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1.  photos -  Army Photo Album - Poland, France & Russia Campaigns - Panzer Abwehr Abt 4
189 photos of a man who served in Panzer Abwehr Abt 4 during the Poland, Russia and France Campaigns. Portraits, Vehicles, PAK cannons, L2H43 LKW trucks - one photo with PAK mounted, MG 34, vehicle convoys, KO Russian TANKS, photo of POLISH JEWS, unit graves, photos from PARIS, motorcycles, destruction, airplanes, DUNKIRK, OSTENDE, wounded on litters, KO Russian TANKS, more.
- sold
2.  photos - Army Photo Album - France, POLAND, Russia - Jewish GHETTO Photos - 164 Inf Division
259 photos of a man who served in the 164 Inf Division. Well captioned throughout, Maginot Line Bunkers, graves, destruction, planes, French POWs, photos from BRUGGE, photos from the BALKANS, Gypsies, Bulgaria, 164 ID unit emblems on wagons and vehicles , Russian POWs, photos from destroyed WARSAW, officers, JEWISH CEMETERY in SOKOLOW, other photos from JEWISH GHETTO IN SOLOLOW, photos from MINSK, more.
$385- sold
3.  photos -  Army GEBIRGSJAEGER Photo Album - POLAND & FRANCE Campaigns - Gebirgsjaeger Rgt 98
200 photos of a mountain troop soldier who served in GJR 98. Well captioned throughout. In a hardback book type album. KIA horses, unit graves, identified personnel, French Tanks, destruction, French POWs, field portraits, border crossings, several photos from ABBEVILLE, photos from VIMEREUSE (WIMEREUX) on French coast where unit was training for Operation Sea Lion, more.
$335- sold
4.  photos - Army Photo Album - Russia Campaign + US POW CAMP
100 photos. Newspaper clippings, also original material and artwork from POW camps is the USA, portrait photo from POW camp. Album is well captioned, vehicles, graves, many identified locations in Russia, photos from CHARKOW, tanks, more.
$195- sold

5.  photos -   Army Photo Album - Poland & Russia
142 photos. Russian aircraft, Russian tanks, battlefield photos, destroyed towns, photos from SMOLENSK, vehicles, Russian T-34 TANKS, graves, funerals, Russian rocket launchers, Russian POWs, more.
$175- sold
6.  photos - Kriegsmarine Photo Album - Panzerschiff PRINZ EUGEN - NARVIK
202 photos of a sailor who served on the Panzerschiff PRINZ EUGEN! has his original cap tally on first page, studio portraits, well captioned throughout, photos from his training period, then excellent photos of the PRINZ EUGEN!! Also photos of other ships he served on, original photos of HITLER onboard his ship in 1936, photos of his pre- Prinz Eugen service on a DESTROYER transporting GJ troops to NARVIK in 1940, taking on crashed pilots in life raft, more photos from NORWAY, photos of him on Minesweeper after Prinx Eugen's destruction, more. Nice album
$425- sold
7.  photos - GENERAL'S Photo Album Grouping - General ERWIN OSSWALD - GERMAN CROSS WINNER - TOP!
1380 photos of a General and GERMAN CROSS WINNER - General ERWIN OSSWALD, 9 Infanterie Division Commander until 1938 and then V Armee Korps commander until 1943. Great grouping of three albums! Many pages of typed personal history. Most photos are contact print size. Many with hand written captions on reverse.
$950- sold
8.  photos -   Army Photo Grouping - Russia Campaign
84 photos of a soldier's service on the Russian Front. vehicles, destruction, troops interacting with Russian locals, graves, more.
$85- sold

9.  photos - RAD Photo Album - NÜRNBERG RALLY
106 photos in an official RAD unit album.   Nice studio portraits, large unit photo, several nice photos from a NURNBERG RALLY, more.
10.  photos -  Luftwaffe OFFICER Photo Album - PARIS + 3x COLOR SLIDES!
