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1.  photos -  WAFFEN-SS Soldbuch - SS Gebirgsjaeger Regiment 11 "REINHARD HEYDRICH"
Very nice original Waffen-SS SOLDBUCH to SS Sturmmann Josef PINTER.  Original issue Soldbuch from 1943.  He served in SS Gebgirgsjaeger Regiment 11 "Reinhard Heydrich" of the 6th SS Gebirgs Division NORD. He was born in 1923 in  Hungary.  Original photo and all pages present.  Filled with good entries including entry for Wound Badge in BLACK on July 26, 1944. 
The division was the only Waffen-SS unit to fight in the Arctic Circle when it was stationed in Finland and northern Russia between June and November 1941. It fought in Karelia until the Moscow Armistice in September 1944, at which point it left Finland. It fought in the Operation Nordwind in January 1945, where it suffered heavy losses. In early April 1945, the division was destroyed by the U.S. forces near Budingen, Germany.
3.  photos  -   Luftwaffe GERMAN CROSS in GOLD Photo & Document Grouping - Kampfgeschwader 76 - ITALY
Grouping to Feldwebel HELMUT LANG, Observer & German Cross in Gold winner who served in Kampfgeschwader 76. Comes with an enamel unit pin, document at end of war officially listing all his awards including the DKiG, Kampfflieger Flight Clasp in GOLD with orig. sig KG 76 commander Obers Ernst BORMANN (RK+OAKLEAVES winner), Iron Cross Second Clasp with original signature RICHTHOFEN (RK+ OAKLEAVES), Sudetenland Medal document, Iron Cross FIRST Class award document also with original signature RICHTHOFEN, Kampfflieger Flight Clasp in SILVER also with orig. sig. BORMANN, Kampfflieger Flight Clasp in Bronze also with BORMANN signature, Beobachter Abzeichen Award Document, original newspaper notice of Lang being awarded the HONOR GOBLET, various other documents including his Military Discharge, handwritten summary of his service and more. Also comes with 41 VERY good photos including super studio portraits of him wearing DKiG and other medals, photos of him in flight gear, 7 original photos of a Knights Cross Ceremony for a comrade including a very nice original studio portrait of the man (didn't look him up), good photos of him in his Ju 88,  and more!
1350 Euro - $1620
VERY nice grouping to Oberfahnrich Gustav JACOBI.  Comes with his original ID TAG, his WEHRPASS - super entries. He served in many interesting units including starting out in the Kriegsmarine serving on a HILFSKREUZER then transferring to the Army with  ARTILLERIE REGIMENT GROSSDEUSTCHLAND, STURMGESCHUTZ Ers. Abt. 200, STURMGESCHUTZ ABT 428, STURMGESCHUTZ ABT 277, STUG LEHR BATL, STUG BRIGADE 909, and more! Awardd listed including Black Wound Badge, (Stug Bat 277), General Assault Badge (StuG Brig 909), Silver Wound Badge (StuG Brig 909), campaign entries for Russia and Denmark, many weapons traingin and qualification entries, and more.  PHOTO ALBUM with 240 photos, Covers his service with the KM on a Hilfscruiser "AVENTURA" with nice photos of Schnellboote then transferring to Artillery and finally transitioning to STUGs - super photos of long barrel StuG III's with side armor & camo paint schemes, photo of him recovering from wounds in hospital, many good photos of him and comrades in StuG tunics, studio portrait photos of him in StuG uniform and more.  Great grouping!
1250 Euro - $1500
- sold
5.  photos -  HITLER JUGEND Photo Album & Sports Document Grouping - Alps
From the same man as #4 above. Photo album contains 170 photos, Many good photos form his time in the Hitler Jugend - hiking and climbing the Zugspitze/Alpspitze near Garmisch Partenkirchen, visiting the sights in Munich with his unit, good images of HJ insignias, flags, marching, camping, etc. visits from high HJ leaders, HJ ceremonies and more.  Also comes with a folder with many excellent sports related award documents and awards - one nice one with STUG BRIG 277 unit listed.
