and comrades’ names. The photos are all of excellent quality and show his journeys throughout the war. Images include: Original photo of H. Goring! (in Compeigne, Fr,) , original photo of Ribbentropp, Original photo of Hitler, shot down enemy aircraft on fire in field, communications equipment, destroyed towns, good POW photos (one photo of a wounded French soldier is captioned "our first captured soldier", vehicles with the XXXX Korps insignia, Paris, knocked out French tanks, German motorcycle, photo of a train car with caption indicating that this was the car in which the WWI surrender took place and where the French in 1940were made to surrender and is now being transported back to Germany, photos of his unit’s journey to and in the Balkans, interacting with Rumanian civilians, Photo of XXXX AK Commander, Gen. Georg Stumme (RK 1940) wearing Knight’s Cross, photos of an airfield full of Stukas, photos detailing his journey to the Greece campaign, five good photos of Panzer III and IV’s and their crews, CAPTURED NEW ZEALANDER POWs!! – captured in Greece, crashed Stuka of 9./St.G.77 (insignia visible), another good Stuka photo, unexploded Granatwerfer shells, good photo of a Me109, uncleared mine field with mines visible, captured enemy anti-tank cannon, Plane IDENTITY!! With insignia of Stabsstaffel St.G.2, Waffen SS grave yard in Florina, many good identified photos from Italy - TRIESTE, RAGUSA, SPLATO, etc., postcards he collected from France and Greece, etc.
$750 - sold
14.  photos - Kriegsmarine U-BOAT Photo Album
142 photos of a U-Boat Sailor! In a nice hardback-book type album.  Also a mixture of good surface warship photos. Good photos of training U-Boats, crew on deck, U-Boats in port, conning tower numbers, original photos of DOENITZ giving speech to crew, U-Boat escorting  convoys, damaged U-35 in dry dock for repairs after getting run over by the Graf Spee,  commissioning of the TIRPITZ, private photo of HITLER giving speech, torpedoes being loaded, Unterseebootsflottille cap tallies in wear, visiting ports of call in Spain, other photos of surface ships, more.
$335 - sold
15.  photos HITLER JUGEND Photo Album - Süd Hochland
162 photos of a Hitler Jugend boy who served in district Süd Hochland. Many excellent images of HJ & DJ boys in uniform, musicians, HJ drums, parades, ceremonies, wearing helmets, HJ Fuehrers, Flags, on parade by Feldherrnhalle in Munich, camping excursions, Totenkopf flags, wrestling matches, camping in the Alps, more. Nice content.
$275- sold
16.  photos -  SA +  Army Photo Album - Sicily + Italy
52 photos in a nice album with swastika on cover. Starts with his SA service. Many captions. SA uniforms, parades, ceremonies, etc., then portraits. Ends with photos from Italy and Sicily.
$75- sold
17.  photosAFRIKAKORPS Photo Album - TOBRUK, BARDIA +
126 photos- super sharp images! Many pages with captions. Photos from TOBRUK, BARIDA and other locations.  Many nice tropical vehicles in the desert, some with insignias, bivouacs, Nachrichten vehicles and equipment, 98K Rifle, officers reviewing troops, ceremonies in the desert, reading Die Oase newspaper in the desert, graves, British barbed wire obstacles, Krads, photos taken from inside vehicles on the move, more.
$350.00- sold
18.  photos  Kriegsmarine NCO Photo Album - DESTROYER - NORWAY INVASION + AFRIKAKORPS - Nice!
158 photos of a Kriegsmarine NCO serving on a Destroyer.  Contains photos from service in AFRIKA as well as the NORWAY INVASION.  Contains many good warship photos including the TIRPITZ at sea, troops landing in Trondheim, troops posting signs in Norway, Norwegian kids hanging out with KM sailors, Gebirgsjaeger troops, MG 34 crews on Norwegian streets, U-Boats, captured Norwegian Submarine, Norwegian battle damage, captured Norwegian troops, photos from ITALY, High Seas Fleet Badges in wear, Schnellboote, Destroyer Badge & Afrikakorps cufftitle in wear, more.
$450 - sold
19.  photos -   Luftwaffe FLAK Photo Album - France - MOULIN ROUGE
130 photos of a man who served in Flak Regiment 12. In a nice official unit album. Contains many photos form his time in Paris including 8x photos of a Moulin Rouge performance, Flak cannons, vehicles, ships, more.
$145 - sold
20.  photos  Army Photo Album - KAVALLERIE - France Campaign
198 photos. Many captions. Many Cavalry photos, destroyed vehicles, weapons, many identified locations in the France Campaign - RETHEL, PARIS, CHALON, LILLE, VERDUN, Albert Canal combat photos,  French POWs, many good photos of captured French TANKs,  artillery, troops interacting with French locals, French refugees, Maginot Line Bunkers, seeing the sights in Paris, more.
21.  photos -   Army Photo Album - France Campaign - Nice Front content!
175 photos of a soldier serving in the France Campaign of 1940. 8.8cm Flak, Halftracks, destruction, vehicles, many photos of crashed FRENCH PLANES, KIA French soldiers, Krads, Muslim POWs, graves, captured French TANKS, Maginot Line BUNKERS, bicycle infantry columns in the field, destroyed bridges, Luftwaffe airplanes, German PANZER columns, diving Stuka Ju 87, crashed Ju 87 Stukas, exhausted troops on roadside, ceremonies, parades, more.

