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1.  photos -  British WWII COMMANDO POW Grouping - DUNKIRK + Captured ST NAZAIRE RAID- Stalag VIIIB
Very rare grouping to a British COMMANDO. He was captured while participating in a raid on ST NAZAIRE on March 28, 1942 , also known as OPERATION CHARLOT.

St Nazaire was targeted because the loss of its dry dock would force any large German warship in need of repairs, such as the Bismarck's sister ship Tirpitz, to return to home waters via either the English Channel or the GIUK gap, both of which were heavily defended by British units including the Royal Navy's Home Fleet, rather than having a haven available on the Atlantic coast in Nazi-occupied France. The obsolete destroyer HMS Campbeltown, accompanied by 18 smaller craft, crossed the English Channel to the Atlantic coast of France and was rammed into the Normandie dock gates. The ship had been packed with delayed-action explosives, well hidden within a steel and concrete case, that detonated later that day, putting the dock out of service for the remainder of the war and up to five years after.
A force of commandos landed to destroy machinery and other structures. Heavy German gunfire sank, set ablaze, or immobilised virtually all the small craft intended to transport the commandos back to England. The commandos fought their way through the town to escape overland. Many surrendered when they ran out of ammunition or were surrounded by the Wehrmacht defending Saint-Nazaire.
Of the 611 men who undertook the raid, 228 returned to Britain, 169 were killed and 215 became prisoners of war.
The operation has been called The Greatest Raid of All within British military circles
His discharge certificate inside his playbook confirms he was a POW from 28.3.42 to 3.6.45. Apparently, he was also sent to Norway for a time in POW camp before transfer to Stalag VIIIb. He was also at DUNKIRK in 1940. His discharge also confirms he was with Commandos from April 1940 to Aug 1945. Also comes with a photo of him in Stalag VIIIb sent to his family with official Stalag stamps. Also comes with his War Medal and 39-45 Star.
$425 - sold
2.  photos -  British WWII Scrapbook, Photo Album & ORIGINAL OPERATION NEPTUNE (D-DAY) DOCUMENTS!
TOP rare grouping to British officer, Flying Officer and Adjutant Frederic L. WITHERS. He served as Adjutant for 122 Squadron (during D-Day) and later 134 and 80 Squadron. It is a very interesting grouping, but the most exciting part is his original II GROUP AND IX FIGHTER COMMAND JOINT AIR PLAN AND EXECUTIVE ORDER FOR OPERATION NEPTUNE. This is marked TOP SECRET and copy # 174, issued May 1944. ONE copy of this was distributed to EACH British & American Fighter Squadron and is indexed on the first few pages. This copy went to Lt. Withers who served with 122 Squadron. It contains the complete list of detailed operations of all fighter squadrons on D-Day, code words, an amazing large fold out map of the invasion beaches, and more. I have never seen this before and can find no record of it other than in military archives!

So, the rest of the grouping is also very interesting! Comes with a CONFIDENTIAL file folder covering all administration information for his 134 (CZECH) Squadron, 122 Squadron, and 80 Squadron. Many hand written notations by Withers inside. A large group photo of him and comrades at RAF School of Admin course in Jam 1944 (signatures on reverse), a very nice SCRAPBOOK with interesting content: Mementos from V-E day while he was stationed in Brussels, photos of girls he met, hotel receipts Allied Invasion Money, portrait of German soldier he found in his Hotel Room in Brussels, group photo of pilots of 80 Squadron in front of Mustang, portrait photo of F/O F. Bowyer, XO 134 Wing, greeting cards, passes, RAF Railway Leave Pass, original portrait of Air V.M. Sir Harry BROADHURST, pass photo of British troops in BAYEUX, press photo of Eisenhower and Montgomery, press photos of Allied troops liberation Eindhoven, photo of identified British fighter pilots including E.D. MACKIE - 21.5 kills, super photo of pilots sitting outside 80 Squadron officer mess/ready room showing unit number on door and captured Me 109 tail, etc., photo of pilots (identified) on day of Allied crossing of the Rhine, mementoes from his time in PARIS, original 122 Squadron report, his ration booklet, Release and Resettlement booklet, Comrades in Arms booklet 1942, nice large caricature of him done in Copenhagen, more!
Also comes with a very RARE booklet on the operational history of 122 Wing published Sept 7, 1945.
