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1.  photos -  Generalmajor MAX FREMEREY - 29 "Falke" Infanterie Division - STALINGRAD!!
Amazing photo estate of Generalmajor MAX FREMEREY, Knights Cross Winner. He commanded the 29th “Falke” Infanterie Division which was destroyed at STALINGRAD. Hundreds of photos (many captioned in his own hand) of him in the field wearing RK, photos of other identified RK winners, very good combat images, Panzers, StuG’s, letters and Feldpost, many RARE photos from STALINGRAD, great portrait photos of him wearing medals and more. Very rare! Click on the links below to find film footage of him in the field.
2.  photos - PANZER Photo Album - Panzer Regiment 201 - Russia Campaign
142 photos of man who served in a Panzer crew in Panzer Regiment 201. . Starts with his pre HJ service in the Pfadfinder (Boy Scouts). WIllrich postcard of Guderian, then PANZER service, photos of day his unit got their new Panzer II's, good photos of him wearing Panzer uniform and medals, KO Russian TANKS, other captured and destroyed Russian equipment, Russian POWs, Russian aircraft, very nice studio portraits of the man and comrades in PANZER UNIFORM, officers, more.  Panzer-Regiment 201 - Formed 16 Dec 1940, assigned to Panzer-Brigade 100, reassigned to 23. Panzer-Division 11 Dec 1941, redisignated Panzer-Regiment 23 Aug 1943
$435 -  sold

3.  photos  -  SA Bay. Inf Rgt 20 - STANDARTE & FAHNENTRAEGER
88 photos.  Several pages captioned. SA troops - brownshirts, veterans org', Inf Rgt 20 ceremonies, super STANDARTE & FAHNENTRAEGER photos, nice photos of medals in wear, army bands marching, parades, more.
$165 -  sold
4.  photos - Army Photo Album - France & Balkans
185 photos - contact print size.  Photos from the France and Balkan campaigns,  good images of uniforms and equipment, mounted troops, destroyed towns and villages, troops interacting with Balkan locals, airplanes, field bivouacs, French Tanks, salty troops with stick grenades in belt, more.
5.  photos -   Army Photo Album - Russia - RSO SCHLEPPER
125 photos from a soldier's service in the Russia Campaign. Starts with some photos of his SA service, medals in wear, trains, portraits, funerals, vehicles, officers, daggers in wear, motorcycles, PAK cannons & crews, French TANKS, graves, two very nice RSO SCHLEPPER photos, more.
6.  photos - Army Officer Photo Grouping - Russia, Poland
200 photos. Many captioned on reverse. All from an officer serving in a high headquarters unit in Russia. Nice photos of his commanding GENERAL, graves in the field, Polish JEWS, captured Russian artillery and vehicles, WAFFEN-SS OFFICERS wearing camo helmet covers, destroyed towns and bridges, gallows, halftracks, artillery, Russian POWs, vehicles with commander pennants, many photos from their time stationed in PLESKAU, photos from Koenigsburg. identified personnel, more.
$165 -  sold
7.  photos - WWI Photo Grouping - Tanks, Planes, KIA + Nice!
74 photos. Nice grouping of photos from a WWI soldier's service - good portraits, Pickelhaube in wear, observation balloons, destruction, artillery trenches, crashed airplanes, identified locations in France, funny photo of rats-for-dinner, KIA British pilot, postcards, c=medals in wear, good vehicle photos, destroyed churches, KIA soldiers, British TANKS, KIA Scottish troops with kilts,  more.  nice photos!
- sold
8.  photos -  Army/KM Photo Grouping - Norway - NARVIK + Map of BERGEN
71 photos + 36 negatives. Also comes with a map of BERGEN he used when there, Contains markings of his unit's advance. GJ troops on ship transport, unloading in Norwegian harbors, sunken ships, KM KNIGHTS CROSS winners, vehicles, KM cap badges in wear, PANZERS on train transport, burned out and bombed out NARVIK, photos from Bjørnfjell (Narvik),  German soldier graves in Norway, French LEGIONNAIRE grave in Norway, ships in NARVIK harbor, captured British artillery positions, more.  Nice grouping.
$185 -  sold

9.  photos - Luftwaffe Photo Grouping - Russia, Balkans - Inf Regiment 24
205 photos. Inf. Rgt 24 and Luftwaffe photos. Many photos captioned on reverse, Nice studio portrait of the man, winter gear in wear, aerial bombs on airfield, Russian POWs, destruction in DUNABURG, field hospitals, natives, photos from PLESKAU, vehicles, troop graves in field, Russian TANKS< planes in flight, funerals in the field, photos from OSTROW, female Russian soldiers, motorcycles, more.
$130 -  sold

10.  photos - Army Photo Album
40 photos in small album. HJ & Army photos, portraits, etc.
$25 -  sold
11.  photos BDM Photo Album - Bund Deutscher Mädel
98 photos from a girls service in the BDM - Bund Deutscher Mädel - League of German Girls, the female version of the Hitler Youth.  Contains photos of her and her unit in uniform, male friends in HJ uniform, ceremonies with Partei and SA troops present, Army photos of relative, more.
$95 -  sold
Mostly family photos but about 15 photos of a son/brother who served in GENERAL GOERING REGIMENT. Contains super nice photos of HG Rgt. KNIGHTS CROSS WINNERS ROSSBACH, ROSSMANN and others of the HG Regiment.  Nice BDM girl photo in uniform, many good images of HG Regiment insignia in wear, HG unit ceremony in STARNBERG in Dec, 1941, more.
$175 -  sold
13.  photos - Kriegsmarine Feldpost Grouping - Linienschiff SCHLESWIG HOLSTEIN &  3.  Artillerie Flottille
Nice grouping of Feldpost from sailor who served on the Linienschiff SCHLESWIG HOLSTEIN and later as member of the 3.  Artillerie Flottille - floating Artillery barges that  would try to defend against Allied bomb raids.
14.  photos - Army Photo Grouping - NORWAY
97 photos. photos from an Army unit with photos from NORWAY, photos from Hjerkinn, Norway, graves, artillery, vehicles, harsh winter conditions, destroyed towns and villages, postcards, more. Many captioned on reverse.
15.  photos -  Mixed Document Lot - Wehrpass, Arbeitsbuch, Liederbuch, etc.
Nice large promotion document from Nurnberg, good mixture of other ID's.
$120 -  sold
16.  photos -   Army Feldpost & Photo Grouping - Gren Rgt 597
89 photos and Feldpost from man who served in Grenadier Regiment 597 of the 327 Inf. Division. Nice studio portrait of him wearing medals, destruction, artillery, other portraits, PAK cannons, PKW cars, more.
