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1.  photos -  Photo Album, Document & Artwork Grouping - Poland, France, Italy -  Oberst Kurt WERNER
Large grouping named to Oberst Kurt WERNER who served as commander of Nachr Rgt zbv 599.  Content from Poland, France and Italy.  Comes with two photo albums and a separate folio.  101 photos. Also comes with two nice pieces of original artwork presented to him. Original document awarded Christmas 1939. in the folio are also large portrait photos showing Werner as well as a super 9x13 studio portrait of him in uniform with large medal bar. Also comes with his postwar Waffenschein.  The photo albums have been meticulously inscribed and illustrated with hand-drawn artwork and maps  and were presented to him as gifts.  Many identified locations in Poland, Italy and France.  One album is an expensive hardback-book type album in original slip cover.  An impressive grouping!
 - sold

2.  photos - SOLDBUCH - Panzer-Ausbildungs-Verband Ostsee - Serbian
Rare original SOLDBUCH to a Serbian man from Kikinda serving in the Wehrmacht!  Soldbuch is original issue with original photo. Issued Jan 1945.  He served in Panzer Gren Ers.u.Ausb. Btl. 73.  Also comes with some additional documents from the man.  This was a replacement unit for the 19 Panzer Division. In April 1945, it was mobilized and went into action as Panzer-Ausbildungs-Verband Ostsee. The unit was moved to the nearby Oderfront near Stettin in April 1945 before completing the training and deployment and before reaching the planned brigade strength . In fighting with the Red Army , the unit was severely decimated. The rest of them fell into Soviet captivity.
3.  photos  - WEHRPASS & Award Document Grouping
Grouping named to man who served as a Funker in Flak Regt 25 and Flak Regt 9.  He was released from duty in Feb 1940. Also comes with his Hindenburg Cross award document, TWO Sudetenland Campaign medal award documents and  a nice advertisement for the Hindenburg Cross medal case being made available for purchase.  

4.  photos - SOLDBUCH & WEHRPASS Grouping - AOK NORWEGEN + Festung STETTIN
Grouping to a man who served in Verm. u. Art. Abt. 624, part of AOK NORWEGEN till Dec 1944 and then with Verm. Abt. 3, part of FESTUNG STETTIN. Comes with his Soldbuch 7 Wehrpass with original photos, Fuhrerschein, passport (someone else) and more. Campaign entry shows he served in Norway from April 1942 until Jan 1945.

5.  photos -   WEHRPASS & Original Case
Original Wehrpass in scarce original faux-leather case (worth more than the Wehrpass :).  
$95 - sold

6.  photos - AWARD DOCUMENT Grouping - Gren Rgt 278 - MIA
Award document grouping named to Gef. Herbert DIETRICH who served in Gren Rgt 278 of the 95 Inf Division - also appears with the 337 Inf Division. Comes with his Iron Cross Second Class award doc with orig sig div cdr Generalleutnant Otto Schünemann (RK+Oakleaves winner) - scarce signature as he was killed on June 29, 1944 in Belarus.  Also comes with his Black and SIlver Wound Badge documents as well as his Infantry Assault Badge document signed by Rgt. Cdr.  Also comes with letter he wrote to his family in June 1944 and also a letter from the commander in Aug 1944 reporting that he was missing in action.

7.  photos - Kriegsmarine Award Document Grouping -  MARINEFRONTSPANGE
Grouping named to KM sailor Emil LECHNER. Comes with his MARINEFRONTSPANGE in BRONZE with orig. sig. Flottillenchef, MINESWEEPER BADGE document with orig. sig. cdr. 1 Sicherungsdivision Konteradmiral William WINTER, and IRON CROSS SECOND CLASS document with orig. sig. Cdr. der Sicherung der Nordsee Konteradmiral Ernst Lucht (RK winner). 

8.  photos -   Award Document - KVK2
Awarded to Pionier who served in Pionier Park Bat 571 awarded from 17 Armee commander Genoberst JAENECKE.