3.  photos  -   Luftwaffe ME 110 Photo Album - 7.(F)/Lehrgeschwader 2 - Battle of Britain + Russia + Greece
158 photos of a man who served in 7.(F)/Lehrgeschwader 2 - the first time we have had an album from this specific unit! Covers Battle Britain through Russia & Greece! a Zestoerer Geschwader flying specially modified Me 110’s. VERY nice Me 110 photos, pilots returning from missions, squadron Scottie mascot, Me 110 with unit emblems of L.G. 2, Me 110 with camp paint schemes, pilots in cockpit, personal emblems, good photos of unit base, Oblt. Josef Peteani reporting to the Staffelkapitän 7./ LG 2 Hptm Gerndt (back to camera) on his return from a sortie over England during the Battle of Britain, great photo of Me 110 L2+ER (On 25 September 1940 Bf 110 C-5 " L2+ER" flown by Oblt Weyergang was dispatched to photograph targets in London but ran into a 229 Sqn Hurricane and in the ensuing pursuit took a number of hits before crashing north of Hastings where the two crew were buried), vehicles with laughing devil unit emblem, good photos of destruction in France in 1940, motorcycle with unit emblem in front of KO British Tank in Greece, and more. Rare!
- sold
4.  photos - British WWII Bombing Recon Reports & Photos - U-Boat Yards!
Set of five ORIGINAL files detailing before and after bombing outcomes on various German targets. Each contains very detailed reports as well as original photos. (1) Cuxhaven, (2) Hamburg - Blohm-Voss (U-BOATS!) Werke, (3) Bremen Harbor, (4) Brem - Deschimag, (5) Vegesack (U-BOAT YARDS). great details!
5.  photos - British WWII WREN’s DIARY & Book - Top!
Original diary kept by British WREN named Sheila (perhaps her last name is inside somewhere). 133 typed pages! Amazing detail. Starts Feb 29, 1944 and goes to Dec 1945, the day she was discharged. She was assigned as an aircraft mechanic. There is also an original YWCA pin/badge in back of the diary. Also comes with book WRENS IN CAMERA, published 1945.
6.  photos -  British Tank Officer WWII Diary, Scrapbook Document Grouping - 2x HIMMLER photos
a very nice scrapbook of World War II kept by Capt. John RH Yeoman who served in The Royal Norfolk Regiment and then The Hampshire Regiment RAC (147th Regiment Royal Armoured Corps). Quite large and well captioned. Contains a diary of his thoughts on his service as well as the political failures leading up to WWII. Several captured german postcards and photos including two VERY nice original photos of Himmler (one with Goering, one with Hitler), nice uniform portrait photo of him, original photo of King George inspecting his unit in September 1940, Nice portrait photos of unit commanders in 1941, company group photo, more portrait photos of the man, Photos from his transfer to ninth Battalion, the Hampshire Regiment, good photos of him and comrades posing in front of Churchill tanks just after crossing the Rhine in March 1945, many newspaper clippings, lots of menus and programs and greeting cards, girls in uniform, more capture German photos, two 21st Army group personal messages from Montgomery documents, original propaganda leaflets, more. nice archive!
7.  photos - OT ORGANISATION TODT Photo Album
111 photo of a man who served in an OT unit in France and Russia Campaigns. Many good photos of KO vehicles and destruction in France, Russian tanks, good images of OT uniforms, OT vehicle plates, etc.
price marked
8.  photos - German WWII Aerial Reconnaissance Photos SEVASTAPOL - 28. leichte Division
Very interesting original grouping of aerial recon photos of Sevastopol from the 28. Leichte Inf Division. These come in the original box. they are the uncut original negatives - very large full size with paper inserts from the 28 lei Inf Division concerning their being sent up to Korps headquarters. Also couple of photos taken of their wingman in flight.
- sold
9.  photos - Photo & Document Grouping - PILOT - Haupt. Erich SCHLOCKERMANN - Nachtjagdgeschwader 101 Staffelkapitain + Me 262 Lechfeld!