$85-  sold
17.  photos -  Army OFFICER KIA Document Grouping - Gren. Rgt. 21
Grouping named to Lt. Christian DORR. He served in Inf Rgt 12 of the 17 Inf Division. He was KIA on Sept 30, 1943. Comes with his Iron Cross Second Class award document with original signature 17 Inf Div commander Genmaj. Richard ZIMMER (RK winner), condolence letter from the OKW to his family, original letter from his regimental commander Oberst Theodor PEU, to his family, original newspaper clipping of his death announcement. nice grouping.
$165 -  sold
18.  photosSA Brownshirt Photo Grouping - Nurnberg Rally
27 photos.  Very nice photos of a SA unit, good portrait photo of the man, photos of Standarte at a Nurnberg Rally, parades, ceremonies and more!
$145 -  sold
19.  photos -   Mixed Document Grouping - Wehrpass, Award Documents, SA Books etc.
nice assortment including a very nice hand-made "illuminated" Luftwaffe Uffz. Kamaradenschaft document, Ostmedaille award document, good Wehrpass of a Pionier soldier with good medal entries for EK2, KVK2, Black Wound Badge, , two SA booklets, Hindenburg Medal document.
$145 -  sold
20.  photos  Third Reich Press Photo Grouping
14 photos. Many with caption "slugs" on reverse.
$40 -  sold
21.  photos -  Hitler Jugend + KLV Lager SLOVAKIA Photo & Diary Grouping - Nice!
Very nice Hitler Jugend grouping as well as KLV content. Comes with his diary he kept during his time in KLV lager in Bad Boldovce, Slovakia. nice details and artwork!  Good photos including portraits, HJ uniforms, and ceremonies, HJ gliders, HJ boys wearing glider badges on their uniform sleeves, and more!
The evacuation of children in Germany during the World War II was designed to save children in Nazi Germany from the risks associated with the aerial bombing of cities, by moving them to areas thought to be less at risk. The German term used for this was Kinderlandverschickung (KLV), a short form of Verschickung der Kinder auf das Land ("relocation of children to the countryside")
 -  sold
22.  photos -   BDM AUSWEIS DER DEUTSCHEN VOLKSLISTE - Litzmanstadt Poland - RARE!
VERY rare ausweis for a BDM girl with photo of her in BDM uniform.  She as an ethnic German girl living in LITZMANNSTADT Poland - the German name for LODZ where there was a notorious Jewish Ghetto.
$145 -  sold
23.  photos -   BDM & Hitler Jugend + RDB & RLB Ausweis Grouping
nice little grouping of HJ, BDM and Luftschutz ID's!
24.  photos -   SOLDBUCH - Stabsfeldwebel - Gren. Rgt 727
Great uniform photo in Stabsfeldwebel uniform!  Named to Stabsfeldwebel (Senior NCO rank!) Haver MAHLBACHER, He served in Gren Rgt 727 and later Schutzen Batl 501.  Award entries for KVK2 and Marksmanship Lanyard (uncommon).
$120 -  sold
25.  photos -   WEHRPASS -  253 +227  Inf. Division - France & Russia + KURLAND
Named grouping to Wachtmeister Erich KLEIN.  Served in  Inf Rgt 464 of the 253 Inf Division during the France and Russia Campaigns. He later served in Fus. Batl (AA) 227 of the 227 Inf Division - he was with the unit when it was in Kurland. Award entries for the Black Wound Badge, EK2  and Infantry Assault badge (sorry, forgot to photo that page). Several wound entries.
- sold
26.  photos -   WEHRPASS - 304 ID - Medic - French Atlantic Coast
WEHRPASS to Wolfgang VIEVEGER. He served in various Sanitaets Kompanies including San Komp 304 of the 304 Inf Division.  Was stationed on the French Atlantic Coast for 1941-42.  All pages present and many entries.
27.  photos WWI Recon Photo Grouping - Flieger Abteilung 268
Very nice collection of larger size recon photos from WWI.  Good photos of decimated battle field and trench positions.  All from Flieger Abt. 268.
$120 -  sold

27-b.  photosDIARY + PHOTO ALBUM Grouping - Leutnant - Panzer Regiment 25 - TOP!
Amazing grouping of three dairy/photo albums from a Panzer officer who served in panzer Regiment 25!  Named to Lt. Joachim STAPFF, Zugfuehrer in 1./ Panzer Regiment 25.  Three beautifully made, wartime albums with detailed diary entries from the France Campaign through Russia! Good artwork, detailed entries listing actions and engagements, he mentions ROMMEL in their unit at least once, EXCELLENT images including MANY great PANZER photos, super photos he took from his Panzer during combat (!!), many super photos of him and comrades in Panzer uniforms, captured French equipment, RAF aircraft, crashed ME 109 fighter, super Spanien 1939 cufftitle card, and more!
$885 -  sold

28.  photos -   WAFFEN-SS G-HEFT - GESUNDHEITSHEFT - SS-Totenkopf Standarte - AUSCHWITZ Concentration Camp
Uncommon to find SS-Gesundheitsheft identification file/booklet. This was the official SS medical file/booklet.  Named to SS Rottenfuehrer Ludwig SIMSHAUSER - SS number 32085; Party number 1,119,119.  He served in 8 & 12./SS Totenkopf Standarte. Contains medical entries, a hand written service history by the man, and entries & official stamps & signatures related to his being assigned to CONCENTRATION CAMP AUSCHWITZ.
-  sold
29.  photos -   WAFFEN-SS KNIGHTS CROSS WINNER Document - SS-Obersturmbannführer MAX HANSEN
Original "Personalverfuegung" - order transferring RK & Oakleaves winner Max HANSEN from SS Panzer Division LSSAH to SS Fuehrungshauptamt/Fuehrerreserve der SS.  He was also one of the rare recipients of the Nahkampfspange in GOLD. Possible original signature WW Obergruppenfuehrer Kurt KNOBLAUCH (didn't have chance to confirm it).  He won the RK during the battle of Karkhov, commanded the 1. SS Pz Greb Rgt LSSAH during the Ardennes Offensive and was awarded the Oakleaves in 1945 in Hungary.
-  sold
30.  photos Original Blank Waffen-SS Documents
Original Waffen-SS Documents plus letter from 1938 from Reichsbankdirektor KAISER.
-  sold
31.  photos - Fallschirmjaeger FALLSCHIRM-PRÜFSCHEIN
Original, unused Fallschirmjaeger parachute inspection booklet.  Uncommon to find!
-  sold
32.  photos - SA Dienstbuch
Original SA Dienstbuch, well filled out with uniform photo.
 -  sold
33.  photos French Citizen VORLAUFIGER FREMDENPASS - Foreigner Passport
Fremdenpass issued to Orleans native Jacques RICHOUX. Also comes with insert card "Baustellen Ausweis" with photo.
