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NOTE:  New Items Start with #32 Below

1.  photos -   Photo & Award Document Grouping - 35 Infanterie Division
Complete grouping to Gef. Engelbert WOLFSTURM who served in Inf Rgt 34 of the 35 Inf Division. Comes with 128 original photos and negatives from his service time, his Iron Cross Second Call award document with original signature 35 ID commander General der Artillerie Rudolf Freiherr von ROMAN (RK+Oakleaves winner), Infantry Assault Badgeaward document with orig sig Rgt commander, Black Wound Badge. Also comes with transmittal letters for his EK2 and Infantry Assault Badge. Also comes with several other documents including his discharge, French ID for when he served as a driver for the French Army, Feldpost, and more. Photos show him wearing his medals, graves, destroyed French towns, POWs, vehicles, KNIGHTS CROSS WINNER photos, bunkers in he field and more.
2.  photos - GEBIRGSJAEGER Photo Album - GREECE & Russia
93 photos (plus additional post war prints - not pictured in the listing to avoid confusion, but they are nice). Good portrait photos, marching, good GJ uniform details, gear, good photos of GJ troops in mountain terrain, officers, photos from Garmisch PArtenkirchen, medals in wear, then photos from GREECE, photos from the Balkans, KIA Russian soldiers, vehicles, graves, river crossings, Russian tanks, crashed landed He 111 airplane, GJ mules, field bivouacs, nice photo of man and brother in STUG uniform, winter gear, camp uniforms and smocks, MP 40. And more. Nice album
$275 - sold
3.  photos  -   Förderndes Mitgliedsbuch der SS - SS Patron Membership ID - RARE!
A Förderndes Mitglied der SS (SS-FM; SS Patron Members) was a member of a Nazi organization for individuals who did not join the Allgemeine SS (General SS) for active duty, but instead contributed financially to the SS.   Has his SS FM Badge number entered inside with unit listed as 42 SS Standarte.  First of these we have offered!
$350 - sold
4.  photos - Waffen-SS Photo Grouping - Nice Portraits - Italy
Grouping of 12 photos from the same SS man. Nice studio portraits. All wartime originals. One of the captions on reverse indicate it was taking in ITALY.  Cheap!
$165 - sold
5.  photos -   Army & Hitler Jugend Photo, Negative and Feldpost Box Grouping - Infanterie-Regiment 684
Grouping of original photos and negatives of a man who serve din Infanterie-Regiment 684 of the 335 Inf Division. All the negatives are in the original Feldpost box he kept them in wince the war. Feldpost summer corresponds to this unit. One original HITLER photo, artillery, Hitler Jugend photos, Budenzauber photos, MG units, bicycle infantry, troops in harsh winter conditions, the negatives contain very good MG 34 images as well as Zwillingssockel MG 34 Wagen images, motorcycles, Army bands performing, and more.
6.  photos - SOLDBUCH - 125 Infanterie Division
Original issue Soldbuch to Obergef. Anton WALDRAFF. He served in Inf RGt 421 of the 125 Infanterie Division. Awards entered include Balck Wound Badge, EK2, Infantry Assault Badge, and Ostmedaille. He was wounded in the heavy fighting in Nikopol which eventually led to the virtual destruction of the division.
7a.  photos - WWI Mixed Document & Photo Grouping - Feld Art. Rgt 281
Mixed grouping of WWI items including nice portrait photos, original SOLDBUCH and original MILITÄRPASS as well as an original period Field song book. The Militärpass is very nice; the man served in field Artillery Rgt 281 from the start of the ear and was awarded EK2 as well as other medals (entered), also has a very long list of campaign entries he participated in. The Soldbuch - to a different soldier - is also nicely filled out. He served in Garde Fussart. Rgt. 15.
7b.  photos - Hitler Jugend, RAD, Army Photo Album - France Campaign
151 photos. Photos form man's service in the HJ, RAD and then Army. Images from the France Campaign. Nice HJ sports competition photos, uncommon basketball photos, portraits, Krads, other vehicles, Maginot Line bunkers, bicycle infantry, destruction, KIA horses, French Tanks, good French town signage, Panzer IV tanks, French road signs, French POWs, French graves, more. (Photos re better quality that this listing shows due to lighting issues)
$175 - sold
8.  photos -   Army OFFICER & Gebirgsjaeger Enlisted Brothers Photo Album
147 photos. Of an Army officer who was KIA and his brother and enlisted Gebirgsjaeger. The album was lovingly complied by the GJ brother. Starts with a nice studio portrait of him in uniform with dagger, many photo of him with his brother, photos from their time in the Hitler Jugend, interesting photos showing the Christmas gifts of the family (time capsule), sports competitions, medals in wear, and more.
$225 - sold
9.  photos - GEBIRGSJAEGER Photo Album - Gebirgsjäger Rgt 99
166 photos of a man who's served in the famous mountain troop unit, GJR 99. Very well captioned throughout. Filled with good photos of GJ troops in Alpine terrain, goo damages of GJ uniform details and equipment, weapons, mountain climbing, Gebirgsjaeger mules with gear, beer drinking, Führer Birthday parades, Kaserne photos from Füssen, PAK cannons, original photo of GENERAL DIETL reviewing the unit, and more. Great album!
10.  photos - Army Photo Grouping - Artillery Unit - France Campaign
64 photos of an Artillery unit during the France Campaign of 1940. Photos of Waffen-SS cemetery in the field, good artillery photos, motorcycles, destruction, crashed Russian planes, captured French artillery, super heavy artillery in winter camp, many photos captioned on reverse, many photos from TROYES, France and other identified locations.
$125 - sold
11.  photos FOUR Army Photo Album Grouping - NORWAY & FINLAND - NARVIK
