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1.  photos -   Kriegsmarine Photo Album, Insignia & Award Document Grouping - TOP
Really fantastic grouping to Steuermannsmaaten Hans KLEINBACH. He served on various Sperrbrecher ships - Sperrbrecher 167, 163 as well as others. the album contains 195 SUPER photos - beautifully captioned - all from his KM service, most taken onboard his ships. Many good photos of U-BOATS, Schnelelboote, other identified warships, many identified personnel, identified patrols, exploding mines, burning RAF planes they shot down, detailed photos of positions on the ship, photos from inside the ships, medal ceremonies and more! Also comes with FOUR MINT uniform insignias including a beautiful bullion KM breast Eagle and his Signals rank insignias. Also comes with TWO LARGE hand-drawn maps of his patrols on two of his ships ilcuding actions against the British. ALSO…comes with his IRON CROSS SECOND CLASS award document awarded May 31, 1944 with ORIGINAL signature Konteradmiral Ernst LUCHT (Knights Cross Winner) and also his MINESWEEPER BADGE award Document awarded Nov 1941 with original signature Kurt Böhmer (Knights Cross Winner). Last, comes with his VERY nice VERY detailed Kriegsmarine training book with many great drawings and notations and navigation.
- sold
2.  photos - WWI Medal, Soldbuch & Document Grouping - 8./Res. Inf. Rgt 118 - Somme, Verdun++
Very nice complete grouping to Jacob EISENBARTH who served in 8./Reserve Inf. Rgt 118 - part of the 25. Reserve Division. He saw MUCH action with this unit. Comes with his five piece medal bar, matching ribbon bar, original WWI Soldbuch & Militarpass listing extensive list of campaigns including many in the East and then VERDUN, SOMME, Argonnewald, Champagne, Douamont, Reims, Siegfriedfront , and more. Also comes with his WWII Wehrpass, KDF ausweis, his DAF mitgleidsbuch, his HINDENBURG CROSS award document, award certificate for the Hungarian Kriegserinnerungsmedaille (as well as other documents related to this award), award document for Austrian Kriegserinnerungsmedaille (other papers also including original envelope it was shipped in), VERY NICE color award document for the Hessen Allgemeines Ehrenzeichen fur TAPFERKEIT (awarded “in the field” as per signature of Rgt. Kdr on reverse), and more.
$365 - sold
3.  photos  -  SKI-JAEGER Award Document Grouping - Ski Jaeger Regiment 1 - RARE!
Rare grouping to a SKI-JAEGER. All from Obergef. Konrad HEID who served in SKI-JAEGER Regiment 1. Comes with his OSTMEDAILLE award document with original signature commander II./Skijaeger Rgt 1, IRON CROSS SECOND CLASS with signature WAFFEN-SS BRIGADEFUEHRER Wilhelm BITTRICH - RK + SWORDS winner & commander SS Kav. Div. Florian Geyer, BLACK WOUND BADGE for wounds received on Nov 30, 1942, field issue certificate for the INFANTRY ASSAULT BADGE awarded Aug 17, 1943 with orig. sig. Btl. Kdr., a SECOND award document for the INFANTRY ASSAULT BADGE awarded March 12, 1944 with original signature Regimental commander Oberst Bruno WEILER (RK winner + Tank Destruction Badge), KVK2 Award Document awarded Sept 1, 1944 with orig. sig. Kdr. 1 Ski Division Generalmajor Martin BERG (RK winner). Also comes with other documents related to his service including Russian POW ausweis.
$485 - sold
3b. photos - AFRIKAKORPS Photo Album, & Document Grouping - Rare DRIVER'S AWARD DOCUMENT - 90 leichte AFRIKA DIVISION
383 photos!  Super grouping to Gefr. Karl ROTHERMEL who served in Stab. II/ lei. IR 155 of the 90 leichte AFRIKA DIVISION. Comes with his RIBBON BAR with Afrika Campaign ribbon, a SUPER RARE color award document for driving 200,000 km in the Afrikakorps with facsimile signature ROMMEL, original signature Oberst (I have only had this document a couple of times in 10 years), Photo Album contains 198 photos from the Poland Campaign (Jews, Warsaw, etc) through forming up in Italy for movement to Afrika, 185 loose photos, mostly from Afrika including a SUPER studio portrait of him wearing AKRIKAKORPS cufftitle & Afrika Campaign medal, many good vehicle images, POWs, Kettenkrad column in the desert, Italian troops, planes, captured British equipment & vehicles, many tropical uniforms in wear, Afrikakorps cufftitles in wear, KO British tanks in the desert, Italian planes, graves, desert road signs, captured British armored cars in German service, troop using captured US JEEP in the desert, blown up German Panzers, crash landed ME 109, Ju 87 Stuka in the desert, and more! Super grouping!
4.  photos -  AFRIKAKORPS STUKA Ju 87 Document Grouping - Stuka Geschwader 3 - GREAT SIGNATURES!
Very nice grouping to Feldwebel Rudolf FISCHMANN who served in STUKA GESCHWADER 3, 1 Staffel. Comes with his IRON CROSS SECOND CLASS Award document with original signature X.Fliegerkorps Commander Generalmajor Alexander HOLLE (RK winner), promotion document to Feldwebel with original signature Stukageschwader 3 commander Major Kurt KUHLMEY (RK winner + 500 combat missions in Ju 87), super ÄRMELBAND AFRIKA award Document with original signature Major PFEFFER, ITALIAN-GERMAN CAMPAIGN in AFRIKA MEDAL award document with original signature Gruppenkdr. Martin MOSSDORF (RK Winner & another famous DAK Ju 87 pilot), KVK2 w/ Swords award document with original signature General Hans GEISLER (RK winner), letter from Oberlt. Hans TOEPFER (RK winner - 600+ combat missions) Staffelkapitan in Schlachtgeschwader 3 to Fischmann’s wife informing her that he was KIA by partisans on March 7, 1944, second letter to her with original TOEPFER signature, formal certificate that he was KIA with original signature I Gruppe commander Hans VON BARGEN ( RK winner and one of the most important Stuka pilots of the DAK!! Rare signature as he was KIA in 1944), other medical documents.  Also rare DAK issued award document for Goldkordel zum Ärmeltätigkeitsabzeichen des technischen Personals der Luftwaffe with RARE original signature FLIEGERFUEHRER AFRIKA Otto Hoffmann von Waldau (RK winner as Fliegerführer AFrika)- VERY RARE signature as he was KIA in May 1943!