9.  photos - STAHLHELMBUND Award Document
Scarce large format STAHLHELMBUND service award document.
$65 - sold

10.  photos - 1936 Olympics Map/Programme
RARE original 1936 Olympics map/Programme!  First of these I have offered!
$95 - sold
11.  photos Tag Der Deustchen Polizei Poster
Rare original "Tag Der Deutschen Polizei" 1939 poster. With facsimile Himmler signature.  great condition!
$65 - sold

12.  photosBook - Das Programm der NSDAP - Rare!
Rare original book Das Programm der NSDAP.  Published 1934.
 - sold
13.  photos - 2x DLRG GRUNDSCHEIN - Unteroffiziervorschule
Two original DLRG Grundschein - Membership booklets for completing lifesaving training. Both to two boys, one in Unteroffiziervorschule uniform!

14.  photos - Luftwaffe BORDFUNKERSCHEIN
Oilcloth Luftwaffe ID for a flight radio operator. With original photo. Issued at Flugzeugführerschule B according to Feldpost Nummer.
$65 - sold

15.  photos 2x Female SUDETENLAND IDs
Two IDs - one Personalausweis and the other a Kennkarte, both issued to women from the Sudetenland (Czechoslovakia).  One photo shows the woman wearing a Czech Nazi Partei pin.
 - sold

16.  photos -   HITLER JUGEND Document Grouping - Nice!
VERY nice HJ document grouping. Comes with a nice assortment of original HJ items including two HJ Mitgliedsbucher, a large HJ magazine, original HJ Mein Dienst booklet and several original HJ documents.
$195 - sold

17.  photos -   WAFFEN-SS Document
Original Waffen-SS document.
$35 - sold

Rare original document from the International information Office for the Former Concentration Camp DACHAU. 
$75 - sold

19.  photos -   AWARD DOCUMENT Grouping - Inf Rgt 110 - Hauptfeldwebel
Award document and more grouping to Hauptrfeldwebel Johannes HORNUNG. COmes with Westwall Medal award document with original signature Rgt. Cdr., discharge documents, promotion document to Hauptfeldwebel, and other promotion documents.

20.  photos  KVK2 Award Document - Generalfeldmarschall  Signature
Original KVK2 award documen tawarded to an Oberzahlmeister.  Original signature Generalfeldmarschall Maximilian Reichsfreiherr von Weichs (RK+Oakleaves)
$85 - sold

21.  photos -  MIXED LOT of Third Reich Military Documents
Large mixed lot of various original Third Reich military documents.
$85 - sold

22.  photos -   MIXED LOT of Third Reich Correspondence & Postcards
Large mixed lot of various original Third Reich Correspondence & Postcards. Several very interesting pieces. Cheap!
$95 - sold

23.  photos MIXED LOT of Third Reich Booklets, Der Sturmer and more
 - sold
24.  photos -   Army Photo Album - GEBIRGSJAEGER & HITLER JUGEND
47 photos form one man's service from his time in the HJ through army service as a mountain trooper.  Good studio portraits, Edelweiss GJ insignia in wear, equipment and weapons, good HJ uniforms and insignias, more.
$75 - sold

25.  photos -   Photo Album & Award Document Grouping - 17 Panzer Division - Nice!
77 photos.  Also comes with the man's Wehrpass, Iron Cross Second Class document with original signature 17 panzer Division commander Generaloberst Hans-Jürgen von Arnim (RK winner), Black Wound Badge award document with Abt. Cdr. signature  Major Rudolf Freiherr von Lerchenfeld (DKIG winner), and other documents. the Wehrpass is complete with photo.  Shows he served in Panzer Aufklarungs Abt. 27 of the 17 Panzer Division. extensive list of weapons qualifications, Fuehrerschein Class I, II, III, both medals listed, campaigns in France and Russia.  Photo albums is well captioned, good photos from France, vehicles, bivouacs, officers, graves, nice studio portraits, KO french B1 Tank and KIA crew, medal ceremonies in the field, and more.