319 photos in FOUR albums. Well captioned. Many identified locations in Finland and Norway including NARVIK, OSLO, OVERHALLA, ALTA, Troop interacting with Lapplanders, locals in WH service, vehicles, Lager life in the North, ship transport, road signs, field ambulances and more.
$325 - sold
12.  photos - Army Photo Album - OFFICER - 17 Panzer Division
77 photos of an Army officer. Named to a "Lt. Tressenbach." Feldpost summer corresponds to
IR 230 and later Krad. Bat. 17. Photos of officers, destruction, vehicles, bicycle infantry, vehicles with 17 Panzer Div runic emblem, good Krad photos, kids wearing Fathers' uniforms, photo of officer at his wedding and more.
$115 - sold
13.  photos - WWI Photo Album
40 photos. Portraits, training, family photos, sports, interwar photos, more.
14a.  photos SOLDBUCH & Wehrpass Grouping - Sudeten German - Gebirgsjaeger
Named to Hauptfeldwebel Hans PULS. He was born in Iglau, Czechoslovakia (Sudetenland) He served in Gebirgsjaeger E.u.A Batl 319. Also comes with other documents related to his service including official Allied POW camp documents showing he was acting as leader of the Czech. Members of his POW camp. Awards listed include KVK2. Also comes with his Displaced Person ID card. Wehrpass is equally well filled out with original photos.
$150 - sold
14b.  photos  Officer's Promotion Documents - Original GOERING SIGNATURE!
Three are format promotion documents in very nice original gold embossed folders. Named to Oberstleutnant Richard KESSLER who served in the Stab of Luftgau VII. One has an ORIGINAL signature of Goering!!
$950 - sold
15.  photos -  Award Document Grouping - 260 Inf. Division
Grouping to Gef. Hans MACK who served in Division Füs. Btw 260. Comes with his EK2, Inf. Assault Badge and Black Wound Badge award documents.   His EK2 award document has original signature 260 Inf Div commander Rather HAHM - Knights Cross & OAKLEAVES winner.
16.  photos -   Award Document Grouping - NAHKAMPFSPANGE - 137 Inf Division
Award document grouping to Obergef. Ferdinand GAISBAUER who served in Inf Rgt 448 of the 137 Inf Division. Comes with his Ek2 with original signature Div commander Oberst MAHLMANN, Infantry Assault Badge with original signature Regimental commander, Black Wound Badge with signature Btl. Cdr., Ostmedaille, and CLOSE COMBAT CLASP in Bronze with facsimile signature Rgt Kdr.
17.  photos -   SOLDBUCH & Award Document Grouping - 7x Award Documents - Rare Poland EK2!
Extensive grouping to Obergef. Erich STRUZYNA who served in Inf Rgt 401 as well as Gren Rgt 67. Comes with his Award Documents for the Krimschild, POLAND CAMPAIGN AWARDED Iron Cross Second Class award document (uncommon) - orig. sig. commander of Aufklarungs Abt. 18 Oberstleutnant Carl-Hans LUNGERSHAUSEN - he was later the commander of the 164th Light Afrika and 90th Panzer Grenadier Divisions (a desirable DAK signature!), Inf Assault Badge with orig sig Rgt car of IR 401 of the 170 ID (the unit was fighting at LENINGRAD at this time), Black Wound Badge with orig sig AA18 cdr Rittmeister d.Res. Günther Jordan, Ostmedaille with orig sig Grenadier Rgt 67 (23 ID) cdr (all at LENINGRAD at this time), SILVER Wound Badge, KVK2 awarded Jan 1944 with original sig. Adjutant, two nice large wedding portraits with him wearing medals. SOLDBUCH is complete with uniform photo of him wearin
g medals, all awards entered. Fantastic grouping!
$450  - sold
18.  photosSOLDBUCH - leichte Art. Abt (mot.) 127
SOLDBUCH and other documents of Uffz. Kajetan FACHER who served in leichte Art. Abt (mot.) 127 and later Art. Rgt 462. Soldbuch has a great photo with him wearing EK1, awards entered include EK2, EK1, Ostmedaille and Krimschild.
19.  photos -  Mixed Third Reich Document Grouping
Mixed grouping of Third Reich ID documents and more. Two Wehrpasses, one Arbeitsbuch, one HJ song book and more!
$90 - sold
20.  photos  WWI MILITÄRPASS and Photo Grouping - Res. Inf. Rgt. 21
Grouping named to Jihann BRUNNER. Nice assortment f photos with many studio portraits. Complete MILITÄRPASS. He served in Res. Inf. Rgt. 21.
21.  photos -   MARINE HITLER JUGEND Photo Album - Berlin Bomb Damage - Scarce!
105 photos. Rare content from a boy's service in the MARINE HITLER JUGEND. Starts with normal HJ service photos, many captions, then MHJ photos from Altwarp in 1938, nice MHJ uniforms, then photos from his service in a war materiel factory, photos of an AIRRAID shelter being built in Berlin as well as rare photos taken from inside the shelter, including forbidden photos of Allied bombing damage in Berlin.
$225  - sold
22.  photos -   Army Photo Album - AFRIKAKORPS, Kreta + RARE JEWISH DÜNABURG MASSACRE Photos + BREST 1944-45
179 photos. Well captioned. Really an historically important album. Starts with the man' service in the Russia Campaign. Many identified locations throughout. Photos of his stationed in Poland at the start f the campaign, good photos from WARSAW, photos from KOWNO, then photos from DÜNABURG - site of a Ghetto and multiple Jewish Massacres. There are three VERY rare photos of actual massacres taking place captioned " The solution of the Jewish Question in Dünaburg." These photos were forbidden and, as one can image, "disappeared" at war's end. Then photos form his time in the DAK in Afrika serving the 15 PANZER DIVISION, good photos of him and his unit in tropical uniforms in the desert, using captured British vehicles, photos from Rome and Naples, then photos from KRETA, two nice studio portraits of him in DAK uniform with his brother (twin?), an Army officer & EK1 winner, then photos of him serving in 326 Inf Div in Southern France through the end of 1943, then in Holland with Nacho. Abt 712, then in FALLSCHIRMJAEGER RGT 2 in BREST where he finished the war. Amazing album!
- sold