5.  photos -   Luftwaffe Officer Photo Album - Fernaufklarungs Gruppe 33
174 photos, very well captioned, of an officer who served in 1./Fernaufklarungs Gruppe 33.He included many great details including a hand-drawn map of all of his travels with the unit throughout France as well as a detailed list from 1940 until 1948 when he was released from POW camp! He was in Orleans, France at D-Day and records partisan attacks as his unit moved east thereafter. Many photos from France with identified locations - NANCEY, Versailles, Montpellier, Marseilles, Etang de Berre, Les Baux, Pizza, Monaco, etc.
good photos of Ju 88 aircraft of the unit photos of their airbases, many identified pilots and personnel, award ceremonies, celebrations of the 500th and 1000th mission, photos of destruction after Allied bomb raid on their base, fantastic large photo of Knights Cross Winner with lengthy dedication to the man, then photos from POW camp, Also comes with a rare unit history compiled in 1966 on the occasion of a unit reunion.
$630 - sold
6.  photos - Army Photo Album - France Campaign - KIA Russia
132 photos, all from one man. In the reverse are newspaper clippings about him including his death notices when he Was KIA in the East. Many photos are captioned on the reverse. Many photos form his time stationed in France.
$135 - sold
7.  photos - Army Photo Album - Pionier - Poland, Russia - Jewish Content
Very nice album with 203 photos of a OberWachtmeister Pionier. Meticulously captioned throughout. He was a WWI veteran that volunteered for WWII service. Starts with his training in 1941.Good portrait of him wearing medals and medal bar, then transfer to POLAND. Many identified locations in POLAND - OSTROWIEC, KRAKAU, site of hanging of 30 Poles in Ostroweic after sabotaging a German rail bridge, JEWISH CEMETERY in Ostrowiec, Russian POWs, then transfer to GOMEL in ANTI-PARTISAN operations, using Hungarian PAK and MG, Anti-Partisan duties in OTRESCHKOWO, Panzer II and long Barrel Panzer IV on train transport, JEWS WEARING ARMBANDS, Wrecked Me 109, refugees, then transfer to KURSK, destruction in KIEV, then photos from CHARKOV, then home and released from service in 1943. Three photos of his brother in AFRIKA as well as other relatives’ service photos.
$365 - sold
8.  photos Kriegsmarine U-BOAT Photo Album & Document Grouping - KIA - U-655
216 photos, all from Funkobergefreiter Karl REICH who served on the U-655. Also comes with his U-BOAT BADGE AWARD DOCUMENT (the rare KIA posthumous version!), his very nice formal KIA document from Admiral der unterseeboote and letters to his family concerning his being KIA/missing as well as sending them these documents. Even comes with original envelope. While operating against convoy QP 9, U-655 was rammed by HMS Sharpshooter and sank with all hands lost in the Barents Sea on 24 March 1942. The album starts with his trying and goes all the way through his assignment to U-655. There is a very nice large photo to the U-655 and crew dated Aug 1941 on the reverse. Also another photo of the U-655 underway, at sea, conning tower, etc.\
$865 - sold

9.  photos -  Kriegsmarine SOLDBUCH & Award Document Grouping - Kreuzer KOENIGSBERG
Grouping to Feuerwerksobergef. Josef HEISTERMANN who served in the Cruiser KOENIGSBERG. Comes with his original HIGH SEAS FLEET BADGE award document with signature Konteradmiral Joachim LIETZMANN, original Koenigsberg cap tally, nice studio portrait of the man wearing Koenigsberg cap tally, and his SOLDBUCH with photo (matches portrait photo) and all awards listed including High Seas Fleet Bade and Iron Crosss Second Class. His last unit entry is 10. Marine-Bordflak-Abteilung stationed in Bordeaux at the time of D-Day. There are French POW camp documents in the back of his SB.
10.  photos  -WAFFEN-SS Photo Album - SS Regiment DEUTSCHLAND - SS Division DAS REICH - France Campaign
61 photos of a man who served in SS Regiment DEUTSCHLAND. Many photos showing DEUTSCHLAND Cufftitles in wear. He is easy to spot throughout the album. Many photos from the FRANCE Campaign, many photos captioned on reverse sides. SS vehicles, French POWS, British POWS, captured French tanks, destruction, MG, camp smocks in wear, nice field portrait photo of the man (9x13cm) wearing Deutschland cufftitle, more.
$475 - sold
11.  photos -  Luftwaffe AFRIKAKORPS Photo Album - JAGDGESCHWADER 27
94 very good photos from a man who served in JG27 in NORTH AFRIKA. Well captioned throughout. Starts with photo of Gustav ROEDEL shaking hands with HITLER (probably receiving Knights Cross at this time), portraits of other officers in the unit, medal ceremonies in KALAMAKI, Greece. high officers including RICHTOFEN visiting the unit in Greece, Me 109’s on airfield, GIGANT glider, some photos from France and Russia, many identified locations in AFRIKA including TOBRUK, vehicles in the desert, desert bivouacs, pilots badges in wear, group photos, more.
$565 - sold
12.  photos - ZOLLGRENZSCHUTZ Award Document Grouping
Nice grouping to ZOLLSEKRETAR KARL HETZEL. Comes with his large ZOLLGRENZSCHUTZ EHRENZEICHEN award document, Austrian ANSCHLUSS Medal Award Document, KVK2 Award Document awarded for service with the Kriegsmarine, Four Year Service Medal awarded 1936 for service with Inf Rgt 14, formal promotion document to Zollassistenten, promotion document to Zolldiatar, promotion document to Feldwebel, and several other documents related to his service. Also comes with his Prisoner Of War Index Card with two ID photos, POW postcard from POW camp in England he sent to his wife, two Red Cross POW postcards sent to Karl from his wife, five good photos and portraits of him in uniform and two of his 18 y/o son in uniform - one RAD an the other Army with helmet. One of the POW cards from his wife also indicates that their son is in POW camp in England and gives his details.
13.  photos -  WWI German Naval Medal, Photo & Document Grouping - SMS STUTTGART & EMDEN
Grouping to ObermaschinistenmaatenJos. OSCHWALD who served on the SMS STUTTGART - Königsberg-class light cruiser of the Kaiserliche Marine. she saw action at the Battle of Jutland, where she engaged the British cruiser HMS Dublin. Comes with a super studio portrait of him wearing his EK2 and Stuttgart cap tally, his original 4 piece medal bar, original award document for his Iron Cross Second Class awarded Jan 1916 from SMS Stutthart, Hindenburg Cross award document, Long Service Medal 1 Class award document, original document for the Silberne Verdienstmedaille Friedrich II. 1908 for service on the SMS EMDEN, large award document for Long Service Medal 2nd Class, complete list from 1937 of his service, assignments, campaigns, promotions and awards, and more.
14.  photos - Luftwaffe PILOT Award Document Grouping - NACHTSCHLACHTGRUPPE 5
Rare grouping to a Pilot who served in Nachtschlachtgruppe 5 - the first I have had material form this unit.  They were unit flying "night harassment" missions against the Russians in response to the Russians first successful use of this technique. They were first formed in several Störkampfstaffel (harassment squadrons) and then later reignited Nachtschlachtgruppen (night ground attack groups).  Comes with his Pilot's Badge Award Document, Iron Cross First Class with original signature General Pflugbeil, Iron Cross First Class orig. signatuer Generaloberst Otto Dessloch (RK+oakleaves), Bomber Clasp in Bronze with original sig. Gruppenkdr. Nahaufklärungsgruppe 1 Gustav NAGEL (DKiG), Bomber Clasp in Silver with orig. sig. Generallt. Paul Deichmann (RK winner), Bomber CLasp in GOLD with orig. sig. Gruppernkdr. Nachtschlachtgruppe 5, and scarce award document for the  Bomber Clasp with "200" clasp! Also comes with his original Pilot's License complete with photo.