26.  photos -   Army Photo Grouping - MG 34 Crew
160 photos. Good photos of Zwillingssockel MG 34 Wagens, bicycle infantry, weary Landsers on the march, vehicles, parades, portraits, destruction, weapons, and more.
27.  photos - Waffen-SS and Luftwaffe Pilot Brothers Photo Album - SS-WIKING Division
269 photos. nice album of two brothers, one in the SS and the other a Luftwaffe Pilot. Contains super studio portraits including a great one of the pilot wearing all his medals including flight clasp and EK1, and two great portraits of the SS brother - on clearly showing him wearing a "WIKING" cufftitle! many other good photos of him in uniform as well as good photos of the brother in SS uniform, photo taken on day of Ek1 award,  aircraft photos, and more.
28.  photos -  PANZER Photo Album & EK1 Award Document Grouping - Panzer Regiment 18 - RARE HITLER ASSASSINATION PLOT SIGNATURE!
56 photos of a man who serve din Panzer Rgt 8omes with his EK1 award document with original signature of 18. Panzer Division commander Generalleutnant Karl Freiherr von Thüngen (RK winner).  This is a rare signature as he was on the 20 July conspirators and was executed on 24 october 1944.   Album has many captions. Good vehicle images, knocked out tanks, medal ceremonies, hanged partisans in Russia, field graves, knocked out French tanks, and more.

30.  photosLuftwaffe PILOT Photo Grouping - Stuka & Bomber Pilot
100 photos of a Luftwaffe (and later, Bundeswehr era) pilot.  Appx 50x each. Great photo of him in front of a Ju 87 Stuka with inscription, super studio portrait of him in flight gear, Ehrentafel (KIA list)  for the 4.(f)/122, Ju 88 planes in flight, photos of him in cockpit in flight, photos on bombing missions over Russia (identified - Charkow, Nikolajew, etc.), medals in wear, jet planes from Bundeswehr era, and more.
 - sold

31.  photos - British Photo Grouping - Captured German Photos
Very interesting little grouping of photos that were captured by an officer in Germany in 1944 and sent to MI-14.  In original envelope with original enclosure letter.  MI14, or British Military Intelligence, Section 14 was a department of the British Directorate of Military Intelligence. It was an intelligence agency of the War Office, which specialized in intelligence about Germany.  Contains photos of Generals, Knights Cross Winners, etc. 
 - sold
32.  photos - NÜRNBERG RALLY Photo Album
70 photos. Super photos, almost all from a person's visit to Nürnberg during a Nürnberg Rally! great photos of the city Altstat decked out with flags and banners, parades, SS and SA troops, Hitler and high leaders passing by and more!

33.  photos -  SS-POLIZEI Photo Grouping
21 photos of a SS Polizei unit. Nice unit photo with SS officers, Hilfspolizei armbands in wear, good images of SS and SS Polizei insignia, VW Kubelwagen with insignias, more. Cheap

34.  photos - PANZER Photo Album
74 photos. Nice album cover with flag.   Also comes with Führerscheins of the man, portraits, vehicles, PAK cannons, many good images of Panzers, Panzer uniforms in wear, more. 

35.  photos -   Luftwaffe FLAK Photo Grouping
83 photos of a Luftwaffe FLAK man. Good FLAK cannon images, parades, group photos, vehicles, motorcycles, officers, more.
 - sold

36.  photos -  HITLER JUGEND & Army Photo Album  - Deutschlandfahrt d. Jungfaschisten 1939 - TOP!
238 photos of a Hitler Jugend boy during a special HJ meeting with Italian Fascist youth!!  Well captioned.  Great photos of Hitler Jugend boys in the Alps, marching, flags, parades, high HJ officers, SUPER photos of HIGH Italian Fascist Youth leaders!, amazing Italian Fascist youth insignia in wear, then photos from the boy's service in the Army in Poland 1939, knocked out Polish tanks, destroyed Polish towns, then photos of his sister in the BDM, photos from Nurnberg, portraits, photos from France Campaign, identified locations, RAF aircraft, good photos from Paris, more! great album!

