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1.  photos -  GERMAN CROSS in GOLD Winner Document Grouping - KARL MARX - Gren Rgt 316
Amazing document grouping to Feldwebel KARL MARX (!!)  who served in Gren Rgt 316 of the 212 Inf Division. Comes with his German Cross in Gold award document, Iron Cross First Class with original signature 212 ID commander  General REYMANN (Oakleaves winner), Iron Cross Second Class document with original signature 61 ID commander, Siegfried HAENNICKE (PLM + RK), Infantry Assault Badge document with original signature Regimental commander, Black Wound Badge document with orig. sig. Btl. commander, Ostmedaille award document, Silver Wound badge document, original congratulations letter form 316 Gren Rgt commander on unit letterhead congratulating Marx on his award of the DKiG, congratulation letter from 212 commander on award of the DKiG, original STURMTAGE list of 23 assaults, his Wehrmachts Fuehrerschein with photo, his original wound tags and more. His unit was fighting in Narwa at the time of his DKiG award and, subsequently,  fought in the Ardennes Offensive.
$2650 - sold
2.  photos - STUKA German Cross in GOLD Winner Photo & Document Grouping
Small grouping to DKIG winner and Stuka Ju 87 Air Gunner  Kurt ESCHENBACHER. He flew with 2./Syuka Geschwader 77. He won the DKiG on May 17, 1943.   Comes with a stunning studio portrait of him  wearing all his medals including the DKIG, congratulation letter on his 600th combat mission signed by VIII Fliegerkorps commander Generalmajor Hans SIEDEMANN (RK+Oakleaves), and a second letter on his 700th mission, also signed by Seidemann. Also comes with large photo of Ju 87's in flight.
3.  photos  -   CLOSE COMBAT CLASP & GOLD WOUND BADGE Award Document Grouping
Grouping to Obergef. Mathaeus RAUH who served in 1./Pionier Batl 173. Comes with his Iron Cross First Class document with original signature General XXX Korps Commander Maximilian FRETTER-PICO (RK+Oakleaves), NAHKAMPFSPANGE 1 Class awarded Dec 8, 1943 with orig. sig. btl commander, WOUND BADGE In GOLD awarded Sept 23, 1944 with orig. sig. Btl. cdr., KRIMSCHILD award document, STURMABZEICHEN with orig. sig. div. cdr. Rudolf Freiherr VON ROMAN (RK+Oakleaves winner).
1936 Olympics medal award document to Wachtmeister Gustav POIMANN.
- sold
5.  photos - Luftwaffe Flight License Grouping - NIGHTFIGHTER - NJG1
Grouping of one man's Luftwaffenbordfunkerschein (for unit NGJ1) and his Luftwaffen Navigation-Lehrschein (rare!).  Also comes with three photos.

6.  photos - Volksturm SOLDBUCH
Named to "Volkssturmsoldaten" Werner Lorenz from Nurnberg.
- sold

Rare award document of the EHRENSCHILD DES LUFTGAUKOMMANDOS NORWEGEN- Honor Plaque for Special Achievement. Issued MArch 27, 1942 with original signature commander Luftgau Norwegen Genlt. Willi HARMJANZ. The document is rarer than the plaque itself.

8.  photos -  Award Document Grouping - Original KEITEL Signature - Oberstintendant
Very nice award document grouping to Obertsintendant Hans DREY.  He served in the Stab Gerneralkommando I. Armeekorps.  Comes with a SUPER studio portrait of him in uniform wearing his medals and special insignia for the Heeresverwaltung.  Comes with his KVK1 award document with large facsimile signature of von Brauchitich and ORIGINAL signature of KEITEL, also comes with enclosure letter that would have accompanied the award, Ostmedaille award document, field issue Ostmedaille award document, Iron Cross Second Class Award Documentwith original signature I Armeekorps commander General der Artillerie) Walter PETZEL, and his Long Service Medal Award Document - intersting as it is a combined document for the IV AND III classes.
- sold
9.  photos - PANZER Document Grouping - Panzer Regiment 35 - Guderian Unit Citation
Award document grouping to Gef. Wilhelm PLACK. He served in 4./Panzer Rgt 35 of the 4. Panzer Division. Comes with his Panzer Assault Badge in SILVER award document with original signature 4 Panzer Division commander Generalmajor Willibald Freiherr von Langermann und Erlencamp (RK+Oakleaves) - rare signature as he was KIA in October 1942, his Wehrmacht Fuehrerschein issued from Panzer Rgt 35, and his Bundeswher Wehrpass where he eventually rose to rank of Hauptman. Also lists his awards including Iron Cross First Class, and special citation from GUDERIAN for his Kompanie for actions around Roslawl on Aug. 3, 1941 - First I have seen this document.

10.  photos - Panzer Award Document Grouping - SARDINIENSCHILD + PANZER LEHR DIVISION!
Rare document grouping to Obergef. Otto SCHNORR who served in Stabskomp./Panzer Aufklarungs Lehr Abt. 130 - part of the famous and elite PANZER LEHR DIVISION! Comes with his Iron Cross Second Class award document with original signature division commander FRITZ BAYERLEIN (RK+Swords)!! Panzer Lehr was famous for its actions in Normandy, Ardennes and Bastogne, amongst others. Also ones with his Panzer Assault Badge in Bronze award document for when he was serving with Panzer Spah Kompanie 700 - part of Panzerverband 700 - another rare unit! Last, another rare document - Soldbuch insert document for the SARDINIENSCHILD Cap Badge when he served in the Panzer Aufkl. Abt. 190 of the 90 Panzer Gren Division!

