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1.  photos -  WAFFEN-SS Photo Album - SS Standarte "GERMANIA" - 14x HITLER photos + 14x Original SS Helmet Decals!
134 photos in a beautiful official SS album cover for SS Standarte "Germania.'  It took part in the invasion of Poland attached to 14. Armee and following that campaign it was used to form SS-Division Verfügungstruppe (later renamed Das Reich).  The album has 14 (!!) ORIGINAL SS helmet emblems pasted inside.  Many photos are captioned on reverse. Many good images of GERMANIA SS collar tabs and cufftitles in wear, photos date form about 1936.  Good MG images, SS Krads, officers, FOURTEEN ORIGINAL PRIVATE Photos of HITLER on his yacht the AVISO GRILLE, his unit at the 1936 Olympic sites in Garmisch Partenkirchen, original photo RUDOLPH HESS, parades and rallies, many SS vehicles, one photo of HIMMLER, SS Generals, original photos of Mussolini, more. Nice album!
$2250 -
2.  photos  - Luftwaffe Photo Album - Lehrgeschwader 2 - Jagdgeschwader 77 - Photos of IHLEFELD - 132 Kills!242 photos of a ground crewman who served in LG2/JG77. Contains great photos of ME 109 aircraft, several super photos of famous RK+Swords winner Herbert IHLEFELD including a super photo of the tail of his plane with all his detailed kill insignias. crashed planes & Me 109 in ABBEVILLE, France, RAF planes, photos from Dunkirk, good photos from the Poland Campaign with many identified locations written on the reverse, and more. In a great album with unit name embossed on cover!
3.  photos  -   Army Photo Album - France & Russia Campaign
169 photos.  nice album with large panzer emblem/plaque on cover.  Photos from the Russian and France Campaigns. Graves, destroyed town and cities, vehicles, refugees, motorcycles, horses & wagon columns, troops on French beaches, burning villages, tropical uniforms, more.
3b. photos - FALLSCHIRMJAEGER Photo Album - 1. Fallschirmjaeger Division - France,  ITALY - Top!
201 photos of a FALLSCHIRMJAEGER - paratrooper. Starts with his time in training as a pilot - nice Me 109 photo & original photo of MOELDERS, then transfer to Fallschirmjaeger training. Has a fantastic studio portrait photo of officer wearing Fallschirmjaeger Badge & Pilots Badge as well as a big medal rack, photos of him in jump smocks, unit parades in FJ helmets and jump smocks, FJ officers, then stationed in France in JOSSELIN in New Years 1943, great photos of the unit jumping in Flugplatz AVIGNON, France, great photos of FJ's jumping, landing, camo jump smocks, then the unit transferred to ITALY and the photos jump to ROME including the harbor ruins of  Ostia Antica in July 1943, great photos of FJ's in the Rome train station, officers conferring, super photo of FJ officer in jump smock with MP 40, ends with original photos of GENERAL STUDENT, Maj Gerster and General RAMCKE!!
4.  photos - Army Photo Album - GEBIRGSJAEGER - Polish Campaign
81 photos of a Gebirgsjaeger (mountain troop).  Good images of GJ insignias and gear, GJ troops on skis in the Alps, officers, Standarte & Fahnentraeger, ceremonies, mountain climbing, GJ mules, vehicles, train transport, POLISH POWS, Polish refugees, more.
5.  photos -   Luftwaffe Photo Album - Original GOERING photos - Aufklarungsstaffel (F) 1/123
233 photos from a Luftwaffe man who served in Aufklarungsstaffel (F) 1/123. original photos of GOERING and other high officers visiting the unit,   planes, ceremonies, base signs, unit graves, funerals, hunting parties, bases in France, more.
- sold
6.  photos - Army Photo Album - France & Russia
110 photos. Several captions. Ceremonies, officers, artillery, vehicles, field headquarters, halftracks, refugees, exhausted troops troops napping on roadside, graves, photos from Lithuania, camo helmets, KO Russian tanks, KO Panzers, grenadiers, crashed planes, Russian artillery, trench positions, more.
- sold
7.  photos - Army Photo Album - BALKANS
110 photos.  Well captioned.  Starts with unit stationed in France in 1940.  Identified officers, motorcycles, Panzer III tanks, photos of the unit in ROMANIA, HUNGARY & BULGARIA, postcards, train transport, many identified towns and cities, vehicles, troops interacting with locals, border crossings, more.
- sold
8.  photos -   Army Photo Album - France, Italy & Greece - GEBIRGSJAEGER PAK Unit - Nice!
166 photos of a man who served in a Gebirgsjaeger PAK (mountain troop Anti-tank) unit.  Content from France, Greece, Italy and Russia.  Good MG 34 photos, soldier on day of EK2 award in the field, PAK cannons, officers, Krupp vehicles, motorcycles, Greek soldiers, EK1 medals in wear, female Russian soldiers, burning towns, motorcycles, tropical uniforms, combat, trench positions, more.
9.  photos - RAD & Army Photo Album
88 photos. Starts with man's RAD service then Army. Portraits, vehicles, training, and more.
10.  photos - Army Photo Album - France Campaign - Nice!
136 photos. Very well captioned throughout. Many identified locations, crossing French border, KO Maginot Line bunkers, captured French TANKS, photos of unit capturing French base in SAINT-DIÉ-DES-VOSGES,  other locations in the VOSGES, black French colonial troops, another captured French Kaserne in WECKRINGEN, more. nice album!
11.  photos Army Photo Album - France & FINLAND - Murmansk
100 photos. Portrait photos, group photos, motorcycles, officers, troops in Waffenrock, captured French tanks, French POWs, KO enemy Pill Boxes, Maginot Line bunkers, refugees, graves, destruction, French colonial POWs,  photos of Paris, photos from FINLAND, attacks on Murmansk, more.
12.  photosArmy Photo Album - Panzer Regiment 26 - Russia & ITALY
65 photos of a man who served in panzer Regiment 26.  Artistically captioned. Panzer troops in Panzer tunics, Panzers, photos from Russia, photos from ANZIO, Panzers in ROME, portraits, graves, Russian artillery,  photos from POW camp, more.
