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1.  photos -  US WWII Photo & Document Grouping - 24th Infantry Division - CORREGIDOR!
Grouping named to Batl. Adjutant 1st. Lt. Gordon Page FISHER who served in the combat Engineers of the 34th IR, 24th Division. Come with his Dog Tags, uniform insignia, patches, ID cards, rare wartime unit history of the 24th Infantry Division, rare manuscripts history of the 34th infantry Regiment in the Philippine Campaign, a great scrapbook/photo album he compiled. high quality hardback book-type album in original slipcase. Great details he recorded his wartime experiences in, studio portraits of the man beautiful captioning throughout, great photo from LEYTE, tanks, harsh life in the field, great original photos from LUZON and CORREGIDOR!! original proclamation from GENERAL MACARTHUR, original propaganda leaflets that were dropped on invasion beach at LUZON, captured currency, actual live photos of Destroyer shelling CORREGIDOR seen from airplane, then photos from MINDINAO, captured piece of a JAPANESE AIRCRAFT, photo of him wounded after land mine exploded, captured Japanese aircraft and artillery, original documents related to his service, and more! Great grouping!
- sold
2.  photos - Hitler Jugend and GRAF SPEE Photo Album & Document Grouping - RARE Graf Spee Crew Document
Very nice album containing 185 photos. Covers the man's service from when he was in the Hitler jugend through service in the KM as a crew member on the GRAF SPEE. Very good HJ photos - uniforms, insignias, flags, camping, ceremonies, vehicles, parades, high officials, BDM girls in uniform, then many good war ship photos from his time in the KM on the GRAF SPEE, original photo-card maps showing pre-war voyages on the Graf Spee, and ends with a VERY RARE original document as a crew member of the Graf Spee with original signature of Kommandant Commando Panzerschiff Admiral Graf Spee.
$425 - sold
3.  photos  -  PANZER Photo Album - Sudentenland + POLAND Campaigns - 2. Panzer Division
120 photos of a man who served in a Panzerspahwagen unit. Covers his service from 1938-1941 in Russia. Starts with a super studio portrait of the man wearing early Panzer Beret. the album is well captioned throughout. Great Panzerspahwagen photos, parades and ceremonies, photos of HERMAN GOERING he refers to as "Hermann Meyer," photos from Vienna - where his unit was stationed, scarce photos AUSTRIAN Steyr ADGZ ARMORED CARS in German service, photos from his service in the SUDETENLAND campaign - captured Czech BUNKERS, Panzer IV command tanks (frame aerials), parades in Prague and BRUNN, photos of CZECH AIRCRAFT, Panzers, POLISH POWs, river crossings, captured Polish armor, destroyed Polish towns, JEWS in FORCED LABOR, motorcycles, great unit photo, medals in wear, more.
$435 - sold
4.  photos - Army Photo Album - Artillerie Regiment 80 - 8 Panzer Division - France & Balkan Campaigns
147 photos of a man who served in AR 80 of the 8. Panzer Division. Well captioned. Very nice color Division postcards, portrait photos, Panzers, halftracks, motorcycles, artillery cannons and crews in the field, captured French TANKS, French colonial POWs, French aircraft and artillery, original photos of FORT EBEN EMAEL, many identified locations - OSTENDE, BRUGGE, NOYEN, BRUSSELS, etc., then photos form the BALKAN campaign, nice Sd.Kfz.251 images, more.
5.  photos -   Army Photo Album & DIARY Grouping - POLAND CAMPAIGN - 10 Inf. Division - TOP!
230 photos. One of the best Poland Campaigns we have offered. Well captioned throughout. Comes with the man's diary of his service in Poland. Also comes with several large Polish Army prints as well as two pieces of Polish uniform insignia, many good vehicle images, captured Polish bunker positions, Polish border defenses, burning villages, artillery positions in the field, Many identified locations in Poland - TORNICE, SIERADZ, LODZ, BZURA, SOBOTA,WARSAW, etc. Polish POWs, 8.8cm Flak, several captured Polish army photos, Good Befehls Panzer photos, captured Polish tanks, damaged Panzers, halftracks, Fieseler Storch, Polish and German soldiers posing with white flag, original photos of HITLER, Zwillingssockel MG 34 wagen, JEWS in WARSAW GHETTO, more. great album!
$750 - sold
6.  photos - Kriegsmarine Photo Album - Aircraft Carrier GRAF ZEPPELIN!
Nice studio portraits of the man, photos in Feldgrau uniform photos form various trading schools he attended, officers, postcards, scarce photos of the German AIRCRAFT CARRIER GRAF ZEPPELIN, many other German warship photos, many photos of him serving on a Torpedoboat, more.