141 photos of a Luftwaffe OFFICER stationed in PARIS. Also cones with three COLOR SLIDES from his service. Nice photos showing cape with large Luftwaffe eagle in wear, visiting sights in Paris with comrades, vehicles, more. Also comes with Feldpost and other documents from his service. Nice album!
$345- sold
11.  photos Army Photo Album & Souvenir Grouping - Poland Campaign - Nice!
50 photos. No Filler; great content! Well captioned. From soldier's service in the Poland Campaign. Nice studio portrait of him wearing Ek2, newspaper clipping naming album to Uffz. Walter ROEMER, tanks, captured Polish artillery, polish TANK, identified locations in Poland, KO PAK cannons, KO Polish armored train, Polish airplane, KO German PANZERS, Polish POWs, grave of their mascot dog, WARSAW in flames, original wooden spoon he brought back as souvenir. nice album!
$225 - sold
12.  photos -  OT Organisation TODT photo Album
165 photos of an OT officer. nice photos of OT uniforms and arm bands in wear, photos from him on holiday in the Alps, Feldherrnhalle comrade, portraits, and more!
13.  photosArmy Photo Album - RUSSIA Campaign - KATYN MASSACRE
171 photos. KIA Russian soldiers, battlefield, vehicles, destroyed Russian towns and villages, graves, female Russian POWs, vehicles with unit emblems, Russian aircraft, Panzers, troops interacting with Russian peasants, Russian TANKS, original photos of the exhumation of the KATYN MASSACRE victims, bunkers more.
$325 - sold

14.  photos - Army Photo Album - 29 FALKE Infanterie Division - STALINGRAD!
156 photos. Man served in Nachtr. Abt. 129 pf the 29 FALKE Division which was destroyed at STALINGRAD! the album chronicles the unit on the way to STALINGRAD. Very well captioned! Portraits, many identified locations, vehicles, photo of General RITTAU, Russian POWs, KO Russian T-34 tanks, vehicles with unit emblems, 8.8cm FLAK cannon with kill rings and insignia! Panzers, Heeres Flak Cannon, STUG III column on roll in field, unit graves, more!
$445 - sold
15.  photos -  Army Photo Album- Sudetenland, Poland & France Campaign - Nice!!
160 photos. Very well captioned throughout. Original photo of HITLER w other Generals in the field, many identified locations, Polish PAK cannon, Heeres Flak Halftracks, Polish ROAD MINES, KO vehicles, burning Polish villages, RADYMNO in flames, photos of destroyed JANOW, Polish TANK knocked out, captured Polish postcard, Sudetenland BUNKER, river crossings, crashed Ju 52 in HOLLAND, photos of destroyed ROTTERDAM, rare photo of a DUTCH FW 189 (!!), Dutch tanks! more! Great album!
16.  photos -    RAD Photo Album - NÜRNBERG RALLY
106 photos. Well captioned. Has his RAD uniform insignia on first page, work service, original photos from his unit at a NURNBERG RALLY, more.
17.  photos -  Army Photo Album - France Campaign - Nice!
136 photos of a soldiers service in the France Campaign. Named to Peter SCHRAERMEYER. Nicely captioned throughout in a hardback book type album. photos from PRAGUE, PAK cannons, French refugees, destroyed french towns, french Munitions Lager captioned, French POWs, troops in foxholes the field, PANZER columns, motorcycles and other vehicles, Heeres FLAK Halftracks, captured French TANKS, many identified locations, notebook pages with handwritten notes, more!
18.  photos  Kriegsmarine Photo Album - Many U-BOAT Photos!
90 photos of a KM sailor. Contains many good U-BOAT photos! Many other photos of KM warships, original photo of Hitler visiting U-Boat commissioning, U-Boats in dry Dock, more!