22.  photos -   Army Photo Album - France, Belgium, Holland & Russia
108 photos. Many captioned on reverse.  In a nice album with German flag on cover. MG 34, vehicles, troops in Paris, pardes by Arc De Triomphe, posing with Dutch children, graves in the field, more.
$145- sold
23.  photos -   Kriegsmarine PANZERSCHIFF ADMIRAL SCHEER Photo Album
108 photos in an official unit album cover with ship's name and emblem embossed on cover. Beautifully captioned. Great photos of the ship and crew in various ports of call around the world, many photos of other warships, heavy guns firing, officers, photos from Hitler's birthday celebration, more.several photos missing.
24.  photos -   Army Photo Album - France & Russia Campaigns - Jewish Content
96 photos in high quality album with original slipcase. Comes with extensive listing of locations the unit traveled through starting in the France Campaign. Portraits, ceremonies, troops in harsh Russian winter conditions, JEWS wearing armbands, train transport, Russian women in forced labor, captured Russian TANKS, KIA Russian troops, KO German PANZERS, KO French TANKS, troops posing by French Chateaux they captured, more!
25.  photos -   Waffen SS SOLDBUCH - 25th Waffen Grenadier Division of the SS Hunyadi - RARE!
Waffen SS Soldbuch to a Hungarian serving in SS Panzer Grenadier Regiment 63 of the 25th Waffen Grenadier Division of the SS Hunyadi.  Feldpost stamp number matches the unit.
26.  photos -   Waffen SS Wehrpass - SS Nachrichten Abt 113 + SS Panzer Armee Nachrichten Regiment 6 - Normandy
Waffen SS Wehrpass to a man who served in SS Nachrichten Abt 113 + SS Panzer Armee Nachrichten Regiment 6. SS Nach Rgt 113 was part of the XIII SS-Armeekorps. He was assigned to the unit at its formation in Breslau and was with the unit when it fought the Americans in Normandy,  Metz & Lothringen and then further into Germany.  He was then transferred with the unit to the 6. SS Panzerarmee fighting in Hungary.
27.  photos - AFRIKAKORPS POW Camp Document Grouping
Grouping to DAK soldier Alfred KERSCHGENS who served in Luftnachrichten-Regiment Afrika which later became LW Nachr. (mot.) Rgt "Tunis," and was captured in Tunisia on May 13, 1943.  He was sent to several different POW camps in England, USA and Canada. Comes with an extensive grouping of his POW related documents including his original POW Index Card with photo. Also comes with a nice Studio Portrait of him in uniform, many original POW postcards he sent home and received, original letter from commander to his family notifying them that he was captured, and more.
- sold
28.  photosAFRIKAKORPS Photo Album + France Campaign + POW CAMP
215 photos. Starts with his RAD service and then Army in France. Nice photos of vehicles, troops sleeping in ditch, knocked out armor, grenade/shell explosions, MG Wagen, officers, Fielser STORCH coming in for landing, PAK Cannons, destroyed buildings, vehicles with unit insignias, more.
Appx 72 Africa photos!   – vehicles with DAK insignias, Afrikacorps cufftitle in wear, STUKAS on airfield (probably in Sicily), nice camo paint schemes on trucks, bivouacs in desert, destroyed train, KUBELWAGEN, ME 110 in desert, Italian soldiers, MG 34 photos , driving through desert…also appx 10 photos from his POW camp time.
29.  photos -   WWII Army Photo Album + Unit Map & History - 132. Inf. Div. - Balkans - Nice!
This album contains appx 150 photos. It is particularly interesting because it concerns the same division that Lt. Bidermann who wrote the excellent book, In Deadly Combat, served in. Some of the officers mentioned in his book are pictured in this album The album is beautifully put together with typed captions pasted in throughout the album. On the first page the owner identified that this album concerns "The Campaign against Yugoslavia: April - June 1941." Images include: Photos of the officers of II./Gren Rgt 438 (one of the 3 Grenadier Rgts of the 132nd), the units journey on the way to Yugoslavia, their layover in Bischofshofen, photo taken just as the pass the Yugoslavian border, unloading their equipment in Pulfing-Brunn, artillery batterie in place on Yugoslavian border, his unit on the march from the border to Marbug (April 9), the lead soldier is carrying an MP40, troops entering Marburg, photos of Gebirgsjaeger with Edelweiss insignia on cap and sleeve (identified as Lt. Harm, commander of 2nd platoon), troops crossing over the destroyed rail bridge in Marburg, captured Yugoslavian soldiers, Panzer III tank with crew visible, exhausted troops, troops bivouacking in the field, motorcycle and sidecar, troops interacting with Yugoslavian civilians, many Gypsies, photo of the Battalion Commanders inspecting a wrecked vehicle, and more.  Also comes with a large Map & unit history of the 7. Inf Division during teh France Campaign - wartime original. Must have been a previous unit he was in.
30.  photos Army Photo Album - France & Russia
94 photos. Content from the France & Russia Campaigns. Studio portraits, group unit photos, burning villages, photos from Wolchow, unit graves, vehicles, French tanks used in German service on the Eastern Front, winter camo, more.