11.  photos WEHRPASS - AFRIKA Art. Rgt. & STALINGRAD!
Rare Wehrpass to a DAK and STALINGRAD fighter! He served in Art Rgt 623 during the France and Russia Campaigns and his campaign entries confirm he was at STALINGRAD! He served from Sept 1942 until May 1943 with AFRIKA ART. RGT. 2 then, after the unit's destruction in Tunis, was formed into Panzer Art Rgt 190 of the 90 Panzer Grenadier Div, in which he served until Dec 1943. His campaign entries show he was with the unit in SARDINIA as well as Italy. Long list of campaign entries. Awards: Ostmedaille, EK2, Sudetenland Medal.
- sold
12.  photosAward Document Grouping - 34 Inf. Division CAP BADGE - Divisions-Erinnerungszeichen
Award document grouping to Obergef. Johann BECK who served in Gren. Rgt. 107. Comes with the very rare document to Obergef. Johann BECK of Grey Rgt 107, allowing him to wear the divisional cap badge - Divisions-Erinnerungszeichen. Also comes with his Ostmedaille award document, Black Wound Badge award document, Silver Wound Badge award document. Also a document confirming his award of the Krimschild and Anti-Commie medal. Great grouping!
13.  photos - GERMAN CROSS IN GOLD Winner Award Document Grouping - 253 Inf. Division
Grouping of Oberfeldwebel Bernhard DIEPER. He was a German Cross in Gold Winner Comes with his letter from the commander of Gren Rgt 453 on Regimental letterhead congratulating and enclosing his DKiG - with original signature, two map postcards of the 253 Inf Division, ORIGINAL Tegesbefehl for Sept 12, 1944 listing Dieper as having received the DKiG (rare), and another rare document - 253 Inf Division citation for uninterrupted service in Russia from 1941 to 1944, with original signature of 253 Inf Div commander General KARL BECKER (RK+Oakleaves) - first time I have offered this document!
14.  photos - FALLSCHIRMJAEGER Photo Album - KORINTH & KRETA - Nice!
127 photos of a German paratrooper with content from KRETA as well as rare content from KORINTH! Good photos of FJ's in jump smocks and helmets, KO British MG position with KIA British soldier at Korinth bridgehead (rare!), photos from the Korith Kanal, other photos of KIA British soldiers, then photos in KRETA, destroyed planes, FJ's in foxholes, great photos of FJ wearing captured Australian soldier's hat, good imaged of FJ gear and hand carts in the field, wounded troops, MP 40's, side lace FJ boots, photos of huge numbers of captured British and Greek troops, FJ badges in wear, destroyed Kretan towns, and more.
- sold
15.  photos -  FLUGUCH & Award Document Grouping - FW 190 Pilot - Jagdgeschwader 103!
Document grouping to Feldwebel Gunter GRUNERT. Comes with his Luftwaffe FLugzeugfuehrerschein (Pilot's License) with photo listing his qualification to fly Me 109 E,F and G models and FW 190. Units listed in his license include Jagdgeschwader 104 and 103. Another Airfield license for Langendiebach, His Luftwaffe Bordschuetzenschein for previous service as Air Gunner in Fern Aufklarungs Gruppe 22. Document listing his promotions as well as his awards and dates including - Air Gunner Badge, Pilot's Badge, EK1 (AS fighter Pilot on April 7, 1945), Ek2, and Front Clasp in Bronze. His Flugbuch has his named embossed on the cover. Starts with his Pilot training. Many Me 109 as well as FW 190 flights listed.

16.  photos -   FLUGBUCH and Document Grouping - GLIDER PILOT
Grouping to Oberfeldwebel Hans BERGER. Comes with hsiLuftwaffe Flugzeugfuehrerschein with entries for Luftwaffe GLIDER AIRCRAFT Qualification - I and II Class. His Bundeswehr era GLIDER PILOT'S LICENSE and also Helicopter License, his Luftwaffe PILOT'S BADGE award document dated March 1940, photo of him in flight gear, Flugbuch beginning in 1939 going through 1941. Completely filled out.

17.  photos -   101st AIRBORNE Paratrooper Grouping - 506th PIR - MARKET GARDEN - TOP!!
Very nice grouping to Sgt. Harold L. HUNT who served in the 506th PIR as a rigger. Comes with a SUPER RARE original 506th Jump Training Aid book that discussed all the basics of parachute usage - amazing! Super photo of the Rigger section of the 506th taken in Hungerford, England in May 1944 - all personnel identified with nicknames, SUPER RARE, ORIGINAL photos of the MARKET GARDEN Jump - C-47's in flight and photos he took just after landing with the sky full of parachutes!. SUPER RARE ORIGINAL PLANE LOAD MANIFEST for AMRKET GARDEN - lists the plane serial number and all names of 506th personnel onboard as well as aircrew, pencil portrait of Hunt, ORIGINAL JUMP LIST for a demonstration jump on March 29, 1944 - possibly meant the 24th which wa the demonstration jump for Churchill and Eisenhower, more original paperwork, a nice summary of his service, campaigns and awards upon his retirement in 1963, Passes & ID's - 506th marked, souvenirs from London and Paris, original Safe Conduct leaflet for German soldiers, ORIGINAL RARE Irvin Parachute Packing List for shipment of parachutes to Fort Benning - Never seen before), nice portrait photo of him in uniform, photos of trainman Jumps in Camp MacKall, more good photos of him and comrades in jump gear, in France 1945, crashed planes, posing with German Luger, identified officers, paratroopers with shaved heads, super photo of officer wear A-2 jacket with 506th unit patch(!!!), destroyed German planes in French hangars, great studio portrait taken May 7, 1944 of Hunt and two comrades in England, a nice hand-made photo album of BERCHTESGADEN and the BERGOF he brought home, and a bad of his medals and insignia - most Korea era but his Bronze Star is WWII era as is his jump wing oval and paratrooper cap badge and Croix de Guerre aiguillettes and his Holland aiguillette. Super grouping.
- sold

18.  photos  WWII Air Medal & Squadron History Grouping - 452nd Bomb Group
Named grouping to B-24 Tail Gunner Sgt Howard W. PIER. He served in the 452nd Bomb Group. He completed 18 missions. Comes wit a rare first edition 452nd Unit History ($175 by itself), printed in England, his cased Air Medal (Privately engraved) stubby 8th AF patch, Short Snorter, Dog Tags, uncommon to find original .50 cal spacer tool, and other books. Nice grouping
- sold

19.  photos -   WWII SOLDIER'S MEDAL Grouping - 338th Infantry Regiment - 85th Division - ITALY
Grouping named to Sgt. Vincent GIOCASTRO who served in the 338th IR, 85th Inf Division. He was awarded the SOLDER'S MEDAL for service in Italy. Comes with his original cased Soldier's Medal, Precentation Ceremony program dated 26 November, 1944 listing him as receiving it from General Lee S. Gerow, original 85th Division Unit History for Italy Campaign, original Separation Qualification Record, prayer book, box of insignia including Good Conduct Medal, Medic Badge, scalpel and more.
- sold

20.  photos  WWII BATAAN/CORREGIDOR POW + KIA Purple Heart - 28th Bombardment Squadron
Original wartime government engraved Purple Heart to Roy Bechtold, Jr. who was killed due to "mistreatment" while a POW of the Japanese on June 23, 1942 - a few weeks after the fall of Corregidor. He was from Amarillo, Tx. He served as an aircraft mechanic in the Philippines with the 28th Bomb Squadron since June 1940 and served on Corregidor.