15.  photos -  WEHRPASS & Document Grouping - Inf Rgt 436 - KIA Wolchow Front- Leningrad
Grouping to Schutzen August RING who served in Inf Rgt 436 of the 132 Inf Division. He was KIA on on Sept 22, 1942 while fighting before Leningrad on the Wolchow Front.  Comes with his Wehrpass, three wartime photos of his grave sent back to the family, stack of original death notices of him, original Reichsnaehrstand Beitragskarte ID, formal document to family about his being KIA, and his death certificate.
$125 - sold
16.  photos -   OFFICER FOUR Photo Album Group - WWI & WWII Service - 700+ photos - Nice!
Large grouping of FOUR albums from one man. Two of the albums cover his WWI service and two cover his WWII service. All together, over 719 photos!! All are well captioned throughout.  The WWI albums are very good, covering service on the Eastern and Western Fronts. Feld Artillerie Batt. 523.  Very nice portrait photos, many identified locations, captured BRITISH PILOT, several good AIRCRAFT photos,  cavalry, Pickelhaube, weapons, trenches, POWS, many good artillery photos, Turkish troops and officers, KIA,  the WWII service sees him stationed in POLAND and many photos form KRIM including SEVASTAPOL. photos also from the LODZ GHETTO. MG, portraits, many identified locations, many identified personnel,  aircraft, Gypsies, Russian POWS, KIA, vehicles, and more. One album is full of passes, paperwork orders, receipts from hotel stays, etc from his WWII service.
$785 - sold
17.  photos  Luftwaffe Photo Album - France. Belgium & Russia - Good Technical Content - Tanks, Planes +
107 photos of a Luftwaffe unit in the field, Many good technical photos, Tanks, Panzers, Airplanes, formations, officers, 8.8cm FLAK, captured British tanks, bunkers, photos from Paris, crashed He 111 bombe with Totenkopf emblem, graves, other bombers in flight, Flak cannons with KILL RINGS, knocked out Belgian tanks, KO Russian tanks, destroyed towns and cities, KIA Russian troops, more. nice content!
  - sold
18.  photos HITLER JUGEND + RAD Photo Album
132 photos.  Well captioned.  Starts with very nice photos of him from his Hitler Youth service - flags, marching, parades, HJ trumpets, nice studio portrait, then photos form his RAD service. nice content.
$245 - sold
19.  photos -   WWI Photo Album - Westfront
94 photos. Good front content. Photos start ins Oostende, officers, battlefields, graves, medals in wear, officers conferring, vehicles, trenches, cavalry, mascots,
$165 - sold
20.  photos  Army OFFICER Photo Album & Award Document Grouping - 19 Panzer Division - GOLD Wound Badge!
Very nice grouping to Hauptmann Wilhelm SCHUERMANN. He served in inf RGt 156 of the 16. Inf. Division as well as Panzer Gren. Rgt 74  of the 19 Panzer Division.  Photo Album contains 106 photos and covers his service through about 1940.  Also comes with a vrey good grouping of documents including his iron Cross Second Class with orig. sig. division kdr. General Johannes STREICH (RK winner),  Iron Cross FIRST Class, also with original STREICH signature, WOULD BADGE IN GOLD awarded Oct. 1944 after his FIFTH wound. At this time the unit was participating in the crushing of the WARSAW UPRISING!  Would Bagde in SILVER award document, 2x Wound Badge in BLACK award documents, Infantry Assault Badge award document with orig. sig. Regimental cdr. 156 inf Rgt Oberst Norbert HOLM (RK winner), Ostmedaille award document, West Wall Medal award document, his Militar-Fahrlehrerschein (Driving instructor license), promotion document to Feldwebel, Oberfeldwebel, and Leutnat and many other documents related to his service!
21.  photos -  Army Photo Album - Schutzen Rgt 112 - 20 Panzer Division
126 photos of a man who served in the 20th Panzer Division. Also photo & postcard from his time in POW camp.
22.  photos -  Army Photo Album - 88. Infanterie Division - France Campaign - TOP!
157 super photos of a man who served in the 88 Inf Division.  Beautifully captioned throughout. Albums of this quality are getting harder to find due to all the album-butchers.  Many identified locations in France and Belgium, KIA GERMAN troops, KIA French soldiers, graves, captured French aircraft, French tanks, British POWs, destroyed towns and cities,vehicle images, and more!
$485 - sold
23.  photos -   PANZER Photo Album - 12 Panzer Division - RUSSIA
106 photos of a man who served in the 12. Panzer Division. Photos of the 12 Pz Div runic symbols, good photos of Panzers in the field including winter camo and long Barrel versions, good photos of KO Russian tanks, field bivouacs, troops in Black Panzer uniforms wearing medals, motorcycles, salty panzer Grenadiers, executed Russians, vehicles, postcards from GROSSBORN, more.
$245 - sold
24.  photos -   AFRIKAKORPS Photo Album - 15 Panzer Division + POW Camp
78 photos from a man who served in Schuetzen Rgt 115 of the 15 Panzer Division. Named to Karl HANNEWALD, Good photos of unit vehicles in the desert, motorcycles, tropical uniforms, troop transport, medals in wear in the desert, graves, then photos from his time in POW camp in Canada - good large photo of him wearing his IAB & EK1 in POW camp - many with writing on the reverse.
$335 - sold
25.  photos -  Polizei & Army Photo Album - Original Box
50 photos , well captioned from a man who served in Pionier Batl 33. Starts with two nice portrait photos of him in Polizei uniform. Album is mint and comes in it's original cardboard box! Several good motorcycle & vehicle photos. Also many unused pages in the album.
$125 - sold
26.  photos -  Luftwaffe Photo Album - RLM BERLIN - REICHSLUFTFAHRTMINISTERIUM
329 photos of a Luftwaffe NCO who served in the REICHSLUFTFAHRTMINISTERIUM (RLM) in Berlin!  Contains several original private photos he took of GOERING and family, good portraits of him with RLM ciphers on his shoulder boards, many good photos from BERLIN including lit up at night for a Mussolini visit, many identified personnel, good photos from inside the RLM, Soccer team he played for at the RLM, and more.
$335 - sold

Massive ~16x21in. folio with 24 amazing original Third Reich prints. All on large matting, very heavy card stock. Uncommon cover made exclusively for a presentation,
$350 - sold
30.  photos WWI Photo Album
54 photos. Portraits, Pickelhaube, weapons, etc. In a nice period military album.