350 Euro  - $420
6.  photos - U-BOAT Photo Album, Soldbuch & Document Grouping - U-969 & U-2546
Very nice grouping to Maschinengef. Rolf STEPANEK. He served on the U-2546, U969. Comes with his SOLDBUCH - original issue with large "U" stamp on front page and nice uniform photo. Awards entered include Iron Cross Second Class, U-Boat Badge, and U-Boat Front Clasp! Interesting signatures including Juergen Vockel who went on to command the U-2336 and was KIA as well as MAX DOBBERT - commander of the U-969 and also U-2546. Also comes with his original U-Boat Badge Award Document. The photo album contains 120 photos. Great photos of him and comrades in unfiorm, many photos of them on U-Boats, great crewphoto of the U-969 with all personnel identified, wedding porrtait of him in uniform wearing medals, photos of him and comrades in tropical uniforms, and more!
U-969's career began with training at 5th U-boat Flotilla on 24 March 1943, followed by active service on 1 October 1943 as part of the 1st Flotilla for the next five months. She transferred to 29th Flotilla, on 1 March 1944, based in La Spezia, for Mediterranean operations. In three patrols she sank two merchant ships, for a total of 14,352 gross register tons (GRT).
1350 Euro - $1620
7.  photos - WWI Photo Album Group - Westfront - Artillery Officer - FESSELBALLON UNIT - Rare!
Two photo albums containing 250 photos, meticulously captioned throughout. All from Artillery officer assigned to a FESSELBALLON (observation balloon) unit!   Very good front photos - bunkers, troops wearing Pickelhaube, trenches, mounted troops, identified officers, identified locations, artillery cannons, All from an Artillery officer. destroyed French towns, (several photos from Messines), MG positions, forward observer positions, FANTASTIC photos of observer balloons including images taken from inside the Balloon in flight (!) - rare!, good photos of support equipment for the balloons, graves,  photos of officer with two Medical service dogs,  graves, great photos of a captured BRITISH PILOT they captured,  great photo of a German ARGO DOPPLEDECKER airplane, and more.
$565 - sold
177 photos of a boy during his Unteroffiziervorschule service. Cover has a nice SKIJAEGER metal emblem.  Great studio portraits of him wearing Unteroffiziervorschule uniform effects - cufftitle, shoulderboards and collar tabs, many good photos of them training on MG 34 in the Alps, super photo of them training on a MG 42, SIX great photos of a General w/ KNIGHTS CROSS visiting their Kaserne, original photo of GOERING, parades in  Munich, and more!
- sold
9.  photos - WWI Photo Album - Flak Bttr. 522 - Westfront
32 photos. From the father of the boy in #8 above.  Very good front photos, Most captioned on reverse.  He served in Flak Battr. 522.  Many identified locations (many from Champagne), trenches, destruction, no man's land battlefield photos, unit photos, Artillery positions, camouflaged firing positions in French barns, more.
10.  photos - HITLER JUGEND Photo Album - Nice!
143 photos, Large album, very well captioned throughout!  Great Hitler Jugend content - boys camping, great HJ uniform insignias, marching, ceremonies, high HJ officers, Very nice studio portraits, attending advanced HJ courses, visiting warships with his unit, mountain climbing, nice HJ & DJ flags, practicing camouflage, sport and boxing and more. Very nice HJ album!
11.  photos Document Grouping - 44 Infanterie Division - STALINGRAD + MONTE CASSINO!