23.  photos -   Kriegsmarine Photo Album - Sailing Ship HORST WESSEL
100 photos of a sailor with many good photos of him serving the the sailing ship Horses Weessel. Nice studio portraits of him wearing Torpedoboot LUCHS and Horst Wessel cap tallies, photos of him and crew visiting SCOTLAND prior to the war, phtoos of his time serving on torpedoboat, more.
$185 - sold
24.  photos -   WWI Photo Album - Westfront - 16. Bayer. Infanterie Division - Nice!
218 photos of a WWI soldier's service in the Westfront. Massive album, well captioned. Many identified locations. Many entries read like a diary. Good images of Nachriten stations and equipment, Picklhaube, weapons, funerals in the field, bunkers, wounded soldiers on litters, destroyed towns and villages, photos from VERDUN, ST MIHEL, etc, trench positions, heavy mortars, portrait photos, more. nice album!
$465 - sold
25.  photos -   Army Photo Album - WACHTRUPPE BERLIN - Nice!
108 photos of a man who served in Inf Rt 30 and his time serving as WACHTRUPPE BERLIN. Great parade photos in Berlin, Unit photos, officer portraits, Kaserne photos, large unit photos, Maneuvers, artillery, ceremonies, and more.
26.  photos -   Army Photo & Document Grouping - Russia Campaign
130 photos. Named to Oberfunker Fritz BRAND who served in Army Nacrichten Rgt. 501. Comes with his Ostmedaille Award Document with original signature of Rgt. Cdr., Army Drivers License, Kennkarte, good Russian Front photos, Graves, harsh winter conditions, vehicles, Russian POWs, Russian Tanks, weapons, destruction, and more.
$185 - sold
27a.  photos  HERMANN GOERING Photo Grouping
Grouping of a Luftwaffe man in the Herman Goering Division. Photos showing white collar tabs of the HG Division.
27b.  photos Army Photo Album - France and Russia Campaigns
182 photos. Photos form the man's service in the France and Russia Campaigns. Medals in wear, portraits, photos from Paris, vehicles, Russian POWs, Krads, French roadblocks, Graves, PAK positions, Field radio crews in action, destruction, sHalftracks, Artillery cannons, foxholes, officers conferring in the field, more.
$135 - sold
28.  photos - SOLDBUCH - Jaeger Regiment 56 - 5 Jágerdivision
Soldbuch in original faux leather case belonging to Oberjaeger Otto Bitzer who served in Jaeger Rgt 56 of the elite 5 Jágerdivision. Last unit was Panzer Jaeger Abt 5. Well filled out. Received the Führerpaket on March 4, 1944. Awards listed include EK2, Black Wound Badge, Ostmedaille. Also comes with his military discharge.