31.  photos - Army Photo Album - 100 JAEGER DIVISION - Russia- Great Combat Photos!
87 photos of a man who served in the 100 Jaeger Regiment. Nice tropical uniform images, Krads, KIA, POWs, several colorized photos, Mortar crews in action, troops digging foxholes in the field, bicycle infantry, KO Russian tanks being inspected, good images of salty troops posing after battle, troops posing with captured Russian flag, unit emblems on vehicles, MG 34 crews, wounded troops evacuated from front line, wounded Russian soldier being treated, JEWS forced to dig grave for horse, more.
$365 - sold
32.  photosWWII German Army Album - 9. Panzer Division Photo Album - France, Holland, Greece, Balkans, Russia
Appx 180 photos of a soldier in a Grenadier unit of the 9 Pz Div.. Many pages have captions written on them. There are two large appx 8 x 10 inch portrait photos of the soldier in the album. There is also a Death Notice of a soldier the a s.MG unit.
Images include: Vehicles with the 9. Pz Div insignia including Panzerspahwagen, crashed German bomber (looks like a Do17), knocked out French tanks, photos of the Maginot Line, motorcycles, barrage balloon at Dunkirk, destroyed French artillery, artillery battery firing, Panzerspahwagen in France, vehicle columns in France and Russia, Stukas in flight, super photo of Dunkirk taken from a distance in which a HUGE column of smoke can be seen!, several other photos from Dunkirk, knocked out French pill boxes,
4 photos from Rotterdam, troops digging foxholes in the ice in Russia, two photos of a soldier in black Panzer uniform, troops wearing EK1, Infantry Assault Badges, and wound badges, photos from his hospital stay, photos from Smolensk, photos of troops having just come from an assault (pistols drawn, stick grenades in belt, etc), KIA soldiers, more.
33.  photos HITLER JUGEND Photo Album - Official Trip to ITALY - MUSSOLINI Photos
23 photos of a Hitler Jugend unit on an official trip to Italy in 1937. nice images including photos of Mussolini reviewing them on parade.
$175 - sold

34.  photos -   RAD field Service Photo Album - Serbia, Balkans, Hungary - Hangings & Executions
114 photos. Well captioned throughout.  Content from Serbia, Balkans, Hungary. Contains photos of firing squad executions as well as hanging of "partisans," nice studio portrait of the man, photos from Budapest, interacting with Balkan locals, destruction in Belgrad, Krads, POWs, photos from Vienna, photos from Riga, and more.
$225 - sold
35.  photos -   AFRIKAKORPS Photo Album - Captured American Halftrack + POW Camp in Canada
61 photos of a DAK man. Content from Africa & Italy. Well captioned, it is in pencil so it is a bit hard to see in the photos. Motorcycles, VW Kubelwagens, many good tropical images, good photos of troops in bivouac in the desert, interacting with Arabs, vehicles, Panzers in the desert, photos from Bengasi and other identified locations, great photo of a captured US Halftrack in German service in Africa, Italian tank assisting wrecked truck, identified graves, then photos from him in POW Camp in Ottawa, Canada.
$275 - sold
36.  photos -  Luftwaffe EISENBAHN 8.8cm FLAK  Photo Album - Rare!
100 photos - all from a man's service in a LW 8.8cm Eisenbahn FLAK unit.  Great photos of the unit emblem on their train, 8.8cm Flak cannons on the train with Kill rings, Radar dishes on the train, destruction, inside photos of their quarters on the train, moving around Germany protecting German cities from Hamburg to Munich, as well as FRANCE, rare photos!
$245  - sold
37.  photos -  Army Photo Album - Poland, Russia -  JEWISH CONTENT
145 photos with content from Poland and Russia. Portraits, funny photo of wild parties the man and comrades and girls threw, ceremonies, flags, photos of Jewish Ghetto, Jews in forced labor wearing Stars on backs, photos of officers, more. Man appears to have been serving with a headquarters or administrative unit of some kind. Several photos are captioned.
38.  photos -   REICHSBAHN + Army Eisenbahn Pionier Photo Album & Feldpost Grouping - Belgium,France & Russia
320 photos! Also comes with many Feldpost cards & letters from the man. Albums are well captioned.  many photos from Belgium - Mons, Gien, Tounai etc.. captions on reverse.  Also rare photos of them manning border crossing AACHEN on start of France Campaign, many good Reichsbahn uniform and insignia images, destruction, vehicles, French POWs, KO French TANKS, then Army photos, destruction in Russia, trains, medal ceremonies in the field, MG, photo of Jewish GHETTO, motorcycles, graves, troops in foxholes, WAFFEN-SS troops in camo smocks, more. Nice grouping!
39.  photos -   Army OFFICER Photo Album - Russia Campaign - Art. Abt. AOK 2
73 photos of an officer who served in Artillerie Abt. AOK 2 - A Korps level Artillery unit.  Many vehicle images,  KO Russian TANKS, captured Soviet airplanes, graves and funerals in the field, destroyed Russian towns, refugees, troops in harsh winter conditions, convoys, more.
40.  photos - US Navy WWII D-DAY Purple Heart & Silver Star Winner - OMAHA BEACH - TOP!