$185 - sold
19.  photos -   Kriegsmarine Photo Album & Document Grouping - Greece
71 photos of a KM sailor. Photos from Greece. Also comes with his Kriegsmarine Cap Tally, original ID tag, original Iron Cross Second Class award document with original Admiral signature awarded in ATHENS - uncommon! Also comes with his Piraus Harbor Ausweis with original photo, his Sports badge document and medal, many photos from Athens and other Greek locations, Pill boxes, 8.8cm Flak cannons, heavy coastal artillery cannons, studio portraits, also comes with his KM school notebook.
20.  photos - GEBIRGSJAEGER Photo Album - ALPS + Russia Campaign
153 photos of a GJ soldier. Good images from the Russia Campaign. Well captioned throughout. Field bivouacs, airplanes, good photos from ROTOW, good foxhole photos, MG 34 positions, bunkers, weary troop marches in the field, GJ mules, photos from Kaserve in Garmisch Partenkirchen, nice MG 42 photo in mountain position, photos from the Italian Alps, Italian bunker position on Mont Cenis, good photos of GJ insignia and gear, MG 34, more.
21.  photos -  Army Photo Album - OFFICER - Poland, France & Russia Campaigns - Art. Rgt 31
143 photos. Well captioned throughout - reads like a diary! He served in Artillery Rgt 19 + 31. Portrait photos, good artillery photos, mounted officers, graves, photos of WARSAW burning, many identified locations in Poland, crossing the Albert Canal in the France Campaign, more!
22.  photos -   Army Photo Album - Inf Rgt 19
106 photos of a man who served in Inf Rgt 19. In an official unit album with unit name and eagle embossed on cover. Many captions. Studio portraits, portraits, vehicles, refugees, parades, more.
23.  photos -   Kriegsmarine Photo Album Grouping - Finland
202 photos in two albums. Has his original KM cap tally on cover. Artistically captioned. Photos from FINLAND, TURTU under bombing attack, warships, original photo of Battleship BISMARCK, more.
$265 - sold
24.  photos -   Army Photo Album - 29. FALKE Infantry Division - STALINGRAD!
177 photos of a man who served in the 29 FALKE Infantry Division. The division was famous for it's actions at STALINGRAD, where it was destroyed. This album covers its progress up to very close to the gates of STALINGRAD!! Very well captioned. Starts with the unit moving out from Poland at the beginning of the Russia Campaign, POWs, aircraft, vehicles, many identified locations, Russian T-34, Panzers, PAK cannons, Graves, Russian armored cars, unit ceremonies, ends with a nice hand drawn map of the unit's advance.
$625 - sold
25.  photos -   Army Photo Album - Officer - Greece
229 photos. Well captioned throughout. All from the same Gebirgsjaeger Officer. Good photos of the unit in the ALPS, photos from MINSK and other locations in Russia. Russian TANKS, Named officers, then photos from Greece, photos from Saloniki, tropical uniforms and vehicles and more!
$265- sold
26.  photos - WWII Royal Navy Medal & Photo Album Grouping - Aircraft Carrier HMS ARBITER - NICE!
Very nice complete grouping to Leading Seaman J.K. Jones who's served on the British Aircraft Carrier HMS ARBITER. Comes with his original 5 medal grouping, original Crossing The Line certificate (ship issued) original HMS ARBITER pennants and a superb photo album. Super photos of the ship at sea, duty stations, great photos of planes, guns firing, sailing through Gibralter, good photos of other warships, crossing the line ceremony, photos from Sidney, crew photos, great photos of British marked CORSAIRS, wrecks on deck, "near miss" by a Japanese bomber exploding at sea, photos of crew celebrating V-J day at sea, and more! Great Grouping!
27.  photos British WWII Female ATS Photo Album Grouping
120 photos of a woman serving in the Auxiliary Territorial Service. Very well captioned throughout. Starts in 1939. Nice photos of the man and comrades in ATS uniforms, portrait photos, work service, training course in Oxford, then photos of her stationed in Germany after the war, many identified locations, nice photos of uniform insignia she is wearing, photos from HOLLAND, more.