34.  photos -   Original Program for Exhibition GEBT MIR 4 JAHRE ZEIT
Rare original flyer/program for the 1937 exhibition "Gebt mir vier Jahre Zeit" in Berlin, about the accomplishments of the Hitler regime in the four years since the seizure of power.
 -  sold
35.  photos Third Reich SS Propaganda Kompanie Photo Grouping.
15x large format prints, several Waffen-SS.
 -  sold
36.  photos -  French Foreign Legion Photo Album - Algeria
100 photos. VERY nice album of a German man serving in the French Foreign legion. Mostly content from North Africa and Algeria. Officers, parades, Standarte, tanks, helicopters, troop bivouacs in the desert, vehicles, roadblock positions during Algerian war, graves, good weapons photos, medal ceremonies, good Jeep photos,  and more! 
37.  photos -  Soldbuch, Wehrpass & Award Document Grouping - GEBIRGS-NEBELWERFER ABT. 10 - LAPPLANDSCHILD
Rare grouping to Obergef. Emmerich HIBLINGER who served in Gebirgs Nebelwerfer ABt 10. Comes with his Wehrpass, Soldbuch & rare original award document for the LAPPLANSCHILD with original signature Oberstlt. and Geb. Art. Rgt. 118 commander! Soldbuch is his original issue with uniform photo, well filled out. Award page missing. Wehrpass is also well filled out listing awards as KVK2, Sudetenland medal, and LAPPLANDSCHILD. extensive campaign entries, Great grouping!
38.  photos  LEGION CONDOR Wehrpass & Award Document Grouping - NINE awards - Spanish Cross in SILVER
Grouping to Uffz. Willi KRETSCHMER. He was KIA on Aug 13, 1943 with Flak Rgt 22 in Karatschew (Brjansk).  Comes with his Iron Cross First Class award document with original signature GFM KESSELRING! Great Wehrpass with uniform photo.  NINE (!) awards listed including Spanish Cross in Silver!  Flak Badge, EK1, Spanish Civil War Campaign medals, EK2, Ostmedaille, Black Wound Badge, Ground Combat Badge.  Extensive campaign entries including very good POLAND Campaign engagements.  Also lists all of his LEGION CONDOR engagements from the Spanish Civil War!
-  sold
39.  photos -  Army Photo Album - Art Rgt 57 - France, Poland, Russia - TANKS, KIA, Combat - TOP!
107 photos in official unit album.  Very well captioned throughout. Captured Polish artillery, German artillery positions, halftracks, troops rolling through Polish towns and villages, burning towns, knocked out Polish BUNKER, Pionier bridges across the NAREW River, destroyed building sin NOVGOROD, destroyed Polish airplane with clear Polish markings, large Polish weapons depot captured, troops graves in Poland, troops interacting with Polish locals, Panzer IV tank with markings for Poland Campaign, captured French heavy mortar, French TANKS, motorcycle troops, Russian POWs, captured Russian TANKS, KIA Russian soldiers in ditch, more. great album.
-  sold
40.  photos - AFRIKAKORPS Panzer Photo Album - Rare Panzer Portrait w Brunswick Totenkopf
179 photos, well captioned. Contains several good studio portraits including on of him wearing panzer uniform with BRUNWICK pattern sculls on his collar tabs - rare!! other good Panzer studio portraits, photos from ITALY, then transfer to AFRIKA, very nice Me 323 GIGANT photo, good tropical uniform photos, troops interacting with Arab locals, motorcycles, VW Kubelwagen in the desert, DKA graves, more!
 -  sold
40-b.  photos - WWI Photo Album
68 photos. Most photos have captions on them. Trench positions, field bivouacs, artillery, Pickelhaube, decimated battlefields, more!
 -  sold
42 photos - Luftwaffe Photo Album - DENMARK, Demjansk
138 photos. Many captions. Unit photos, Plane photos, postcards, MG photos, officers, photos form his unit in COPENHAGEN, troops visiting Tivoli, hanging out w/ Danish girls on the beach, Flak cannon positions, graves, Army troops wearing medals, more.
-  sold
43 photos - RAD + Luftwaffe Photo Album
120 photos.  Well captioned. Starts with his RAD service then Luftwaffe.
$85  -  sold
44 photos - Army Photo & Feldpost Grouping - Grenadier Rgt. 272
94 photos of a soldier in Gren Rgt 272.  Also comes with several pieces of Feldpost.  Bunkers, troop movements in the France Campaign, motorcycles, river crossings, troop graves of comrades just buried, medals in wear, tropical uniforms, more.
45 photos - Luftwaffe Photo Album & Award Document Grouping  - Belgium, Balkans, Greece, Russia - Ground Combat - Flak Abt 84
206 photos. All from Obergf. Eugen TRESS who served in Flak Abt. 94. Comes with his GROUND COMBAT BADGE award document with original signature Generallt.. and commander 10 Flak Division Johann SIEFERT (DKiG),   Many good Flak photos, unit moving through Bulgaria, graves, good photos from GREECE, Greek POWs, photos from Yugoslavia, motorcycles, Russian POWs, Russian river crossings, many identified locations in Russia, photos from KURSK, Road sign "trees," troops in trench positions in winter camo (nice), medal ceremonies, RSO SCHLEPPER photo, portraits, more.
 -  sold
46photos - Luftwaffe FLAK Photo Album
195 photos.  nice portraits including one of the man wearing FLAK badge, girls in swimsuits, Flak searchlights, ceremonies, officers, more.
 -  sold
47 photos - Luftwaffe Photo Grouping
120 photos. Comes with Feldpost, and death notices also. Photo of Von Rundstedt arriving by plane, portraits, more.
-  sold
48photos - Army Photo Album - French Channel Coast
62 photos. Many photos of the man stationed on the French coast.
-  sold
49photos - Army Photo Album - OFFICER - SCHWERE PAK Unit + Panzer - France & Russia + US Bombing Wiener-Neustadt
137 photos. Many captions. Nice photo of him in Panzer uniform wearing Panzer Badge, EK1. photos of the France Campign, MP 40, HQ in French Chateaux, SCHWERE PAK positions - nice photos, modern train station in NOYON, schwere PAK in winter camo in Russia, MP 40 in Russia, EK2 Medals just awarded in the field, then photos of him attending Kriegsschule, nice MG 42 photo, photos of AMERICAN Bombers passing overhead, photos of AMERICAn & Luftwaffe FIGHTERS in dogfight, combat photos, American bombs falling on Wiener Neustadt, their unit going into the town to inspect the damage, photos of him in hospital in 1945.