Technician 3rd Grade Roy Bechtold Jr.entered the Army Air Corps on 22 November 1939. He served as an aircraft mechanic. In the Philippines, he served with 28th Material Squadron, 20th Air Base Group based at Nichols Field, Manilla, P.I.. He had arrived there in June 1940.
He was known to have been based on Corregedor during the fighting.
He died of mistreatment while being held as a Prisoner of War on 23 on June 1942, at Camp O'Donnell, Luzon, Philippines.
- sold

21.  photos -  WWII KIA Purple Heart
Original wartime government engraved Purple Heart in original case. Named to Harold Roberts. His serial number was 32809641. He entered service in New York and was KIA - confirmed on the New York roll of war dead. Needs more research.
- sold

22.  photos -   WWII Officially Engraved SILVER STAR Medal - 45th Division
Original wartime government engraved SILVER STAR medal in original case, named to Cpl. Bruce HALE who served in the 45th Infantry Division. Great hand-engraving. He was awarded the Silver Star on Jan 17, 1945 for actions near Rupertsville, France. Copy of citation from newspaper article in below. He was a collegian all American basketball player for Santa Clara University before the war. He went on to coach the Indianapolis Jets as well as at Miami University.
- sold

23.  photos -   WWII KIA AIR MEDAL & DFC Grouping - 490th Bomb Group
VERY nice cased officially wartime government engraved AIR MEDAL and DFC grouping. Both with very nice official hand engraving. Named to Sgt. William M. SHIFLETT. He flew with the 849th Bomb Squadron , 490th Bomb Group. He was KIA on Oct. 28, 1944.
- sold
24.  photos -   WWII Medal & SQUADRON PATCH Grouping - 54th Troop Carrier Squadron
Grouping named to Robert C. SEAMAN. Comes with his WWII issued Air Medal, Air crew wings, Dog Tags, patches, Good conduct medal, Radio Operator qualification bar, three photos - two showing their plane nose art with squadron insignia and one of him at  radio position in their C-47, ribbons and his original wartime squadron patch for the 54th Troop Carrier Squadron. Seaman is listed in the 54th Unit History - see link below.
$550 - sold

25.  photos  WWII US GLIDER PILOT Photo Grouping
Over 50 photos of a Glider Pilot. Many photos of aircraft, Gliders, pilots posing in A-2 Jackets, planes on runway lined up, Gliders in tow and in flight, photos from inside cockpits, and more. Movie poster in background date the photos to 1943.
- sold

26.  photos -   CONCENTRATION CAMP Photo Grouping - Ohrdruf & Buchenwald
25 original photos GI took of Ohrdruf and Buchenwald. Many with captions on reverse.
- sold

Very rare original document and boxed wings for the Military Order of the Fighting Grease Monkey. Unit made medal of the 463rd Service Squadron. Still in original box showing it was made in Brussels, Belgium. I have seem the Wings a couple of times, but never with the original box and award document.
- sold
28.  photos -   PURPLE HEART Medal & Document Grouping  - 76th Division
Original wartime cased PH to Sgt. John L. CECELICH. Comes with his 76th Divisional Patch, Dog Tags , medical paperwork, telegram to his mother that he was wounded in Germany on March 2, 1945 and more.
$165 - sold
29.  photos -   11th AIRBORNE Medal & Document Grouping - 503rd PIR - Corregidor
Grouping to Pfc. Warren F. PEPPER. he served in Co. B 503rd PIR as a mortar gunner.  He made the jump on Corregidor and was wounded there on Feb 26, 1945. He was also later awarded the Solder's medal for life saving he performed on a landing on Corregidor when many comrades were drowning (see article). Comes with his cased WWII issued Bronze Star, cased WWII issued Purple Heart, Original Ribbon Bars, Campaign Medals, post-war Philippine Liberation medal in box, Airborne Patch, Airborne cap badge, Sterling Jump Wings, CIB, mini-discharge listing Luzon, Southern Philippines and New Guinea Campaigns, he was wounded Feb 26, 1945, documents, burial flag, 503rd Unit History of Corregidor (Pepper is listed) and more!
$650 - sold

30.  photos WWII 101st AIRBORNE Uniform - 326th Airborne Medical Co
Nice IKE jacket and pants and belt named to Pfc. John W. PAGENKOPF who served in HQ 326th Airborne Medical Co., 101st AB.  Has nice 101st Screaming Eagle Patch, Croix de Guerre and Holland Aguilletes, Allied Airborne Patch, PUC, Glider badge, ribbon bars and research paperwork including morning reports and unit rosters.
$900 (our cost) - sold

31.  photos - WWII AIRBORNE Uniform Grouping - Rare First Airborne Task Force Patch
Nice named grouping to Sgt. Dale La Vern NORTON. He served in Glider Airborne Field Artillery. Comes with many pages of archive records i - you can see there really WAS a fire there!  lists him as part of the First Airborne Task Force. He first saw action in Italy with the 517 Parachute Regimental Combat Team and was then pulled with the unit to form the First Airborne Task Force for OPERATION DRAGOON. Received his Bronze Arrowhead for Dragoon.  Discharge shows he went home with the 116th of the 29th Division. Great that his original discharge was in the archives - shows all his campaigns including Cent Europe, Ardennes, Rome-Arno, northern France, Rhineland.  Comes with a very nice Ike jacket with Jump wings, Croix de Guerre Aiguillette  SUPER RARE field-made First Airborne Task Force patch!  The construction of the patch matches exactly the construction of the Airborne cap badge on his garrison cap.  Also comes with his Visor Cap, cigar box with his Dog Tags, extra insignia, Good Conduct medals and pillow cover.
$1120 - sold