29a.  photos -   Army Photo Grouping - 97 Jágerdivision
30 photos of a man who served in the 97 Jágerdivision. Good quality images. Also an image of the unit Emblem. Also comes with a nice field portrait of the man w/ Jaeger emblem visible. Original photo f the division commander Ernst RUPP wearing RK & DKiG, another photo of RK winner, Krads. other vehicles, more.
- sold
29b.  photos - Award Document Grouping - Wachtmeister - 387 Inf Division
Nice three document grouping with great studio portrait of the man wearing medals. Named to Wachtmeister Reinhold STRÖLIN. Comes with his Black Wound Badge, EK1 award document with original signature division cdr. Generalmajor Eberhard von Schuckmann, EK2 with original sig. division cdr. ERWIN MENNY (RK winner).
30.  photos -   2x Rare Third Reich Era Documents
Grouping of two rare to find Third Reich era documents. The EHRENKREUZ FÜR ELTERN with original Burgermeister signature. Less than 400K of these were issued and you always find them in the normal format of the Hindenburg Cross document. This full page version is impossible to find. The second is the EHRENZEICHEN DES DEUTCHEN ROTENKREUZES, with original sig. " Carl Eduard " Herzog von Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha, President of the Deutschen Roten Kreuzes.
31.  photos - Award Document Grouping - Doctor - Original KEITEL Signature
Grouping to Dr. Max BOCK who served as a medical doctor in the Heeres. Comes with his KVK1 award document with ORIGINAL signature KEITEL! Also comes with other documents including his Wehrmacht Führerschein with great uniform photo! He was one from that era that was proud of their fencing scars.
- sold
32.  photosHitler Jugend & Army & Luftwaffe Photo Album
70 photos of a man's HJ service and later Army service. Nice hJ uniform photos, marching, parades, camping, HJ gear, flags, then army service, artillery, portraits, unit photos, appears he later transferred to the Luftwaffe as there are late war photos wearing LW camo smocks, more.
- sold

33.  photos Army Photo Album - Musician - Inf Rgt 77
162 photos in a nice hard back book type album. Named to a Stabsfeldwebel WALKENHORST who served in Inf Rgt 77. Artistically captioned. Nice studio portraits of the man wearing musician "swallows." unit photos, marching, nice group photos, parades, Budenzauber photos, medals in wear, Goose-stepping parades, Swastika banners, newspaper clipping about the man and more.
- sold