Amazing document and photo grouping to Merrel Quentin Mooberry who was wounded AND won the Silver STAR for his actions on LST 5 ON D-DAY!  Comes with his ORIGINAL purple Heart certificate, his ORIGINAL Silver Star citation with signature of Forrestal, his Presidential Unit Citation, and four period wartime photos - one nice studio portrait and two other of him receiving his SILVER STAR! They landed at Omaha Beach at 9:45am on D-Day!  Also appears they attempted to make a first wave landing on Easy Green but could not get through as so few gaps were made in the beach obstacles so they had to turn back and make another go.
$1750 - sold
41photos  - WWII British POW Photo Album - Stalag 383 - RARE!!
Amazingly rare ORIGINAL hand-made photo album of a British Sgt. from his time in Stalag 383 in Hohenfels, Bavaria! He made the album IN THE POW CAMP.  Contains 116 super photos, all from his time in the camp! Several have Stalag 383 stamps on the reverse. All period images!  Contains many photos of him and other Kriegies, photos of camp theater and musical performances, photos of everyday camp life, camp sports photos, great camp "bazaar" photos showing items for trade and sale, photos of their mess hall, caricatures of camp personalities, photos of gifts and crafts they made, photos of Red Cross packages arriving, photos of the camp barbed wire/fences/lights, work details in the camp, photos of German guards, carnivals they put on, POWs in drag, and more.  Named to a "W. Anderson."  the best POW camp album we have offered!
$1650 - sold
42 photos - British WWII North Africa Photo Album - FOUR ORIGINAL CHURCHILL PHOTOS!
Album containing 100+ postcards and photos of a man who served in the Royal Artillery Regiment. Mostly original postcards he collected but contains FOUR original photos of CHURCHILL visiting their unit in Italy in 1944 !! All in the period album he put them in during the war. many hand-written captions.
43 photos - British WWII Royal Artillery Medal, Photo & Document Grouping - Extensive - GUERNSEY Native
Very large grouping to GUERNSEY native Gerald Henry DUCELLIER. Covers his service from 1939 through the 1960's!  Three Solder Recod and Paybooks starting in 1939, many other ID's, documents, letters, orders, and cards, his original full size medal bar, sleeve unit insignia. Prov Sgt arm band, original ID tags, cap badges, ribbon bars, other insignia and souvenirs, a huge pile of photos from his military service (bigger than it looks in the photos), and more!
44 photos - WWII 7th Armored Division Unit History
Rare original wartime unit history of the 7th Armored Division!!
$75- sold
45 photos  - US WWII Navigator's  Photo Album, WINGS & Scrapbook
Very nice scrapbook/photo album to Lt Richard B. Jones.He went on to serve in the 871st bomb Squadron, 497th bomb group.  Contains the man's originally awarded NAVIGATOR WINGS he kept in the album, many graduation cards and documents, many from Selman Field in Monroe LA, many photos and newspaperclippings,many letters and telegrams, ID's, mementos and souvenirs of his service,  all in a period album!
46photos - Original 8th AIR FORCE Publication Booklets
6 original rare 8th AF booklets - wartime published. Great graphics, great condition. Would look great framed.
47 photos - WWII Air Corps & MP Photo & Document Grouping
Large grouping to Sgt Frank Monfrini.  Contains his photo album (nice period AC cover) containing great B-17 photos - in flight and on air field, him posing by plane, original patches in album, inside views of the B-17, posing by 389th Bomb Squadron base sign, captured LUFTWAFFE AIRCRAFT, B17 & B-24 crash photo and more. Comes with a big binder full of his letters and documents, Dog Tags, and more!
50 photos - WAFFEN-SS Photo Grouping - SS Regiment DEUTSCHLAND
30 photos of a man who served in SS Regiment DEUTSCHLAND. Nice photos of him in SS uniform including wearing Deutschland cufftitle and EK1 and other medals, great photo of him wearing his newly awarded EK2 on Krad in the field, other SS comrades, some photos from his RAD service.
$220 sold

51photos - AFRIKAKORPS Photo & Negative Grouping - ROMMEL + Knights Cross Winners
Large grouping of over 200 photos & original negatives from a DAK veteran!  One original photo of ROMMEL in Africa, nice studio portrait of the man wearing medals, Panzers, captured British tanks, other high ranking DAK officers, Krads, vehicles, desert bivouacs, burning tanks and vehicles in the desert, medals in wear, KNIGHTS CROSS WINNERS in the desert, troops using captured British artillery, PAK positions, graves, crashed planes and more!  Nice lot!
$525 - - sold
52photos - Kriegsmarine Photo Grouping
24 photos of a KM sailor
53photos - Kriegsmarine Photo Grouping
25 photos of a KM sailor
54photos - Bag of Wartime German Photo Corners
Bag of original German WWII photo corners. Most have been used before but can be reapplied with glue if you want a completely authentic look for your special photo grouping(s).
$25- sold
55 photos - FOUR Original WWII B-24 Liberator Training Manuals!  Huge group!
Four original rare WWII B-24 training Manuals!  Big stack!