Grouping to Haupt. Erich SCHLOCKERMANN. Comes with 61 photos, many captioned on reverse. Good photos of him in Kreta, wearing his medals, aircraft and more. he served 8 years in the LW starting in the KM (flying service) then in 1941 with KG 102, 101 and 172. in 1943 he served in Transport Geschwader 1. In Sept 1944 he served in Nachtjagdgeschwader 101 as a Staffelkapitan and stayed with that unit Feb 1945 when he transferred to TURBO-SCHULE LECHFELD - where Me 262 pilots were trained!! He saw service in KRETA, the Balkans and Russia. He received his EK2 for KRETA service and EK1 for Russia. He received the HONOR GOBLET for service at STALINGRAD! Also comes with many documents including passes, his Sportsbadge booklet, flight school related documents, See-Flugzeuge Ausweis, very nice recommendation letter from Generalleutnant Ulrich Buchholz with original signature (DKiG winner), and many more documents.
- sold
10.  photos -  WWII Japanese Photo Album - Very Artistic!
Very nice Japanese photo album with VERY good original artwork throughout. 214 photos. Covers the man’s time as a student, through cadet training to Army service. Good portraits, swords, nice large tank photo, unit and group photos and more.
- sold
11.  photos WAFFEN-SS Soldbuch - SS Gebirgsjaeger Regiment 11 "REINHARD HEYDRICH"
Very nice original Waffen-SS SOLDBUCH to SS Sturmmann Josef PINTER.  Original issue Soldbuch from 1943.  He served in SS Gebgirgsjaeger Regiment 11 "Reinhard Heydrich" of the 6th SS Gebirgs Division NORD. He was born in 1923 in  Hungary.  Original photo and all pages present.  Filled with good entries including entry for Wound Badge in BLACK on July 26, 1944. 
The division was the only Waffen-SS unit to fight in the Arctic Circle when it was stationed in Finland and northern Russia between June and November 1941. It fought in Karelia until the Moscow Armistice in September 1944, at which point it left Finland. It fought in the Operation Nordwind in January 1945, where it suffered heavy losses. In early April 1945, the division was destroyed by the U.S. forces near Budingen, Germany.
12.  photos - FALLSCHIRMJAEGER photo Grouping - Fallschirmjaeger Rgt 3
58 photos from a man in FJR 3. Many captioned on reverse. original photo General KURT STUDENT, several good photos FJ’s on parade after returning from KRETA, studio portrait of the man, original photos from KRETA, going through the Thermopile Pass in Greece, photos in Moordyk, Holland, newspaper clippings and also original funeral program for Kurt Student from 1978 which the man attended.
- sold
13.  photos - Luftwaffe GLIDER Photo Grouping
13 original photos showing Gotha Go 242 Gliders and Paratroopers in the field. nice grouping!
14.  photos - British WWII Paybooks of a PARATROOPER - Parachute Regiment
Two soldier’s Paybooks to Robert Henry MacNab-Grieve. His paybook shows he was entitled to Para pay on 23 April, 1943 and entry authorizing Parachute wings on right arm. there is a newspaper clipping from Jan 1945 for his wedding listing him as member of the parachute regiment, membership card in the Para Rgt Old Comrades Assoc., appears he transferred to the Middlesex Rgt in Jan 1945 and Manchester Rgt March 1945. More research needs to be done but he certainly would have been available for D-Day and Market Garden as well as other Para Rgt operations!
- sold
15.  photos Army Photo Album - Russian Campaign - Good Technical Photos!
63 photos from a soldier in panzer Jaeger Abt 13. Filled with good technical and front shots - KO tanks, captured heavy self propelled artillery, POWS, refugees, Italian troops, captured Soviet plans, nice STURMGESCHUTZ photo and more.
- sold
16.  photos -  ERWIN ROMMEL Photo Grouping
Original photo grouping of 9 photos. One is a large photo of him from Africa, the others are of him in civilian/hunting (very uncommon) and uniform, likely at a hunting trip in Berchtesgaden!
- sold
17.  photos -   WWII British RAF-SAAF Photo Album Grouping
184 photos, very well captioned. Many photos from his time in training and stationed in South Africa. Two nice Spitfire photos, loading bombs on Fairey battle, many uniform photos, women in uniform, many identified locations, and more.
18.  photos Army Photo Album- Russia, Norway - NARVIK
98 photos, well captioned nice studio portraits, good photos of POW camp, KO French tank in NARVIK 1940, photos of him recovering in hospital after being wounded in Russia, vehicles, graves and more.
19.  photos -   US WWII Medal, Photo & Document Grouping - RARE IMT NURNBERG TRIAL PASS!