- sold
31.  photos -  WWI Photo Album - Officer
75 photos of an officer. Good field portraits, high officers, artillery, MG, trenches, bunkers, etc.
$110 - sold
32.  photos - WEHRPASS - STURMGESCHUTZ Brigade 311
Original Wehrpass to a man who served in StuG Brigade 311. Also comes with additional paperwork indicating h was sent to a single-handed Panzer Destruction course.
- sold
33.  photos -  SOLDBUCH - Jagdpanzer Kompanie 1193 - STURMGESCHUTZ
Interesting Soldbuch to a man who served in Jagdpanzer Komp 1193 - equipped with Stuemgeschutze (possibly Hetzers). Also served with other units  within the 93 Inf Division. Contains uncommon insert on the first page saying that he is only to be used in Sturmgeschutz units. Awards entered include: Ostmedaille, EK2, Infantry Assault Badge, Wound Badge in Black and Would Badge in SILVER.  His Wound Badge in Silver entry as well as the noice on the first page mentioned above are both signed by Lt. Gerhard BEIER, commander of JagdPz. 1193 and winner of the KNIGHTS CROSS!
- sold
34.  photos -   SOLDBUCH - Sturmgeschutz Abt. 279
Original SB to Alfred BRANDT who served in 1./Sturmgeschutz  Abt. 278.  Awarded the KVK2 and KVK1. Also entry saying he is in possession of a Browning pistol. Appears he entered StuG 276 upon its rebuilding in June 1944 after it was decimated at Sevastapol. Filled with entries, Original photo.
- sold
35.  photos -   WEHRPASS - STURMGESCHUTZ Brigade 300
Original WP to Obergef. Ludwig ALTHOUS who served in STuG brigade 300.  Received the General Assault Badge in Feb 1945.  Many campaign entries including Kiev.  Also Poland Campaign 1939 entries when he served in Inf Rgt 57. Also comes with two other StuG 300 papers including the official listing of his Sturmtage qualifying him for the GAB.
36.  photos - PANZER GERMAN CROSS IN GOLD WINNER Photo Album - Hauptmann Rudi MESCHKAT
Photo album belonging to Hauptmann Rudi MESCHKAT, commander of Aufklarungs Abt 8.  Photo album contains 147 photos, meticulously captioned in his own hand.. you can see by the handwriting in the photocopy material listed below that it matches.  He is clearly visible throughout the album. Starts with him recovering in hospital from bad facial wounds.   Many good photos of him in uniform wearing medals.  Covers Time period 1940-1941. He won the DKiG on May 1, 1942 while serving with 1./AA18 (mot.). Comes with copies of his DKiG award document, copy of him wearing DKiG in uniform with copy of reverse, copy of several pages of his Wehrpass, copy of his Ehrenblatt listing and other copies.
 - sold
37.  photos -  AFRIKAKORPS Photo Album - GERMAN CROSS in GOLD WINNER -  Aufklarungs Abt 33 -  Original ROMMEL Photos!
147 photos of a DkiG winner who served in Aufklarungs Abt 33 of the 15 Panzer Division.  Well captioned throughout. Contains SEVEN original, private, unpublished photos of ROMMEL in the desert arriving by Fieseler Storch.  Portrait of Officer in Panzer wrap wearing DKiG, many other photos of the man w/ DkiG in wear in the desert and in  Italy, photos from EL ALAMEIN, several photos of captured US JEEPS being used in the desert, Flak positions, British vehicles in German service, Sd.Kfz. 250, other vehicles, KO British armored car still smoking, funeral ceremonies in the desert, unit emblems on vehicles, unit graves, in Italy, and more.
 - sold
38.  photos - Panzer Aufklarungs Photo Album - 17 Panzer Division - Russia Campaign
93 photos of a man who served in a Panzer Aufklarungs unit on the Russian Front with the 17 Panzer Division. very good front photos - KIA Russian troops, many good photos of Panzerspahwagen in the field, motorcycles, Russians just captured with hands up, graves, Panzer troops in foxholes, Panzer troop medal ceremonies in the field, still burning Russian vehicles they knocked out, KIA Russians in KO vehicles, Russian tank crews interrogated, motorcycles, Panzers, 17 Panzer Division unit runic emblem, more.
- sold
39.  photos -  STURMGESCHUTZ Photo Album - 10./Sturm-Regiment Panzer AOK 4 - Good Long Barrel StuG's
59 photos of a man who served in a StuG unit  - 10./Sturm-Regiment Panzer AOK 4 - on the Russian Front. Many good photos of StuG III's in action in the field, several long barrel StuG III's,  small portrait of the man in StuG wrap tunic, several other photos of StuG troops, black Panzer uniforms in wear with Infantry Assault Badges, German Cross in Gold Winner, more.
- sold
40.  photos - PANZER Award Document & Photo Grouping - LEHR RGT. 901 - 1936 Spanien Cufftitle Portrait!
Really amazing grouping to Feldwebel Paul SCHEWIER who served in LEHR-REGIMENT 901 - very desirable unit! This unit later becamepart of the famous PANZER LEHR DIVISION!    Comes with a nice grouping of photos and portraits of the man including one very rare studio portrait showing him wearing the "1936 Spanien" cufftitle!  Comes with Panzer Assault Badge in Bronze award document with original signature Rgt. Kdr. Oberst Georg Scholze (RK Winner), Ostmedaille award document w/ orig. sig. II. Batl Kdr. Panzer Gren Lehr Rgt 901, Major Christian KUEBLER (DKiG winner), Iron Cross First Class with orig. sig. Generalmajor and Kdr. 3 panzer Division Franz WESTHOVEN (RK winner), Black Wound Badge when serving with Inf. Rgt. 900 (mot) of the Lehr Brigade (mot.) 900 with original signature Batl Kdr., Iron Cross Second Class with orig. sig. Generalmajor Josef HARPE (RK+SWORDS Winner!), Sudetenland Medal certificate, Sports Badge booklet, and his military discharge.
41photos  - STURMGESCHUTZ Fuehrerschein Document Grouping
Grouping of three different groupings to STUG crew members.  One is a three document grouping to man in Sturmgeschutz E.u.A.Abt. 300 including is Fahrlehrerschein (Driver's training license), a second WH Fuehrerschein to man in Panzerjaeger Abt 195 &106 with nice photo in StuG wrap tunic, and third, Fuehrerschein  to man in Sturmgeschutz E.u.A. Abt. 300 and NSKK ID to man in Sturmgeschütz-Ausbildungs-Abteilung 400.
42 photos - AFRIKAKORPS Panzer Photo Grouping - Panzer Studio Portrait
Grouping of 16 photos from a Panzer DAK man. One SUPER studio portrait of him in Black Panzer uniform wearing AFRIKA cufftitle!
43 photos - SOLDBUCH - STURMGESCHUTZ -  Panzerjaeger Abt 100
SB to man who served in Panzerjaeger Abt 100 - part of the 100 Jaeger Division. Has nice photo of him in StuG wrap tunic. Award entry for the KVK2 in Jan 1945. The division was destroyed in Stalingrad in Feb 1943.  It was reformed in March 1943.