$185- sold
28.  photos - British WWI Photo Album - London 3rd General Hospital
Very nice official album named to a Captain Cooper. Given to him when he was convalescing in the 3rd General Hospital in London. Album contains large photos of London landmarks with printed histories.
29.  photos -  WWII British Home Guard Medal & Document Grouping - 40th County of London Bn.
Three medal grouping named to Lt. Ernest E. Preston who served in the 40th County of London Bn. Home Guard. The best thing with the group is his official service certificate. Also comes with archive copy of his service record.
30.  photos WWII FEMALE RAFP Photo Album & Armband Grouping
128 photos of a woman who served in the Royal Air Force Police. Comes with her original RAFP arm Band. The photo album contains many good photos of her service in North Africa and the Middle East. Very well captioned. In a wooden album she brought back. Also comes with a nice large unit photo. Has a nice colorized studio portrait of her in uniform. Good base photos, motorcycles, photos from EL ALAMEIN, more
- sold
31.  photos - WWII British FEMALE Anti Aircraft Regiment Photo Album - LONDON
83 photos of a woman who served in the 42nd London AA Battery. Good studio portrait of the woman, comrades, bivouacs, nice unit photo, more.
32.  photos -  WWII British Army Photo & Document Grouping - North Africa.
50 photos of a Harold Frank CREED. who served in the 1st Light AA Rgt. R.A. Comes with apps 50 photos, many from North Africa including one photo of a captured German tank, desert bivouacs, vehicles, artillery, more. Also comes with his pay book with medal entries and several other documents.
33.  photos WWII RAF LOG BOOK - 547 Squadron - D-DAY Mission!
Fantastic original RAF logbook to flight engineer (Sgt. A.E. CLANVILLE) who served on LIBERATORS flying with 547 Squadron. The squadron formed at RAF Holmsley South on 21 October 1942 and was equipped with Wellingtons, it then operated Liberators and patrolled the Bay of Biscay. Log book contain many Anti-Submarine sweep missions and, most importantly, entry for flying cover for the invasion armada on D-DAY! Several signatures of Wing Commander 547 Squadron. Locations mentioned including island of Les Sept Îles and Ouessant off the Northern coast of France. LEIGHT LIGHT night patrols listed - The Leigh Light was a British World War II era anti-submarine device used in the Battle of the Atlantic. It was a powerful carbon arc searchlight of 24 inches diameter fitted to a number of the British Royal Air Force's Coastal Command patrol bombers to help them spot surfaced German U-boats at night. Also special manned missions and missions off Norwegian coast. Historically important!
- sold
34.  photos -   WWII RAF LOG BOOK - Wellington & Liberator Air Gunner - DFM WINNER - RARE!
Very rare original Log Book of Sgt. George Arthur ISSACS, Air Gunner for 61 Squadron on WELLINGTON from Feb 1943 to July 1943 and then 15 additional missions on Liberators with 223 Squadron from March to May 1945. Between assignments, he served in No. 17 Operational Training Unit RAF. His logbook shows he also flew operational missions for this unit! He was awarded the Distinguished Flying Medal on July 27, 1943 - the other rank's equivalent to the DFC. It is notable that only 6600 DFM's were awarded compared to 20,000 DFC's. His DFM citation reads:
This Air Gunner has completed 27 successful sorties and his offensive spirit has given confidence to the rest of his crew. He has taken part in raids on Berlin, Duisburg, Pilsen and all the targets on the Ruhr. On three occasions his gunfire has driven off enemy fighters and on other occasions his lucid commentary has enabled his pilot to evade them successfully. Ever alert in his turret, he has greatly assisted his Captain on all occasions while his inherit cheerfulness and courage have been a fine example to his crew. For his example of coolness and courage when under fire, his is recommended for the award of the Distinguished Flying medal.
With 223 Squadron, on his second tour, he participated in a number of major, high prestige operations, providing radio jamming and window curtains for the bomber formations. ‘Spoof’ operations were common, diverting enemy fighters away from the real force and playing a daring game of cat and mouse with the German radio operators.