- sold
13.  photos - Army Photo Album - France Campaign + GREECE - Inf Rgt 226
119 photos of a man in Inf Rgt 226. nice album with army Eagle on cover. Standarte & Fahnentraeger, MG, PAK cannons, Army band, Maginot Line bunkers, motorcycles, destroyed French towns, bunkers, trench positions, black French colonial POWs, graves, vehicles, bicycle infantry, Artillery, captured French TANKS, mortars, troops in PARIS, Moulin Rouge performances, portraits, photos from GREECE, more.
14.  photos - Army Photo Album - Inf Rgt 37
70 photos of a man in a PAK unit in Inf Rgt 37. nice official unit album. Captioned. Large unit photo, ceremonies, officers, cannons, bands, nice officer photo wearing large medal bar, vehicles, good maneuver photos, MG 08, Panzers, more.
15.  photos -  Hitler Jugend + BDM Photo Album
78 photos. many captions. Good images of HJ & BDM units on march, flags, ceremonies, photos of SCHIRACH speaking at rally, camping and hiking trips, more.
16.  photos - Hitler Jugend &  Army Photo Album - France & Russia French Atlantic Coast
240 photos. Portraits, some WWI photos, several Hitler Jugend, Standarte, ceremonies, vehicles, some Kriegsmarine photos, KIA, road sign "trees," identified locations in Russia, bicycle infantry, photos from  MINSK, photos from France, MG 34, photos of the man stationed on the French Atlantic coast, more.
17.  photos -   Army Photo Album - Reichspost Polizei - POSTSCHUTZ
90 photos.Many captioned on reverse.  All from a man serving in the Reichspost Polizei.  Photos form his time in France, crashed French planes, captured French tanks, Reichspost vehicles,  photos from identified French towns including ST NAZAIRE, ANGERS, NANTES TOURS and VANNES,  photos from Paris, more.
- sold
18.  photos Luftwaffe OFFICER& Army Son  Photo Album - France & Russia + Belgium & Holland
220 photos. Many captions. Starts with WWI service, then service in WWII as a LW officer - mostly photos of the son in the Army, vehicles, photos from POLAND, ceremonies, then France campaign including BELGIUM and HOLLAND,  KO French B- 1tanks, photos from MAUBEUGE, DINANT and other locations, KO Maginot line Bunkers, graves, Dutch border crossing, Panzer columns, signals HQ's, photos from  MINSK, Russian TANKS, more.
18b.  photos WWI German PILOT Photo Album - Fliegerabteilung 280 - TOP!
SUPER album to German pilot in Fliegerabteilung 280 Rudolf BECK (can be identified in other photos in album also). Very well captioned throughout.  85 photos. Starts with a super studio portrait of him in flight gear with original signature!  Filled with fantastic photos of German WWI aircraft!   Super photos of BECK posing by his HALBERSTADT CLII airplane with aircrew, several original aerial recon photos of locations in France including MARS LA TOUR, FLEVILLE, ROSSIGNOL, and more. Identified personnel including Hauptmann Gristes, Pilots badges in wear, captured French Spad fighter, Super view of LVG C.1052, crashed LVG named to Lt. Schneider, balloons in flight, photo of LVG.C which he indicated was his first crash landing, nice photos of identified aircraft and pilots in flight taken from airfield, Albatross planes taking off, photos showing their air base, nice photos of aircraft drinking and celebrating, funerals of KIA aircrew, generals reviewing maps, super view of a FOKKER DIII in flight taken from above (rare view), KIA pilots burned in crashes, super photos of LONGUYON Train station after bombardment on March 18, 1918 - additional info of the US attack can be found online, more photos of the unit at LONGUYON, more! Super album!
19.  photos -   Army Photo Album - Pionier Batl 186 -  France Campaign
252 photos of a man who served in Pionier Batl 186. Photos from the man's service in the France Campaign - destroyed towns and villages, troop movements, vehicles, motorcycles, French POWs surrendering, wounded Black French colonial troops, burning towns, captured French materiel, PAK cannon firing, unit graves in the field, more.
20.  photos  Army Photo Album - 24 + 269 Infanterie Division - Russia - Nice!
Appx. 215 photos. This album contains many good photos of Infantry Regiment 31 - part of the 24 Infantry Division. He appears to have later been in the 489 Inf Rgt - part of the 269 Inf Div given later photos of grave markers and 269 ID vehicle insignia. Many of the photos have very detailed descriptions written on them. The album opens with his Wehrmacht training showing several photos of him and his comrades on parade, during weapons training, in barracks, etc. Photos during his combat time include: soldiers wearing Infantry Assault Badges, Would Badges, EK1, etc., award ceremony in the field, unit vehicles, RAD members wearing "Deutsche Wehrmacht" armbands, wounded German soldier who appears to have had his nose flattened, burning villages, troops attacking a village, destroyed Russian Tank, troops crossing the Duna River, destruction in Novgorod (Aug, 41), troops observing opposite bank of the Schelonge River (position of photo shows troops under combat conditions), excellent photo of a group of battle worn soldiers in an underground bunker - one is holding an MP40, another photo of their bunker from outside - another MP40 can be seen, troops crossing river in assault boats, soldier on day of EK2 award, Russian POWs, photos of his troops at Leningrad in 1941 (when he was with the 269 ID), destroyed Russian tanks in Leningrad, 8.8 cm Cannon in camouflaged position with barrel depressed for ground attacks!, good photo of the man's officer with maps stuck in belt and wearing EK1, officers conferring in the field, another soldier on day of EK1 award also wearing Infantry Assault Badge and Wound Badge.
- sold
21.  photos -  Army Photo Album - Nurnberg + NARVIK NORWAY - France & Belgium 1944
178 photos. Well captioned throughout.  Many good photos of the man's time stationed in NORWAY - NARVIK, GARGIA, LANGFJORDEN, OSLO,  - many identified locations, also some photos from Denmark, also photos from NURNBERG, then photos of his time stationed in Normandy around the time of D-DAY "vor der Invasion," photos from St Quentin, Laon, Brugge, etc.  nice album!
