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1.  photos -  Luftwaffe Document & Photo grouping - KIA - KAMPFGESCHWADER 55 - BATTLE OF BRITAIN
Very nice grouping to Uffz. Sepp RIEDER who served in KG 55 as an Air Gunner. Comes with 325 photos(!) from his military service, his original WEHRPASS filled with great entries including BATTLE OF BRITAIN CAMPAIGN entries for bombing runs on HULL & BIRMINGHAM as well as the BLITZ and operations in Russia!  death notices and newspaper clippings, his award document for BOMBER CLASP IN BRONZE with orig. sig. KG 55 commander Oberstlt. Benno KOSCH ( RK winner), his IRON CLASS FIRST CLASS award document with orig. sig. Generaloberst LOEHR (RK + OAKLEAVES winner), letters to family from commander regarding his death, many other documents related to his service. Also comes with his DJ FUEHRER AUSWEISS and his HITLER JUGEND FUEHRERAUSWEIS. Photos include man great studio portrait photos, several showing him wearing his medals, many photos of him and comrades in flight gear, many aircraft photos, photos taken in plane in flight, damaged aircraft, photos of his and comrades' graves, portrait of a DKIG winner, more.
- sold
2.  photos - PANZER Photo Album Wehrpass & Document Grouping - HUMMEL Crew Member - KIA!
341 photos(!) and documents of a man who served on a Sd.Kfz. 251  HUMMEL Crew as part of At. Rgt 63. It is well known this unit was equipped with Selbtfahrlafette "Hummel" starting December 1, 1943.  Comes with his award documents for the Bulgarian Bravery Medal IV Class, Driver's Badge in SILVER, Iron Cross Second Class, Driver's Badge in GOLD, letter to family saying he was KIA, letter attesting to his being credited for a Sturmtag, rare document from the 36 & 134 Inf Div. WEHRPASS is very nice with training qualification for the s.F.H. 18 (Sf.) [ that would be the HUMMEL], also training courses for driving fully tracked armored vehicles over 10 tons and as GESCHUTZFUEHRER. All awards entered, many campaign entries for France & Russia, and entry that he was KIA on Dec 12, 1944. Album contains many great front photos including several of him on his HUMMEL in the field (!!), many other good artillery photos from his time before the unit was fitted with HUMMELS, many halftrack photos, photos of him on day of his EK2 award, artillery crews in action in the field, graves, Russia river crossings, Russian airplanes, bunkers & foxholes, Russian POWs, MP 40,  Krads, Bunkers, Sturmgeschutze, nice photo of a German PANZERZUG armored train, rare photo of a "BUNKERKNACKER" armored 8.8cm Halftrack, Gypsies, burning Russian villages, more. Rare group!
$850 - sold
3.  photos  -   Army Photo Album - Inf Rgt 19 - WACH BATL. BERLIN - Nice!
121 photos from one man. Many good photos of him serving in WACH BATL BERLIN guarding the Brandenburg Gate and other important locations in Berlin. Well captioned throughout.  good studio portrait showing him wearing Inf Rgt 19 shoulder boards, Inf Rgt 19 officer portraits wearing medals, unit photos, parades, Standarte & Fahnentraeger, Olympics 1936, many nice large photos from his unit marching in  Berlin, Zeppelins, HITLER in BERCHTESGADEN in 1934,  nice photos of night time ceremonies, 1935 maneuvers, Berlin lit up at night, more.
$245 - sold
4.  photos - WEHRPASS - Norway, Finland - Kampfgeschwader 27 - MANY Weapons Qualifications!
WP to Richard SCHERER who served with KG 27 and other Flughafen Betriebs units. Contains one of the most extensive list of weapons qualifications I have seen - Czech Pak 37, K98, MG, 13, MG 15, PAK 37, MG 42, MG 34, schwere Granatwefer, lei. Granatwerfer, Flammenwerfer, Gewehergranatgeraet (rifle grenade), Pistole 08, MP 38/42, Minelaying training, single-handed Tank destruction training and Stosstrupp Ausbildungs (Shock Troop training). Awarded the Ostmedaille, campaign entries for Russia, Finland and Norway. Also comes with his Allied issued military discharge.