32.  photos - 101st AIRBORNE Uniform Grouping - 506th PIR - D-DAY JUMP!
Amazing Grouping to Pvt James G. HANAWAY who served in the (HQ 3rd Batl) 506th PIR, 101st Airborne and was WIA in Normandy and two more times before war's end. He was a member of  Parachute class #49 on Dec 12, 1942 (see link below).  His Separation Record shows he made two combat Jumps including D-Day and Purple Heart with OLC.  Comes with several pieces of original paperwork, Period Copy of is Separation/Qualification Record,  many original V-Mail and letters his family wrote him, original photo of him and comrade in France, copy photo of him in Jump Jacket, cased Purple Heart Medal, original copy of Epic of the 101st Airborne, souvenir dagger he brought back from Germany, Jump Boot, IKE with 101st Patch, Jump Wings, and more!
$1950 - sold
33.  photos -  WWII 8th Air Force Uniform Grouping - 303rg Bomb Group - POW
Uniform Grouping named to 2nd Lt. Ed GARDNER who served as a Navigator in the 303rd BG, 427th Bomb Group.
Served as navigator on the B-17G , Buzz Blonde. On Jan. 10, 1945, Ed's plane suffered a mid-air collision and he was "tossed" out of the aircraft unconscious and with his parachute only partially on. When he came to, he was able to safely harness and deploy his chute; however, upon landing was turned over by local farmers and incarcerated in a German POW camp for four months prior to the end of the war.
He recorded his story for his family and the printed account of the plane collision and his capture by German forces were printed in Hell's Angels: The True Story of the 303rd Bomb Group in World War I" by Jay A. Stout.  great details! Comes with his Class-A with 8th AF patch, Ribbons, Navigator Wings, and all insignia, Uniform pants, shirt and tie. Also comes with copy of his Separation and Qualification Record.
$395 - sold


34.  photos -   WWII 8th Air Force Uniform Grouping - 384th Bomb Group
Original named uniform grouping to Sgt John P. KLASEN who served in the 546th Bomb Squadron, 384th BG. Comes with his Uniform Jacket with all insignia, ribbons, wings, 8ths AF patch, etc, uniform shirt and tie, copy of his discharge and copy photo of him. the 384th BG website has tons of information about Klasen and his crew and missions.
$250 - sold

35.  photos  WWII 8th AF Uniform Grouping - 447 Bomb Group
Named Uniform to Wayne E. WITTBECKER of the 477 BG, 710 BS. Comes with his 4-pocket tunic with nice ENglish made 8th AF patch, Gunner Wings, nice ribbon bar, uniform shirt, garrison cap and tie. 
$195 - sold

36.  photos -  WWII Uniform - BULLION Allied Forces HQ Patch & ITALY Rocker!
GORGEOUS uniform jacket with bullion Army Allied Forces Headquarters Patch with matching "ITALY" Rocker Patch! All patches with matching cross stitching!

37.  photos -  WWII 15th AF Uniform & DIARY Grouping - 464th Bomb Group
Very nice Uniform and Diary grouping to Sgt. Alex MICHELS of Brooklyn, NY. He served in the 777th BS, 464th BG.  uniform has all original insignia including a super nice sewn Italian Made ribbon bar, very nice gunner wings. Als comes with his visor cap, uniform shirt and tie.  The Diary is amazing! Covers his time, day by day, from his flight from the US and from his first bombing mission to his last. Very detailed and really shares his personal feelings and experiences, not just a "mission list." type of diary. he flew 51 missions from May 24, 1944 to August 24 (this last mission was one of the group's hardest and one for which they received their second PUC).
$950 (no discount)

38.  photos -   WWII 8th & 9th AF PHOTO ALBUM - Great Photos!
VERY nice photo album with appx 150 photos.  Complied by William POPIWNY, USAAF photographer,  Has photo o him and original 9th and 8th AF patches on first page. Lots of nice photos of English towns and villages he visited and was stationed near, photos from London and Paris, several nice aerial photos he took in low flight, then photos of destroyed Germany also taken in low flight and also on ground, many photos of destroyed Koln, Germany, nice photo of B-24's in low flight, other photos of B-24's in flight, one chilling photo of a B-24 with tail shot off in flight, B-17's parachuting supplies, other photos of damaged planes in flight, and more! Great album!
$445 - sold

39.  photos -  ORIGINAL BERLIN AIRLIFT Operation "VITTLES" Pilot Grouping - TOP!
Amazing grouping to a Berlin Airlift Pilot. Comes with his original handmade wooden crate he shipped his items home in. Comes with his visor cap with Templehof air base card inserted. Also comes with airlift Berlin report with pictures book. Also comes with an extremely rare original handkerchief parachute that he through candy to children during operation vittles, also comes with the original paper describing how to make the parachute (NEVER seen this before, AMAZING hand-carved Airlift Berlin photo album - outstanding workmanship!!  also comes with a very large number (300?) of original photos including many good aircraft photos, photos of him on Templehof airbase, airlift operations in action, many pages of original paperwork, many original souvenirs, ids, cans of  original film and negatives, his army housewife,  letters, currency, diary, sunglasses and case, rare original 1949 diary/book given to members of the task force operation vittles - great humorous postcards related to early cold war,  and much more !
$1150 - sold

40.  photos - WWII 20th AF B-29 Bombardier TRUNK GROUPING - TOP!
SUPER grouping to 20th AF, 444 BG, 678 BS B-29 bombardier/navigator, Capt. Merlin NORTON!!  It is in one of the mintiest trunks I have seen. Still with all the shipping tags and labels - minty!  Comes with a huge amount of items including his flight records, cased Air Medal, AMAZING SET of (what appear to be ) theater made Bombardier Wings(!!), BEAUTIFUL original wartime SQUADRON PATCH for the 678 BS ($800 by itself!), Ike Jacket with theater made patch, Long Coat, original B-4 suitcase - also in great condition with great original Army AF Insignia, cadet cap badge, OD shirt, chocolate shirt,  four pocket tunic with nice theater made 20th AF patch, portrait photo of him in flight gear, silk scarf, Restricted navigation navigators information file, binder with original letterhead money build on used still in original box, Duffel bag also with original tags, Bancroft Flighter (true) crusher cap, and more!
$2450- sold