 -  sold
50 photos - Army Father & Son Photo Album & Document Grouping - Nice! - WWI & WWII Award Documents - Fort Zinna Wehrmacht Prison
99 photos and documents of Oberfeldwebel Friedrich DALLHEIMER - mostly the father's. Wide assortment of documents of the father's service in WWI & WWII. During WWII,   he was stationed at FORT ZINNA in Torgau - the Wehrmacht's largest prison - "Wehrmachtgefaengnis Fort Zinna."  This is the first I have ever offered anything from someone serving there! Comes with award documents, his original, very well-filled out MILITAERPASS listing all his awards and campaigns on the WESTFRONT, letters of congratulations for him being awarded the KVK1 in WWII - listing FORT ZINNA as his unit, in WWI he served in the 13. Bay. Inf. Rgt. Ingolstadt. Photo album contains photos of him with French POWs during the French Campaign (WWII), nice photos of him wearing his medals, more. Nice grouping!
51photos - Army Father & Son Photo Album & Document Grouping - Nice! - Russia Campaign - Army & Waffen-SS - KIA
110 photos - mostly the 2 sons' material from the father in #50 above.   There were two bothers. One served in the WAFFEN-SS and was KIA in 1943. Comes with letter from his unit indicating that they have sent home some of his personal belongings. He served in Stabs- u. 1.-2. Batterie u. Kolonne Flak-Abteilung SS-Kavallerie-Division, also comes with a Red Cross letter concerning this son's death, also a letter saying they are sending his posthumous Sturmabzeichen, this son's Fuhrerschein, this son's Kennkarte, the other son's Wehrmacht Fuhrerschein, NSKK Ausweis  from the other son (Friedrich) allowing him to operate wood burning vehicles, Nice photo album with many caption. Portrait photos of Hermann wearing IAB and EK2, photos form the Russia Campaign, bunkers, troops in heavy winter gear, photos 120 west of Moscow, mortar crews, nice photo of salty troops "after heavy close combat day," photo of him with his father, more.
$365 - sold
52photos - Luftwaffe Photo Album - France Campaign - Flak Regiment 3
85 photos, well captioned.  The man was in Flak Rgt 3. Starts with photos of him at Regimental barracks, vehicles, motorcycles, other vehicles, then movement West for the France Campaign 1940, posing in captured French uniforms, interacting with French locals, French POWs, chatting up French girls and more.
$80 - sold
53photos - Army Photo Grouping - France Campaign
75 photos.  Many captioned on reverse. Soldier graves in the field, RAF airplanes, French B-1 tank (named), photos of the unit in Paris, trains, marching, soldiers goofing off, Krupp L2H43 LKW trucks, visiting Versailles, and more.
 -  sold
54photos - Luftwaffe  Photo Grouping - SICILY
242 photos.. Many captioned. Many photos from his time stationed in SICILY. Many photos of identified Sicilian towns, interacting with locals, medals in wear, KNIGHTS CROSS WINNERS, captured French tankettes, funerals, He 111 airplanes, Ju 87 STUKA with Italian markings, aerial bombs, postcards, more.
 -  sold
55 photos - German WWI FLIEGER Photo Album - Nice!
130 photos. Many great aircraft photos! Aerial recon photos, planes in flight, crashes, on airfield, KIA soldiers in the field in Flanders,  KIA soldiers in Odessa, pilots in flight gear, identified officers, life at the front, trench positions and more.
$465 - sold
56-a photos -   Gebirgsjaeger Photo Album & Document Grouping - KIA Poland 1939 - GJR 100
50 photos and documents of man who was KIA in Poland campaign 1939 while serving with Gebirgsjaeger Regiment 100. Comes with two letters from his company commander concerning his death to his family, photos of parade in Augsburg with original photo of HITLER,  Gebirgsjaeger training in the Alps in 1938, good GJ uniform and gear content, photos from the GJ barracks, and more.
 -  sold
56-b photos Army Photo Album- Poland, France Campaign, Russia
227 photos. Troops interacting with Polish locals, vehicles, French TANKS, French POWs in forced labor, requisitioned French Chateaux as unit HQ, vehicles, photos from PARIS, nice Moulin Rouge photo, crashed Soviet airplanes, destroyed Russian towns, KIA Russians in the field, burning Russian villages, Vehicles in deep Russian mud, graves, photos from SMOLENSK, captured Russian TANKS, Russian POWs on the march, Fieseler Storch airplanes, Ju 52 planes in low flight, more.
-  sold
57 photos  - Army Photo Album - 96 Inf Division - Leningrad + 1944
165 photos. well captioned throughout.  Starts with his RAD service. MG 34 photos, unit photos, portraits, then photos from the Russia Campaign, photos from WOLCHOW, troops interacting with Russian villagers, troops in harsh Russian winter conditions, Krupp L2H43 LKW trucks, EK2 medal awarded in field, bunkers, photos through summer 1944.
-  sold
58 photos - BDM Photo Album -  Bund Deutscher Mädel - NICE!
173  photos from a girl's service in the BDM - Bund Deutscher Mädel - League of German Girls, the female version of the Hitler Youth. Well captioned. good photos of her on holiday with her friends, sports uniforms and exhibitions, HJ boys in Bannsportfest 1941, parades, portraits of servicemen including one KIA at Stalingrad, more.
-  sold
59 photos  - KG Photo Group - KNIGHTS CROSS WINNER
55 photos of a Luftwaffe man. Contains several very nice photos of KNIGHTS CROSS WINNERS including an RK ceremony in the field, JU 88 aircraft, Unit HQ near Paris, photos from Italy, other identified locations in France, more.
-  sold
60photos - LEGION CONDOR Photo Album & Flugbuch + HJ Flieger & DLV - Nice!
99 photos of an radio/air gunner who served in the LEGION CONDOR during the Spanish Civil War. Comes with his FLUGBUCH for service with Aufklarungs Gruppe 125 from 1937; Feldpost - he later served in JAGDGESCHWADER 76 according to Feldpost number, many good photos from his time in the LEGION CONDOR - Legion Condor aircraft, many identified destroyed cities in Spain, Do 17 Legion Condor aircraft in flight, Spanish troops, photos of him in DLV uniform, NSFK marked aircraft, nice photos from his Hitler Jugend service including photos from his time in the FLIEGER Hitler Jugend and attending glider flight school in Fuerstenfeldbruck, more. nice group!
-  sold
61photos - Gebirgsjaeger Photo Album - GJR 100 - ITALY
157 photos of a Kompanie Spiess who served in Gebirgsjaeger Regiment 100.  Many photos from ITALY. Also comes with extra field music programs and other items he brought back.  Also comes with a nice multi-page field printed unit diary for March-April 1942, photos of GJ troops in winter camo, medals in wear, vehicles bogged in impassable Russian mud, graves of comrades, Russian POWs being interrogated, camo helmet covers, photos from ITALY, photo of a HANGED "PARTISAN" on streets of ROME, portrait photos of the man in uniform - one wearing Spiess tress, more.