$185 - sold

5.  photos -  AFRIKAKORPS Photo Album - Nice!
192 photos of a Luftwaffe man serving in AFRIKA!  Very nicely and artistically captioned.  Many photos also captioned on the reverse with more details. All in a nice leather Africa motif album he brought back from his time there.  Starts with the man and unit shipping out from Italy to Africa, many identified locations, vehicles, camp painted vehicles, field bivouacs in the desert, troops interacting with locals, troops in TOBRUK, several good images of  Panzers & Panzerjaeger tanks in the desert, Me 110 aircraft, loading Ju 52 transports, graves, German using captured British vehicles, more.
$435- sold
6.  photos - GEBIRGSJAEGER Photo Album - Gebirgs Pionier Batl 54 - 1 Gebirgs Division - France Campaign
160 photos of a Gebirgsjaeger (mountain troop) soldier who served in  Gebirgs Pionier Batl 54 - 1 Gebirgs Division. In an nice official unit album with unit name embossed on cover. Good photos of unit Kaserne, parades & ceremonies, mounted troops, good photos of GJ troops in mountain/Alpine terrain, officer, vehicles, several gruesome KIA soldier images, crashed planes, captured BRITISH SOLDIERS, refugees, Krad troops,   Good photo of MG 08 crew manning defensive position on river, KO French tanks, more.

7.  photos - GEBIRGSJAEGER Photo Grouping - Russia Campaign
147 photos  of a Gebirgsjaeger (mountain troop) soldier. Nice studio portraits of the man in uniform, troops in foxholes, GJ troops mountain climbing, weapons, burning villages, good GJ gear images, unit photos, destroyed towns and cities, bicycle infantry, crashed Russian aircraft, schwere Mortars, unit graves in the field, KO Russian tanks, vehicles, captured Russian Quad MG, officers, more.
8.  photos -   Army Photo Album - POLAND Campaign - 2 Panzer Division - JEWISH CONTENT
194 photos of a soldier serving in the Poland Campaign in Aufklarungs Abt 5 of the 2 Panzer Division. In a nice hand-carved wooden album he brought back from Poland.  Contains several original private photos of JEWS in Poland, many vehicles, KIA, POWs, grave of first KIA soldier of their division in the Poland Campaign, officer graves, Panzerspahwagen, wrecked Panzerspahwagen, portraits, Polish POWs, Panzers rolling through Polish towns, destruction, troops interacting with Polish locals, crashed planes, halftracks, German vehicles with good graffiti, more. Nice album.
$385 - sold

9.  photos - GEBIRGSJAEGER Photo Album - 3. Gebirgs Division
#9 & 9b are from the same man. 197 photos of a
Gebirgsjaeger (mountain troop) soldier who served in Gebirgsjaeger Rgt 138 of the 3 Gebirgs Division . Well captioned throughout. In nice album with metal helmet on cover. Starts with his RAD service with several good NÜRNBERG RALLY photos he participated in, original photo of HITLER in Nürnberg, Then photos of him serving in WACH BATL WIEN  - special honor guard unit in Vienna, then in GJ unit - Gebirgsjaeger Rgt 138 of the 3 Gebirgs Division. Good photos of the unit Kaserne, GJ troops in the Alps, mountain climbing, good GJ gear images, SUDETENLAND BUNKERS, BEUTE Czech Armored Cars - OA vz. 30 (Obrněnı automobil vzor 30),  nice MG 34 photos, more.

 photos -  GEBIRGSJAEGER Photo Album - 3. Gebirgs Division - Denmark, Finland, Lappland, Norway
#9 & 9b are from the same man.  148 photos of a Gebirgsjaeger (mountain troop) soldier who served in Gebirgsjaeger Rgt 138 of the 3 Gebirgs Division. Good content from Denmark, Finland, Lappland, & Norway. Well captioned throughout.  Many identified locations.  Starts with photos of the unit in Denmark then on to Finland/Lappland and Norway.  SS soldier on troop ship, Finnish locals working for the German Army, field bivouacs, captured artillery, KIA soldiers in the field, KO Russian armored cars, identified officers, several good photos of NARVIK SHIELDS in wear in the field, foxhole and forward trench positions,  salty looking troops in the field, graves,  MG 34, original map he kept from the war of Scandinavia, more!