He lists details of all his operational missions - Essen, Kiel, Duisburg, Pilsen, La Spezia, etc., great log book!
- sold
35.  photos -   WWII Royal Navy Pilot Medal, Photo Album & Log Book Grouping - TOP!
Amazing, complete grouping to Lt. S.T. ONSLOW who was an observer on BARRACUDA torpedo/dive-bombers off the HMS VENGEANCE Air craft Carrier!  Complete groupings like this to British flyers, especially carrier based ones, are impossible to find!  At the end he was flying in FIREFLIES! Comes with his original medals, still in original mailing box with medal checklist insert, Nice large London-made studio portrait of him in uniform, original shoulder epaulet, ID tag, and a SUPER photo album with 141 photos! Well captioned throughout. Great photos of planes in flight, on flight deck, many identified locations, identified personnel, very nice photos taken from his plane in flight over MALTA and other locations, operational photos from his plane of attack on Italian Battleship in Sicily, Corsairs landing, planes crashed on deck, photos from his plane about to land on carrier at sea, photos of him posing with SEAFIRE fighters - RN versions of the Spitfire, photos of FIREFLIES in flight, and more! Log book is complete starting with his training flights through assignment to 785 Squadron and then to RAF Hal Far on Malta. Great details of operational flights and attacks! Amazing grouping!
- sold
36.  photos -  British WWI PILOT Log Book & Photo Album Grouping - Very Rare!
Rare grouping to WWI pilot Sidney VENABLES. Comes with two rare WWI issued Air Board Technical Notes of aircraft, his WWI era RAF flight log book starting with training flights in Avro 504's in Aug 1918. He was assigned to No 8 Flight Group, 11. TDS RAF Old Sarum. Also comes with Archive copies of his service records. Photo album is SUPER containing many great aircraft photos, covers his time at RAF Old Sarum in 1918. Many captions in his own hand! Many identified personnel, planes in flight, many visible aircraft markings and insignia, flight gear in wear, plane wrecks, identified Canadian and American airmen, crash of Abell and Mees who were killed in flight, amazing photo of a Sopwith pup with great diamond paint scheme, aerial photos of the air base, and more! Rare grouping!
37.  photos ORIGINAL WWII Battle of Britain Posters - Nice!
Two original Battle of Britain era posters. Would look fantastic framed!
- sold
38.  photos - RARE Original Air Ministry Folder - He 162 Jet Fighter Photos & Reports - Amazing!
Amazing ORIGINAL RAF Air Ministry folder contains officially complied reports and original photos of the rare Luftwaffe He 162 Jet fighter!! Contains rare period photos of He 162 planes - the pages with two photos each are actual photo paper, not normal paper! original artwork for fuselage of a He 176 on cardstock, original drawing done by German POWs/internees of He 112R, great original reports compiled on the He 162 by the Air Ministry! Details about flights, construction, maps go production plants in Jenbach and Achensee and more!
- sold
39.  photos WWII RAF DIARY Grouping - Extensive!
Very nice four-diary grouping of a RAF mechanic (JW Hall of Nottingham) who served at various RAF bases during the war. Extremely detailed. One of the most detailed daily entries of an RAF serviceman we have seen.
- sold
40.  photos - US WWII CBI PILOT Uniform, Photo, Medal & Document Grouping
Super grouping to Capt. Richard Jones. Comes with his DFC and Air Medal in original issued boxes, original Chinese Air Force Award Medal in original box, Original Chinese Air Force issued two-wing set in original box with original Citation, Dog Tags, original lighter he used in the war, his flight log book listing all flights(!), HUGE amount of original paperwork related to his service including DFC and Air Medal citations and all original fight record files, extra uniform insignia, garrison cap with captain bars, Class-A tunic with very nice theater sewn ribbon bar, Pilots Wings, nice engraved bracelet he wore in the war, original newspaper clippings about his service, studio portraits, other good photos from his service and more!