- sold
44 photos - SOLDBUCH - STURMGESCHUTZ -  Sturmgeschutz Abt 303
SB to man who served in StuG Abt 303. Has a nice photo of him in StuG wrap tunic. Award entries for the EK2, SILVER Wound Badge, and Finnish War Medal.
- sold
45 photos  - SOLDBUCH - STURMGESCHUTZ - Panzerjaeger Komp. 1194
SB to man who served in Panzerjaeger Komp 1194. There are stamps inside for Panzer Jaeger Abt 194 which was part of the 94 Inf Division. The division was originally destroyed at STALINGRAD. He was part of the newly formed division. At the time he was with the unit they were in ITALY.  Has a nice photo of him in StuG wrap tunic with EK2. Looks like he is wear Grossdeutschland ciphers on shoulder boards! Pg 21-22 missing. Often these higher Pangerjaeger unit numbers were typically fielding late war Panzers - Hetzers, Jagdpanzers, etc.
- sold
46photos - SOLDBUCH - Panzerjaeger Abt. 1089 - HETZER
SB to man who served in Panzerjaeger Abt 1089. Nice uniform photo with Panzerjaeeger shoulder boards and EK2 ribbon. Served previously in Panzerjaeger Abt 229 & Sturmgeschutz Abt 1197.   Jagdpanzer Abt 1089 was equipped with Jagdpanzer 38(t) HETZERS fighting in the Elsass.
47 photos - SOLDBUCH - Panzer Aufklarungs Abt. 26 - 26 PANZER DIVISION -  Rare GRENADIERKOPF Entry!
SB to man who served in Panzer Aufklarungs Abt 26 of the 26 Panzer Division.  Has the rare entry (two, in this case) permitting the Grenadier traditions badge to be worn on his cap - "berechtigt den Grenadierkopf an der Mutze zu tragen."  Awarded the KVK2.  Photo missing.
48photos - WEHRPASS - 10 Panzer Division - Panzer Rgt. 8
WP to man who was assigned to panzer Rgt 8 in 1937.  Served in Panzer Rgt 8 of the 10 Panzer Division during the Poland Campaign.  Several campaign entries for Poland.  Then served in the division Stab.
49photos - Award Document Grouping - PANZER REGIMENT 35 - 2x EBERBACH signatures!
Award document grouping to Gef. Erwin WAGNER who served in 6./Panzer Regiment 35 of the 4th Panzer Division. Comes with his Sudetenland Campaign Medal award document with orig. sig.  of famous Pz Rgt 35 commander, Heinrich EBERBACH (Knights Cross & Oakleaves Winner), KVK2 w/ Swords award document , also with original EBERBACH signature, Driver's Badge in Bronze award document (dated May 2, 1945)with orig. sig. Abt. Kdr., Black Wound Badge award document with orig. sig. Abt. Kdr., 1935 Musterungs_ausweis,  and two Arbeitsbucher.
50 photos - Award Document Grouping - MAJOR -  1. Panzer Division
Document grouping to MAJOR Robert KERSTING who served in the Stab I./Panzer Artillerie Rgt 73 of the 1 Panzer Division. Comes with General Assault Badge award document with orig. signature stellv. Kdr. 1. Pz Div. Kdr.  Oberst Oswin GROLIG - rare signature as he was only in command of the division for appx. 2 months, also comes with official Bundesarchiv listing if his promotions and assignments.
51photos - Original PANZERFAUST Field Newspaper
Original PANZERFAUST field newspaper.
52photos - KIA Formal Document  - Panzer Pionier Bat. 27 - 17 Panzer Division
Large formal KIA document for Gef. Josef HOLLERSCHMIDT who served in 2./Panzer Pionierbat. 27 of the 17 Panzer Division,  with orig. sig. Kompanie Kdr.
- sold
53photos - TIGER Document - Schwere Panzer Abteilung 509
Official unit document for Karl WECKER who served in schwere Panzer Abt. 509. This unit field TIGER I & TIGER II Koenigstiger Panzers.
54photos - PANZER + KRADSCHUETZEN Wehrpass & Document Grouping - KIA December 3, 1942
Grouping to Obergef. Hermann WEBER who served in Panzer Regiment 1 &  Kradschuetzen Bat. Very early Panzer Man assigned to Panzer Rgt 1 in 1936.  Comes with his Field award document for the Panzer Assault Badge in Bronze with orig. sig. Bat, Kdr., official Sturmtage listing of combat qualification days for the PAB, original WEHRPASS. Lists units he served in starting with APNZER REGIMENT 1 in 1936 (!), then Panzer Rgt 11, Panzer Rgt 1 again for the France Campaign through beginning of the Russia Campaign and finally transfer to Kradschuetzen Bat 1 of the 1 Panzer Division. nice list of weapons qualifications, campaign entries for France Campaign and Russia Campaign, He was KIA on Dec 3, 1942 in Russia.  Two additional Panzer Rgt 11 documents, as well.
55 photos - Luftwaffe Photo, ID Tag & Document Grouping
Appx 13 photos. Plus the man's ID tag, page from Soldbuch, Feldpost & other documents.
- sold
56 photos - PANZER Wehrpass & Award Document Grouping -  Panzer Aufklarungs Abt. 1 - 3 Panzer Division
Grouping to Walter GOLDSCHMIDT who served in Panzeraufklarungs Abt 1 of the 3. Panzer Division. Comes with Drivers Badge in SILVER award document with org. sig. Abt, Kdr., WH Fuehrerschein with license to driver Panzerspahwagen, original WEHRPASS - assigned first to Aufklarungs Abt 4 from 1938 to May 1942, then Panzer Aufklarungs Abt 1. nice list of weapons qualifications, awards listed include Panzer Assault Badge, EK2, Ostmedaille, Wound Badge in Black, Driver's Badge in Silver & Bronze. Wounded twice.
57 photos  - PANZER Award Document & SOLDBUCH Grouping - 2 Panzer Division - Normandy & Ardennes
Nice grouping to Gef. Josef WIMMER who served in 3./ Panzer Aufklarungs Abt. 2 of the 2 Panzer Division.  He was with the unit when it was fighting in Normandy and the Battle of the Bulge.  Comes with his Iron Cross Second Class Award Document with original signature Generallt. Lübbe, Vollrath (RK Winner) cdr. 2 Panzer Division, Ostmedaille award document with orig. sig. Abt. Kdr, Hauptmann Riedel, Panzer Assault Badge in Bronze with orig. sig. Abt. Kdr., Black Wound Badge with orig. sig, Abt Cdr. Major PETRI, Wound Badge in SILVER with orig. sig. Ab. Kdr. von BOEHM, E-Schein, POW document (Jan 1945 - captured during the battle of the Bulge), Original issue SOLDBUCH with nice uniform photo, all awards entered. Also has list of Sturmtage for qualification for Panzer Assault Badge.  Nice Grouping!