56 photos - Waffen-SS Photo Album - SS Panzer Division FRUNDSBERG
Rare album to a SS Pionier Hans ROESSMANN who served in the SS Panzer Division FRUNDSBERG - very difficult unit to find material from!  95 photos. Very well captioned throughout. Contains several documents from his service including hospital document listing his unit and details of his being wounded in the field in 1945. Also a page from his Soldbuch listing al his SS Pionier training, his original SS sleeve rank insignia, and other documents.  Great photos of him in training showing SS camo uniforms in wear, rare photos of the man posing with and being trained on some sort of wooden mine/explosive device, MG 42, medals in wear, SS Kaserne in Dresden, identified personnel, flamethrowers, foxholes, autographed photos of his unit commander (original), photos & death notices of comrades, also original and copy documents related to their deaths, and more. Also nice portraits from his general army service. nice album!
$950 - sold
58 photos - WAFFEN-SS + SS POLIZEI Photo Grouping - Russia - TOP!
78 TOP photos of a high ranking Waffen-SS officer! The photos are all of superb quality.   Many photos showing high ranking SS Generals. Many photos of one particular SS Gruppenführer wearing the rare Reichsführer-SS Hauptamtchefs cufftitle. I didn't have the time to look them up but it should be an easy task. great photos of Austrian Armored Cars in SS service, SS cufftitles in wear, officers conferring in the field, great MG photos, very good SS troops in foxholes with grenades at the ready, executed Partisan, SS cavalry, Krads, SS funerals, SD insignia in wear, photos from Poland, and more!
$1450- sold
59 photos  - Waffen-SS TOTENKOPF OFFICER Photo Album -  SS Hauptsturmfuehrer Fritz PILLE
56 photos from a SS Totenkopf officer - SS Hauptsturmfuehrer Fritz PILLE ( SS nr 249982). He served a a Kompaniechef in the SS division NORD!  Contains great studio portraits of the man. Starts with photos of him from WWI service and continues through his service in the Allgemeine SS and then in the Waffen-SS as a SS Hauptsturmfuehrer. Also some photos of his son serving in a Panzer unit.  Good SS vehicles, SS flags, many good photos of the man in uniform, parades, photos of him in uniform with his family, nice studio portraits (9x13) of him in Allgemeine SS uniform, Krads, and more. Easy to see his face throughout the album.
60photos - Waffen-SS Officer TWO Photo Album Grouping - SS Totenkopf & SS Nord - Norway & Finland -  SS Hauptsturmfuehrer Fritz PILLE
Two albums to the same SS officer - SS Hauptsturmfuehrer Fritz PILLE ( SS nr 249982). He served a a Kompaniechef in the SS division NORD. 154 photos, all from his SS service!  He was KIA on Sept 30, 1944. Comes with original newspaper clippings about his death, photos of his grave, photos of his family at his grave. Well captioned throughout. Many identified locations in Norway & Finland, SS vehicles, Knights Cross Winner GERLACH visiting the unit, SS graves, SS medal ceremonies in the field, FIVE ORIGINAL PHOTOS OF HEINRICH HIMMLER visiting the unit (Pille can be seen in the photos), bunkers, nice photos of other SS officers,  photos of him home on leave with his family, nice notes his wife and some included at the end of the album, and more.
61photos - US WWII Photographer Grouping - COLOR PRINTS - North Africa, Italy, Austria - TIGER, PANTHER, ++
Amazing grouping of 289 original 8x10 photos from 1st Lt. Robert CAREK who served as an Ordnance Officer in WWII. Great content from North Africa, Italy & Austria. Contains 41 COLOR PRINTS including super images of knocked out TIGER & Panther Tanks, Panzer IV, Panzerjaeger tanks, 8.8cm Flak, photos from MONTE CASSINO, other captured German equipment and vehicles, German POWs, Luftwaffe aircraft, knocked out US tanks after battle, aircraft Nose Art, Luftwaffe plane graveyards, Panther turrets used as Pillboxes, battlefields in North Africa and Italy, troops posing with weapons, British vehicles and much more. The back of almost every photo has extremely detailed captions. One of the best US photo groupings we have ever offered.
62photos  - Amazing US 15th AF 484th Bomb Group Photo Archive - 2000 Photos!
This is by far the largest US Air Corps photo grouping we have ever offered (or seen!).  All are from the 484th Bomb Group - a great Italy based 15thAF unit which saw lots of action!  Over 2000 photos! 99.9% are all in-theater images - no boring stateside training photos! There are 440 photos of JUST aircraft!! Nose Art, many super photos of planes on flight and on bombing missions, captured LUFTWAFFE aircraft, many photos showing aircraft codes, many photos of crews posing by their planes, photos of aircraft interiors, fighter planes, crashed planes, damaged planes returning from missions, and more!  Appx. 50 bomb run/aerial photos, Appx. 1000 photos of personnel on base, in operations rooms, in barracks, wearing A-2 flight jackets with squadron patches, base vehicles, etc.  Appx. 400 photos of the bases and surrounding areas. Many have detailed captions on the reverse.  the group is much bigger than the photos show!
63 photos - Army OFFICER Photo Album - Kdr. II./Inf. Rgt. 76 - BREST LITOWSK - TOP!