- sold
41photos  - Army Photo Album - Poland + Russia Campaign - 263 Inf. Division
94 photos. well captioned. The man served in the 263. Infanterie Division. Covers his time in Russia from 1941-1942. Good images of salty Landsers in the field, bicycle infantry, knocked out Russian TANKS, good photos of BATTLEFIELD operations, super photo of Heroes Flak halftrack and offers overlooking battlefield in the Panzer assault on SLONIM, photos of destroyed BIALYSTOK Poland, battles in YELNYA (Battle of Smolensk), medical vehicles and wagons, Russian POWs, captured Russian artillery and tractors, field graves, photos from the harsh winter retreat, more.
42 photos - HITLER JUGEND Photo Album + Fallschirmjaeger Portrait!
159 photos. Well captioned throughout. He was later in the Luftwaffe, as a few photos shows, but mostly photos form the HJ service. However, there is one super studio portrait of him in tropical uniform with wearing cloth Fallschirmjaeger badge ($85 by itself)! Portraits, photos of him and friends at winter olympics sites, nice photos of him and comrades in HF Führer uniforms, HJ camping, marching and ceremonies, sisters or girlfriends photos and more.
- sold
43 photos LUFTSCHUTZ Dienstbuch - KOLN
Nice original compete Luftschutz Dienstbuch (Air Raid service), named to Wilhelm THELEN. He served in KOLN. Diesntbuch was issued Aug 1941. Has a detailed list of Allied Air Raids he served during/after from March to Nov 1943 (not that common to find listed). Promotions to Stabsgruppenführer.
- sold
44 photos - German AFRIKAKORPS POW in the USA Letter, Diary and Scrapbook Grouping - Nice!
VERY nice grouping to Austrian-born AFRIKAKORPS POW Ladislaus KAPPEL. Comes with a large amount of original POW correspondence from various POW camps in the USA (Fort George Meade, Camp Howze Texas), two scrap book/diaries with really good content - photos, detailed service history from time he was captured in Casablanca by the British on April 10, 1943, original mementoes form the camps he was interned at including two desirable canteen chits! and more!
45 photos  - Army Photo Album - Westwall, France Campaign - Super MAGINOT LINE BUNKERS!
220 photos of a man who served in Art. Rgt. 262. Well captioned throughout. Starts with good photos of the man being stationed in bunkers on the West Wall prior to the France Campaign. Nice photo of a captured french Mountain Troop group photo, many identified locations, captured French Maginot line positions, French POWs, photos from DIEBLING and other villages in France, vehicles, nice photo of an armored French halftrack, photo of the man wearing EK2 awarded for capturing Bunker in Püttlingen, many other good photos of captured Maginot Line bunkers in Rahling, France, medal award ceremonies in Rahling, portraits and more!
$475- sold
46photos - Army Photo Album - Poland + France & Russia Campaigns
190 photos of an Austrian soldier's service in the Wehrmacht. Content from Poland, France & Russia. Panzer IV tank on the roll, halftracks, 8.8cm Flak, captured Polish airplane, troops hunkered down in combat in the field, troops in foxholes, PAK cannons, KIA soldiers waving burial, KIA Russian or Polish family medal ceremonies in the field, mounted troops, very salty Landsers in the field, captured Russian artillery, Russian POWs, burning Russian villages, more.
47 photos - Army Photo Album - Poland, France & Russia Campaigns
202 photos of a man's service in Poland France and Russia. Also comes with a typed "Tageblatt" unit reunion newsletter. Easliy identified as he had the Hitler mustache popular with older soldiers, well captioned throughout. Starts with him stationed on the WESTWALL prior to the France Campaign. French Minefield, manning MG 34 over the Rhine, sub MG, then crossing border at start of the French Campaign, French POWs, Maginot Line Bunkers, trench positions, invading French border towns, field grave services, tanks French POWs, captured French Regimental Kaserne, French POW camp in BITSCHE, vehicles, then photos from POLAND in May 1940 staging for Operation Barbarossa, photos from TOMASZOW, Poland, Russian TANKS, and more! Nice album!