22.  photos -   Army Photo Album - Artillery Unit - France and Russia Campaigns – DUNKIRK+
Appx. 130 Photos. Black album with embossed Heer Eagle and “Meine Kriegserinnerungen.” Many photos have detailed captions on the reverse. Dead Soldiers, Destroyed Allied vehicles and ships at Dunkirk – several photos, Crashed Bristol-Blenheim Bomber in French town with fire crew working to put fire out, German and French graves, destroyed towns, mounted troops, bicycle troops, crashed Ju52, nice photos of troops in well fortified bunker positions, artillery, destroyed and burning oil refinery, captured French POWs, troops loading ammunition into artillery cannon, several photos taken through a telescope at coastal shore battery – two of a German Destroyer, photo of field radio in use, troops in Paris and Rouen, 6 nice photos of an award ceremony – several soldiers being awarded EK2s – some already wearing Russian Front Ribbons, nice photo of a plaque showing all KIA soldiers in the man’s Battery (up to 1943) with names of cities they fought in, German Recon. Planes on a frozen Lake in Russia, ZWILLINGSSOCKEL twin MG42 trailer mounted machine guns, photos from man’s time in hospital, trucks with Red Cross insignia, 4 nice photos of a formal German military funeral.

  photos   WWI Photo Album - Officer - Garde-Kürassier-Regiment - PINSK + Westfront - Flanders - Nice!
127 photos. Very nice album to man who served in the Garde-Kürassier-Regiment. Beautifully captioned.  Starts with photos from their positions in PINSK in 1915, identified officers as well as GENERAL von Baerensprung, good trench photos, German royalty visiting unit in Pinsk - Prince Leopold and others, balloon aerial photos of Pinsk, then pthoso from his service on the Westfront starting at Chateau BULSCAMP in BELGIUM, ceremonies, good photos of mounted troops, battlefield photos from VERDUN, destroyed YPERN, more.
23.  photos -   Luftwaffe FLAK Photo Album - I./Flak Regiment 47 - France, Russia
Appx. 150 photos.  All from the same man who served in FLak Rgt 47. Well captioned. Starts in 1940 station in Westfalen. Many very ood 8.8cm Flak photos, vehicles, 8.8cm Flak firing at night, funeral ceremonies, several photos of shot down RAF planes with KIA crew members in the wreckage, photos from BERLIN, then photos from the RUSSIA Campaign, unit graves in the field, Halftracks, destroyed Russian towns and villages, more.
- sold
24.  photos -   Luftwaffe Photo Album - SICILY 
170 photos, all from the same Luftwaffe man. Photos from SICILY!  Many images of tropical LW uniforms in wear, unit graves, crashed RAF planes, troops posing with Italian soldiers, bombs being loaded on planes, two photos of GIGANT planes in flight, vehicles, Bunkers,  more.
25.  photos -   Army Photo Album - KRIM
125 photos.  Nice album cover with helmet emblem. Photos of graves, Army band, destroyed Maginot Line bunkers, troops on the French Atlantic coast, then photos from Russia, MG 34, then photos from KRIM, photos from Yalta, Luftwaffe sea planes in harbor, destroyed Russian towns, more.
- sold
26.  photos  WWII Kriegsmarine U-Jaeger Photo group – U-Boat Hunter!
Appx 420 photos – all very good. I have had this one in my collection for some time now and have recently decided to part with it. It also comes with an original unit crest with the captain’s signature on it. He was on U-Jaeger 1709.  Images include: several very good portrait photos, Km sailor with a MP40, sailors with heavy MGs, good photos of BATTLESHIPS (or CRUISERS), sea planes, many excellent photos taken on board ship, sailors in polar conditions, officers on board ship, sailors wearing minesweeper badges and others, their ship in dry dock, sailors launching torpedoes from stern of boat, German graves, sea planes doing recon sweeps, good photos of depth charges exploding, and more. A great KM grouping.
- sold
27.  photosGEBIRGSJAEGER Photo Album & Insignia Grouping - Gebirgs Artillerie Rgt 111
56 photos of a Wachtmeister "Lusk" who served in Gebirgs Artillerie Rgt 111 of the 2 Gebirgs Division  - as well as his original GJ sleeve badge, shoulder board cipher numbers "111" and his cap Edelweiss badge.   Nicely captioned. Super portrait photo of him wearing the "111" ciphers on his shoulder boards and EK1,  nice photos of GJ artillery cannons,  unit barracks in HALL in the Tyrolean Alps, officers, mounted troops,  photos of him visiting Innsbruck, original Leave Pass, more.  Nice album.
- sold
28.  photos - Army Photo Album - France & Russia Campaigns - 16 Panzer Division
167 photos.  Crashed planes, officers conferring in the field, Russian soldiers being searched, camo helmets in wear, Motorcycles, Panzer III columns, photos from the Russian Steppe, foxholes, KO Russian Tanks, burning Russian villages, Vehicles with Panzergruppe Kleist insignia, artillery positions, Russian refugees, unit graves, good atmospheric images of battlefields on fire, vehicles, photos from the Balkans as well as Paris, vehicle emblems for 16 Panzer Division, more.
29.  photos -   Army Photo Album - Russia Campaign - Panzer Korps Nachr. Abt 440
42 photos of a man who served in Panzer Korps Nachr. Abt 440.  EK1 medal ceremony in field, vehicles, graves, photos from SMOLENSK & MINSK,  more.
- sold
30.  photos -  Red Cross Nurse Photo Album
80 photos of a Red Cross Nurse.  Well captioned. 
- sold
31.  photos - Female Photo Album - BDM + Reichsbahn Worker
39 photos of a woman starting with her BDM service then serving in the Reichsbahn. also many swimsuit photos.