34.  photos -   Army Photo Album - Propaganda Kompanie
112 photos of a man in a Propaganda Kompanie. Named to Obergef. Harry SILZ. Many photos showing personnel wearing "propagandakompanie" cufftitles, scarce postcards - one very uncommon Italian Sanzioni postcard, good front photos, burning vehicles, refugees, weapons, destroyed towns, mounted troops, soldier firing Luger with strange barrel, posing with their mascot puppy, posing with cameras, French colonial POWs, KO Panzers, aircraft, KIA on litters, more.
35.  photos -   Army Photo Album - France Campaign
148 photos. Nice album cover with color flag. Portraits, Maginot Line bunkers, destruction, MG 34, graves, crashed planes, KO French TANKS, destroyed French towns, Nice French town signage, French colonial POWs, Artillery cannons, more.
- sold

36.  photos - Luftwaffe FLAK Photo Album - Berlin
207 photos. Bunker building, Flak cannons, Christmas celebrated in the field, manning bunker positions, unit photos, 8.8cm Flak cannons, manning positions outside Kaiserslauten, on leave in Dusseldorf, photos of his wife/girlfriend in swimsuit, more.
37.  photos -  Luftwaffe Photo Album & SOLDBUCH - ITALY, SICILY, Balkans, Austria - FLak Sturm Abt. 28
122 photos. Named to Uffz. Gunther LOOSE. Comes with a certificate indicating that he received points for the Flak Badge for shooting down an aircraft in Kalamaki, Greece. His SOLDBUCH is well filled out with nice uniform photo. Many Flak unit entries. Awards entered include Iron Cross Second Class, Flak Badge, Ground Combat Badge, Flak Tactical Badge. The Photo Album has nice studio portraits of the man, unit photos, photos from BERLIN, Photos from ROME, photos from SICILY, 8.8cm FLAK firing at night, transport plane, photos from TAORMINA, Sicily, and more.
38.  photos -   SS-Polizei + WAFFEN-SS Photo Album - LENINGRAD
246 photos, well captioned, of a W-SS Polizei & affen-SS soldier. He served in SS Polizei Regiment 1. Starts with photos from the Westwall, then the France Campaign nd finally the Russian Campaign. Photos from The Balkans, News and Luga Front, LENINGRAD. Photos of KNIGHTS CROSS CEREMONY in the field with SS Polizei Division commander, Alfred WÜNNENBERG. SS Camp Zeltbahns, good SS Polizei uniform details, medals in wear, France Campaign photos, destroyed French towns, troops in Paris, the unit quartered in Champagne France, then Russia, graves, camp smocks and helmets, wounded SS comrade in the field, artillery, Sd Kfz 251 Schuetzenpanzerwagens, KO Russian TANKS, Panzers, good photos of combat positions at LENINGRAD, winter camp, good trench photos, MG 34 positions, more. Great album!
- sold

40.  photos - WAFFEN-SS Photo Album - KRADSCHUETZEN
87 photos of a Waffen-SS Kradschuetzen soldier. In a nice hard back book tip album. Photos of his SS Kaserne, SS camp helmets, and good photos of SS Krads and Krad troops, other SS vehicles, Panzerspahwagens, artillery, Panzers, 8.8cm Flak, destruction, graves, Russian POW pens, aircraft, medical vehicles, Russian refugees fleeing battle, burning towns, more.
- sold

41photos  - Army Photo Album and Document Grouping - 260 Infanterie Division - France & Russia
358 photos. Large grouping named to Fridolin STURM who served in the 260 Inf Division. Comes with the man's Wehrmacht Driver's license (nice photo) AND Driver's TRAINER license, feldpost, his military discharge, photos still in the photo shop packets from French Photo shops in Le Creusot, good portraits, unit photos, officers, battlefield decimation, weary troops on march, graves, field funerals, vehicles rolling through French towns, Heeres Flak Halftracks, Panzers, vehicle emblems, Russian TANKS knocked out, Panzer columns on roll, Road sign trees in Russia, Russian POWs, Russian weapons caches, KIA Russian soldiers, BUNKERS, French POWs, females Russian soldier POWs, more! Nice grouping!
- sold