48photos - GEBIRGSJAEGER Photo Album - 3. Gebirgs Division - NORWAY, NARVIK, FINLAND, LAPPLAND + RUSSIA - TOP!!
400 photos of a Gebirgsjaeger soldier who served in the 3 Gebirgs Division. one of the best GJ albums we have offered! It is a LARGE album, interns of content and dimensions. Well captioned throughout. Nice studio portraits, he starts out in Inf Rgt 199 "LIST" - hoary title due to this being Hitler's WWI unit! Photos of his swearing in in Linz, then transferred to Get Jager unit and transport during invasion of Norway in May 1940, very good photos of GJ insignia and gear, good warship photos during transport, many identified locations in Norway and Finland, good photos from Trondheim, two super photos of ME 109 fighter aircraft, many good photos from NARVIK, original photos of GENERAL DIETL and General Falkenhorst, shipping out to Finland in June 1941, field graves, vehicles with unit emblems, then ethos from Leningrad front, Panzerspahwagen, Mortar units, MP 40, winter camp, MG 34 foxholes, more. Great album!
$750 -
49photos - Army Photo Album & Wound Badge - Wounded at WOLCHOW
136 photos, well captioned throughout. Also comes with his wound badge on cover. the Album starts with him being severely wounded from a shell splinter in Wolchow and the evacuated for treatment, photos from hospital recovery in Reichenbach, then home on leave after discharge from hospital photos from Straisand, funny photo of a Mickey Mouse statue in Ruegen, warships, and more.
$100- sold
50 photos - Army Photo Album - Allied Destruction of AUGSBURG - Late War
119 photos, very well captioned.  Ends with his discharge document from the Army on April 27, 1945 from Artillerie Ersatz und Ausbildungs Abt. 27.  Says he went into POW camp in Ulm with the Americans on June 29, 1945.  The album contains rare photos of American bombing of AUGSBURG in 1944 (it was forbidden to take such photos), also photos from other locations in Germany including Freiburg, Hamburg, Danzig, etc.  Wurzburg, and more.
$150- sold
51photos - BELGIAN Soldier WWII Photo Album - Belgium, Ireland, Germany
Scarce photo album from a Belgian soldier in WWII. The man evidently escaped from Dunkirk as he indicates the photos are from Belgium/France in May/June 1940 and then Ireland 1945 and Germany 1946. Good uniform details, wearing British Tommy helmets while training in Ireland, using British tankette, identified officers and more. Most are captioned on the reverse sides. Hard to find!
54photos - SA Brownshirt Photo Album - BERGHOF, Berchtesgaden, Nürnberg Rally
120 photos, all from a SA man. Photos from the Feldherrnhalle in Munich, many very good photos of the BERGHOF from uncommon angles, many photos of other locations Berchtesgaden, then photos from his unit's participation in a Nurnberg Rally, parades in the Nurnberg Altstadt, SS troops, and more.
$575- sold
55 photos - Army Photo Album - France Campaign - Medical Unit
275 photos. All from a soldier who served in a medical unit. Many good Red Cross marked vehicles, identified locations, field hospitals, good photos of French POWs in POW camps, field hospital locations they set up throughout the France Campaign, officers, Krads, Pilot grave by crashed plane, good photos from PARIS, crashed LW planes, operations being performed, and more.
$185- sold
56 photos - Army Photo Grouping - France & Russia Campaigns
Appx 300 photos.  All in original old box they were found in.  Good content from the Russia Campaign. DKiG winners (Hptm. Hamann), many medals in wear, Russian TANKS, KIA soldiers, portraits, wounded on litters in the field, KO Russian armored cars, nice camp painted vehicles, medical vehicles, amphibious tanks, mortars, Krads, MG, Panzers, Medical parachute drop containers, PAK cannons, photos from Paris, graves, Fieseler Storch, vehicles with unit emblems, burning villages, bunkers, and more.