37.  photos -  Army, Luftwaffe & FALLSCHIRMJAEGER Photo Album
183 photos. Mix of different photos from the man's service (or bothers), Nice Fallschirmjaeger photos, MG, camo helmets in wear, trench positions, portraits, large studio portraits, graves, death notices, pilots wearing medals, more.
38.  photos -   Army Photo Album - France Campaign
139 photos. Panzers, unit photos, portraits, refugees, French colonial POWs, graves, artillery cannons and crews in the field, more.
39.  photos -   Army Photo Grouping - Russia - Winter Combat
91 photos. Trench positions, weary Landsers in the field, artillery, winter camo in wear, vehicles, Russian POWs just captured, KIA Russian soldiers, motorcycles, crashed planes, horses, destroyed Russian towns, unit graves in the field, ski troops, more.  Nice group.
 - sold
40.  photos - Original Wartime 3. PANZER DIVISION Posters!
Two original, rare wartime posters, both showing the advance of the 3 panzer Division in 1939 and 1940. The 1939 poster has a chunk out of it but the other is complete.
41photos  - Army Photo Grouping - Heeres Flak
370 photos of an army artillery and later Heeres Flak unit.  Knights Cross Winners, Generals, many good images of artillery cannons and crews in the field, good photos of troops manning 8,8cm Flak Cannons, Pak cannons, motorcycles, many vehicles, requisitioned French cars, field ambulances, camo painted vehicles, Panzers, KIA Russian troops, more.
42 photos - Kriegsmarine Photo Album
98 photos. Very nice cover!  troops passing border crossings, photos from his RAD service, postcards, then photos from his Marine training, then ship service, funny anti British graffiti on ships, good convoy photos, portrait photos, more.
43 photos - WAFFEN-SS Photo Album - SS-Gebirgsjäger Regiment 11 "Reinhard Heydrich"
127 photos, all from the same man who served in SS-Gebirgsjäger Regiment 11 "Reinhard Heydrich."  Photos from Danzig, France and Russia.  Many captioned on reverse.  All from the same SS man. Good studio portraits in SS uniform, SS vehicles, photos from Danzig, winter camp uniforms, good SS uniform details including "Deutschland" & many "Reinhard Heydrich" cufftitles in wear, SS officers, KIA French soldiers, radio crews, KO Russian tanks, SS graves, unit photos, medal award ceremonies in the field, and more.
 - sold
44 photos - Luftwaffe Photo Album - France, HOLLAND, Russia - Partisan Fighting
100 photos. Many captioned on reverse.   Photos start in Holland in May, 1940, crashed planes, Dutch civilians on bicycles, Knocked out TANKS, many good MP 40 sub machine guns, train transport, MG, KIA Russian "Partisans," other photos of them on Anti-Partisan duties in Belarus,  more.
 - sold
45 photos  - PANZER Army Photo Album - Poland & France Campaigns - 7 Panzer Division
267 photos of a man in an 8-Rad Sd.Kfz. 232 Panzerspähwagen crew. It is getting harder to find albums of this quality.   He served in Panzer Nachrichten Abt. 83 of the 7 Panzer Division.   Well captioned, starts with the man on holiday in the Alps, photo of HITLER in Berchtesgaden, good vehicle images, Panzerspahwagens, burning villages, motorcycles, vehicle emblems, Polish POWs just captured, burning Polish villages, Fieseler Storch airplanes, identified Polish towns - MODLIN, etc, then the France Campaign, French POWs, photos from LILLE, CHERBOURG, ARRAS, etc., graves, photos of the man and comrades in Panzer uniforms, good photos of Sd.Kfz. 232 Panzerspähwagens, halftracks, 7 Panzer Division runic emblems on vehicles, photos from Southern France, good photos of Panzer columns, photos of the unit in Paris, more! Great album. 
46photos - AFRIKAKORPS Photo Grouping - 15 Panzer Division