41photos  - US WWII P-38 Pilot Uniform - 8th Fighter Group - 2x Kills!
Original Uniform tunic of Lt Steele Thatcher GRISWOLD. He was a P-38 pilot with the 8th Fighter Group, 36th Fighter Squadron.  Comes with a very nice set of wartime Meyer Wings, ribbons, and original insignia, Tunic is named to him in pocket.  Griswold was credited with TWO Aerial VICTORIES - one on June 16, 1944 and the other on Nov 2, 1944.  On December 26, 1944 Griswold took off from Hill Field on a patrol mission with Captain Giroux and Lt. Maucher but were unable to find each other due to bad weather and proceeded separately. On that mission, two pilots went Missing In Action (MIA) including P-38L 44-25243 piloted by 2nd Lt. Wayne Donker and P-38L 44-25241 piloted by Francis S. Ford. He later wrote an autobiography - see below.
$385 - sold

42 photos - WWII 5th Air Force PHOTO ALBUM - 312th Bomb Group - 389th Bomb Squadron
Beautiful leather photo album with Pilot's name and 389th BS embossed on cover. Contains many good portrait of unit personnel, photos of base life, planes on airfield, crew in flight gear, interacting with locals, captured Japanese aircraft, Nose Art, portrait photo of the owner (larger format) other photos of him, and more.
$245 - sold

43 photos - WWII TANK DESTROYER Grouping
From the brother of #41 above. Two tank destroyer patches and his Tank Destroyer training book from Camp Hood, Tx.
80- sold

Named album from an Air Corp man of photos from Buchenwald Concentration Camp. Well captioned.
$375 - sold

45 photos  -  Luftwaffe Photo Album - FRANCE CAMPAIGN
Original, LARGE official unit album of man who served in Luftnachrichten Abt 7. Great content from the France Campaign!  Photos of Tanks, planes, Hitler, Goering and more!
- sold

46photos - Iron Cross Second Class Award Document and Medal Grouping
Named EK2 grouping to Oberwachmeister Richard BANK. Served in  1. Kompanie Fla-Bataillon 611 at the time of the award. Original signature of Batteriechef.

47 photos - WEHRPASS - Inf Rgt 205 - KIA
Original Wehrpass of man who served in Inf Rgt 205 of the 52 Inf Division.  He was KIA on April 10, 1942 in Russia.

48photos - WWII US NAVY Officer Silver Star Medal & Document Grouping
Awarded to Lt (later Lt. Cdr.) Frank McLester Murphy, CO of the destroyer USS Chandler for action on Jan 7, 1945 during the invasion of Luzon Philipines. Comes with original citation for his Silver Star with original signature Admiral Kincaid. Great group!
49photos - US NAVY LST Sailor Uniform and Photo Album Grouping - Original Landings - Salerno & S. France
Grouping named to B Caudill who served in LCI Flotilla 18.  Original Donald Duck Uniforms and three photo albums! One is from his CCC service in Kenticky (really nice by itself) the other two are of his service on Landcraft ships. Great photos showing actual landings in Salerno and Southern France! Great photos of the ships, insignias on the ship, inside views, crews at duty stations, cheesecake photos of his wife and more!
$420 - sold

50 photos - GERMAN CROSS IN GOLD Winner Photo & Document Grouping - REGIMENT GENERAL GOERING + 12 Fallschirmsturmgeschuetze Brigade.
90 photos and original large formal German Cross in Gold award document to Feldwebel Arulf KETTERL. He received the DKiG while serving with 7./Flak-Regiment 43 on March 31, 1943. At this time, Flak Regiment 43 was part of REGIMENT GENERAL GOERING under the command of Major Karlhuber! There is also a letter he wrote o General Heinrich Plickert in 1954 discussing his being proposed for and approved the Knights Cross by General Erdman. Interestingly, he indicates that at war's end he was serving in the 6 Fallschirmjaeger Division in the 12 Fallschirmsturmgeschuetze Brigade. Definitley needs further research!

51photos - SS POLIZEI  Document, SOLDBUCH & Dienstpass Grouping - SS Polizei Gebirgsjaeger Rgt 18 - Norway, Finland, Greece, Balkans - MIA
VERY nice grouping to Wachtmeister Alexander SCHNEEBERGER who served in SS Polizei Gebirgsjaeger Rgt 18. Comes with his SS SOLDBUCH, Polzei Dienstpass, Polzei Dienstausweiss as well as many other original documents. He served in Inf Rgt 174, then Polizei Batl 302, then (when it was reformed) SS Polizei Gebirgsjaeger Rgt 18. He was MIA on Oct 4, 1944.  The regiment was on the retreat out of Greece at the time.  They were subject to brutal ambushes during this process. During on, only 12 men survived in the the entire III Batl.! The regiment was transferred to Slovenia shortly after formation. It was in Northern Finland by March 1943 and Greece by October before it retreated north through the Balkans in late 1944–45. Soldbuch has entry and signature of SS Hauptsturmfuehrer concerning his being MIA.  Polizei Dienstpass shows service in Norway from Oct 1940 to June 1942 and then operations Slovenia and then  in Northern Finland. Other documents detail the combat engagements he participated in, and more!
$765- sold

52photos - Army Photo Album & Award Document Grouping - 81 Inf Division - France Campaign
Very complete grouping to Obergef. Herbert NAUMANN, who served in Inf Rgt 174 og the 81 Inf Division. An increasing difficult to find complete album with award documents! Comes with his EK2 award document with original sig. 81 Div Cdr. Generalleutnant Erich Schopper (Knights Cross Winner), Infantry Assault Badge award document with original sig. Rgt. Cdr., Oberst Hanns von Rohr (DKiG0, Black Wound Badge, and Ostmedaille award documents.  the album contains 170 photos and is beautifully captioned throughout.  Starts with a nice studio portrait of him. Starts with his training and then very good photos from the France campaign 1940. troop movements, French POWs, motorcycles, destruction, KAI French troops, Panzers, river and canal crossings, many identified locations, wounded troops, French planes, Maginot Line bunkers, bicycle infantry, and more.  Don't miss this one!