- sold
58 photos - HEERES-FLAK -  PANZER Award Document Grouping - Panzer Art. Rgt. 119 - ARDENNES, Remagen Bridge
Two document grouping to LEUTNANT Werner CHORMANN who served in 11. (Flak)/Panzer Artillerie Rgt. 119 - Heeres Flak Unit of the 11 Panzer Division.  Comes with his Ostmedaille award document as well as Black Wound Badge award document.  the unit was stationed in France at D-Day, fought in the Battle of the Bulge, Saarland and Mosel as well as REMAGEN.
59 photos  - PANZER Award Document Grouping - 13 Panzer Division
Grouping to Stabsgef.. Franz WAGNER who served in Kradschuetzen Bat 43 as well as Panzer Aufklarungs Abt 13 of the 13. Panzer Division. Comes with his Drivers Badge in Gold award document, Black Wound Badge, Panzer Assault Badge in Bronze, KVK2 w/ Swords, Ostmedaille, as well as other documents. 
60photos - PANZER Award Document & Photo Grouping - 16 Panzer Division - 2x HUBE signatures!  RK+ Swords & Diamonds - STALINGRAD
Grouping to Oberschuetzen Edmund ZEPP who served in 1./ Schuetzen Rgt. 79 of the 16 Panzer Division.  The 16 Panzer Division was destroyed at STALINGRAD.  Come with his award documents for the Iron Cross Second Class with orig. sig. Div. commander General Hans HUBE (Knights Cross + Swords & DIAMONDS winner!!) - Hube died in April 1944, Black Wound Badge with orig. sig. batl cdr., Panzer Assault Badge in Bronze also with original HUBE signature! Also comes with several original photos of the man including studio portraits.
61photos - PANZER Award Document Grouping - OFFICER -  20 Inf.  Division
Document grouping to Leutnant Albert KALLAS who served in Aufklarungs Abt. 20 of the 20 Inf. Division.  Comes with his Award Document for the Iron Cross Second Class with orig. sig. Div. Kdr. General Mauritz von Wiktorin (RK winner), Panzer Assault Badge in Bronze also with original sig. von Wiktorin, Ostmedaille with orig. sig. Abt. Kdr., Long Service Medal IV Klasse with orig. sig. Oberst.
- sold
62photos  - PANZER - Document Grouping - STURMPANZER IV "BRUMMBÄR" - BATTLE OF KURSK - RARE!!
Grouping to ROB Emil POTISCH who served in III./Panzerjaeger Rgt 656!   The III Abt. was Sturmpanzer Abt. 216 was equipped with Sturmpanzer IV ("Brummbär") and was formed in the summer of 1943. In June it was transferred to the Eastern Front where it remained until the end of the year as III./Panzerjäger-Regiment 656. Following the Allied landings in Anzio in January it was sent to Italy and it remained there until the end of the war. Comes with his Wound Badge in Black award document where he was wounded at THE BATTLE OF KURSK on July 17, 1943 !!!  Also comes with his Ostmedaille award document and his military discharge.
63 photos - FOREIGN LEGION Photo Album, Document & Insignia Grouping - 2nd Regiment Etranger - Algeria, Sahara
Large grouping to Gunther REES, a German man serving in the French Foreign Legion!  Comes with Two photo albums with appx. 200 photos, most from his service in Algeria and North Africa - many vehicles, tanks, weapons, great studio portraits, troops interacting with locals, officers, ceremonies, more!  Also comes with numerous insignias, patches, shoulder board, ID's, award documents for ALGERIA & SAHARA, very nice original SAHARA patch, and more!
- sold
64photos - Luftwaffe Officer SOLDBUCH, Medal & Document Grouping - Dentist
Grouping to Dentist & Stabszarzt Richard BECKER. Comes with his Award document for the KVK2 as well as the original medal. Doc is signed by General der Flieger Alfred Mahnke (DKiG winner), Red Cross ID, well filled out Soldbuch with original photo, award entry for the KVK2, photo album with appx 80 photos.
- sold
65 photos - Army Photo Album - France Campaign 1940 - Inf Rgt 13
290 photos!  Very nice photo album to a man who served in a MG unit in Inf Rgt 13 of the 25 Inf Division. Inf Rgt 13 later became Gebirgsjaeger Rgt 13 of the 4 Gebirgs Division. In a nice official unit album cover. Contains very good front photos including several very good foxhole/trench action photos, series of super photos showing FLAME THROWERS assaulting a Maginot Line Bunker(!), good MG photos, studio portraits, captured French aircraft, wounded German troops, French troops just captured in the field, PAK cannons, heavy MORTAR crews, bicycle infantry KIA horses, French road signs, destroyed towns and cities, salty infantry on the march, French TANKS, more! great album.
66photos - Army Photo Grouping - Pionier Batl 64 - France & Russia - KUBAN
260 photos of a man who served in Pionier Battle. 64 with content from France & Russia and also the KUBAN. Many photos captioned on the reverse. French TANKS, Panzers on train transport, graves in the field, French river crossings, artillery firing in the field, planes, assault rafts, crashed planes, Russian trains, KIA soldiers, captured Russian FLAK cannons, Fw 189 aircraft, Russian Tanks, troops interacting with Russian locals, Russian quad MG, captured BUNKERS, French soldier graves, field kitchens, motorcycles, French troops emerging from building under cover of troops w/ rifles, vehicles, more
 - sold
67photos  -  Army OFFICER Document Grouping - 16 Panzer Grenadier Division
Grouping to Kriegsverwaltungsinspektor Werner KRABIELL who served in the Stab of the 16 Panzer grenadier Division. Comes with his KVK2 award document with original sig. Generallt. Graf von Schwerin (RK + Oakleaves winner), Ostmedaille award document, Romanian medal award document, and sports badge documents.
68 photos - AWARD DOCUMENT Grouping - 331 Inf. Division - D-Day NORMANDY
Award document grouping to Oberchirrmeister Karl RISTAU who served in Panzerjaeger Abt 152 of the 52 Infanterie Division & 331 of the 331 Inf. Division. The 331 Inf Division opposed the Allies in Normandy and D-Day and was destroyed in the Falaise Pocket in August 1944!! Comes with his KVK1 award document for the 331 Inf Div. awarded Jan 1944, Black Wound Badge awarded Aug 25, 1944 for wound received when fighting the Americans in the FALAISE POCKET, KVK2 awarded 1941 with orig. sig. div. cdr. Gen. Lothar RENDULIC (Knights Cross Winner), Iron Cross Second Class also with original signature RENDULIC, Ostmedaille award doc. wth orig. sig. Abt. cdr. Long Service Medal award document IV Class, also comes with his Wehrmacht Fahrlehrerschein (driving instructor license, promotion documents and more!