32.  photos - NSFK + Luftwaffe Glider Photo Album
40 photos in a small album with LW eagle on cover. Starts with good NSFK glider photos,  then service in Russia - Gotha Gliders in the field, vehicles, harsh winter conditions, photos of the man wearing KRETA Cufftitle and flight clasps & Pilots Badge, more.
33.  photos -  4x German Photo Album Grouping - Kriegsmarine, Army + GOERING PHOTOS
Appx 150 photos in four small albums. Mixture of Army Russia Campaign, Luftwaffe officer album with original GOERING PHOTOS, Kriegsmarine, and female RAD content.
34.  photos -  Luftwaffe Award Document Grouping - Flak Rgt 6
Extensive document grouping to Wachtmeister who served in Flak Rgt 6.  Comes with his original Iron Cross Second Class award document, original Flak Badge award document, portraits of the man, Wehrmacht Driving Instructor License, promotion documents, military discharge, many original letters he sent from POW Camp in Canada, and more.
35.  photos -  Large Luftwaffe Officer Photo & Negative Grouping - PARIS & ITALY
Large grouping of over 300 original photos and Negatives - Many from the officer's time stationed in PARIS. Also photos from his time in ITALY including LECCO.  Nice original Paris Photo Shop envelopes, many photos of him at Paris landmarks, postcards, more.  Big grouping!
36.  photos -  US COLONEL'S Photo, Medal & Document Grouping - 10th Mountain Division +  CORPS SIGNALS Commander - Italy
Massive grouping to Col. Edmund D. CUNNINGHAM. Comes with his original cased ORDER OF THE HOLY SEPULCHRE (Italian).  Massive amount of material including his original BRONZE STAR GO Citations, Original LEGION OF MERIT GO citation, GO citation of PURPLE HEART, original Military DISCHARGE, diplomas from General Staff School, very nice original "300 Days in Battle" poster with IV corps button with his name on it, tons of original orders, promotions, and other official paperwork, original material related to military patent for technique of aerial wire laying he invented,  letter from Brazilian commanders, original letters from IV commander General CRITTENBERGER with original signatures - including a completely hand-written letter telling him he is being recommended for promotion to Colonel,  original Special order of the day form Field Marshal Alexander, original IV Corps Publications, two LARGE maps of Italy he used in the field, photo of Cunningham with captured German officer, documents related to him being wounded in Italy resulting in disability, original photo of FM ALEXANDER presenting Cunningham with the ORDER OF THE BRITISH EMPIRE (photo is blurry in listing but is actually sharp), also comes with a LARGE number of 8x10 in. photos when he served with the 87th Mountain Inf Rgt of the 10th Mountain Division - great photos of 10th Mountain troops training in high mountain conditions, ski troops, weapons, rare photo of halftrack modified Jeep, mules and equipment and more. Great grouping!
$1350 - sold
37.  photos -  US WWII Pacific Theater Press Photo Grouping
42 original wartime press photos covering action in the Pacific.  Most have the caption "slugs" on reverse. Good content! Tanks, combat, KIA, POWs, beach landings, and more.
- sold
38.  photos -   US WWII Photo Grouping - France & England - NORMANDY BEACHHEAD - Engineer Special Brigade
Appx 250 photos from the same solder who served in the Engineer Special Brigade (348th Engineer Combat Batl.) and who landed on Omaha Beach on D-Day!.  Many photos from France in 1944/5, photos from Paris, weapons, photos of beachhead  at NORMANDY (OMAHA),  D-Day invasion helmets in wear, Engineer Special Brigade insignia in wear, photos from hospital in France, vehicles, unit marked trucks, St. Lo, Siegfried Line and more. Great grouping!
39.  photos -   US WWII Photo Album- France, Germany & England
173 photos from the same man.  Destruction in France, Red Cross donut trucks, photos from Paris, German POWs in forced labor, captured German heavy Anti-Tank guns, retrieved unexploded aerial bombs, good photos of what appear to be some kind of specialized bomb retrieval cranes?, medal ceremonies, visiting British cities, quad 50 cal MG trailers, more.
40.  photos - US WWII Photo Album - Pacific Theater - African American Soldier
282 photos.  All from the same African American soldier.  Starts with stateside training and then overseas service in the Pacific.  Good photos of troops posing with M Carbines and Tommy Guns, halftracks, base vehicles, construction, base buildings, motorcycles, boxing, more.
41photos  - US WWII Photo Album - Okinawa - Many B-24 NOSE ART Photos!
200 photos Well captioned. Many photos from his time stationed on Okinawa, many identified locations on Okinawa, KIA soldiers on Okinawa, Japanese POW camp, crashed planes, nice photo of a Japanese BAKA BOMB, troops interacting with locals, identified personnel, Many good B-24 NOSE ART photos, portrait photos, nude native women, also nude photo of US Nurse. Great album.
42 photos - US WWII Photo Album - 28th General US ARMY Hospital - Belgium, Holland - many photos from LIEGE
200+ photos, Well captioned.  MANY photos from his time stationed in an Army Hospital in LIEGE, BELGIUM.  Many photos have photographer stamp from Liege studio on reverse,  Photos start from Sept 1944 to end of war.  German Pill Boxes in Liege, interacting with Belgian locals, VE Day celebrations, US Bomber formations flying overhead, photos from inside hospital, planes, captured 8.8cm Flak cannons, many photos of Fort De La Chartreuse in Liege, German destruction in Liege, great photos of US Tank crews rolling through Liege in Sept 1944, Belgian soldiers on parade, German uniform effigy, destruction in Liege from German V-1 Buzz bomb - close call for the man!!,  field ambulances collecting dead Belgians from the Buzz Bombs, photos from MAASTRICHT, Holland, more!  Fantastic album!
43 photos - US WWII Photo Album - 198th US Army General Hospital - France
700 photos!  Massive album to man who served in the 1998th General US Army hospital. Most photos from France. Many identified locations including ETRETAT, PARIS, LE HAVRE, SUIPPES, CHALON
German Atlantic Wall bunkers, MANY photos from his time in PARIS showing great images of Parisian life, Rainbow Corner in Paris, Moulin Rouge, French Boy Scouts in Paris, posing with French soldiers, many photos from the hospital's time stationed in SUIPPES, original STARS & STRIPES "PEACE" V-J Day Newspaper - also photo of him holding up this very paper! photos from Camp Cleveland, France, more!