- sold
57 photos  - Army Photo Album - France - Many Identified Locations - Inf Rgt 725
248 photos of a man who served in Inf Rgt 725. Many photos from the unit's stations on the French Coast towns during occupation. Identified officers , weapons training, MG 34, MANY identified locations in France, CHAZELLES, ANGOULEME, MONTLIEU, BARBEZIEUX, ST PALAIS, ROYAN, STRASSBOURG, LA BRACONNE, BIARRITZ, PYLA SUR MER, etc.
troops stationed on the Atlantic coast, captured French TANKS, weapons training, captured French Railway cannon, and more.
58 photos - US WWII KOREA Photo Album & Squadron Patch Grouping - Carrier USS Roosevelt - Grim Reapers
Large photo album named to O.D. ENGELSON who served on the Aircraft Carrier USS Roosevelt, as part of the Grim Reaper Squadron. The Grim Reapers were VF-10 during WWII and VF-101 during Korea and after. Comes filled with nice USS Roosevelt memorabilia he waved - cards, IDs, ship's programs, menus and more, also comes with a MINT Grim Reapers Squadron patch ($450 value by itself) on front cover! Also comes with may pieces of original paperwork, certificates, commendations, original ship's newspapers, crossing the equator certificate and laminated ID card, good photos of CORSAIRS on deck, also photos of F2H Banshees, and more!
59 photos  - US WWII Army Photo Album - Military Police - England, France, Germany
156 photos. Named to US soldier and MP, Served in the 803 MP Co. Leo McMorrow. Starts with his train at Camp Croft, SC. Then deployment overseas. Portraits, MP motorcycles, MP uniform insignia and details, posing at European landmarks, posing with captured Luftwaffe Ju 87 Stukas, Jeeps, B-24, German river crossings, parades, medal ceremonies for Generals, more.
60photos - US WWII Army Photo Album, Scrapbook & Diary Grouping - Pacific Theater
220 photos. Nice grouping to US GI, Charles Michaels. Comes with two small hand written diaries he kept during 1944 and 1945, his Garrison cap, patches and insignia. The album contains many interesting mementoes and original paperwork. well captioned. original foreign currency, many good photos from his time stationed in Philippines, Japanese Tanks, P-38 fighters, very nice Signal Corps Marine Corps invasion and battle photos, naked island women, large map of Manilla, and more.
61photos -  WWII South African Soldier Photo Album- North Africa
50 photos of a S. African soldier. Contains well captioned images of his time in North Africa as well as in Canada and the USA.
62photos  - WWII British RAF Photo Album - INDIA
180 photos of a British RAF man serving in India. In tow albums, very nicely captioned. very good daily life photos of the RAF man stationed in Kashmir, Calcutta, Assam, Bengal, views of Mt Everest, Christmas Parties, identified personnel, female service women, Bombay, vehicles, aircraft, more. Nice albums!
- sold
63 photos - WWII Royal Navy Photo Album - Aircraft Carrier HMS Tracker
42 photos of a sailor in the Royal Navy serving on the HMS Tracker.
64photos - US Naval Photo Album - CUBA, Greece
84 photos and US Navy sailor with many photos from his time stationed in Cuba. Photos from Gitmo, interacting with local Cubans, aircraft, wrecked planes, then photos from Greece, and more.
65 photos - US WWII Army Photo Album - Germany
60 photos of a US GI. Good portraits, Jeeps, field bivouacs, destroyed German towns, playing dress up in captured German gear, more.
66photos - WWII British Female WRENS Photo Album
80 photos of a female WREN (Women's Royal Navy Service) stationed at HMS Royal Arthur. HMS Royal Arthur was a shore establishment of the Royal Navy, initially at Ingoldmells near Skegness, and later at Corsham, Wiltshire. During the Second World War, the former holiday camp at Ingoldmells was used to mainly train 'Hostilities Only' (for the duration of the war only) communications branch ratings and officers (signalmen, telegraphists, coders and wireless operators). Well captioned. Many good WREN uniform photos, good portraits and more.