-  sold
62photos  - Army Photo Album - Kradschuetzen - Austrian Anschluss, Sudetelnad, France & Russia - Nice!
300 photos in a nice album with helmet on cover. Nice portrait photos, motorcycles, photo of General reviewing his unit, PKW cars, then photos from the Austrian Anschluss and the Sudetenland Campaign, crash landed ME 109, then photos from FRANCE 1940, several nice photos of a KETTENKRAD (tracked motorcycle), then photos from Russia, PAK cannons, destruction, captured Russian tanks, nice Panzer III photo, medal award ceremonies, FLAME THROWER, more.
 -  sold
63 photos - HITLER JUGEND Photo & Document Grouping
31 photos. Nice Hitler Jugend content - uniforms, parades, gliders, tents and camping, HJ sports, BDM girls and more. also with a document from the boy.
-  sold
64photos - WWI Photo Album & Wehrpass Grouping
59 photos. and Wehrpass of the WWI veteran.  Good portraits, medals in wear, destruction, photos from VERDUN 1915, photos from ST MIHIEL, KIA troops in the field, mounted troops, and more. Wehrpass lists his WWI service with Fusilier Rgt. 86 and him serving on Westfront from 1914-1917.
65-a photos - AFRIKAKORPS Photo Group
Small DAK photo grouping- one photo of ROMMEL in the desert.
-  sold
65-b photos - Mixed Third Reich Document Grouping
Nice mixed lot of documents including  an original Ostmedaille award document, a nice EK2 award document, various NSDAP documents.
-  sold
66photos - Mixed Third Reich Photo Grouping - GROSSDEUTSCHLAND, LW Officer, Gebirgsjaeger
Interesting mixed lot - one large GROSSDEUTSCHLAND portrait with cufftitle in wear, , then a group of photos of a GJ unit on the front, then a grouping from a Luftwaffe officer and last a grouping of French press photos.
 -  sold
69photos - Photo & Award Document Grouping - 90 Panzer Grenadier Division "SARDINIEN" - TOP!
768 photos, most with captions on the reverse. Massive grouping, all from Leutnant Claus ZIEGLER who served in Nachr. Abt 190 of the 90 Panzer Grenadier Division "Sardinien" and previously in the 36 Infanterie Division.  Content from France, Russia & Italy.  Comes with his KVK1 award document with original signature Oberst (later Generalleutnant) Ernst-Günther BAADE (RK+Swords winner), Iron Cross Second Class award document from time serving in 36 Inf Division, Westwall Medal Award Document, several maps that he used in the field including a large map of SARDINIA - many maps have tactical symbols. Also comes with an original SARDINIEN Division stick pin. the photos contains very good content - French POWs, many identified locations in France, officers in field HQ with 36 Inf Division commander Generalleutnant Georg Lindemann, many images of vehicles, vehicles with unit emblems, photos from SENS, BEAUMONT, VERDUN, PARIS, VILLERS SUR MAAS, crashed French aircraft, schwere Artillerie, burning Russian villages, Russian POWs, medals in wear, Flak Halftracks, Russian Tanks, Panzerspahwagen, Luftwaffe planes, graves ,winter camo, photos from Smolensk,  funerals in the field, foxholes, good photos from his time in ITALY and SARDINIA (rare!), tropical uniforms in wear, photos from ROME, many other identified locations, and more. Also comes with a hand-written list of all the places he travelled during his service.  Super grouping!
$1235 - sold
69b. photos -  Waffen-SS Officer TWO Photo Album Grouping - SS Totenkopf & SS Nord - Norway & Finland -  SS Hauptsturmfuehrer Fritz PILLE
Two albums to the same SS officer - SS Hauptsturmfuehrer Fritz PILLE ( SS nr 249982). He served a a Kompaniechef in the SS division NORD. 154 photos, all from his SS service!  He was KIA on Sept 30, 1944. Comes with original newspaper clippings about his death, photos of his grave, photos of his family at his grave. Well captioned throughout. Many identified locations in Norway & Finland, SS vehicles, Knights Cross Winner GERLACH visiting the unit, SS graves, SS medal ceremonies in the field, FIVE ORIGINAL PHOTOS OF HEINRICH HIMMLER visiting the unit (Pille can be seen in the photos), bunkers, nice photos of other SS officers,  photos of him home on leave with his family, nice notes his wife and some included at the end of the album, and more.
$1750 - sold

69c. photos -  Waffen-SS TOTENKOPF OFFICER Photo Album -  SS Hauptsturmfuehrer Fritz PILLE
56 photos from a SS Totenkopf officer - SS Hauptsturmfuehrer Fritz PILLE ( SS nr 249982). He served a a Kompaniechef in the SS division NORD!  Contains great studio portraits of the man. Starts with photos of him from WWI service and continues through his service in the Allgemeine SS and then in the Waffen-SS as a SS Hauptsturmfuehrer. Also some photos of his son serving in a Panzer unit.  Good SS vehicles, SS flags, many good photos of the man in uniform, parades, photos of him in uniform with his family, nice studio portraits (9x13) of him in Allgemeine SS uniform, Krads, and more. Easy to see his face throughout the album.
$750 - sold
70 photos - LEGION CONDOR 2x Photo Album Grouping - AMAZING!
569 photos in TWO photo albums, meticulously captioned. Probably the BEST Legion Condor albums we have ever offered.  Fantastic content, almost all exclusively from the mans service in Legion Condor in the Spanish Civil War with 1./F 88. MANY EXCELLENT photos of Legion Condor aircraft from many different nations, many identified locations in Span including TOLEDO, BARCELONA, DAN JURGO, MADRID, BENICARLO, ALCAZAR, VENDRELL, ZARAGOZA, AVILA, MORELLA, CASTELLON, LEON, SAN SEBASTIEN, VIGO, nad more.  Photos of Spanish TANKS and tank crews in the field, Spanish troops in uniform, battlefield, many photos of vehicles, many excellent photos of German LEGION CONDOR uniforms in wear, original Spanish CURRENCY he brought back, original photos of RICHTHOFEN in Spain, Legion Condor parades in BERLIN, 8.8cm Flak cannons in Spain, photos of him posing wearing his Legion Condor Medals, destroyed Spanish towns, very rare SPANISH TANK, huge Italian 35cm cannons in Toledo, KIA soldiers, BUNKERS, many very large photos, original photos of GENERAL FRANCO  and more!