69photos - MEDAL, Wehrpass & Award Document Grouping - 111 Inf Division - KIA Russia
Directly from the family. Very nice complete medal & Award document grouping to Uffz. Ernst STUMP who served in Grenadier Rgt. 117 of the 111 Inf. Division. He was KIA in NIKOPOL, Russia on Dec. 4, 1943. Comes with his original issue medals - EK2, Infantry Assault Badge, Black Wound Badge and Ostmedaille. Award document for all four medals also - Black Wound Badge Sept. 1942 with original sig. Batl. cdr., Ostmedaille, Iron Cross Second Class with orig. sig. 111 Inf Division cdr.General der Infanterie Hermann Recknagel (Knights Cross w/ SWORDS!!) - scarce signature - he was KAI in 1945., Infantry Assault Badge with orig. sig. Rgt. cdr. Wehrpass is complete with photo and all entries and all awards, campaigns, courses, etc. original letters to family concerning his being KIA, and more. Nice grouping!
 - sold
70photos- SOLDBUCH, Wehrpass & Award Document Grouping - Eisenbahn Funk Kompanie 313
Grouping to Oberwachmeister Jakob KOHLHAUF who served in 3./ Eisenbahnfunkkomp. 313. Comes with his KVK2 award document with original KEITEL signature!, Soldbuch has award entries for KVK2, EK2, Ostmedaille, and KVK1. Also comes with Wehrpass with many entries including extensive campaign listing. Also comes with his Wehrmacht Fuererschein, and more!
71photos - SOLDBUCH - Schwere Panzer Kompanie HUMMEL - TIGER! - Market Garden - ARNEHM!
Rare Soldbuch to Obergef. Hans LACHMANN. Great entries including PANZER LEHRGANGE “TIGER” !! Also other Tiger related units including Panzer Ersatz Abt. 500, Panzer Ersatz u. Ausb. Abel 550, and schwere Panzer Kompanie HUMMEL - super rare unit to find material from. Pz. Komp. HUMMEL saw action at ARNEHM during operation Market Garden!!
 - sold
72photos - PANZER WEHRPASS & Document Grouping - Panzer Rgt 1 - KIA Hungary Oct. 1944
Grouping to Kurt MOERING who was KIA in Hungary on Oct. 7, 1944 serving with Panzer Rgt 1. . Comes with several document related to him being KIA. Comes with his Wehrpass with photo in Panzer uniform, award entries for Panzer Assault Badge in Silver, Iron Cross Second Class, and Ostmedaille, campaign entries, entry that he was KIA in Hungary. At the time of his death Panzer Regiment 1 had 67 PANTHER Panzer V’s!
 - sold
73 photos -  SOLDBUCH - Fallschirm Panzer Artillerie Rgt.1 HERMANN GOERING !
Original issue Soldbuch to Uffz. Helmut HAUTH. nice uniform photo with General Assault Badge, Ek2 and Sudetenland ribbon. Served in 5./Fallschirm. Pz. Art. Rgt. 1. Hermann Goering - many unit entries and stamps for this unit in the SB. Page insert saying he is suitable for Paratrooper duty, Award entries for EK2, General Assault Badge & Sudetenland Medal for his previous service in 208 Inf Division (thus his Army uniform photo). Great piece!
Wehrpass to Willy Otto MATTHIAS who served in Schuetzen Rgt 1 starting in the Poland Campaign, then various training units until being assigned to STUG Brig. 322 and 210 in Jan 1944. Training entry stating he qualified driving fully tracked vehicles, Award entries for Silver Wound Badge, EK2 and General Assault Badge. At the end STUG BRIG. 210 had 12 StuG III, 13 StuH 42 & 11 JAGDPANZER IV/70.
75 photos - SOLDBUCH & Original ID Tag - Kriegsmarine + PANZER Service!
Very interesting grouping to Helmut KLINGEL. His SB is Kriegsmarine issue as is his ID tag in original pouch he wore during the war. Good photo of him in PANZER uniform. Award entries for MINESWEEPER BADGE & Iron Cross Second Class. After KM service he transferred to Panzer Ersatz u. Ausb. Abt. 7. Hospitalized during service with this unit in Dec 1944 for code 34 - suicide, accident or self mutilation. Interesting piece!
- sold
76photos -  WEHRPASS - PANZER Art. Rgt 103 - KURLAND ARMBAND Entry!
WP to Herbert OESTREICH. He served in Panzer Artillerie Rgt 103 of the 4 panzer Division. he was a qualified Panzerwart. Most likely serving on self propelled Panzer artillery given the unit designation. Award entry for KVK2 and KURLAND CUFFTITLE - Rare! Also comes with his military discharge. Much info about the unit can be found below:
77 photos - SOLDBUCH - AFRIKAKORPS - Oberkommando der Panzerarmee AFRIKA!
Soldbuch to man Johann EGGER who served in Oberkommando der Panzerarmee AFRIKA! Award entries for AFRIKA CUFFTITLE, Afrika Campaign Medal, Italian war medal.
Wehrpass to Gef. Fritz Strasek who served in Heeeres StuG Brig. 311 and previously various Ersatz u. Ausbildungs StuG units. Panzerwart and Fernsprecher training entries
79. photos -  WEHRPASS & Photo Grouping - Aufklärungsquote Abt 101 - 101 JAEGER DIVISION
Wehrpass to Uffz. Otto RAUSCHENBERGER who served un Aufklärungskampagne Abteilung 101 of the 101 leichte Infanterie Div. which later became the 101 Jaeger Division. Award entries for the EK2, General Assault Badge and Black Wound Badge. Many campaign entries. Several nice panzer photos, as well!
80. photos - WEHRPASS & Document Grouping - Panzer Abt. 18 - KIA
Wehrpass to Gef. Gerhard SCHWARZ. Issued when assigned to Panzer Ersatz Abt 18 in Boeblingen. Then assigned to field unit Panzer Abteilung 18. It later became schwere Panzer Abt. 504 (TIGER). Entry for drivers license for fully tracked armored vehicles and Panzer III driver entry. Campaign entries for Russia. He was KIA on Aug 7, 1943. Also comes with a few other documents related to his service.
81.  photos - SOLDBUCH - Panzer Regiment 201 - “TRAGEN DES EDELWEISS AN DER MUTZE” Entry
Soldbuch to man who served Panzer Rgt 201 - the regiment was converted to PANTHERS in April 1943. Also served in Stab Pionier Batl 305 and, at the end, Grenadier Rgt. AV. Award entries for Iron Cross Second Class July 19, 1940. Also includes the rare entry “Berechtigung sum Tragen des “Edelweiss an der Muetze.” April 4, 1944 - permission to wear Edelweiss insignia on his cap.
82. photos -  FOUR Photo Album, MEDAL & Document Grouping - OFFICER
Four photo albums form the same man - Techn. Inspektor (Oberlt.) Werner KRABIELL. Comes with MANY document from his service - orders, promotions, passes, POW docs, telegrams, ID’s, etc., Has several photos and studio portraits showing him wearing the very rare badge - DEUTSCHES MOTORSPORTABZEICHEN 1938, good airplane photos including ME 109 and JU 87 STUKA, FIESELER STORCH, many vehicle images, more. Also comes with his KVK2, Ostmedaille and Romanian A
 - soldnti-Commie medals, all in their original packets!