VERY nice album to a Stab officer (Hauptmann Schuelmann) serving under Oberstlt. LEMMEL, Kdr. IR 76.  This officer would serve as commander II./IR 76 by the Russia Campaign.  Contains 236 photos. Also contains a personally signed photo of Fortress Brest Litowsk by Lemmel.  Contains many original IR 76 postcards from the Poland Campaign including their capture of Brest Litowsk, original photos from Brest Litowsk, many other identified unit officers, Knights Cross Winners, photos from the France Campaign, Panzers, Halftracks, artillery, photos of LEMMEL's grave, photos from Paris, many unit vehicles, original photos of LEMMEL, then photos from the RUSSIA CAMPAIGN, the man recovering in hospital, his original Paris Ausweis, and ends with a vrye nice studio portrait of the man.
$575 - sold
64photos - Army Photo Album - Artillerie Regiment 193 - 93 Inf Division
62 photos of a man who served in AR 193 of the 93 inf Division. Photos from France and Russia. Tanks, field bivouacs, trains, vehicles, foxholes, harsh Russian conditions, unit graves, medals in wear, life in bunkers in the field, more.
65 photos - Army Photo Album - War Games in STEYER + BDM
47 photos. Contains interesting images of street war games in Steyer. Also BDM, HJ  & NSKK images.  Parades, Swastika banners, Attrappenpanzers, PAK, treating wounded, death notices, more.
$65 - sold
66photos - Army Photo Album - ALPINE REICHSWEHR
57 photos of a man serving in an Alpine unit during the Reichswehr. Good photos of the man and unit in the Alps, artillery, vehicles, equipment, hiking, bivouacs, balloons, more.
$70 - sold
67photos  - Kriegsmarine Photo Album - France.
34 photos of a Kriegsmarine sailor in France.
$40 - sold
68 photos - NPEA - HITLER JUGEND - DJ Photo Album - Original HITLER Photos!
128 photos of a boy's DJ & HJ service. Contains 9x original Adolf HITLER photos!  Well captioned throughout. Starts with him in NPEA (Napola) in Potsdam. National Political Institutes of Education (German: Nationalpolitische Erziehungsanstalten; officially abbreviated NPEA, commonly abbreviated Napola for Nationalpolitische Lehranstalt meaning National Political Institution of Teaching) were secondary boarding schools in Nazi Germany. They were founded as "community education sites" after the National Socialist seizure of power in 1933. Only boys and girls considered to be "racially flawless" were admitted to the boarding schools. Good images of DJ flags and ceremonies, filled with scarce photos of the boys in NPEA school, NPEA officials, officers, sports uniforms, camping, hiking, Italian Fascist Youth in Berlin with Hitler reviewing,  more. nice album!
69photos - Army Photo Album- France & Russia Campaigns - Good Front Content
65 photos. Artillery, Maginot Line bunkers, French colonial POWs, Zwillingssockel MG 34 wagen, Panzers, PAK crews in action in street combat, captured French artillery, crashed planes, photos from Paris, bicycle infantry, destroyed French towns, French pows, KIA French soldiers on street, crashed Russian plane, KIA Russian soldiers in foxholes, KO Russian tanks, more, nice content.
$150 - sold
70photos- Army Photo Album - Poland & France Campaigns
85 photos of a soldier during the Poland and France Campaigns. Hand drawn map from his service. Well captioned throughout.  Many identified locations - Luc Sur Mer, Verdun, Epinal, Ebbe, and others.  Good photos of artillery, Me 109 in flight, photos from WARSAU, Polish villages - BRZENICZEK, etc., more.
$120 - sold
71photos - Army Photo Album - France Campaign
79 photos. Many photos captioned on reverse. vehicles, horse & wagon columns, destroyed towns, officers, artillery, graves, troops in PARIS, photos from Paschendale and other identified locations,  bivouacs and more.
$125 - sold
72photos - Army Photo Album - France & Russia Campaigns - Inf. Rgt. 70 - Nice!
168 photos. Nice content from France & Russia.  Served in Inf Rgt 70 of the 111 Inf Division. Many vehicles, destroyed French towns & cities, artillery, Pionier bridges, KIA horses, French roadblocks, nice Panzer IV with frame Aerial, French artillery & Tanks, graves, BEUTEPANZER FT17 French tank with German markings, captured French Railway cannons,  troops in Paris, Eiffel Tower, French black colonial troops, Maginot line bunkers knocked out, Halftracks, WESPE Panzer, very nice camo painted, NEBELWERFER Rocket Launcher mounted on SdKfz 251 Schuetzenpanzerwagen, BEUTEPANZER British Matilda tank with German markings, troops in foxholes, crashed planes, postcards, more.  nice content.
73 photos -  Army Photo Album - Russia Campaign
79 photos of a soldier serving in Russia. Russian POWs, Panzers, many other vehicle images, troop movements, captured Russian towns and cities, sign posts, German soldier graves, Russian peasants, medal ceremonies in the field, burning Russian villages, more.
74 photos - Army Photo Album - MG 34 Unit
141 photos of a soldier who served in a MG 34 unit. Many good MG 34 images, nice studio portraits, vehicles, interesting photos showing troops training to assemble MG 34 blindfolded, motorcycles, officers with big medal bars, more.