71photos - Kriegsmarine Photo Album - Minelayer - NANTES, LA PALLICE France
175 photos. Well captioned throughout.  Hitler Jugend portrait. photos from the man’s time in NSKK MOTORSPORTSCHULE in 1939, then photos from his Kriegsmarine training, nice studio portraits of the man, photos from Marine Schule Murwik,  photos from his time stationed in LA PALLICE, FRANCE in 1940 serving on the captured ship “CRIST MAHLMANN,” destroyed french ships, photos form the 42 MS Flottille at sea, laying mines in the Channel, photos stationed in NANTES, more.
72photos - Army Photo Album - KIA Officer - Russia Campaign
170 photos.  Nice grouping of KIA officer Lt. Hanns Adolf MUNIER who was KIA on 4. July 1942 at the beginning of Operation Barbarossa. Comes with several very nice studio portraits of the man, handwritten details from his parents, transcription of letter from General Papa to his parents informing them of Hanns’ death, photos cover his childhood through military service, including photos from the Russia Campaign just before his death.
73 photos GROSSDEUTSCHLAND Photo Grouping - Late War 1944 - Romania, Hungary
205 photos. almost all have detailed captions on reverse.  Many late war images from Romania, East Prussia and Hungary in 1944 and 1945!!  Good photos of Panzer troops wearing Panzer wrap tunics and GD cufftitles, medals awarded in field, many identified locations on reverse, camp pants in wear, graves, photos of Romanian troops, artillery, vehicle photos, several good photos from TARNOW POLAND,
MP 40, Flak Halftracks, and more.
$425  - sold

74 photos - MARINE HITLER JUGEND & Kriegsmarine Photo, negative & Feldpost Grouping
Appx 100 photos 7 Negatives  as well as Feldpost.  Nice grouping of photos, Feldpost and negatives from a boys MARINE HITLER JUGEND and later Kreigsmarine service. Nice photos of Marine HJ uniforms in wear, photos of barracks mural, Kriegsmarine service and more.
75 photos - Army Photo Album - Czechoslovakia 
91 photos. Portrait photos, swearing in ceremonies, photos of Czech Nazi Party ceremonies, some WWI photos, more.
$95  - sold
76photos -  NSKK + ARMY SOLDBUCH & Document Grouping - NSKK Race Champion
Very nice grouping to Karl SCHROPP who served in the NSKK and later Wehrmacht Army service. There are two victory banner/pennants that still have some NSKK insignia printing left, these is also an original photo of him with THESE PENNANTS on his race car after winning an NSKK race!! Also comes with newspaper articles about the race and more about the man, many ID’s and documents, great NSKK BETRIEBSBERECHTIGUNGSSCHEIN - NSKK Operation Qualification Certificate, Wehrmaccht Fuhrerschein with nice uniform photo, POW CAMP Feldpost, Military Discharge,  SOLDBUCH is salty but complete, served in various transportation units, award entries include Sudetenland Medal, Drivers Badge in Bronze and KVK2. Also comes with a letter on GREAT LETTERHEAD from Rudge-WHITWORTH Ltd. of Coventry.
77 photos - Award Document Grouping - 225 Infanterie Division - EK1 Winner
Award Document Grouping to Uffz. Herbert AHNERT who served in Grenadier Rgt 376.  Awarded the Silver Wound Badge on July 21, 1944, Would Badge in Black awarded Sept 16, 1943. Infantry Assault Badge in Silver awarded Aug 30, 1943 with original signature Regimental commander, Iron Cross Second Class awarded Dec 29, 1942 with original signature division commander Generalleutnant Walther Riße (RK+ Oakleaves winner). Iron Cross FIRST Class awarded Aug 22, 1944, also with original signature of Generalleutnant Walther Riße.
$375  - sold
78. photos - FALLSCHIRMJAEGER Award Document Grouping - 6. FJ Division - ARNEHM,  Reichswald FOREST - Late War!
Award document grouping to FALLSCHIRMJAEGER Oberwachtmeister Emil LORENZ who served in Fallschirmjaeger Art. Rat 6 of the6 FJ Division.  Comes with his Iron Cross Second Class awarded Jan 1, 1945 with original signature of division commander General Hermann PLOCHER (RK+ Oakleaves) - the division was in ARNEHM at this time!, KVK FIRST Class awarded April 20, 1945 also with with original signature PLOCHER, KVK2 awarded April 20, 1941 award from Luftflottenkommando 3 while serving in Luftnachr. Rgt LEGION CONDOR 3 . and his Four Year Service Medal awarded 1939 for service with Luftnachrichten Rgt 3 with original signature Generalfeldmarschal HUGO SPERRLE. Also his promotion document to Oberfeldwebel from 1941 for service with Luftnachrichten Rgt 3 LEGION CONDOR with original signature Regimental commander. Super grouping!
$1085  - sold
79. photos - AFRIKA Award Document Grouping - Lehrgeschwader 1, Kampfgeschwader 51 & Kampfgeschwader 1
Very nice award document Grouping to Uffz. Kurt WIESNER. Comes with several nice studio portraits of him wearing his medals, his ORIGINAL AFRIKA Cufftitle, extensive personal military history he compiled - great details!
Comes with his Flight Clasp in Silver award document with original signature Geschwader commander Oberst Friedrich Karl Knust (RK Winner), Flight Clasp in GOLD award document with orig. signature Geschwader commander Lehr Geschwader 1 KNUST, Black Wound Badge also with Geschwader commander signature KNUST Flight Clasp in BRONZE also with original KNUST signature, Iron Cross First Class award document with original signature General GEISLER, X Fliegerkorps commander & RK winner, Iron Cross Second Class award document with original signature VON GREIMM, V Fliegerkorps commander, Air Gunner Badge Award Document (Fliegerschuetzen) with original signature Generalleutnant Gustav Kastner-Kirdorf. Great Grouping.
$750  - sold
80. photos - EMPTY Photo Album - LEGION CONDOR
Great empty and unused photo album with “LEGION CONDOR” embossed on cover.
81.  photos - WWI  Photo Grouping - Nice images!
Nice mixed grouping of WWI photos - nice studio portraits as well as CDVs, medals in wear, Pickelhaube, and more.
$85 - sold
82. photos - WWI German Document Grouping - Militaerpass & Soldbucher
Nice combat service entries.  
 -  sold
83.  photos - Deutscher Soldaten-Fuehrer Durch PARIS - Paris booklet & Map for the German Soldier
Original guild to Paris for German Soldiers on leave. First one of this type I have seen. Very nice large fold out map
84. photos - FELDPOST grouping - Panzer Ersatz Abt 500 - TIGER & KINGTIGER
4 pieces of Feldpost from M. VOLLMER serving in Panzer Ers. Abt 500 Paderborn in late 1944 an also 1945. This unit was equipped with TIGER and KOENIGSTIGER panzers. Elements of Panzer-Ersatz-Abteilung 500 was sent to Arnhem and fought in the battle in Sept. 1944.