$175 - sold
7.  photos - WWII US NAVY Photo Album
Very nice solid wood album with Navy ship motif. 79 photos. All from an officer. Most are large 8x10 size photos, Many captioned. Comes with graduation program from USNAS Quonset Point, RI.
8.  photos -   WWII US Army Air Corps Photo Album - 23rd Photo Recon Squadron
61 photos in a large official album. Named to Gordon C. WICKFELDT. Served in 23rd Photo Recon Squadron. Nice composition photos, starts with service in North Africa, photos of Eisenhower & Roosevelt conference in North Africa, then photos from ITALY, many good aerial recon photos, photos from CORSICA and SARDINIA, photo of dead MUSSOLINI, more.
9.  photos - Original RLM Binder & Document Grouping - Luftwaffe Verordungsblatt - Historically Important - Rare!
Original binder form the RLM - Reichs-Luftfahrt-Ministerium. Compilation/compendium of official Luftwaffe RLM Orders including many original Knights Cross Winners, the death of ROMMEL and more! Historically important!
10.  photos - Luftwaffe Photo Album Grouping - FW 189 Pilot - Nice!
Very nice grouping of two albums of a Reconnaissance pilot serving in several Reconnaissance units - last was N.Aufkl. Gruppe 10. 403 photos. Many captions throughout. Original photos of GOERING reviewing his unit, FILLED with good aircraft photos, captured CZECH aircraft, then photos from the France Campaign, Captured French aircraft, many identified locations - REIMS, ORLEANS, PARIS, etc., portraits, then photos from Russia, photos of him posing with his FW 189 shot up after returning to base at BREST LITOWSK, more.
$650 - sold
11.  photos Army Photo Grouping - ERWIN ROMMEL
Two albums from the same man. Contain 235 photos. he served in the unit that ROMMEL commanded. there are several scarce photos of Rommel from this pre-war period. Good weapons photos, other officers, mounted troops, aircraft, parades, more.
$450 - sold
12.  photos - RAD Photo Album Grouping
Two RAD albums. Contain 35 large photos of an RAD unit. Probably were captured as they are in albums with English captions. nice professional quality images.
13.  photosSA Brownshirt Photo Album - Munich
145 photos. Good aircraft photos, NSDAP officers, many good early vehicle images, SA troops, parades, HJ boys in uniform, Party Rallies, photos from MUNICH more.
$165 - sold
14.  photos - WAFFEN-SS STURMGESCHUTZ Photo Album - SS Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler - nice!
91 photos of a Waffen-SS StuG unit in the SS-LAH. great photos of SS STurngeschutze in the field, SS Feld Grau wrap tunics, many other vehicle images, vehicles with SS-LAH insignia, photos from Paris, French aircraft, LAH cufftitles in wear, Soviet aircraft, medals in wear, StuG Abt. SS-LAH Graves, SS troops in foxholes in the field, SS StuGs rolling up to the Arc De Triomphe in Paris, great image of a SS MARDER Panzerjaeger Tank in the field, SS camp smocks, more!
15.  photos Luftwaffe Photo Album - Pilot - Czechoslovakia
83 photos. Great studio and field portraits, photos of aircrew in flight gear, many photos of his time stationed on airfield in CHRUDIM, CZECH., parachutes, airplanes with unit emblems, more.
$250  - sold
16.  photos -    WWII US NAVY Photo Album - ALASKA - USS SPICA
Original photo album of a US Navy Sailor stationed in Alaska during WWII. He served on the USS SPICA/ Well captioned throughout. Photos of Eskimos onboard, many good photos of the ship and crew, many identified locations in Alaska.
17.  photos -   Army Photo Album - Russia Campaign KATYN Massacre photos
210 photos. Named to a Feldwebel H. HAENSEL. He apparently died on the Wilhelm GUSTLOFF when torpedoed by the Russians in Jan 1945. Comes with his KVK2 medal. Many good vehicle photos, photos General Jakobi, Russian tanks, refugees on the march, many identified locations, Russian river crossings, motorcycles, graves, good images of ski patrols in winter camo, partisan destined trains, bicycle infantry, original photos form the exhumation of the Polish officers murdered by the Soviets in Katyn, Poland, photos from MINSK, more.
$275 - sold
18.  photos -   Luftwaffe Photo Album - France & Russia - Paris, DUNKIRK
155 photos. Named to a Karl Kreinberg. Good aircraft photos, motorcycles, vehicles, good photos tool flying over landmarks of Paris, many good photos he took at DUNKIRK soon after the British evacuated including several images I have never seen, French planes, LW aircraft on French airfields, nice ME 110 photos, photos of Allied bombing of Luftwaffe airfield, more.