200 photos of a man serving in north Africa with the DAK! He served in Beobachtungs Batterie (Pz.) 33 of the 15 Panzer Division. Also comes with the fold out North Africa map that came with the the small DAK calendar they were issued.  Many good DAK vehicle images, desert bivouacs, vehicles with DAK emblems, tropical uniforms, Italian troops, captured British artillery, captured British supply dumps captured and searched, planes in low flight, vehicles with 15 Panzer Division runic emblem, captured RAF airplanes, photo of ERWIN ROMMEL, graves, Me 110 airplane, more. Nice group.
 - sold
47 photos - Army Photo Grouping - Poland and Russia - 131 Inf. Division
197 photos of a soldier with many photos from the Poland Campaign.  Served in the 131 Inf Division. Nice Panzer portrait, graves, field bunkers, officers, motorcycles, vehicle convoys, road signs, PKW cars, Russian Tanks, several images of 131 Inf. Div. sword emblems on vehicles and buildings, more.
 - sold
48photos - KRIEGSMARINE Photo Album
119 photos. Nice portrait photos, unit photos, postcards, convoys, life on board, medals in wear, mines exploding, U-BOATS in harbor, more. nice album.
 - sold
49photos - Army Photo Grouping - 44 Infanterie Division "Hoch- und Deutschmeister" - Poland, France, Russia, Italy
753 photos.  Large grouping, all from the same man.  Many captioned on reverse. Served in the 132 Inf Rgt, part of 44 Inf Div which in 1943 was redesigned 44. Reichsgrenadier-Division Hoch- und Deutschmeister - an elite unit which saw much action against the Americans and British in ITALY!  Content from Poland, France and Russia.  Identified locations - KRAKOW, LEMBERG, PARIS, ROME, LA ROCHELLE, SMOLENSK, etc.  Death notice of the man- Josef KRANZER. crashed planes, bunkers, vehicles, graves, Panzer columns, Jews, portraits from a studio in La Rochelle, burning villages, motorcycles, Russian POWs, captured artillery, VW Kubelwagens, award ceremonies in the field, mounted troops, medals in wear in the field, photos from ROME, KIA unit officer, MG 34, Sturmgeschutze, RSO Schlepper, Panzer uniforms in wear, more!
50 photos - Army Photo Grouping - FRANCE CAMPAIGN - Gebirgsjaeger
144 photos of a Gebirgsjaeger NCO, many photos from the France Campaign 1940. portraits, destroyed French towns, barracks in the Alps, photos form Paris, bicycle infantry, Maginot line Bunkers, graves, crashed RAF airplanes, Black French colonial POWs, French TANKS captured, motorcycles, Fieseler STorch crashed on building roof, wrecked vehicles, mounted troops, more.
51photos - CROATIAN VOLUNTEER in the Wehrmacht Photo Grouping - RARE!
91 photos rare photos from a Croatian volunteer in the Wehrmacht!  Good photos of him wearing a Croatian Volunteer shield on his uniform sleeve - including one super studio portrait clearly showing it!  Likely served in the Verstärktes Kroatisches Infanterie-Regiment 369, known commonly as the Croatian Legion (Hrvatska Legija).  The 100th Light Infantry Division, including the 369th Croatian Reinforced Infantry Regiment, was involved in the heavy fighting for the "Red October" factory and for Mamayev Hill during the Battle of STALINGRAD.  You can see his face in many of the photos, even some early photos in Croatian uniform.  Nice grouping!
 - sold
52photos - FRAUEN Photo Collection - Nice!
Collection of 240 photos, all of women in the Third Reich. many photos of LW and Army Helferin in uniform, Blitzmädel, Flak Helferinnen, WH Nachrichtenhelferinnen, Reichsbahn, studio portraits,  and more. An instant collection!
 - sold
53photos - SOLDBUCH - 8 Panzer Division
Original issue with original photo. Well filled out. Named to Feldwebel Rudi RASEMANN.  He served in Panzer Grenadier Rgt. 8 of the 8. Panzer Division.  Awards listed include Ostmedaille, Black WOund Badge. Well filled out!
54photos - 4x WEHRPASS & Other ID Grouping
Grouping of 4 IDs, two Wehrpasses, one DAF book and one Passport.