75 photos - Army Photo Album - Pionier Batl. 24 - France Campaign
107 photos of a soldier who served in Pionier Batl 24.  Horses, artillery, photos on parade in Berlin, troops in French towns and cities, many photos captioned on reverse, PAK cannons, KM ships, halftracks, MG 34, PKW cars, bicycle infantry, graves, French soldier graves, more.
76photos -  Army Photo Album - Poland, Russia - Inf Rgt 490 - Leningrad/Wolchow
226 photos (plus more post war) Starts with RAD - nice images of high ranking RAD leaders, then Army - soldiers in foxholes, radio equipment in use, mortar crew in field, the man on day of his EK2 AWARD, winter camo, comrades GRAVES, more. Some of the photos have captions on reverse side and mention Leningrad and Wolchow.
77 photos - Female RAD Photo Album + Insignia
198 photos of a girls time serving in the female RAD. Many captions. Also comes with his uniform sleeve patch and RAD brooch. Portraits of the woman wearing them, good photos of their work service, barracks, formations, barracks life, girls' fun, more.
$175 - sold
78. photos - Army Photo Album - Nürnberg + France & Poland - Nice!
95 photos. Many captions throughout. Very good France content. Starts with the unit stationed in Nurnberg and departing for the Poland Campaign. Pak cannons, convoys on the Autobahn to Poland, crashed Luftwaffe aircraft, cavalry, bicycle infantry, captured French anti-tank cannons, French POWS, refugees, crossing the Marne river, MG 34, minefield signs, border crossing, destroyed French towns and cities, KIA French soldiers, troops in Paris, more.
79. photos - Army Photo Album - 132 Infanterie Division - France & Russia + KRIM
300 photos of a soldier who served in Inf Rgt 436 of the 132 Inf Division. Photos of the troops in Paris - landmarks and city street scenes, officers, medals in wear, vehicles, troops interacting with Russian and Balkan villagers, Gypsies, KIA Russian soldiers & horses, crashed Russian aircraft, motorcycles, KO Russian armored cars, KO Russian artillery, troops in Sturmboote troops wading through swamps, MG 34, artillery cannons, troops posing on Russian KV-1 tank, Russian Rata fighters, Russian T-35 tanks, French B-1 tanks, troops in foxholes, photos from KRIM, troops graves, Maxim Gorky, Russian T-34 tanks, more.
$275 - sold
80. photos - Army Photo Album - RARE STALINGRAD PHOTOS!
93 photos including several rare original photos from the unit at STALINGRAD! Well captioned throughout. Portrait of the soldier, unit group photo, identified locations in STALINGRAD, photos from the STALINGRAD BALKA (gorges), Russian POWs in the Stalingrad Balka, identified buildings in Stalingrad, artillery positions firing on Stalingrad, quad Flak Vierling before Stalingrad, Sturmgeschutz, German graves in the Stalingrad Balka, captured Russian Armored Tran at Stalingrad, camp vehicles and uniforms, motorcycles, more!
$650 - sold
81.  photos - Army Photo Album - GEBIRGSJAEGER
140 photos of a Gebirgsjaeger unit. nice album with metal helmet on cover. Barracks photos, GJ pack mules and GJ equipment, troops on skis mountain climbing, unit photos, medic alpine training, officers, vehicles, armored cars, artillery cannons, motorcycles, more
$120 - sold
82. photos - Luftwaffe Photo Album - Aircraft
127 photos. nice studio portraits, large unit photos, cavalry, MG 34, He 111, bicycle infantry, Ju 52, funerals in plane hangar, LKW, more
83.  photos - Army Photo Album - Infanterie Regiment 340 - NORWAY
66 photos - mostly large size. From man who served in IR 340 in Norway
$120 - sold
84. photos - Luftwaffe Photo Album
79 photos of a Luftwaffe unit. Good Luftwaffe Standarte, Fahnentrager, MG 34, barracks, airplanes, captured French aircraft, tropical uniforms, more.
85.  photos - Luftwaffe Photo Album - Romania + Russia
115 photos. Content from Romania and the Russia Campaign. Well captioned throughout. Many identified locations, He 111, high Romanian officers, parades in Bucharest, Fieseler STorch aircraft, Romanian girlfriends, good photos of Luftwaffe signals equipment, tropical uniforms, hanged Partisan, photos from CHARKOW, Russian markets, in CHARKOW, heavy vehicles, unit emblems on vehicles, graves, explosions, identified officers, more.
$120 - sold
86. photos -  Army Photo Album - France Campaign
125 photos. Nice album with national eagle. Good photos from Paris, troops marching past French civilians, destroyed French towns, graves, KO French TANKS, Black French colonial POWs, crashed French aircraft, motorcycles, KIA horses, French POWS being searched, field kitchens, horse & wagon columns, KIA French soldiers, Panzerspahwagen, French street signs, more.
87.  photos -  Army Photo Album - Schutzen Regiment 8 - France Campaign + POLAND - Jewish Content
130 photos of a soldier in Schutzen Rat 8. Nice album with metal helmet on cover. Pak cannons, Pionier bridges, camp helmets, vehicles, French POWs, trench positions, destroyed French towns and cities, PKW cars, salty troops after battle, Huge french Char 2C tanks, French Tankettes, Maginot Line bunker, photos from EPINAL, crossing the MAAS, JEWISH QUARTER IN SOBOTA, POLAND, photos from WARSAW, graves in the field, crashed French aircraft, Russian T-26 tank, 105mm artillery cannons, KIA French soldiers, more.