42 photos - Army POLIZEI OFFICER Photo Album - Commander 14./Inf Rgt 11
132 photos an officer, Major Hellmut EMMERICH. Well captioned. Starts with his training in Landespolizeischule MEISSEN. Then service as 14. Kompanie commander in Inf Regiment 11. Many portraits, unit photos, marching, parades, Standard & Fahnentraeger, nice original portrait of KNIGHTS CROSS WINNER Oberst SCHÜRMANN, photos of the unit at a NURNBERG RALLY marching in front of HITLER, vehicles photos, many identified officers, photos of his unit in the France Campaign, photos of him in Russia in 1943,several original documents of the man, more.
- sold

43 photosArmy Officer Photo Album + DIARY - NSKK + PANZER
78 photos. Looks like from a family as there are different services represented. Starts with several nice NSKK photos, nice Panzer crew studio portrait, Panzers, nice and written diary of his service in the Russia Campaign, nice Gebirgsjaeger portraits, Luftwaffe photos, more.
- sold

44 photos - Army OFFICER Photo Album - KIA - Gebirgsjaeger
45 photos. Named to Austrian born GJ Lt Reinhold HUEBER. He was KIA on Jan 7, 1945 while serving in a Gebirgsjaeger Artillerie unit. Very nice and expensive type album, artistically captioned and put together. Comes with his death notice, hand drawn maps, original telegrams to the family from, last letter he wrote home on Jan 4, 1945 - 3 days before he died, letters from his commanders to the family, Nice portraits of him in uniform, good photos from the Eismeerfront, photos from Kirkenes, original photo General DIETL, on leave at home in GRAZ (looks like they were wealthy), photo with his father who was a Gebirgjaeger MAJOR Sebastian HUEBER, then him in officer training classes in 1944, photos of him and his father together after he was promoted to Lt., many other letters written to the family by officers, at the end are two cloth Sports Badges and a very nice cloth HITLER JUGEND Leistungen badge, more.
- sold

45 photos  - POLIZEI SOLDBUCH w/ Original Faux-Leather Cover
Original Polizei SOLDBUCH in original Faux leather cover. Named to Oberwachtmeister Friedrich Arnodt. Nice uniform photo. KVK2 award listed. He served in Pol. Nacho. Ers. U. Ausb. Abt. In EILENBURG.
45b photos  - Extensive Officer Document Grouping - ORIGINAL KEITEL SIGNATURE
Nice grouping to Leutnant Franz LEHNER, from Linz Austria - Hitler's hometown. He served in the Headquarters of the OKH (Army headquarters). Comes with a wide assortment of original documents from his service. Most interesting is his KVK1 award document with original KEITEL signature!! Also comes with Sudetenland Campaign Medal, Wound Badge in black for service with Nacho Abt 416 on May 4, 1945 in Gmunden, Wehrmacht Fuehrerschein, many other ID's including his Sports Badge booklet with great uniform photo! Original wound tag, competition document with original signature GENERAL WALTER V. GÜNDELL, nice official service history from his service files, and much more!
$445- sold

46photos - SOLDBUCH - Armee Panzer Jaeger Abt 744 - MARDER III Unit!
Original SOLDBUCH and end of war Russian occupation ID. Named to Feldwebel Gottfried JACOB. No photos, never had one as appropriate. However, his ID card does have an official photo. Issued 1940. He served in Armee Panzer Jaeger Abt 744 which was equipped with MARDER III Sd.Kfz. 138 Tank destroyers! He previous served in 4. Panzerjager-Kompanie Schnelle Abteilung
137 which was later renamed 1. Kompanie Panzerjager-Abteilung 137. Entry for the FührerPaket on June 12, 1944, STURMABZEICHEN, Ostmedaille, Iron Cross Second Class. The EK1 was likely added in POW camp so not official. Part of initial unit page is torn off but field units still visible.
47 photos - HITLER JUGEND Photo & HJ Leistungsbuch
Photo grouping and Hitler Jugend Leistungsbuch named to Fritz BERNHOLD. Nice grouping!
48photos - HITLER JUGEND Document Grouping
Three document grouping to HJ boy Heinrich GRABMAYER. Leistungsbuch, Schiessbuch and K-Schein. Great Uniform photo with musical swallows in wear.