53photos - HEERES-FALLSCHIRMJAEGER Photo Album - HOLLAND 1940 - TOP!
TOP rare photo album of a HEERES FALLSCHIRMJAEGER!  Contains 119 photos (+more family).  Very well captioned throughout.  Contains several great studio portraits of him wearing W Fallschirmjaeger Badge and also one in FJ Helmet and Jump smock and (super clear) HEERES-FALLSCHIRMJAEGER ABZEICHEN!  Then photos from him in HOLLADN 1940 - FJ's jumping in Holland, unit commander's Dodge with shell holes, FJ officers wearing Jump smocks, crossing the Moordeik Bridge, destroyed ROtterdam, wounded loaded onto Ju 52 planes, then in Regimental Ubungsplatz in Wildflecken in Sept 1940, super photos of high FJ officers in jump smocks and FJ helmets, then in Fallschirmschule Wittstick in Sept 1941, in Russia in 1943, white camo FJ helmets in wear, great photos of FJ's in full jump kits including knee pads before a training jump in Paris in May 1943, then recovering in Kiegslazarett in Meran (Suedtirol) - he was probably wounded in Normandy, then post war photos of him and his wife Super album!

54photos - BDM Photo Album
200+ photos from the wife of FJ in # 53 above. Many photos of her and comrades in BDM uniform, photos of male friends in military uniform, and more.

55 photos - STURMGESCHUTZ Photo Album - StuG. Abtl. 191 - RUSSIA - Top!
150 photos of a man who serve din Sturmgeschutz Abt. 191.  Covers his service in Poland, France and Russia. Good photos of StuG III in the field, Panzer Grenadiers with MP 40, other vehicles, graves, Knights Cross & Oakleaves Winner HOFFMANN-SCHOENBORN in his SdKfz251 (won the RK as Cdr Stug Abt 191), burning villages, KIA Russian troops, KO Russian TANKS, Russians surrendering with hands up, He 111 planes dropping resupply containers overhead, schwere PAK crews in action, Sd.Kfz. 250, crashed Russian planes, captured Russian materiel, cute female Russian POWS, Russian POWs treated by German doctor, Russian armored trains, Black French colonial POWs, Gypsy kids given cigarettes, death notices of comrades, more!
  - sold

56 photos - GEBIRGSJAEGER Photo Album - Balkans & Russia
129 photos. All from a GJ (Mountain Troop Soldier) serving in Russia and the Balkans, Many good motorcycle photos, troops interacting with Gypsies, vehicles, portraits, graves, field ambulances, KIA Russian troops, graves of Italian troops with helmets and plumes, more.

57 photos - Army Photo Album - France Campaign - FOUR ORIGINAL photos of HITLER in the Field
189 photos. Contains FOUR ORIGINAL PRIVATE PHOTOS OF HITLER taken in the field during the France Campaign. Man served later in Panzer Grenadier Rgt 128 of the 23 Panzer Division, according to the piece of Feldpost in the album. Good photos of Generals in the field, French POWs on the march. Generals reviewing Maps during the France Campaign, German troops in French Beutepanzer column, French POW camp, Maginot Line bunkers, French TANK crews just captured wearing helmets, destroyed French towns, KNIGHTS CROSS in wear in the field, sports competitions, portraits, border crossings, more.

58 photos - AFRIKAKORPS Photo Grouping
153 photos of a man who served in North Africa with the AFRIKAKORPS and also in the CRIMEA with many identified locations on reverse. Also photos from the BALKANS, many from Romania. Many vehicles, motorcycles, good MG 34 photos, and more! Good photos from AFRIKA including a nice field portrait of the man in tropical uniform with Totenkopf insignia.z

59 photos  - Army Photo Grouping - MG Batl. 4 - KRIM
98 photos. Good photos of troops wearing (showing off) their KRIMSCHILDS, graves, vehicles, troops in harsh winter conditions, interacting with Russian peasants, portraits, nice MG 34 photos, more.
  - sold

60photos - HITLER JUGEND Glider Photo Grouping
13 large format photos of HJ boys making gliders and models - very good photo of their shop as well as amazing finished products on display of LW aircraft!
$65 - sold

61photos - PROPAGANDA KOMPANIE 670 Photo Grouping - France Campaign
350 photos from a man who served in Propaganda Kompanie 670. Great photos showing Propagandakompanie cufftitles in wear, very good photos from the France Campaign, portraits, identified locations in france, vehicles, graves, BASTOGNE roadsign, knocked out TANKS, captured French materiel, Kradmelder, original negatives and more!

62photos  - High NSKK Officer Photo Grouping
4 photos of a high NSKK officer
- sold

63 photos - Luftwaffe Award Document Grouping - Schnellkampfgeschwader 10  - NORMANDY - D-DAY !!
Historically important award document grouping to FW 190 pilot Oberfahnrich Georg KOEPPEL. He served in 3./Schnellkampfgeschwader 10.  This unit is famous for its attacks on D-Day over the landing beaches. It shot down four Lancasters during this time! According to the dates of his awwrd documents, he was with the unit at this time!
The I. Gruppe of SKG10 remained in France under the control of II. Fliegerkorps when the rest of the Geschwader transfere to Italy in July 1943. Due to the lack of regular night fighters in France, it was decided in April 1944 to employ I./SKG 10 on Wilde Sau missions over North Western France and Belgium during full-moon periods. The group's most successful outing was on the night of 3/4 May, when Fw 190s of I/SKG-10 accounted for six victories in the air combat during the night raid against the panzer training center at Mailly-le-Camp. I. Gruppe was put under the control IX. Fliegerkorps in 1944 and operated against the Allied troops during the Normandy Invasion in June 1944. Two Fw 190 pilots of I./SKG 10 were over the landings at dawn on a reconnaissance mission, and claimed four Avro Lancasters shot down.
Comes with his Pilots Badge award document, his Flight Clasp in Bronze award cosument awarded Jule 25, 1944 with original signature of Gruppenkdr. KURT DAHLMANN (Knights Cross + Oakleaves winner -  the highest-decorated German Jabo (Schlachtflieger) pilot of the war!). Iron Cross Second Class award document awarded June 4, 1944 (!!) with orig. sig. IX Fliegerkorps commander Generalmajor Dietrich PELTZ (Knights Cross + Swords - youngest General in the Wehrmacht and flew 350 combat missions as Stuka pilot. Also advoicated for the Mistel and Ramjaeger programs).