83.  photos - Kriegsmarine Photo Album - U-BOAT CREW MEMBER
156 photos of a U-Boat crew member. Primarily photos from his wedding. Many good photos and portraits showing him wearing U-BOAT BADGE and other medals including EK2 and EK1 - saw real  action! Also photos of him in Mannheim Police uniform after the war. Perhaps names are on the reverse but I did not check.
- sold
84. photos - Army Photo Alum + Original Box - AFRIKAKORPS
138 photos in a minty album in original cardboard box. All from the same AFRIKAKORPS veteran. Good images of PAK cannons, PAK coastal positions, dug in positions in Russian villages, many good images of bivouacs in the desert, tropical uniforms, vehicles, field radios in the desert, also photos from the Russia Campaign, VW Kubelwagens, motorcycles, MG 34 crews, winter camo, KO tanks, Russian POWS, troops interacting with Russian peasants, BEUTEPANZER (Russian tank in German service), Ju 87 STUKA, Russian RATA aircraft, MP 40, graves, Russian graves, more.
 - sold
85.  photos -  RAD Photo Album - U-Boat & Fieseler Storch
57 photos, Well captioned. Starts with his RAD service, one nice U-Boat photo, several Fieseler Storch photos, more.
86. photos -  Luftwaffe FLAK Photo Album - 4./Flak Rgt 22
204 photos. Well captioned. Starts with his RAD service, Halftracks, 8.8cm Flak cannons, Panzers, original photo of HITLER on parade, several good 3.7 cm Flak cannons, crashed planes, motorcycles, vehicles parades in BERLIN, more.
- sold
87.  photos - Luftwaffe Photo Album - France & Belgium - USAAF B-17
229 photos. Nicely captioned throughout. Destruction in French towns and cities, many identified locations - DINANT, ETAMPES, PARIS, LES BLANDARDS, studio portraits, vehicles with unit emblems, crashed USAF B-17 (390 bomb group - Princess Pat/Fertile Myrtle. 17 Aug 43. Forced landing 20km east of Toulon after mission to Regensburg. All POW), Camo smocks in wear, more.
- sold
88. photos - U-BOAT Photo, MEDAL, Feldpost & Document Grouping - U-740 - KIA
Very nice grouping to Obergef. Erich LANZINGER who served on U-740. My buyer acquired this directly from the family. He was KIA on June 8, 1944 when the boat was sunk in an British B-24 aircraft attack. Comes with his original “F.O” marked U-BOAT BADGE|. 133 original photos with many good photos of the U-740 - commissioning, Olympic Rings tower emblem (U-740 captain was a member of the "Olympic Crew" class), crew on deck, U-Boat badges in wear, loading supplies before mission, other U-boats at sea, and more. Also comes with a large amount of FELDPOST including appx 40 that he wrote FROM HIS U-BOAT when at sea! Also letters to his family informing them of his death, and more documents.
- sold

photos - PANZER Photo Album & Document Grouping - Aufklarungs Abt. 7 - Austrian Anschluss
82 photos of Ernst RAMPL who served in Aufklarungs Abt. 7 of the 7 Inf Division. Starts with a nice studio portrait of him wearing Panzer Aufkl Abt 7 shoulder boards, parades, Fahnentrager & Standarde, many good PANZERSPAHWAGEN photos, nice portrait photo of him in Kradschuetzen gear, Panzerspahwagens with EMBLEMS of the Austrian Anchluss, photos of the unit moving through Austria, many photos of tiform, roops in black Panzer uniforms, Panzers with AA7 insignia, Austrian ADMK wheel-cum-track vehicles, Krads, more.   Also comes with his large original Austrian Anschluss Medal award document.

89. photos -  PANZER Award Document Grouping - Panzer Regiment 3 + Panzer Regiment 10
Extensive grouping to Oberfeldwebel Konrad AUER who served in Panzer Regiment 3 and 10. Comes with his award document for IRON CROSS SECOND CLASS with orig. sig. 2 Panzer Division cdr. Generalleutnant Rudolf VEIEL (RK Winner), Panzer Assault Badge in Silver also with orig. sig. VEIEL, KVK2 with orig. sig. Oberst, Austrial Anschluss Medal, Black Wound Badge with orig. sig. Abteilung cdr., list of campaigns he fought it, MANY other documents related to his service.
 - sold

90. photos - Army Photo Album - France & Russia Campaigns - STURMGESCHUTZ
190 photos. Named to Wilfgang ALLMAIER. Nice portrait photos, several photos wearing KVK1, vehicles, Panzer troops, PAK cannons, Panzers, MG 34, photos of the man in StUG wrap tunic, French Tanks, KO vehicles, Panzer troop graves, Panzerspahwagens, motorcycles, several good STURMGESCHUTZ III photos, cavalry, burning villages, Russian POWs, Female Russian POWs, KO Russian Tanks, Russians surrendering with hands up, KIA Russian soldiers, wounded on litters, KO & burning Panzerspahwagens, Krads, armored halftracks, photos of him in POW camp, more.
91. photos -  Army Photo Grouping - MEDIC - Russia Campaign
150 photos of a medical unit serving on the Russian front. KIA Russian soldiers, burning towns, vehicles, field ambulances, halftracks, field hospitals, Russian tanks, Russian road sign tree, Russian artillery, wounded on litters, KIA Russian troops, field funerals in Russia, Russian planes, more.
 - sold
92. photos -  AFRIKAKORPS Photo Grouping
246 photos of a DAK soldier. Many photos captioned on reverse. Many photos in tropical uniforms, planes in flight en route from Italy to Africa, field bivouacs in the desert, graves, trench positions in the desert, vehicles, Italian troops, AFRIKAKORPS cufftitles in wear, vehicles in the desert, several photos from Denmark 1944, more.
- sold
93. photos - Luftwaffe FLAK photo Grouping - KRIM - SEVASTAPOL
60 photos of a man in 1./Flak Rgt 501. Much content from the Crimea. Photos from SEVASTAPOL, road sign trees in Russia, field kitchens, crashed planes, wounded Russians on litters in the field, many photos captioned on reverse, more.
94. photos -   Gebirgsjaeger Photo Grouping - Poland, France, Russia, Balkans - 900 photos!
900 photos from a Gebirgsjaeger (mountain troop) unit in the Russia Campaign and the Balkans as well as Poland & France, Panzers on train transport, officers, Krads, Panzerspahwagens, GJ troops in mountain positions, captured French airplanes, French POWs, destroyed French towns with signage, Black French colonial POWs, vehicles, troops on guard duty, vehicle convoys, GJ insignias in wear, Polish towns and cities, Maginot Line bunkers captured & knocked out, graves, also duplicates if you want want to sell some separately.
- sold