Extensive document grouping to Obergef. Johann KETTER who served in Artillerie Regiment 96 of the 44 Infanterie Division. He survived both STALINGRAD AND MONTE CASSINO!   The division was destroyed a STALINGRAD!  It was reformed in 1943 and became the famous  (44.) REICHSGRENADIER-DIVISION HOCH- UND DEUTSCHMEISTER that saw much action in Italy including MONTE CASSINO!  Comes with his General Assault Badge award document awarded for SERVICE IN STALINGRAD!! Rare version of this document awarded by Wehrkreis XVII when he was home recovering from wounded received at Stalingrad. this is how he escaped the destruction of his unit. Also comes with accompanying letter to his wife stating the medal and award document are enclosed. Also comes with his Iron Cross Second Class award document awarded Jan. 1944 with very nice "REICHSGRENADIER-DIVISION HOCH- UND DEUTSCHMEISTER" stamp for service at that time in MONTE CASSINO!!!  Contains orig. sig,  Oberst. Also comes with a wide variety of other documents related to his service including his original WOUND TAGS (one he wore out of STALINGRAD in Dec. 1942), hospital related documents, passes, IDs with photo, FELDPOST, other documents with" REICHSGRENADIER-DIVISION HOCH- UND DEUTSCHMEISTER" listed,
12.  photos - Photo Album & Award Document Grouping - 17 PANZER DIVISION
Grouping to Obergef. Ludwig HOFMAN who served in Panzer Artillerie Abteilung 27 and Kradschuetzen Batl 17  of the 17 Panzer Division.  Comes with his Iron Cross Second Class award document with original signature 17 Panzer Div cdr. General (then Oberst) Rudolf-Eduard LICHT, Panzer Assault Badge in Bronze also signed by LICHT, and SILVER Wound Badge. Photo album contains 124 photos, nice portr of him wearing his medals, other photos of him wearing medals, other portraits of him in uniform, thn phtoos from the FRANCE Campaign 1940, French POWS, KO tanks, destroyed French towns and cities, graves, victory parades when back home, Hitler Parades,  and more.
13.  photos - Third Reich POSTCARD and Stamp/Cancellation Collection - Extensive
Very extensive collection of postcards and letters with a nice array of interesting stamps and cancellation stamps!  One grouping is correspondence to a Justizoberwachmeister and the second are album pages where one would place identified postcards (think like a very nice cigarette card album) - I have not seen this before.  Great content!  Sorry, Idid not count them all but it is a huge collection! All wartime originals! great price for the complete lot!
- sold
14.  photos - KNIGHTS CROSS WINNER Photo Album - RKT in RAD Uniform - nice!
134 photos.  Starts with his Army service in Russia, then photos of his wife/girlfriend in female RAD service and finally many excellent photos of him wearing the Knights Cross while serving in a RAD unit - most likely after being too badly wounded to return to active field service. Several photos of him with Reichsarbeitsführer Konstantin Hierl - commander of the RAD.   There are many clear photos of his face so it shouldn't be too hard to identify him.
15.  photos -  WWI Officer + Stahlhelmbund Photo Album - Ostfront + Westfront - TOP!
VERY nice WWI album containing 287 photos of a young Oberleutnant (easily spotted throughout the album) who served in Fuss-Art. Batt 25, 120 & 48.  Beautifully captioned throughout.  Starts with his unit in the Carpathians in 1914/5.  many identified personnel and locations, photo of Jewish RABBI in Breszany, many other locations in Poland, many photos of HIGH OFFICERS, Division Generals, Crown Prince visiting the unit, many good photos of the KAISER visiting the unit in PLOTYCZA, field STAB HQ, photos from STRYPA, great photo of the KAISER awarding medals being handed out from a helmet, good Artillery cannon photos, trenches, forward observation positions, nice photos of self-propelled FLAK, then transfer to the WESTFRONT in 1918 - many identified locations in France, French POWS, more great Artillery photos, portrait photos, photos of the owner of the album wearing EK1, French TANKS, SOMME Battlefield photos, destruction in ROYE and RETHEL, then photos from his time in the STAHLHELMBUND, great original signed studio portrait of Theod. DUESTERBERG - commander of the Stahlhelmbund! other Stahlehlmbund portraits,  parades, ceremonies, great images of Stahlhelmbund insignias in wear, original photos of Hindenburg, and more. Great album!