85.  photos - BUNDESWEHR Photo & WEHRPASS Grouping
Interesting collection of photos. - Tanks, Camp, weapons, vehicles etc.  Wehrpass has a Panzerfaust entry.
86. photos -  HITLER JUGEND Flak Helfer Photo grouping
25 photos. Nice grouping of photos of a Hitler Jugend buy’s service as a HJ FLAK HELFER.  Great portraits as well as HJ Flak helfer uniforms in the field.
$90  - sold
87.  photos - German WWI & WWII STERBEBILDER Death Notice Grouping
Mixed grouping of WWI & WWII German death cards - Sterbebilder.  Good combat service for many.
$110  - sold
88. photos -  3x Photo Album grouping - RAD, POLIZEI and Tropical Sudfront
3 small photo albums. one is RAD, the second is a Schutzpolizei man stationed in Czechoslovakia and the last is a Luftwaffe tropical Sudfront album - Italy, Afrika etc.
-  sold

89. photos -  BDM Photo Album - Female Hitler Jugend

Several photos captioned on reverse. BDM girls in uniform, BDM girls in Alps, photo of father in SA uniform, BDM sports uniforms, more
-  sold

90. photos - SOLDBUCH & Award Document Grouping - Gren Rgt 115 - 47 Volks Grenadier Division - AACHEN + HURTGEN FOREST
Grouping to Grenadier Gustav STEEB who served in green Rgt 115 of the 47 Volks Grenadier Division and saw action against the American forces in AACHEN and the HURTGEN FOREST.  Comes with his Infantry Assault Badge in Silver award document with original signature Rgt. Commander, Black Wound Badge for wound on March 5, 1945 while serving with Green Rgt 115, also comes with original Wound ID Tag, SOLDBUCH is complete with uniform photo in Luftwaffe uniform ( He must have previously been in the LW before being conscripted to Infantry duty late in the war), both medal entered.

91. photos -  Award Document Grouping - Panzer Jaeger Abt. 543 - 3 PANZER DIVISION
Award Document grouping to Obergef. Friedrich STREIBER who served in Panzer Jaeger Abt 543 of the 3 Panzer Division.  Comes with his KVK2 award document with original signature 3 Panzer Division commander Generalleutnant Hermann Breith (RK + Swords winner), General Assault Badge award document with orig. sig. Abt cdr., Russian Front Medal award document, Driver’s Badge in Bronze award document with orig. sig. Abt. cdr., Army Driver’s License.
92. photos -  Luftwaffe in PARIS Photo Grouping - Large Format
4 large appx 8.5x11 in photos of LW troops marching with the Arc De Triomphe in the background/ Perfect for framing!

93. photos - MIXED Document Grouping - Rare Himmler Christmas Book
Nice mixed grouping of Third Reich era documents. Comes with a Gold Treudienst Ehrenzeichen award document, Nice Gebirgsjaeger period book Schlag each uber den Sudosten, leather bound German language PARIS calendar book, WAFFEN-SS 1943 “Christmas” Book from HIMMLER’s Office (nice), Wehrpass, and more.
$175  - sold
94. photos -  Empty & Unused Photo Album
Green type album with embossed Army eagle.  Unused
95. photos - Army & HITLER JUGEND LEADER Photo Album
Appx 80 photos. Gorgeous portrait photo of him in HJ leader uniform.  portrait photos, graves in the field, BDM girls serving as nurses (uncommon uniforms), SUPER studio portrait of the woman and HJ Leader wearing his Army medals - likely too wounded to return to Army service, other photos from their wedding. more.
$185  - sold

96 -photos - Hitler Jugend Photo Album - NURNBERG
66 photos Rare photo of the Nurnberg Congress Hall under construction.  well captioned throughout. Nice group photos with HJ flags, HJ funeral service, parades, marching, HJ boys drinking beer, good photos from NURNBERG including a rare photo of the Nurnberg Congress Hall under construction, photos from Berlin, more.
$145  - sold
97. photos - German POW Holiday Original Artwork Cards
Very good original POW artwork from a Lt. ENZ.
$85 - sold
98. photos - 2x Bundesmarine Photo Album - Great Aircraft Photos - MARINEFLIEGER - Nice!
From Korvetten-Kapitan Hans Georg KUHLMANN, officer in the Bundesmarine (MARINEFLIEGER) and WWII U-BOAT officer! (See #99 below)  Many excellent photos and portraits of him, good images of technical equipment, Nice SEA HAWK photos, more. Great content throughout with many excellent aircraft photos, newspaper clippings about him and his service, hand made cards, more!
$380  - sold
99. photos - U-BOOT Photo Album - Officer of U-1223 - Hans-Georg KUHLMANN
284 photos. This is the personal photo album of U-1223 Oberlt and  LI, Hans Georg KUHLMANN.  From same man as #98 above. Super portraits of him throughout including amazing photos of him coming back from patrol with classic U-Boat beard - also wearing great U-1223 CAP BADGE, identified crew members and officers, many super photos of the U-1223 including interior shots, U-Boats at sea, nice hand-written service history with interesting details,   iced over U-Boat in MEMEL port, commissioning photos of the U-1223 with interesting photos of interior of U-Boat bunker, funny photos of him bicycle being loaded onto the U-boat, good photos on combat patrol, other U-Boats at sea, nice photos of U-1223 commander wearing white cap and leather jacket, and more!
$1670  - sold
100. photos POLIZEI Photo Album & Document Grouping - ELSENBORN 1944
Appx 100 photos. Photo album and document grouping of a Polizei man.  Comes with his Leistungsbuch, many photos captioned on reverse.  Many photos from his time stationed in ELSENBORN in the Eifel Region of Germany - of Elsenborn Ridge battle fame - in 1944. ceremonies, SS troops, several large format photos, Polizei bands, studio portraits, Party Rallies, more.
$145  - sold

101. photos - Hitler Jugend Photo Album
Well captioned throughout. Appx 80 photos. Good images of HJ uniforms, camping, HJ gear, wrestling matches, boxing match, visiting the Alps, portrait photos of him in HJ and later Army uniform, doing reconstruction after Allied bombing and more.
$95  - sold
102. photos  - BDM Photo Album
Appx 80 photos, Many captions.  Good photos of BDM uniforms, group photos, barracks/sleepovers, work service in the field, flags, ceremonies, more.