$850 - sold

44 photos - Kriegsmarine U-BOOT Photo Album - EK1 Winner - U-57, U-59 & U-506 - TOP!
328 photos of a U-Boat sailor who served on the U-57, U-59 and U-506.  Many outstanding photos of the man (he is easy to identify throughout the album) on U-Boats at sea, in port, shore leave, etc. SUPER Studio portraits of him and comrades wearing U-Boat Badges, EK2 and EK1 medals - many identified and later killed in action.  I have identified several. More could be found with a bit more research.  Fantastic photos of the INSIDE OF U-59  at sea - rare photos as flashes were not the safest things inside a U-Boat!  Great photos of U-59 tower EMBLEMS (Gauntlet with Götz von Berlichingen), returning to port with many victory pennants, identified Knights Cross Winners, medal ceremonies, and much more! Best U-Boat album we have offered in some time!
$1200 - sold

45 photos  - U-BOAT Award Document & Medal Grouping - U-386 - POW
Very nice U-Boat grouping to Matrosenobergef. Heinz GIESELER.  HE served  m the U-386. It was sunk on 19 February 1944 in the North Atlantic south-west of Ireland, in position 48.51N, 22.44W, by depth charges from the British frigate HMS Spey. 33 dead and 16 survivors.  Gieseler was one of the survivors who was taken captive. Comes with his Iron Cross Second Class award document with his EK2 medal, his U-Boat Badge, wool U-Boat Badge, one sleeve insignia and one photo.

photos  - SS POLIZEI Personnel Files - Personalakten - GHETTO CLEARING & BANDENKAMPF!
Rare original large groupings of original Polizei (Personalakten) personnel files that I just acquired. There are 17 total, complete files. All Polizei & SS Polizei related. they appear to all be from Hannover. They are all full with many period reports, orders, promotions, medical documents, performance evaluations, some with original personnel file award documents (EK2, KVK2, Wound Badge, Nahkampfspange, infantry Assault Badge, Luftschutz medals), Polizei Dienstpasses & Soldbuchs, ID, s, etc. Several with detailed “BANDENKAMPF” details as well as anti-Jewish operations. Below is a very brief breakdown of the highlights in each one:
Complete lot =  $2200
- sold
46photos - WWII US FIGHTER PILOT 2x Trunk Group - 2x KILLS - EVADER & POW - TOP!
AMAZING 2x Kill Fighter Pilot 2x Trunk Group! Need to Cast. Thomas P. SMITH who flew with the 370th Fighter Squadron, 359th Fighter Group. Smith flew 74 combat missions, had two confirmed German FW 190 kills and 2x probables, flew missions on D-DAY, was shot down in Holland in Sept. 1944, evaded the Germans, was evading the Germans with the French/Belgian resistance but was given up to the Germans by a traitor, was taken prisoner, was able to escape again during an air raid on a train, hid until found by the British and was eventually returned to duty to fly more missions. So, he was a DOUBLE EVADER & POW!! The grouping comes with TWO trunks. One was the one that his personal effects were sent home in when he was MIA, the second was his personal one he brought home after returning to duty. Comes with an extensive grouping of items. The centerpiece is is GORGEOUS private British tailored Ike jacket with red lining and all original British insignia - one of the best 8th AF bullion patches I have ever seen, all British made ribbon bars, etc. Also comes with two other uniforms tunics, silk scarf, named duffel bag, uniform pants, shirt and tie (everything named to him), original Ray Ban sunglasses he wore on missions, original watch he wore on missions, fantastic ORIGINAL WARTIME 370th SQUADRON PATCH, original trunk stencil, cased DFC, cased AIR MEDAL, Crusher visor cap, some period photos and some copy photos (great color photo of him by his plane with the 2x German kill insignia), original flight class books, nice original 359th FG unit history, copies of his discharge and separation documents (confirming 2x kills), a few pieces from his wife who was a WWII nurse in the Pacific, copy of encounter report where he shot down his FW 190,s, a super typed personal history from him detailing his details after being shot down and evading, more.
47 photos -  Amazing 20th Panzer Division SOLDBUCH & Award Document Grouping - JAGDPANZER IV Crew Member!
Simply amazing grouping to man who served in Panzer Jaeger Abt. 92 of the 20 Panzer Division.  This unit was equipped with JAGDPANZER IV tanks in March 1944! Comes with a VERY rare example of the STURMABZEICHEN award document with 20th Panzer Division runic emblem - first of this document we have ever offered!  Also with original signature VON THOMA - RK winner and famous general who briefly took over command of the DAK from ROMMEL.   Scarce signature as he died in 1948. Also comes with IRON CROSS SECOND CLASS award document with orig sig 20 Panzer Division commander General der Panzertruppen Mortimer von KESSEL - RK+Oakleaves winner), BLACK WOUND BADGE award document with orig sig Abteilung commander (probably RK winner), KVK2 award document awarded Jan 1945 (still with same unit so definitely in Jagdpanzer IV's), his uncommon to find REICHSHEER MILITAERPASS, original letter informing him his award of the EK2, original military discharge and SUPER original issue SOLDBUCH - fantastic photo of him in StuG wrap tunic, all awards entered, promotions, etc. Great grouping!
48photos - Legion Condor + AFRIKAKORPS Document Grouping - POW Tunisia
Very nice grouping to Josef ZINNECKER. Comes with his two nice formal Spanish Medal award documents (Cruz Roja Del Merito Militar and Medalla de la Campana) - would look amazing framed, large formal SPANISH CROSS in Silver medal award document, official document identifying the medals he was being awarded for Legion Condor service, Sudetenland Medal award document, Iron Cross Second Class award document (18./Luftnachrichten Rgt 200) with original signature XII Fliegerkorps commander General Josef Kammhuber -RK winner  -for DAK service, letter to his family stating that he was being awarded the EK2 for service in AFRICA, second letter to his family saying he was captured in TUNISIA by Allied forces and also awarded the EK2 medal.