16.  photos -  German Army OFFICER Photo Grouping - Panzerjaeger Abt 49 - 4 Panzer Division
85 photos of Officer Bert  A. RITTERBECKS who served in Panzer Jaeger Abtl 49 of the 4. Panzer Division.  Many photos captioned on reverse.
17.  photos -   GENERAL'S Photo Grouping - German Cross in Gold Winner
26 photos of GENERAL GERHARD STEINBAUER.  from his personal estate.
$120 - sold
18.  photos  Third Reich Photo Album - PEISSENBERG, BAVARIA - High Leaders, Parades, SA  +
68 photos. All from an official album from ceremonies and parades in Peissenberg, Bavaria.  Most 9x13cm.  Mny  original photos of Ministerpraesident of Bavaria SS Obergruppenfuehrer Dr. SIEBERT, nice parade photos, lots of Swastika banners and flags, veterans parades, good photos of SA troops, photo with original signature of the Burgermeister of Peissenberg, more.
19.  photos -   Luftwaffe Photo Album - Ju 87 STUKA Unit - France Campaign
74 photos. Well captioned throughout. Many excellent images of Ju 87 STUKAS, other aircraft as well including Me 109's and He 111 with squadron emblems, good airbase photos, photos of him recovering in hospital, vehicles, destruction in France, planes in flight and more.
- sold
20.  photos  Luftwaffe Photo Album - Russia Campaign - KAMPFGESCHWADER - He 111
126 photos of a man who served in a He 111 Bomber unit during the Russia Campaign. Many good He 111 airplane photos, officers, funny photo of dog mascot wearing WH uniform, troops in harsh Russian winter conditions, portrait photos including one of man wearing Spanish Cross in Silver, many vehicles, graves, troops interacting with Russian locals and more.
$185 - sold

21.  photos -  Army Photo grouping - POLAND CAMPAIGN - Mortar Crew
51 VERY good front photos of a soldier serving in the POLAND CAMPAIGN of 1939.  Good images of front line battle destruction, KIA horses, knocked out tanks and PANZERS< KIA Polish soldiers, great photos of MORTAR crews in action in the field, troops in foxholes, POLISH JEWS being evacuated, good images of Polish soldier POWS and more!  nice photos!
22.  photos -   Army Photo Grouping - KRIM & GREECE
145 photos, many captioned on reverse. The man appears to have served in a field medical unit.   Many photos of troops wearing tropical uniforms in Greece, photos from KRIM, two nice photos of a Ju 52 towing a glider, many vehicles, troops interacting with locals, good photos of field ambulances and more!
23.  photos -   Luftwaffe & HITLER JUGEND Glider Photo Grouping
40 photos of a boy's service in the Hitler jugend, HJ LW Helfer and finally as a VERY YOUNG LW pilot. Many photos captioned on reverse. Good HJ photos, gliders, and finally very nice portrait photos of him in LW uniform wearing glider badge.
24.  photos -   Army Photo Album - Russia Campaign
190 photos Many photos captioned on reverse.  Nice photos of FIESELER SCORCH with snow skis, officers troops in harsh Russian winter conditions, portraits, bunkers, VERY good MG 34 photos, good photos of a Russian Lend-lease DC-10 being inspected in the field, Ski patrols, mounted troops, more.
25.  photos -   WWI Photo Album - PRZASNYSZ, POLAND
57 photos, well captioned.  identified locations in POLAND including many from PRZASNYSZ, good photos of AIRPLANES, unit photos, good VEHICLE images, destruction, ceremonies, unit cemetery in Poland, very nice Mg 08 photo, great photo of a service dog jumping over a trench position, troops going "over the top" on assault, field HQ's, photos of gypsies, and more.
26.  photos -   WWI Photo Album - Westfront & Ostfront
31 photos, well captioned throughout, from man's service in France and later in the Crimea in 1918. images from NOYON, France, EPINOY, ECOUVILLION, RIBECOURT and more. bunkers, graves, destruction, artillery positions and more.