Nice grouping to Major Addison C. BRICKELL who served as commanding officer of the 70th ordnance Group. Cornerstone of this grouping is his original NURNBERG IMT (International Military Tribunal) TRIAL ID/PASS - Very rare! Also comes with his Croix de Guerre, several unit patches, laminated War Dept. ID, Dog Tags, various patches, maps of Holland and Germany he brought back, several photos including images of tanks, his original DISCHARGE showing all his awards and campaigns including Normandy northern France, Rhineland, Ardennes, and Central Europe. Also comes with many more papers related to his service.
- sold
20.  photosBritish Army WWII Photo Album - North Africa
All in a leather album he brought back from North Africa. Captured photo of ROMMEL, knocked out German equipment in the desert, desert bivouacs, troops interacting with Arab locals, vehicles, great photo of “Avenge Tobruk” banner/sign, portrait photos and more!
21.  photos -  WAFFEN-SS Photo Album - HIMMLER photos!
132 photos. In a very nice album with SS runes on cover! Very good images of Allgemeine SS uniforms, insignias and equipment, SS sports uniforms and competitions, high ranking SS officers, original photo of HIMMLER with other officials, photos of the SS Lager at Nurnberg Rally grounds 1934, large SS band photos (very nice), another large photo of HIMMLER speaking to assembled SS troops, another superb photo of HIMMLER reviewing the troops (large size), original photo of HITLER reviewing SS troops, officers wearing “RFSS” cufftitles, nice photo of SS Barracks at Berchtesgaden, and more!
22.  photos -  WWII RAF Trunk Grouping - NAVIGATOR
VERY nice trunk/suitcase grouping named to P/O Raymond A. WOODHOUSE.  Original suitcase he brought/shipped his effects home in is in very good condition. It survived me checking it as luggage back from England last week!  It is full of, likely, everything he brought home,  Comes with a very nice, professionally framed display of his War Medal, Cap Badge, Nav WIng, photo and ID tag. On the reverse is a copy of his Record of Service from the RAF.  Comes with his officers flying tunic with label from Moss Bros & Co Ltd., Covent Garden, London, his officer's greatcoat, also from same tailor, period framed group photo, his painted RAF duffle/kit bag, ID tag, medal boxes and insert letters, Flying LOG BOOK & RCAF Sight Log Book (mostly training in Canada, he did make it over to the CBI theater after the war - he was assigned to TFU Defford in July 1945), his RAF Paybook, RAF Service & Release  Book, various other ID cards and booklets, invitations, box of various uniform effects - buttons, extra pair of shoulder boards, etc., a nice lot of photos showing aircraft, him and comrades in uniform, base life, photos when he was posted in India,  several maps he used in flight, engraved lighter in box, and more. great grouping that would make a very nice display.
23.  photos -   German WWII Unit PHOTOGRAPHER Photo Grouping - NORWAY, SUDETENLAND Massive!
HUGE grouping to a WWII unit photographer who served in Panzer Abwehr Abt 5, part of the 5. Inf Division (later (5 Jaeger Division). Comes with four "sample" albums that he passed amongst unit members for them to select photos they wanted copies of and box full of photos & negatives, many in original photo shop packets.  Must be well over 1000 images!  First album contains images of the unit in PRAGUE. Many photos from NORWAY, many vehicles, motorcycles, PAK cannons, ceremonies, troops interacting with Norwegian locals, more.
24.  photos -   Luftwaffe KAMPFGESCHWADER 55 Photo Grouping
45 very good photos of a member of KG 55, Good photos of He 11 aircraft, photos of crew after successful mission, photos of night bomb raid they went on, photos of crew in plane in flight, Russian Front in flames, camo paint schemes, base photos, and more.  Many photos are captioned on the reverse with dates, locations and crew members identified.
  - sold
25.  photos - British WWII Photo Grouping - NORMANDY, TIGER TANKS, HOLLAND +
105 VERY good larger format photos taken of identified locations in France (especially NORMANDY), Holland and Belgium. Also photos of knocked out TIGER TANK in the Falaise area, great Sd.Kfz. 251 with camo paint scheme, long barrel panzer IV and other German vehicles,  Identified locations include (sorry, I did not correct all spelling errors of the photographer): LE VALTRU, FALAISE, LE BON REPOS, HELLOCK, BRETTVILLETTE, HALBOUT, PLACY, GRANVILLE, PIERREFITTE, EVRECY, MALTOT, ESQUAY, BOUGY, GAVRUS, NIJMEGEN,   GAVRUS,  CALLEVILLE, BOUCY, BLADEL, VALLEDIEU, and more.