$465- sold
10.  photos - German WWI Photo Album - Executions + Planes + Combat - Westfront & Ostfront
159 photos of a German WWI soldier. In a very nice period album with EK2 device on cover.  Contains very good images including several photos of hangings, many KIA images, crashed and captured aircraft, many weapons photos, portraits, hospital recovery, identified french & Belgian towns, group photos, trenches, wounded troops, KIA British troops in Fromelles, captured artillery, KIA pilots, photos from the SOMME, British TANKS, Railway Cannons, captured munitions, French POWs, and more. Nice WWI album!
$365 - sold
11.  photos Army Photo & Death Notice Grouping - Aufklarungs Abteilung - France & Russia
136 photos of Gef. Alois SCHMID. Comes with his large death notice. He was KIA on Jan 27, 1944 in Russia.  Comes with studio portrait of the man used for his funeral notice, vehicles, destruction, horses, artillery, KO halftracks, very nice camo painted vehicles, camo smocks, POWs on the march crashed planes, trenches, MG 34, troops in harsh winter conditions, observation balloons in use in the field, more.
12.  photos - Luftwaffe FLAK Photo Grouping
88 photos of a man who served in a LW Flak unit. Good images of Flak cannons & crews in the field, halftracks, medals in wear, parades, Ju52 aircraft, ceremonies, Standarte & Fahnentraeger, more.|
$65 - sold
13.  photos - Army Photo Album - FRANCE Campaign - Inf Rgt 13 - 25 Inf Division
186 photos of a man who served in Inf Rgt 13 of the 25 Inf Division.  Studio portraits of the man, vehicles, good weapons photos, cavalry, MG 08, Railway cannons, troops in the Alps, motorcycles, MG 34, troops in trench positions, more. 
14.  photos - AFRIKAKORPS Photo Grouping - Afrika, Greece + France Campaign
93 photos; many captioned on reverse.  Photos from the man's service in Africa & Greece, also photos from the France Campaign. Photos from Paris, bivouacs in the desert, graves, troops interacting with Arabs, ship transport, more.
15.  photos -  GEBIRGSJAEGER Photo Grouping -France, Norway & Finland
109 photos of a Gebirgsjaeger (mountain troop). Content from France, Norway and Finland. Nice studio portraits of the man, weapons, vehicles, destroyed towns and cities, motorcycles, river crossing, Pionier equipment, GJ Artillerie cannons, GJ mules & equipment, photos from Paris, ship transport, bivouacs in Norway & Finland, photo from POW camp, more.
16.  photos -  GEBIRGSJAEGER Photo Grouping - GJR 100 - France, Norway, Finland
200+ photos of a Gebirgsjaeger (mountain troop) - military as well as family photos. He served in Gebirgsjaeger Rgt 100. Several death notices from family members, nice studio portrait of the man in uniform, Good GJ uniform content, graves, POW camp photos, Pionier bridges, GJ artillery cannons, vehicles, photos from Paris, troops in Balkans, motorcycles, troops in harsh winter conditions, photo of the man's father or grandfather who was killed by a lightning strike with newspaper clipping about it, more.
17.  photos - Luftwaffe PILOT Photo Album - Late War
152 photos of a Luftwaffe Pilot.  Well captioned throughout. Covers period from 1944 to war's end.  Photos of him an comrades in flight gear, training aircraft, nice portraits of him in uniform and flight gear, photos of him wearing Pilots Badge, more. 17, 18 & 19 are from the same man.
18.  photos - Third Reich Era Photo Album - Allied Bombing of LÜBECK
209 photos of a family during the Third Reich Era. Contains photos of LÜBECK after Allied bombing raids - not common as civilians were forbidden to take photos of Allied bomb damage. Also photos of Swastika banners and flags, parades, etc. 17, 18 & 19 are from the same man.