49photos - Waffen-SS Photo & POW Camp Letter Grouping - SS LEIBSTANDARTE
Grouping to Usha. Enno CARSTENS. Comes with six original POW letters he wrote him when in POW Camp 2221 in Vilvoorde, Belgium. Also comes with appx 40 original photos from his service. He is easy to recognize throughout.  Good images of him wearing SS uniforms, LAH  insignias, LAH cufftitles, etc.
50 photos - Photo & Document Grouping - Hitler Jugend
Grouping including man's Ausweis fur Studentischer Ausgleichsdienst (exempting him from RAD service), mother's Danzig Passport, various other photos and documents
$85 - sold
51photos - U-BOAT  Photo grouping - U-557
Grouping of 10 photos from the U-557.
Soldbuch to man who served in Festungs Pio. Batl LORIENT.  Original sisue, original photo, Filled with entries.
53photos - Photo Grouping - GENERAL KEMPF - German Cross in Silver Winner
19 photos of Generalmajor Siegfried KEMPF - German Cross in SILVER winner. He was likely awarded the DKiS while serving as chief of the OKW cryptography department.
54photos - Award Document Grouping - FALLSCHIRMJAEGER - MONTE CASSINO!
Very nice award document grouping to Obergef. Otto SCHILLING. He served in 1./Fallschirmjaeger Regiment 3.   He fought at MONTE CASSINO!   1./FJR3 was responsible for holding MONASTERY HILL itself!  Comes with his Iron Cross Second Class award document awarded April 1944 with facsimile sig HEIDRICH, KVK2 award document with original signature Chef Luftflotte 4 Alexander LOEHR (RK+Oakleaves), and his Driver's badge in Bronze award document with original signature  Oberst Sebastian Ludwig HEILMANN - Knights Cross with SWORDS winner!
$750 - sold
55 photos - U-BOAT Photo grouping - U-123
Two original photos U-123
$75 - sold
56 photos - Iron Cross Second Class Award Document - Original signature SPERRLE
EK2 award document with original signature Generalfeldmarschall SPERRLE.   Awarded to Regierungsrat Otfried REPP.
57 photos  - KVK2 Award Document - FUEHRERHAUPTQUARTIER
Rare original KVK2 award document awarded to Secretary Franz BRAEUNLINGER with signature Generalfeldmarschall KEITEL for service with the FUEHRERHAUPTQUARTIER.
$350 - sold
58 photos - Rare WAFFEN-SS Truppenausweis
Scarce original Truppenausweis #11134  for SS Anwarter Klaus CONRAD. Issued 1937 with original signature SS Hauptsturmfeuhrer and more desirable version with original photo.
$550 (or you can spend $1300 for one from Weitze :)
59 photos  -  WEHRPASS  - WW! U-BOAT Service
Wehrpass to man who served on a U-Boat in WWI. Awarded EK2 in 1916.
$80 - sold
60photos - SOLDBUCH - HAUPTMANN - Sicherungs Regiment 613
Original issue Soldbuch to Hauptmann Erich KIRSTEN.  Nice original uniform photo, Served in Sicherungs Regiment 613.  Unit saw service in Heeresgruppe Mitte in Russia.
61photos - HITLER JUGEND Document & Insignia Grouping - HJ Faehnlein 4/125 "FLORIAN GEYER"
Nice original extensive Hitler Jugend grouping to boy who served in HJ Faehnlein 4/125 "FLORIAN GEYER." Comes with one original unit shoulder board & unit triangle.  Also comes with many original unit sports award documents. All in original unit made folder.
$425 - sold
62photos  - US PARATROOPER Photo Grouping - 509th PIR
Photo grouping of 2nd Lt James CLANCE who served in 509th PIR. He participated in the Tunisian jump and fought in Africa, Sicily and Italy.  He was POW for three months. Comes with super studio portrait of him and three other photos.
63 photos - Studio Portrait - Belgian BRIGADE PIRON - Rare!
Super original wartime studio portrait of a Belgian soldier in the Brigade Piron. Great views of uniform insignia of the unit. Hand written dedication on reverse
64photos - French Foreign Legion Photo Album - North Africa - Nice!
Very nice early French Foreign Legion photo album.  All from the same German soldier serving in the FFL.  Content is mostly from the 1920's in Africa.  Likely content around the Rif-War. Super photos of Foreign legion insignia, artillery units, vehicles, interacting with locals, very nice studio portraits, many photos captioned on the reverse. 
$350 - sold
65 photos - US WWII Purple Heart & Air Medal KIA Grouping - Navigator 7th Bomb Group
Grouping to Navigator Lt. Harold E. WHEELER who served in the 7th Bomb Group, 9th Bomb Squadron. He was KIA during gasoline hauling operations when his B-24 crashed on a mountain twenty miles south of Luliang, China. Comes with his cased officially wartime government engraved PURPLE HEART & AIR MEDAL.  Also comes with letters to his family concerning his effects being sent to them and several photos.
$550 - sold
66photos - US WWII Purple Heart & SILVER STAR Grouping - 301st Bomb Group
Super grouping to Sgt. Vern FUKA who served in the 301 BG, 352nd BS.  He was likely an original cadre member of the unit as records show he flew with the groups FIFTH mission on Oct 2, 1942!  He was KIA when his plane was hit by Flak on mission to Bo-Rizzoa Sicily on May 10, 1944.  There was only one survivor from the crew who. He was blown free of plane and spent the rest of the war in POW camp- Lt. Zahn.  COms with his officially government engraved cased SILVER STAR & PURPLE HEART medals!  Needs more research.  Great grouping to an early Air Corps man!