4photos - 97 Jaeger Division Feldpost + Postcard Grouping - Hans Werner von Aufseß
35 postcards sent from Hans Werner von Aufsess to his family.  He was an historically important figure - see history below. Feldpost number shows he served at war's end as a Lt. in the 97 Jaeger Division. as his biography confirms. the postcards are quite nice by themselves - two Rommel, many color ones, RK winners, Combat, etc.
$250 - sold

65 photos - Army PIONIER Photo Album
57 photos, very well captioned. Shows many details of Pionier training, vehicles, Pionier bridges, wrecks, skiing. etc.

66photos - WWI German AVIATION Photo Grouping - Many Great AIRCRAFT Photos!
75 photos - many great aircraft photos as well as portraits with Flieger insignia, planes in flight, on airfield, crashes, combat photos, Zeppelins, observation Balloons and more! Many with captions on reverse. great grouping.

67photos  - Army Photo Grouping - Russia - Field Ambulance Unit
90 photos of a German medical unit - many good field ambulance photos, Panzers, other vehicles, destruction and more.
  - sold

68 photos - WWI German NAVY Photo Grouping - TORPEDOBOOT
12 photos of a man who served on a German Torpedoboot during WWI. Several captioned on reverse

69photos - WWI German Large Format Photo & Award Document Grouping
6 very nice large format photos as well as two award documents to Kanonier Martin LOIBL - Hindenburg Cross and Bavarian Military Service Cross 3. Class,  Nice artillery photos as well as a super photo of a mobile Artillery truck!

70photos- WWII Service POSTER - Kreigs-Chronik
Very nice large "Kreigs-Chronik poster on heavy weight paper. First of these I have seen. Very nice color graphics. Named to Kaspar FUSSEDER who served in Landeschuetzen Btl. 7.  19x14 cm

71photos - RAD Photo Album
41 photos in a nice RAD service album. Very well captioned throughout. Funny "Budenzauber" photos, work service, portraits, etc.

72photos - AWARD DOCUMENT Grouping - Luftnachrichten Rgt. LEGION CONDOR 3
Award document grouping to Uff. Wilhelm FISHER who served in 3./Ln.Rg.t Legion Condor 3. Comes with his EK2 award document with orig. sig. Genralmajor and commander Nachrichtenfuehrer Luftflitte 3, Ostmedaille award document, promotion document to Feldwebel with orig. sig. Oberst and Batl commander. Also comes with several pieces of Feldpost and more.

73 photos German Photo Album - Hitler & Mussolini Parade BERLIN
107 photos of a civilian in Berlin taking pictures of parades with good photos of Hitler, Mussolini, panzer vehicles, etc. Also photos of damage to his apartment after an Allied bomb raid and him repairing windows.  View of the war from a civilian's eyes.
$120 - sold

74 photos - NINE Luftwaffe Photo Album & Document Grouping - Luftwaffe FELD-DIVISION - France, Italy, Sicily, Leningrad, AFRKIAKORPS++
Amazing grouping of 9 photo album grouping, all from the same man - Willy Eschweiler who served in various Medical units! Appx 2500 photos!  Comes with his KVK2 award document awarded Jan 30, 1944 when he was serving in medical unit of the 9. Luftwaffe Feld-Division. Starts with his RAD service, then a who album dedicated to the NEUENBURG AM RHEIN 1940.. After the attack of the Wehrmacht on France in 1940, Neuenburg was under fire. It was the first German city to be completely destroyed during the Second World War. On the 10/11th June, French artillery leveled the town. This album shows his unit visiting it and inspecting it, with some building still on fire. Also contains newspaper articles. Then album dedicated to the FRANCE CAMPAIGN 1940 when he served in Luftwaffen-Sanitats-Bereitschaft 4/VII. with souvenirs and mementos in brought back including Paris Ausweis - Good photos of destroyed French TANKS, crashed French airplanes, destroyed French towns, many identified locations - Vannes, Angers, Rouen, Nantes, St Naziere,Chartes, Cherbourg, photos from Normandy beaches, and more.  Then THREE entire albums dedicated to his time in ITALY & SICILY - also with newspaper articles, original maps he used, many identified locations - Trapani, Palermo, Catania, Naples, Castelvetrano, etc. Italian solders, visit of the Italian Crown Prince, field hospitals, Ju 87 in flight. good photos of ships loading weapons and vehicles for departure to Africa, warships in harbor, photos and postcards from the Isle of Capri, more.
A large album dedicated to his time in AFRIKA - also contains Mao of Africa he used while there and other souvenirs and mementos, good photos from Tripolis, many tropical uniform photos, field bivouacs in the desert, field ambulances in the desert, road signs, crash landed Me 110 Zerstoerer, field hospital in the desert, camp painted vehicles, photos from Derna, nice TOBRUK road sign, and more. Then an album os his time in the medical unit of Luftwaffe Feld-Division 9 with content from LENINGRAD & ORANIENBAUM - nice hand drawn maps, souvineers, troops in foxholes, great photo of Luftwaffe Feldgendarmerie wearing Gorgets and cufftitles, letters he wrote home, Russian POWs, newspaper articles, passes & IDs, harsh Wolchow battlefield conditions, and more.

75 photos -Luftwaffe Photo Album - France Campaign
55 photos of a man's service during the French Campaign of 1940.  Good photos of French TANKS, photos from Paris, nude Moulin Rouge performance, destroyed French towns and cities, and more.
  - sold

76photos -  German WWI Photo Grouping - Ostfront
64 photos of a man's service in the German Army in WWI on the Eastern Front. Good portrait photos showing Pickelhaube in wear, trenches, mounted troops, award ceremonies in the field, knocked out tanks, troops in interacting with Balkan locals and more.
- sold

77 photos - German WWI Photo Grouping
43 photos of German soldiers during WWI. Many excellent studio portraits, group photos, graves, mounted troops, more.
$50 - sold

Wehrpass to man who served in the Flakzug der Ballonbattr. 103 and then in the Flakzug of AOK6. He was wounded on Dec. 20, 1942 at Stalingrad. Comes with his Black Wound Badge award document. Campaign entries show operations with the 6th Armee at Stalingrad.
$275 - sold

79. photos - Kriegsmarine Photo Grouping - Schwere Kreuzer PRINZ EUGEN
34 photos of a sailor who served on the Heavy Cruiser PRINZ EUGEN. great photos of the ship at sea in battle engagements, photos of the crew at duty stations, ship convoys and more.
$175  - sold

80. photos - Gebirgsjaeger Photo Album - Poland, France & Russia
216 photos of a soldier during his service in Poland France and Russia Campaigns. Good photos of GJ insignia in wear, troops in foxholes, camp uniforms - one photo looks like the man in camp smock is holding sniper rifle, winter quarters in Russia, identified locations in POLAND - OZORKOW, BZURAOSTROWO, CZIANOCHA - KIA Polish soldier, KIA Polish horse columns, artillery positions, identified locations in the France Campaign, - Verdun, Langres, etc., and more.