- sold
26.  photos -   British WWII FEMALE Women's Land Army Grouping
Grouping named to Miss Ellen DALBY who served in the WLA. Comes with her appreciation letter form Queen Elizabeth with original mailing envelope, a great studio portrait of her in uniform, two original WLA slip on shoulder board insignia, WLA Release Certificate with original mailing envelope, original wartime WLA Enamel cap badge and post war cap badge.
27.  photos -  Luftwaffe Award Document Grouping - Me 110 - Zestoerergeschwader 26
Nice grouping of a Me 110 Air Gunner who served in ZG 26. Comes with his Air Gunner badge award document, Iron Cross Second Class award document with orig. sig. 1 Jagddivision commander Oberst Hajo Herrmann - RK + Swords winner, and Iron Cross FIRST Class award document with facsimile signature Generalobserts Stumpff.
28.  photos -   US Korean War Marine Photo Album
111 photos of a US Marine serving in the Korean War. Named to James Richard McGinnis.  Well captioned throughout. Good photos of Korean base life, Marine camo uniforms and helmets, bazookas, BAR's, trench lines, looking in to N Korean territory, photos from Japan and more.
29.  photos -   WEHRPASS - KIA - 263 Inf Division
Wehrpass named to Uffz. Alfred ZIMMERMANN who served in Aufklarungs Abt  263 of the 263 Inf Division. He was KIA on Sept 20, 1943 in Russia. Comes with his funeral program as well as letter to family which accompanied the Wehrpass when sent home to them.
$85 - sold
30.  photos  WEHRPASS - KIA - 5 Inf Division
Wehrpass named to Gef. Otto Schrumpf who served in Inf Rgt 14 of the 5 Inf Division.  He was KIA on Aug 25, 1941 in Russia.
$85 - sold
31.  photos - WEHRPASS - KIA  - Officer - 544 Grenadier Division - SNIPER RIFLE ENTRY - Rare!!
Wehrpass named to Leutnant Joachim SCHLACHOW who served in Gren Rgt 1083 of the 544 grenadier Division. He was KIA on Sept 19, 1944 in heavy fighting in Poland.  Very good weapons entries including MG 42, SELBSTLADEGEWEHR 41 [G-41 semi-auto rifle - uncommon entry], and the VERY rare entry for Zielfernrohrkarabiner 98k [SNIPER RIFLE], Schiessbecher [Rifle grenade launcher], and Granatbuechse 39 [AntiTank Rifle 39 - another rare entry]
32.  photos - Soldbuch & Wehrstammbuch - Kuesten Artillerie Batterie 698 - 15 cm Kanone 39
Wehrstammbuch & Soldbuch both to Kanonier Karl FALBE who served in K. Batterie 698.   Art. batt. 698 was the only unit in the Battle of France that was equipped with the heavy 15 cm Kanone 39.  Wehrstammbuch has many French campaign entries including Antwerp, DUNKIRK, Kampf un Nieuport & La Panne and the occupation duties (Kuestenschtz) on French & Belgian Atlantic coast, Wehrpas campaign insert documents, Wehrmacht dirver's license with photo Truppenausweis, and more.
33.  photos - WWII Anti-Semetic book:  DE JODEN IN NEDERLAND
Original first edition 1941 copy of De Joden in Nederland by SS-Sturmbahnführer Hans Graf von Monts.  Published by the Reichskommisariat. 64 pages, 23x15.5 cm. 
34.  photos -   British WWII PAYBOOK  - Dunkirk, Africa!
Named to Royal Engineer and Sapper Lewis Roberts.  Veteran of AEF and DUNKIRK then Middle East, Sicily and Italy from Jan 1943 till War's end. Also awarded AFRICA STAR.
35.  photos -   WWII RAF Playing Card Pack
Original complete pack of RAF WWII Era playing Cards,
36.  photos British BATTLE OF BRITAIN One of a Kind Relic - National Fire Service (No. 11 Area)
Rare one of a kind original Battle of Britain National Fire Service (No. 11 Area)  rare Occurrence Book. Covers Period 25 June to April 4th 1941. Lists ALL Air Raid warning and details from Essex, England. Report listing bomb damage and dead bodies on front page. Daily entries throughout the BoB!
$350 - sold