49photos - AWARD DOCUMENT GROUPING - Original De Angelis Signature - RK+EL
Award document grouping named to Gef. August SCHIEFERMAYR. Comes with his Ostmedaille, Drivers Badge in Bronze and KVK2 document with original signature General Maximilian de Angelis - Knights Cross & OAKLEAVES Winner. Also comes with his Wehrmacht Drivers License.
- sold

50 photos Mixed Third Reich Document Grouping
Interesting mixed grouping including Arbeitsbucher, Ahnenpass, Kennkarte, Female RAD ID, WWI Army Song Book and more.
- sold

51photosGerman WWII DIARY Grouping - 711 Inf. Division - NORMANDY
Extensive diary grouping including separate diaries for 1940, 1941, 1942, and 1943. Named to Max ROESSLER. According to his Felppost numbers he entered, he served in 2. Batterie Artillerie-Abteilung 711. This regiment was part of the 711 Inf Division which was stationed on the Channel coast. In June 1944, the division was in Normandy north of Liseux, and thus just east of the Allied landing area. I haven't done much research on it but it also appears to have Eastern Front locations notated.
- sold

52photos - Mixed grouping of Third Reich Award Documents - Dealer's Lot - nice!
Very nice mixed lot of various German award documents. Really nice pieces including an Air Gunner Badge, EK2, Panzer Assault badge in Bronze dated July 1944, Silver Wound Badge, two KVK2 documents with general signatures, EK2 with signature General Karl Kriebel (RK winner), and more! Cheap!
- sold

53photos - Wehrpass & Soldbuch Grouping - Dealer's Lot!
Set of 5 Wehrpasses and one Luftwaffe Soldbuch. Cheap!
- sold

54photos - AFRIKAKORPS Photo Album & Award Document Grouping - Russia - 10 Panzer Division
165 photos. Named to Ferdinand JEHLE. Comes with award documents for Ostmedaille and Iron Cross Second Class with original signature 10 panzer Division Commander Generalleutnant Friedrich Freiherr von Broich (RK winner and famous Afrikakorps commander). Also comes with personal service history he had to complete listing all of his units and campaigns. Indicates he became a POW at the capitulation in Tunis in May 1943. He spent his time as a POW at Camp Bowie, Texas, among others (all listed). During his time in Africa, he served as a Kradmelder in 7. kleine Kraftwagen-Kolonne Panzer-Divisions-Kolonne 90 - part of the 10 PanzerDivision. The photo album contains his original RAD insignia and an Afrika Campaign Medal ribbon. The photo content is mainly his 10 panzer Division service in Russia and then photos from his time in POW camp. Good front photos, Harsh Winter Conditions, vehicles with Divisional emblems, winter camp, MG 34 photos, nice portraits including a great one of him in DAK uniform, Good POW camp portraits including his ID photo, and more.
55 photosMassive Feldpost, Photo Grouping - Artillerie-Regiment 109 - France, Greece, Balkans and Russia
Very large lot, too much to count! Hundreds of photos. Most photos are in original photo shop folders. Content from France, Greece, Balkans and Russia. He served in Artillerie-Regiment 109. Most photos are categorized in folders with campaign names and also captioned on reverse. Good images of Artillery including many good 21-cm Mörser images, Krads, POWs, Railway cannons, identified locations, a few nice photos of FLAMETHROWERS in action, Panzers on roll in Greece, Heeres Flak Halftracks, vehicle images, Artillery firing in mountain positions, Sturmgeschutze, KIA, river crossings, graves, winter camp, mortar crews in action, trench positions, PAK cannons, rare photo of a German officer killed in the field, camo painted artillery, Russian T-34 tanks, Russian Soldier & Service Dog killed in action, vehicle emblems and more!!
- sold

56 photosArmy Photo & Map Grouping - 57 Infanterie Division - France & Russia
Nice grouping o 175 photos plus a period map of the 57ID's campaign in the West in 1940 - nice! Nice studio portrait of the man and brother who was a Gebirgsjaeger, good vehicle images, halftracks, PAk cannons, Krads, destroyed French towns, refugees, burning Russian villages, Panzer crew graves, KIA soldiers in the field, captured Russian artillery, river crossings, large aerial bombs, Russian tanks, French Tanks, mounted troops, more!
- sold