81.  photos - TWO HITLER JUGEND Army Photo Album Grouping + NURNBERG RALLY Grounds
Appx 400+ photos, all from one man. Has several very nice studio portrait so him in uniform wearing medals, starts with him in RAD service - nice studio portrait of him in RAD uniform, then very good photos from his time in the HITLER JUGEND, HJ gliders, good HJ uniforms, parades, marching, small portraits of him in HJ uniform, on sightseeing trips with his HJ unit, HJ gear, swimming, some army photos, then, mostly in the second album, many photos of him and his family having a picnic on the Nurnberg Rally Grounds - probably just post-war - first I have seen this in a German album!
  - sold

13 original wartime Waffen-SS studio portraits! Instant collection! Priced at about half of what I would sell them for individually

83.  photos - TWENTY-NINE Photo Album Grouping - AFRIKA, KRETA, Italy, Sicily, Greece, Norway, Denmark, Balkans, France + COMPIEGNE Surrender Photos -  AMAZING!
Yes, you read that correctly!  This is a grouping of 29 albums, all from the same Army officer!  This is the largest number of photo albums from one person we have ever sold... I don't know if I have ever even seen this number to one person before.  How it escaped the album butchers, I will never know; but I am glad to have it here to offer today.  It is also the most wide ranging in terms of content we have ever offered. he served in Horch-Kompanie 57 (signals intercept unit, I believe) - among others including feste Horchstelle Graz and in the Stab of Horchtruppen Sud-Ost. Later was in a Gebirgsjaeger unit (includes his GJ sleeve patch).  The grouping covers his service from Hitler Jugend, RAD, Army training, Denmark & Norway, the France Campaign, a SUPER RARE Compiegne surrender album (more below), Balkans, Greece, Italy, Sicily, AFRIKAKORPS, KRETA, and more!  the man was an amazing artist and included many hand-drawn maps as well as beautiful captioning throughout. They are, in most places, like a detailed diary.  He was also a huge dog lover and brought his little Dachshund "Seppi" with him to many different countries he was stationed in. Also comes with his Bundeswehr Passport. On many albums, he has put shoulderboard cipher numbers for identification purposes. There are many special things about this grouping. A few highlights include: Original photo of HESS in his Hitler Jugend Album, very nice content from his time stationed in AFRIKA and KRETA including photos of ROMMEL'S HEADQAURTERS, photo of a captured British truck in German service, British POWs just marching into captivity,  British POWS in Greece, nice GLIDER photos from Kreta, good WHW girls in uniform (his wife is one),  Many photos from Italy & Sicily.  a WHOLE photo album covering the French Campaign in overview for with the ORIGINAL signals "Ticker-Tapes" indicating when each country in the West capitulated and other events!!  He was a Nachrichten (Horch-Kompanie) officer so these came straight from the unit's HQ. This album culminates in ORIGINAL (and I believe, unpublished) PHOTOS of the Armistice at COMPIEGNE on June 22, 1940 with ORIGINAL photos of HITLER and GOERING!
$5500  - sold

84. photos - Army Photo Album - France Campaign
100 photos, most from the France Campaign. Good images of Destruction in France, tanks, French POWs,...

85.  photos - Document Grouping - 44 Infanterie Division - STALINGRAD + MONTE CASSINO!
Extensive document grouping to Obergef. Johann KETTER who served in Artillerie Regiment 96 of the 44 Infanterie Division. He survived both STALINGRAD AND MONTE CASSINO!   The division was destroyed a STALINGRAD!  It was reformed in 1943 and became the famous  (44.) REICHSGRENADIER-DIVISION HOCH- UND DEUTSCHMEISTER that saw much action in Italy including MONTE CASSINO!  Comes with his General Assault Badge award document awarded for SERVICE IN STALINGRAD!! Rare version of this document awarded by Wehrkreis XVII when he was home recovering from wounded received at Stalingrad. this is how he escaped the destruction of his unit. Also comes with accompanying letter to his wife stating the medal and award document are enclosed. Also comes with his Iron Cross Second Class award document awarded Jan. 1944 with very nice "REICHSGRENADIER-DIVISION HOCH- UND DEUTSCHMEISTER" stamp for service at that time in MONTE CASSINO!!!  Contains orig. sig,  Oberst. Also comes with a wide variety of other documents related to his service including his original WOUND TAGS (one he wore out of STALINGRAD in Dec. 1942), hospital related documents, passes, IDs with photo, FELDPOST, other documents with" REICHSGRENADIER-DIVISION HOCH- UND DEUTSCHMEISTER" listed,
$675 (available again; buyer never paid)

86. photos -   Army Photo grouping - POLAND CAMPAIGN - Mortar Crew
51 VERY good front photos of a soldier serving in the POLAND CAMPAIGN of 1939.  Good images of front line battle destruction, KIA horses, knocked out tanks and PANZERS< KIA Polish soldiers, great photos of MORTAR crews in action in the field, troops in foxholes, POLISH JEWS being evacuated, good images of Polish soldier POWS and more!  nice photos!
  - sold

87.  photos - German Army OFFICER Photo Grouping - Panzerjaeger Abt 49 - 4 Panzer Division
85 photos of Officer Bert  A. RITTERBECKS who served in Panzer Jaeger Abtl 49 of the 4. Panzer Division.  Many photos captioned on reverse.
  - sold

88. photos -  WAFFEN-SS Photo Group
Small grouping of photos from a Waffen-SS soldier.  Nice Studio portraits, medals in wear, SS uniforms and insignia, Panzers, vehicles, artillery and more!

89. photos - WWI Photo & SOLDBUCH Grouping
Nice WWI grouping including a SOLDBUCH to soldier who served in Bayer. Inf Rgt 13 and many good photos including very nice PICKELHAUBE studio portraits.
$120 - sold