$125- sold
19.  photos -   Luftwaffe PILOT Photo Album - Late War
126 photos of a Luftwaffe Pilot.  Well captioned throughout.  Contains some photos from his HJ service, then Luftwaffe. Photos of him in uniform, on leave at home with family, airplanes, flight gear, pilot training in Luftkriegschule, good portraits of the man, photos of him wearing Pilot Badge, photos date to March 1945.17, 18 & 19 are from the same man.
20.  photos  HITLER JUGEND Photo Album
155 photos of a boy's service in the DJ & Hitler Jugend.  Well captioned. The boy inspecting Panzerspahwagen, visiting U-BOATS in harbor, parades, the boy and comrades in uniform, HJ gliders, banners, flags, ceremonies, camping, HJ gear, Christmas celebration, SA troops, more.
21.  photos - Hitler Jugend & UNTEROFFIZIER VORSCHULE Photo & Document  Grouping
88 photos from one young man during his service at Unteroffiziervorschule - training school for aspiring NCO's. Very nice studio portrait of the man in Unteroffiziervorschule uniform, many other photos of the boy and comrades in UVS uniform as well as Unteroffiziervorschule cufftitle,  also comes with his Hitler Jugend LEISTUNGSBUCH with nice DJ uniform photo,  also comes with nice DJ swimming document> Nice grouping
22.  photos -  2x Photo Album Grouping - OFFICER - Artillerie Regiment 72 - France & Russia Campaigns
Two photo albums containing 596 (!!) photos from one Artillery officer!  He served in Art Rgt 72.  Well captioned. Nice studio portrait of the officer in uniform, good photos of the man wearing medals, one page of SS comrade photos & SS graves (might be family member), nice studio portrait of him in dress white uniform, KO French TANKS, destroyed French towns and cities, French POW cages, many good Artillery Cannon photos, halftracks, bunkers, photos from Paris, burning villages, officers reviewing maps in the field, vehicles, troops in harsh winter conditions, troops interacting with peasants, graves, first album starts with his early service in 1933 in the 5 Art. Rgt., nice content!
23.  photos -  WEHRPASS & Photo Grouping - 294 Infanterie Division - France & Russia Campaigns
201 photos and Wehrpass from the same Feldwebel who served in Inf Rgt 31, 414 and 515, as well as other units.  Wehrpass is nicely filled out - awards for Black Wound Badge from the 515 IR (unit was fighting in Charkow at the time), attended Zugfuehrer Lehrgang (platoon leader course),  good portraits including two colorized ones, trenches & foxholes, artillery, graves, halftracks and other vehicles, burning Russian villages, KIA horses Pionier bridges, destroyed towns and cities, salty troops on the march, infantry fanning across field, bicycle infantry, MG 34, Russian TANKS, Zwillingssockel MG 34 Wagens, French tanks inspected, more.
$265 - sold
24.  photos -   Army Photo Grouping - NEBEL LEHR REGIMENT - Nebelwerfer - Russia Campaign
220 photos of a man who served in NEBEL LEHR REGIMENT on the Russian Front - an elite Nebelwerfer unit  formed from the Nebeltruppen school in Celle on 29 April 1941 with two battalions, one each with 10 cm NbW 35 mortars and 15 cm NbW 41 rockets! Good images of salty troops in the field, trenches & foxholes, PAK cannons, halftracks, good combat images, vehicles, officer portraits, one good Nebelwerfer photo, wounded troops, destruction, Russian POWS, KO Russian TANKS, Infantry Geschutz cannons & crews, camo helmets in wear, KRIMSCHILDS in wear, funerals in the field,  more!
25.  photos -   Army Photo Grouping - NEBEL LEHR REGIMENT - Nebelwerfer - Russia Campaign - TOP!