27.  photos   WWI Photo Album - Westfront & Ostfront
33 photos. nice Airplane photo, vehicles, graves, portraits, postcards, weapons, Pickelhaube in wear and more.
28.  photos -   Army Photo Album
62 photos. Nice portraits, ceremonies, aircraft, more.
29.  photos -   Army Photo Album - Russia Campaign + POW Camp
140 photos, well captioned throughout.  Good photos form the Russia Campaign and also photos from his time in British POW Camp.
30.  photos -  Army Photo Album - France Campaign
100 photos, most from the France Campaign. Good images of Destruction in France, tanks, French POWs,...
31.  photos - MOTOR HITLER JUGEND KIA Document Grouping - 16 Infanterie Division
Very interesting grouping to Motor Hitler Jugend Gefolgschatsfuehrer Herbert LING.   He was 19 years old when he was KIA in Russia while serving with the Panzer Aufklarungs Abt 116 of the 16 Infanterie Division.  Comes with a letter form his commander to family providing details of his death, official letter sending family POSTHUMOUS General Assault Badge and document, two death notices, his official death certificate, very nice color NSKK document, three postcards, nice studio portrait of him in HJ uniform, his KENNKARTE with photo, and his Hitler Jugend Dienst Ausweis.
32.  photos - Luftwaffe Award Document Grouping - Flak Regiment 14
document grouping to Obergef. August BISCHOFF who served in Flak Rgt 14. Comes with his KRIMSCHILD, Driver's Badge in SILVER and Anti-Commie Medal award documents.
33.  photos -  WEHRPASS - 18 Panzer Division - KIA Russia
Original Wehrpass to Josef NEUHOLD who served in  Panzer Pionier Battl 98 of the 18 Panzer Division.  He was KIA on May 30, 1943 in Russia.
34.  photos -   WEHRPASS -  Vermessungs Abt 633
To Stabsgef. Josef GOLD.  No photo. Great campaign entries from 1939 through war's end 1945.  Served in Vermessungs Abt 633.  Campaign entries in France, Poland, LEMBERG, Stalinline, KUBAN, Rumania, and more.  Awards include Ostmedaille & KVK2.
Original issue Soldbuch to  Funker Josef KLOMANN who served in Zerstoerer Geschwader 76 and NJG 101 (from 1943 to almost war's end).  Awards include EK2, EK1, Silver Wound Badge, Fighter Clasp in SILVER, and HONOR GOBLET.  Award entries are signed by Staffelkapitan with official Feldpost stamp for NJG1.  Urlaub entries also bear Feldpost for NJG1. He has also later added his operational history including service in Norway, Italy, Sicily,  France, Denmark, etc.  Also official entries for Nachtjagdschule 1 in Ingolstadt. Photo missing.
36.  photos -  German Specialized Medical/ Food Delivery Vehicles - Red Cross - "Hilfszug Bayern"
Grouping of 27 larger format photos from "Hilfszug Bayern" showing specialized Third Reich ear Red Cross medical/food trucks and equipment.
- sold
37.  photos - WWI Photo grouping - OSTFRONT
50 photos from a German soldier's service in the East during WWI. Nice front and vehicle content.
- sold
38.  photos -    WWI Photo grouping - OSTFRONT
Appx. 150 photos from a German soldier's service in the East during WWI.
- sold
39.  photos -   Party Rally & Original GOERING Photo Grouping
26 photos. Good Party rally photos as well as many original private photos of GOERING.
40.  photos - Army Photo Album - AFRIKAKORPS + POW CAMP North Africa
173 photos. Starts with the man's school photos  then Army service, photos from Greece and Africa as well as photos from his time in POW Camp in North Africa!