$850 - sold
67photos  - US WWII PURPLE HEART Grouping - 558th Bomb Group - MIA  Villers Bocage - June 15, 1944
Officially government wartime engraved PURPLE HEART to B-26 Radio operator/gunner Sgt. Dominic A. GELORMO (33581094).  He served in the 558 BG, 387 BS.  He was KIA on a mission on June 15, 1944 - Most likely lost at sea around 51 42N, 03 05E.  Hit by AAA on June 15,1944 raid on Villers Bocage near Caen, France. Ditched off Sussex coast, 3KIA and 2 returned.
MACR 8164. Also comes with his 1943 Scott Field Radio  Operator Mechanic training manual as well as his Scott Field Class book.
$425 - sold
68 photos - US WWII KIA Purple Heart - 85th Inf Division - Tremensouli,  ITALY
Cased officially government wartime engraved Purple Heart to Pvt. Adam SNYDER (33061083) who was KIA on May 5, 1944.  His IDPF says he died near CASSANOVA, Italy. However, the unit at that time was further north dug in around Tremensouli - location of a fierce battle with very high casualties.  He served in Co. B 339 Inf Rgt, 85th Inf Division.  Comes with his IDPF (Individual Deceased Personnel File).
$365 - sold
69photos - US WWII PURPLE Heart - 81st Infantry Division - KIA  PELELIU
Officially government wartime engraved Purple Heart to PFC Abram C. ANDERSON who served in the 323 Inf Rgt, 81st Inf Division (Wildcats). he was KIA on Oct 31, 1944 while fighting with the 1 Marine Division on PELELIU.  Comes with his IDPF.
When the 1st Marine Division began its invasion of Peleliu in September 1944, the operation in the South Pacific was to take but four days. In fact, capturing this small coral island in the Palaus with its strategic airstrip took two months and involved some of the bloodiest fighting of the Second World War in the Pacific. Rather than the easy conquest they were led to expect, the Marines who landed on Peleliu faced a war of attrition from the island's Japanese defenders, who had dug tunnels and fortified the island's rugged terrain. When the Marines' advance stalled after a week of heavy casualties, the "Wildcats" of the 81st Infantry Division were called in, at first as support. Eventually, the 1st Marines Division was evacuated and the 81st Infantry secured the island.
$350 - sold
70photos - US Purple Heart & Bronze Star Medal Grouping - 34th Inf Division
US WWII Officially government engraved Purple Heart & Bronze Star grouping to PFC Carl O. BURNELL who served in Co G 135th Inf Rgt, 34th Inf Division.  He was wounded on Oct 6, 1944 in MONZUNNA Italy.  Also comes with an original 34th patch, other campaign medals, discharge,  and more.
$200 - sold

71photos - US WWII Photo Album - 17th Bomb Group - Very Nice!
97 photos. VERY nice album with fantastic original artwork on the cover (95th BG squadron insignia).  The album itself was purchased by the man while on leave in Paris.   Named to Sgt. Eldon BAUMAN - member of the famed 95th Bomb Squadron, 17th Bomb group (Doolittle Raid). He has included many extras including an original SS Dagger "SS" emblem, Political leader collar tab eagle and Oakleaves, a Mercedes enamel emblem (from a car?), Der Deutschen Mutter enamel pin, six third Reich coins, a nice Air Crops bullion patch and more!  Also contains several original documents, passes and ID's of the man. Very good photos - many great B-26 photos in flight, nose art, on mission runs, etc., good photos of the man and comrades wearing A-2 jackets, crashed late war Luftwaffe planes, proudly showing off large captured German banner and US airman wearing Luftwaffe flight gear, photos from Paris, and more!  Also comes with his Simplified Flight Calculator he used on missions.
72photos - US WWII AIR MEDAL & Purple Heart Grouping - 96th Bomb Group - POW!!
Super grouping to Top Turret Gunner Howard W. HOBBS who flew with the 96th Bomb Group, 339th Bob Squadron.  Comes with his official wartime government engraved AIR MEDAL in case, as well as his WWI issued unnamed Purple Heart and nice three piece ribbon bar.  He was shot down near Nordlinger Germany while on B-17 #4237910 on April 13, 1944 and was sent to STALAG 17b for 442 days until June 29, 1945.  Comes with research and extensive newspaper article about the man. 
73 photos -  US WWII PURPLE HEART Medal Grouping - Belgium 1944
Original cased, unnamed Purple Heart, CIB, and 3-piece qualification bars to Pvt. John C. HANSEN (ASN: 37553028). Comes with original citation for the Purple Heart given to him while in hospital and copy of GO citation for the Purple Heart.  He was wounded Sept. 14, 1944 in Belgium.  Needs more research!
74 photos - 8th Air Force WWII & Vietnam Medal Grouping - 2nd Lt to COLONEL - 95th BOMB GROUP
Extensive grouping to Colonel Robert T. FINFINGER. Covers his service in WWII as a 2nd LT (Navigator) through Vietnam as a Colonel and B-52 pilot.  He served in the 95th Bomb Group as a Navigator on a Lead Aircrew PATHFINDER. Comes with his OFFICIALLY WWII WARTIME GOVERNMENT ENGRAVED DFC IN CASE, WWII issued wrap brooch AIR MEDAL (unnamed), super nice ribbon bar, WINGS,  Vietnam issued officially engraved Combat Readiness Medal (Original citations) and official engraved Air Force Commendation Medal (also with original citations). Comes with an EXTENSIVE pile of original paperwork including ALL official flight records for service with the 95th and onwards, original Citations for Air medal and OLC's, original detailed Citation for the DFC awarded for mission as Navigator "operating special equipment" on Hamburg raid, Dec 31, 1944 and a second DFC citation for the same on Frankfurt raid on Dec 29. Also comes with original photos, small notebook he kept during his WWII service and much more!
$850 - sold
75 photos - US WWII BOMB TAG Grouping - 319th Bomb Group
Great original BOMB TAG grouping (all from targets in ITALY & SICILY) with mission details, dates and crew members - all with original strings and pins!  appx 40 total!   All from T/Sgt. J.B. CLARK who served in the 319th Bomb group (438th & 440th Squadrons). Also comes with several very good original photos he took on bombing runs, original documents, correspondence, reunion material and more!