127 very good photos of
a man who served in NEBEL LEHR REGIMENT on the Russian Front - an elite Nebelwerfer unit  formed from the Nebeltruppen school in Celle on 29 April 1941 with two battalions, one each with 10 cm NbW 35 mortars and 15 cm NbW 41 rockets!  Great photos of NEBELWERFERS and crews in the field, Nebelwerfers firing. troops just awarded EK2's in the field, great FOXHOLE & trench photos, vehicles, portraits, officers reviewing maps, loading Nebelwerfer rockets on halftracks, MG 34, road sign "trees," VW Kubelwagen with 'L" unit emblem, KO Russian tanks, more. Great grouping!
26.  photos -   GEBIRGSJAEGER Photo Grouping - Gebirgsjaeger Regiment 100 - Sudetenland Campaign
150 photos of a Gebirgsjaeger (mountain Troop) who served in 3. & 14. /GJR 100. Good content from the Sudetenland Campaign. Troops being cheered on by Sudeten villagers, portraits, officers in Sudeten towns, motorcycles, G mules & equipment, parades in Sudeten towns, border corssings into Czechoslovakia, PKWs, Pak cannons, Sudeten Partei flags, airplanes, GJ troops in high mountain positions, troops training with Attrappenpanzer (fake tanks), GJ troops passing OBERAMMERGAU sign, Panzerspahwagen, more.
$175 - sold
27.  photos  Army Photo Grouping - Medic - Balkans, Greece
159 photos of a medic with content from Greece & the Balkans.  Portrait photo of the man, LKW & PKW, graves, Hungarian troops, POWS, troops interacting with locals, Infanterie Geschutz cannons, destruction, field ambulances, captured British Tanks in Greece, troops at Greek landmarks, field hospitals, motorcycles, more.
28.  photos -   Luftwaffe & Army Photo Grouping + WWI
65 photos from one family. Content from the Luftwaffe & Army.  Also some Reichswehr images.  Also a small WWI album.
29.  photos -  PANZER Photo Grouping
Grouping of 40 photos and death notices. Nice portraits, panzer troops, SS postcard, and more.
- sold
30.  photos -  Award Document - MOTHER'S CROSS in BRONZE
31.  photos - Award Document - 25 Year Long Service Medal
$30 sold
32.  photos - RARE Award Document & Cap Badge - 34 Inf Division
Very rare original cap badge and award document for the 34 inf Division.
- sold
33.  photos Award Document -  KVK2 - 34 inf Division
KVK2 award document for Wilhelm SCHWING who served in Art Rgt 34 of the 34 Inf Division. Orig. signature Oberst. Also comes with a small POW ID.
- sold
34.  photos -  German POW Photo & Document Grouping - Grenadier-Regiment 1059 - POW ITALY
Grouping to Gef. KARL MEYER who served in Grenadier-Regiment 1059 which was part of the 92 & later 362nd Inf Divisions/ He was captured by the Americans on July 9, 1944 in Lajatico, Italy (50 km SW of Florence). The US 88th Division was fighting in this area at that time. Comes with two portrait photos, one from POW camp, several letters and IDs, letter to family from komp. commander saying he was captured, POW camp ID, military discharge, and more.
- sold
35.  photos -   German POW Letter, Photo & Document Grouping
Large grouping of 37 POW letters from Otto KOEHLER,  a German soldier in US POW camp. Also a couple of pieces of wartime Feldpost with Feldpost numbers. unresearched!
- sold
36.  photos -  Award Document Grouping - 212 Inf Division - Volks Gren Division
Award document grouping to Oberfunkmeister Georg GROSS who served in Gren Rgt 316 of the 212 Inf Division - 212 Volks Grenadier Division. Comes with Iron Cross First Class awarded Sept 1944 with orig. sig. div. cdr. Genlt. Franz SENSFUSS (RK winner). Also comes with post war driver's license with photo and marriage certificate as Unteroffizier in 1940l.
- sold
37.  photos Eisenbahn Document Grouping - Paris
Grouping to Eisenbahn (train) Inspektor Wilhelm WENZEL. Comes with two PARIS Ausweis with Feldpost Nummer for Org. Todt, marksmanship book, and two other Eisenbahnverein related ID's.