55 photos - Luftwaffe Photo Album - Helmet Decals
112 photos. Two original helmet decals on first page. Nice portrait photo of RAD man, unit photos, good Flak position photos.
122 photos of a soldier who served in WACHBATAILLON BERLIN! great photos of the unit on guard duty at landmark location in Berlin, photos of Japanese and Italian delegations in Berlin, nice studio portraits, other identified officers, Soviet minister MOLOTOV visiting Berlin, original photo of HITLER & other officers in Berlin, many large photos, then photos of the unit in Brussels as "EHRENZUG-BRÜSSEL." portraits of King Leopold of Belgium, and more. nice album.
 - sold
57 photos  - HITLER JUGEND Photo Album - ITALIAN REISE! - Top!
101 photos of a Hitler Jugend boy's service. Contains super photos of his unit taking a trip to ITALY.  Named to Willi GROTH.  #57 and 58 are both from him. Great photos of his unit in uniform, on parade, high ranking HJ officers, flags, great uniform details, then super photos of the unit visiting Italy, photos from Venice, photos from Rome, posing with Italian soldiers, ceremonies with Italian Fascist youth, great studio portraits of him in HJ uniform, and more!
58 photos - Army Photo Album - NÜRNBERG RALLY + France Campaign
171 photos, From same man as #57 above. Very nice studio portraits including him in Waffenrock with HJ badges in wear. some photos of him in RAD service including on showing GOEBBELS, photos from his participation in a NÜRNBERG RALLY, MG 34 photos, vehicles, motorcycles, French colonial POWs, captured French H39 tanks, destroyed French towns, more.
60photos - ALLGEMEINE-SS Document & Photo Grouping
Nice grouping named to SS Unterscharführer Johann Karl FRAAS. Comes with several nice studio portraits of him in Allgemeine SS uniform wearing medals.  Original 68. SS Standarte promotions documents, also comes with his original SS-Unterfúhrer-Ausweis with photo, his original SS Beitrags-Quittungskarte, his NSDAP Mitgliedsbuch, his SS issued Leistungsbuch, also  documents listing him being stationed at CHOLM in 1941, more.
61photos - SS POLIZEI Photo & Document Grouping - SS Polizei Geb. Jag. Rgt. 18 - Nice!
Nice grouping named to Oberwachtmeister Josef JARITZ. Comes with his original SOLDBUCH & Polizei Dienstpass!  Both are well filled out with original photos. He served in the Stabskompanie of SS Polizei Gebirgsjaeger Rgt. 18.  Campaigns listed include Oberkrain, Finalnd and more!
Great photos of the unit in Garmisch Partenkirchen, many high ranking unit officers, great SS Polizei uniform details, medals in wear, bunkers in Russia, BEUTEPANZERS used by the unit in the field (French H-39 tank) in OBERKRAIN (Upper Carniola, part of SLOVENIA), good photos of the unit in the Alps, Campaign Schilds in wear, POW interrogated, BMW motorcycles, photos of the unit in Finland, great original photo of Generals DIETL & SS Obergruppenführer KLEINHEISTERKAMP , other photos of (SS-Standartenführer) Hermann FRANZ (Rgt. commander) and KLEINHEISTERKAMP in the field, winter camo, trench positions, and more. Great grouping!
 - sold
63 photos - Luftwaffe Pilot Document Grouping - STALINGRAD
Named grouping with Glider content to Josef SCHOCH who served in 7./Kampfgeschwader zbv 1 his promotion document was issued when the unit was serving in STALINGRAD where it lost 50% of its personnel and aircraft! Comes with two nice glider unit Bierzeitungen, award document for the Ostmedaille with original signature MORZIK (RK winner), promotion document for Oberfeldwebel with original signature GenMaj Rüdiger von Heyking (Heyking was later commander of the 6 Fallschirmjaeger Division and was captured in France in 1944!!), Black Wound Badge (Kampfgruppe zbv Posen), more.
64photos - Original Luftwaffe Watercolor Artwork
5 pieces of original Luftwaffe artwork. Would look great framed.
 - sold
65 photos - Press Photo Grouping
Grouping of original wartime press photos.
 - sold
66photos - US WWII Photo & Slide Grouping
LARGE grouping of WWII photos and slides (some color), all from the same man. Many photos of GIs in destroyed German towns and cities, USO shows, captured German PANZERS, good aircraft photos, artillery, and more.
 - sold