88. photos -  AFRIKAKORPS Photo Album
129 photos of a DAK unit. In a nice album with helmet on cover. troops interacting with Arabs, vehicles, tropical uniforms, bivouacs in Africa, bunkers, more.

89. photos -  Luftwaffe Photo Album
190 photos in a nice LW album. Bunkers, airplanes, officers, Standard & Fahnentraeger, motorcycles, bicycles, MG 08, portraits, parades, more.
$100 - sold

photos   Army Photo Album - France & Russia Campaign
172 photos. Content from the France & Russia Campaigns. Many captions. Vehicles, Westwall bunkers & defenses, destroyed french towns and cites, Maginot Line Bunkers, French POWs, graves, BDM girls, field kitchens, French officers, captured French tanks, bicycle infantry, crashed Me 110 airplane, identified locations in Russia, artillery positions, halftracks, river crossings, SdKfz 250 Schuetzenpanzerwagens, 2cm Flak cannon with armored shield & kill emblems, STUG III columns on roll in field, Russian POWs, Medics wearing Red Cross armbands, PAK cannons, executed partisans, Stalin Line bunkers, KO Russian T-34 tanks, funerals in the field, more.

90. photos - Army Photo Album - France & Russia Campaign
172 photos. Content from the France & Russia Campaigns. Many captions. Vehicles, Westwall bunkers & defenses, destroyed french towns and cites, Maginot Line Bunkers, French POWs, graves, BDM girls, field kitchens, French officers, captured French tanks, bicycle infantry, crashed Me 110 airplane, identified locations in Russia, artillery positions, halftracks, river crossings, SdKfz 250 Schuetzenpanzerwagens, 2cm Flak cannon with armored shield & kill emblems, STUG III columns on roll in field, Russian POWs, Medics wearing Red Cross armbands, PAK cannons, executed partisans, Stalin Line bunkers, KO Russian T-34 tanks, funerals in the field, more.
91. photos - WWII Luftwaffe Flak Photo Album - le. Flak Abt. 74 - Belgium, France
Album contains appx. 215 photos. The album is very nicely captioned throughout. The album starts with his 1939 pre-war training and progresses through the France Campaign. Super album!  Images include: Good portrait photo of the man wearing his Ground Combat Badge, another photo of him in the field wearing his Ground Combat Badge and wound badge, Flak Guns and their crews , Flak guns shooting at night, Fieseler Storch in flight, Flak guns in dug in positions. motorcycles and crews, shot down Enemy planes in France including a Spitfire ,  interesting photo of a French bunker painted to look like a house,  knocked out enemy tanks,  German field graves French POWs,  burning French towns,  grave of Major Gerhard Thomee - commander of I/IR57,  French Colonial troops,  Paris,  The man's truck riddled with bullet holes (with the l.Flak Abt 74 insignia visible),  gravesite of a Me109 pilot with his propeller by his grave ,  photo of a dead German soldier in his coffin ,  several photos from Dunkirk ,  graves of Panzer crew members with the Black berets on their crosses ,  soldier wearing Gorget,  more.
92. photos - PRE HITLER JUGEND Photo Album
41 photos of a boy’s time in a pre- HJ unit - before Hitler combined all youth organizations in to the HJ. nicely captioned. Camping, uniforms, flags, visiting harbors and ships, more.
$75 - sold

93. photos -HITLER JUGEND & Luftwaffe Photo Album - ITALIAN HJ TRIP
109 photos. Many captions. Photos from his HJ trip to ITALY, photos of MUSSOLINI in Rome, Italian Fascist youth, HJ Fuehrer uniforms in wear, photos form his unit’s trip to the Rhine and Mosel, BDM girls, attending Motorsportschule, LW Nachrichten vehicles, more.
$120 - sold
94. photos -  Army Photo Album - France & Russia
71 photos. Nice album with eagle on cover. Barracks, service dogs, medics, HJ, portraits, crashed ME 109, winter camp, troops in foxhole, French artillery, medals in wear, Russian road sign trees, more.
95. photos - Luftwaffe Photo Album - Fern Aufklärungs Gruppe 123
175 photos. Well captioned. All from an officer who served in Fern Aufklarungs Gruppe 123. Many identified locations and personnel, medals in wear, aircraft on airfield, original photos of GOERING, photos of SPERRLE, crashed Me 110 aircraft, funerals, crashed Ju 88 airplanes, many Fieseler Storch airplanes in field, wounded loaded on Ju 52, destroyed French towns and cities, Panzer columns, identified locations in France, photos from Paris, french colonial POWs, more. Some photos missing.
$445 - sold

96 -photos - Army Photo Album - Reiter Rgt. 14
48 photos. nice official unit album - Reiter Rat 14. Portraits, unit photos, many good cavalry photos, motorcycles, parades, ceremonies, officers, Ju 52, more.
97. photos - Japanese WWII Photo Album
81 photos. nice portraits, unit photos, postcards from Nanking, flags, parades, ceremonies, more.