$650 - sold
76photos -  US WWII SQUADRON PATCH & Photo Grouping - 91st BOMB GROUP - Memphis Belle Connection
Extensive grouping to Sgt. Lee NICHOLS who served in the 91 BG, 324 BS - the MEMPHIS BELLE's squadron.  He was in the 324th Engineering section all the way from the unit's activation through deactivation. SO, he would have been around during all of the BELLE's service.  Comes with a nice ORIGINAL 324th Bugs Bunny Squadron Patch, original 8th Air Force DOOLITTLE Letter, original London ARC Light publication, thank you letter from 91 BD commander dated Dec 25, 1944 - you can see where his squadron patch sat on top of this document since the war (!), NUMEROUS (appx 100+) photos and original negatives including British photo shop receipts, and more       
77 photos - US WWII Photo Album - 45th Infantry Division -  3x PANTHER TANK photos!
111 photos.
Photo album from one GI serving in Europe. Contains three nice PANTHER TANK photos which he labeled "Tiger tank."  Many photos are captioned. photos of him in POW camp posing with german POWs, photos of him wearing CIB and 45th Infantry Division patch, Jeeps. interacting with locals, posing by French road signs, portraits, more.
$200 - sold
78. photos - US WWII 8th Air Force A-2 Jacket, Uniform Grouping - 486 Bomb Group  - D-DAY - Huge!
Huge grouping to 2nd Lt. Stanley L. LOFTSGARD who served in the 486 Bomb Group, 861st Bomb Squadron.  He flew most of his missions on B-24 "PURTY BABY" 42-52749.  His complete mission list is below (INCLUDING D-DAY MISSION) as well as a link to an hour long video interview he did.  Comes with his cased WWII wrap brooch Air Medal, original GO Citations for his Air Medals and Oak Leaf Clusters, Dog Tags, three ribbon bars - one British made sewn type, Amico Sterling Pilots Wings, command wings, boxed Campaign medals, WWII Class A uniform, WWII OD Green Type A-1 Mechanic's Sweater (wool button up sweater), ORIGINAL hard to find Type C-2 wool  Flying Vest (zippered flight sweater) with A-2 type leather name tag - $250 by itself!   50's Blue uniform, VERY nice original A-2 Jacket with all original cuffs, waistband, zipper, ID tag, and painted Air Corps emblem on sleeve, big bag of insignia, his original Air Corps Pilot's leather zipped briefcase FULL of original paperwork - discharge, promotion documents, transfer orders, Meritorious Service Citation, kit  and gear check out papers, all kinds of receipts, ID's etc., OFFICIAL listing of all his missions from May 8, 1944 to June 29 1944. his complete Individual Flight Record file listing all flights, good photos including ORIGINAL 8x10 crew photo in front of "Purty Baby" B-24 and another 8x10 crew photo, training flight graduation books, numerous original newspaper clippings, documents from his time post-war when he was stationed in NORWAY aiding Norwegian AF in converting to the C-119 "Flying Boxcar" aircraft (he was born in Norway and did not speak English when originally coming to America as a young child), and much more!
79. photos - US WWII Air Corps Photo Album - many Aircraft Photos
125 photos all from the same man. Many great photos of P-38 aircraft, captured German equipment, C-47 aircraft, P-51 Mustangs, troops interacting with German Fraulines, inside cockpit views of aircraft, RAF aircraft, aircrew in flight gear, base photos, aerial recon photos, Jeeps, destroyed German cities, and more!
$150 - sold
80. photos - US WWII B-24 Photo Album - Italy - Nice!
Appx. 100 photos. Very nice album of an air crewman who served in the 15th Air Force. Many photos are captioned on the reverse. The album itself is one he bought in Italy. Contains great photos of aircraft including B-24 "WAIT FOR ME MARY" (believe was a Ploesti plane) B-24 "F FOR FREDDIE," photos of ANZIO, other identified locations in Italy, photos of troops interacting with Italian locals, P-38 airplane, Italian fighter plane with RAF markings, crash landed B-17, crew posing at gas station where Mussolini was hanged, more.
81.  photos - US WWII Air Corps Photo Album - North Africa, Italy
53 photos - many good aircraft photos - P-51, P-38, B-17, B-24 etc.  planes in flight on bomb run, Monte Casino, crashed Me 109, crash landed RAF Spitfire, aerial recon photos, troops in Egypt at the pyramids, Nose Art, troops interacting with locals, base photos and more!
$140 - sold
82. photos - US Army WWII Photo Grouping - Germany
66 photos. Many captioned on reverse. many identified locations in Germany - Kassel, Dusseldorf, visiting the albums, vehicles, etc.
83.  photos - US Medic's WWII Photo Group - France, Belgium Luxembourg, Germany
80 photos. All from the same medic. Many captioned on reverse. Many identified locations from France and Germany.  Funny photo of Hitler hung in Effigy, Sherman Tank, KO German PANTHER TANK, field hospitals, destroyed Germany towns, photos from Paris, tank retriever vehicles, crossing the Rhine, and more.
$140 - sold
84. photos - Dealer's Lot - WWI & WWII Photo  Grouping
Over 200 original WWI & WWII photos. Nice grouping
85.  photos - RARE Original Bf 109 Airplane Manual
Rare original wartime Bf 109 manual - D. (Luft) T. 2109 G-8
86. photos -  US NAVY Semaphore Training Aid
Hard to find original early US Navy semaphore training aid. 
86b. photos -  German WWII COLOR SLIDE - FARBDIAS Grouping - BERCHTESGADEN
228 ORIGINAL color slides taken by a husband and wife with many images from BERCHTESGADEN and the Obersalzburg.  Easily identifiable locations in the area including far off images of Berghof & Eagle's Nest, town building in Berchtesgaden, Obersalzburg mountains, Pfarrkirche St. Sebastian, Kirche St. Peter u. St. John, etc.  Photos are from 1940 -1944.  in their original wartime wooden cases with hand written notes.
$1100 - reduced  $800