-  sold
103. photos - Army Photo Album - Romania, Russia
134 photos. Group photos, photos of town signage in Romania, troops interacting with locals, Romanian oilfields (Ploesti?)=, many good vehicle photos, Panzers, artillery cannons, motorcycles, POWs, graves. crashed planes, recovery in hospital after being wounded, more.
-  sold
104. photos - Army Photo Album - Artillerie Rgt 13
95 photos.  In an official unit album - very nice one!  Album is empty and photos are loose. Artillery, troop movements, motorcycles, training, burning villages,  more.
$90 - sold
105. photos - Empty & Unused Photo Album
106. photos - Luftwaffe Photo Grouping - Many Aircraft Photos
100 photos. Many aircraft photos.
$70 - sold
107. photos - FALLSCHIRMJAEGER Photo Album
203 photos, all from the same FALLSCHIRMJAEGER man! His face is easily recognizable throughout.   Many photos of FJ's wearing jump smocks, many photos of FJ's jumping with parachutes, many photos with medals in wear, FJ's with Lugers, jumping out of Ju 52s in flight, FJ Standarte & Fahnentraeger, FJ's wearing camo helmets, more!
$610  - sold
108. photos - Army Photo Album - GEBIRGSJAEGER - Trench Combat
128 photos. Named to Karl Heinz NUSSBAUMER, born  April 11, 1924.  great trench combat photos. Good portraits, nice Gebirgsjaeger portrait and photos, troops in the Alps, vehicles, photos form the France Campaign, bunkers, motorcycles, mounted troops, French POWs, HJ photos, funerals good MG 34 images, several nice MORTAR images, good FOXHOLE photos, GJ insignia, gear, more.
109. photos - Army Photo Album - OFFICER - Southern France, ITALY?
188 photos of an officer. Many photos from what looks like southern France.  Also comes with his Wehrmacht Driver's License. Medal ceremonies, camo painted vehicles, portraits, more.
-  sold
110. photos - Army Photo Album - GEBIRGSJAEGER - POLAND CAMPAIGN
88 photos in handmade wooden album he brought home from Poland. Many vehicles, bunkers, destroyed towns and cities, graves, HANGED PARTISAN, very good images of Polish POWs, portraits, French POWs, more.
111. photos - FALLSCHIRMJAEGER Photo Grouping - Kreta
73 photos.  Great Studio portraits of the man wearing FALLSCHIRMJAEGER Badge, FJ's wearing FJ helmets and jump smocks, other photos of FJ badges in wear, FJ parades, photos of FJ's on KRETA, FJ Motorcycles, more.
$425 - sold
112. photos - SA Photo Album & Document Grouping - NURNBERG RALLY - Original HITLER Photos
24 photos and many documents covering Otto LIEBHABER's time fro SA service to Army service. Comes with his Military Discharge, photo copies of his award documents as well as many original documents, listing of dead and wounded in a Munich air raid - he may have served in the Luftschutz at this time, good photos from his SA service including photos of HITLER at a Nurnberg Rally, parades and marching in Nurnberg Altstadt, flags, more.
$225  - sold
113. photos - Woman's Third Reich Reisepass & Document Grouping
Interesting mixed Third Reich era document lot from one woman.
114. photos - Army Photo Album - GEBIRGSJAEGER - Gebirgsjaeger Regiment 100
272 photos of a Mountain Troop soldier.  Starts with photos from his Hitler Youth service, good GJ uniforms, medical Ju 52 transports, great Gebirgsjaeger studio portraits, STUGs, graves in the field, Russian tanks, POWs, more.
$165  - sold
115. photos - GEBIRGSJAEGER Photo Grouping - France
150 photos . French bunkers, destroyed French towns, medals in wear, GJ uniforms, graves in the field, bicycle infantry, several photos captioned on reverse, POWs on the march, mortars, officers, troops in the Alps, Alpenland Kaserne photos, more.
116. photos - Army Medical Unit Photo Group - Many Field Ambulances
70 photo of a man in a medical unit. many good field ambulance images, other medical vehciles, red cross medic arm bands in wear, destroyed towns and cities, graves, peasants, gypsies, more.
117. photos - Small Officer's Photo Album
35 photos.  Many photos are captioned.
-  sold
118. photos - Army Photo Group - Pionier - France, Russia - 71 Infanterie Division
100 photos all from the same man who served in Pio Bat 7 of the 71 Inf Division - combat engineer. Graves, many photos of destruction, bicycle infantry, Ju 52 in low flight, German troop funerals, artillery cannons, crashed planes, river crossings, POWS on the march, Russian soldier graves, aftermath of street battles, more.
119. photos - Army Photo Group - France 1940
67 photos. Panzers, destroyed towns and cities, crashed planes - French and German, POWs, vehicles, vehicle columns, ceremonies in the field, French POW on the march, Maginot Line, KIA French soldiers, MG 34 positions in treeline, captured French munitions, more.
120. photos - Army Photo Grouping - France & Russia - Many TANKS
100 photos.   Many excellent photos of Russian TANKS, nice studio portrait of the man, crashed Russian planes, German STUGs, Flak cannons, mobile Russian artillery captured, troops just received medals in the field, winter camo in wear, motorcycles, Russian cities on fire, vehicle columns, graves, KIA Russian soldiers, bunkers, more.
$165  - sold
121. photos - Army Photo Grouping - France & Russia
130 photos. Good studio portraits, destroyed French towns and cities, troops interacting with French locals, river crossings, Maginot Line defenses, Trench positions, camo caps in wear, medals in wear, KIA Russians in the field, more.
122. photos - Luftwaffe FLAK TRAIN Photo Grouping
36 photos of a Luftwaffe FLAK TRAIN unit. Nice photos!
$65 - sold
123. photos - Luftwaffe GLIDER FLUGBUCH & Photo Group
Nice GLIDER grouping with Flugbuch, NSDAP Liederbuch, and photos from his Luftwaffe service.
-  sold
124. photos - RAD Field Service in RUSSIA Photo Album & DIARY
60 photos. Very detailed diary of his FIELD service in Russia - not the typical behind the scenes RAD unit!  Very good Russia campaign photos - vehicles, graves, many identified locations, crashed Russian planes, more!
$135  - sold
125. photos - Studio Portrait Photo Grouping - SS, Polizei, Army, Medals, +
Very nice grouping of 20 studio portraits. All 9x13cm. One nice Waffen-SS portrait, Polizei, Panzer, Helmet, Polizei, medals etc. Good lot!
126. photos Luftwaffe Award Document Grouping - Flak Rgt 6
Extensive document grouping to Wachtmeister who served in Flak Rgt 6.  Comes with his original Iron Cross Second Class award document, original Flak Badge award document, portraits of the man, Wehrmacht Driving Instructor License, promotion documents, military discharge, many original letters he sent from POW Camp in Canada, and more.