$325 - sold
19.  photosLuftwaffe FLAK Photo Album - France Campaign
188 photos. Well captioned throughout. many photos from France, many identified locations including SEDAN. ST POL, ABBEVILLE, etc., French refugees, destroyed French towns and cities, photos from Dunkirk, French aircraft, motorcycles, Maginot Line defenses and bunkers, French POWs on the march, photos from Paris and Versailles, more.
$175 - sold
20.  photosLuftwaffe Photo Album - Aufklarungs Pilot - WEKUSTA 1 -  Ju 188-D -  Nice!
209 photos from a LW Reconnaissance pilot who served in Wekusta 1. Well captioned throughout. Good portraits o him wearing medals, many good aircraft photos, French POWs, many photos of him wearing medals, He 111 photos, photos from PARIS, good photos of him in flight gear, aircraft with unit emblems, photos from Greece, plane crashes, funerals in the field, photos of his crash landed Ju 88, photos of his crew celebrating mission milestones, photos of him posing in front of his rare late-war Ju 188-D in 1945, nice studio portraits, more.
21.  photos US Army Air Corps Photo Album/Scrapbook
50 photos. Large us Eagle patch on cover, many interesting mementoes from his war service inside, great Bendix War Worker home front decal, medal ceremonies, aircraft, Christmas card, map from Rome, captured German 8.8cm Flak, portraits and foreign wings, more.
$120 - sold
22.  photos -   WAFFEN-SS Photo Album - FINLAND _ Prinz Eugen Division
103 photos from a SS soldier who served in SS Division Prinz Eugen. photos of SS General ARTUR PHELPS wearing Prinz Eugen cufftitle, many photos showing SS Gebirgsjaeger uniforms in wear, other photos showing Prinz Eugen cufftitles in wear, vehicles with SS license plates, studio portrait of the man in SS uniform, more.
23.  photos -   Gebirgsjaeger + WAFFEN SS Photo Album - SS Prinz Eugen Division - NORWAY
109 photos. Many hand written captions. photos of uniform with Prinz Eugen insignia, photos from Operation BUFFEL, British soldier graves, coastal gun emplacements, troop movements in Russia and Poland, GJ uniform insignias, photos from NORWAY April 1940, Prinz Eugen cufftitle in wear, photos from Narvik, more. Some photo missing.
24.  photos -    WWII Japanese Army Photo Album
42 photos. All from a Japanese soldier in a very nice Japanese Army Album. Great portraits showing Japanese swords and uniforms, unit photos, Japanese warship crew photos, weapons, aircraft and more.
$110 - sold
25.  photos -   US WWII Photo Album - ALASKA
41 photos. All from man who served in Alaska during the WWII. In a nice official album.
26.  photos -    US WWII Air Corps Photo Album
25 photos. Very nice hand painted album. Several good aircraft fighter photos.
$75 - sold
27.  photos  WWII US Army Photo Album - Engineer - France, England Germany
137 photos of a GI Engineer. Well captioned throughout. Starts with him being stationed with his unit in England, then photos from Austria, german and France, several photos of destroyed Luftwaffe aircraft. SS training barracks, German POWs, GI posing with Balkankreuz from German plane, photos of GIs posing with German flags, more.
$285 - sold
28.  photos -   Female RAD Photo Album
87 photos. All from girl's service in the RAD. Well captioned. Good portraits, RAD uniforms and insignia, work service, portraits of Army friends, more.
29.  photos -   THREE Photo Album Grouping - Reconnaissance PILOT - DKIG WINNER - TOP!
717 photos in three photo albums, all from the same Pilot and GERMAN CROSS IN GOLD WINNER. Amazing images throughout. Great studio portraits, starting with his training through war's end, filled with great aircraft photos, first LW unit was the 2. Stuka Gruppe, high officers, photos from the Sudetenland Campaign, then photos when he served with KG 153, good photos of him wearing medals, many good photos of him flying FW 189 airplanes, then photos form the Russia Campaign, photos of him being awarded medals in the field, many photos of him serving in a Nahaufklarungsgruppe 9, great photos of milestone mission photos, soviet aircraft, many photos of him wearing DKIG, more. Amazing grouping.
- sold
30.  photos Original Wartime Luftwaffe Aircraft Identification Book
$70 - sold
31.  photos US WWII Aircraft Photo Collection - TOP!
51 very nice original photos - great nose art images, captured Luftwaffe aircraft, P-38, He 111, Giant Glider, Me 109, P-47, B-24, good photos of P-51 DING HAO with Japanese and German kill insignia of - Lieutenant Colonel James Howell Howard - Medal of Honor Winner! Bargain priced!
- sold