41photos  - Army Photo Album - France Campaign
95 photos, Album has a nice pencil caricature portrait of the man in uniform done in Paris in 1940.   Many good photos from the France Campaign, 1940. Crashed RAF Fariey Battle airplane, destroyed French towns and cities, many good images of vehicles, POWs, group photos, Flak cannons in position, French TANKS, destroyed French aircraft, and more.
42 photos - WWI Photo Album & Feldpost Grouping
VERY nice album with great cover containing appx 200 photos and postcards from one man serving in the Ostfront during WWI. Very well captioned throughout. Great content!
43 photos - Luftwaffe Photo Album - KAMPFGESCHWADER 77 - Greece, Italy
Big album with 366 photos from a ground crewman who served in KAMPFGESCHWADER 77.  Good images of Russian tanks, Russian aircraft, Ju 88 bombers, huge aerial bombs on airfield, vehicles, tropical uniforms in wear, more!
44.  photos - Army Photo Album - 5 JAEGER DIVISION - NICE!
117 photos of a man who served in the 5 JAEGER DIVISION.  Many photos are captioned on the reverse. VERY good content!  Great front photos, vehicles with unit emblems, salty infantry with weapons, Krads, artillery, portrait photo of General THUMM - commander of the division, graves, captured Soviet aircraft, knocked out Russian TANKS, medals in wear, burning villages, POWS, more
45 photos  - GEBIRGSJAEGER Photo Album - Mortar Unit
Appx 85 photos of a Gebirgsjaeger mortar unit.

45b photos  - U-BOAT Award Document & Medal Grouping - U-386 - POW
Very nice U-Boat grouping to Matrosenobergef. Heinz GIESELER.  HE served  m the U-386. It was sunk on 19 February 1944 in the North Atlantic south-west of Ireland, in position 48.51N, 22.44W, by depth charges from the British frigate HMS Spey. 33 dead and 16 survivors.  Gieseler was one of the survivors who was taken captive. Comes with his Iron Cross Second Class award document with his EK2 medal, his U-Boat Badge, wool U-Boat Badge, one sleeve insignia and one photo.
46photos - ULTRA RARE Original Wartime German DOG & PIGEON Unit
36 ultra rare original photos of a Germany Army Dog & Pigeon unit in the field, Amazing images, all publishable.  Showing great, sharp detail of all manner of Dog/Pigeon equipment, carrying devices, field operations, etc.
47 photos - German TURKISTANISCHE LEGION Photo Grouping - Rare!
39 great photos of a (wounded in STALINGRAD) officer serving in the TURKISTANISCHE LEGION.  It was made up of  Turkic peoples who fought in the Wehrmacht during World War II.  Most of these troops were Red Army POWs who formed common cause with the Germans -  Turkic, Caucasian, Cossack, and Crimean. The battalions of the Turkestan Legion formed part of the 162nd Infantry Division and saw much action in Axis-occupied Yugoslavia.  Super photos showing TURKISTAN arm badges in wear, good photos of the unit training in CASTRES, FRANCE, service dogs, more.
- sold
48photos - Huge Double Sided Third Reich Banner FLAG
Massive 10x9 ft. double sided banner. Original purchase from son of the veteran - Boyd Wilson McDONALD - Silver Star Winner who served in the 3rd Infantry Division.
- sold
48b. photos -   Legion Condor + AFRIKAKORPS Document Grouping - POW Tunisia
Very nice grouping to Josef ZINNECKER. Comes with his two nice formal Spanish Medal award documents (Cruz Roja Del Merito Militar and Medalla de la Campana) - would look amazing framed, large formal SPANISH CROSS in Silver medal award document, offical document identifying the medals he was being awarded for Legion Condor service, Sudetenland Medal award document, Iron Cross Second Class award document (18./Luftnachrichten Rgt 200) with original signature XII Fliegerkorps commander General Josef Kammhuber -RK winner  -for DAK service, letter to his family stating that he was being awarded the EK2 for service in AFRICA, second letter to his family saying he was captured in TUNISIA by Allied forces and also awarded the EK2 medal.