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December 12th, 2017

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1.  photos -  WAFFEN-SS Photo Album - SS Standarte "GERMANIA" - 14x HITLER photos + 14x Original SS Helmet Decals!
134 photos in a beautiful official SS album cover for SS Standarte "Germania.'  It took part in the invasion of Poland attached to 14. Armee and following that campaign it was used to form SS-Division Verfügungstruppe (later renamed Das Reich).  The album has 14 (!!) ORIGINAL SS helmet emblems pasted inside.  Many photos are captioned on reverse. Many good images of GERMANIA SS collar tabs and cufftitles in wear, photos date form about 1936.  Good MG images, SS Krads, officers, FOURTEEN ORIGINAL PRIVATE Photos of HITLER on his yacht the AVISO GRILLE, his unit at the 1936 Olympic sites in Garmisch Partenkirchen, original photo RUDOLPH HESS, parades and rallies, many SS vehicles, one photo of HIMMLER, SS Generals, original photos of Mussolini, more. Nice album!
2.  photos - WAFFEN-SS Photo Album - SS Regiment DEUTSCHLAND - France Campaign
91 great photos of man who served in SS Standarte & later SS Regiment DEUTSCHLAND of SS Division DAS REICH. Super images of SS Deutschland troops wearing camo smocks and camo helmets, French POWS, SS General wearing DEUTSCHLAND cufftitle, SS Krads, SS Panzerspahwagens, captured French fighter aircraft, artillery, combat and street battles in France, French road signs, very nice studio portrait of the man in SS uniform, graves, KIA French troops,  SS troops in service in French church nd much more.
3.  photos  -   LEGION CONDOR Photo Album - Luftwaffe Do 17 Crewmember
Amazing photo album containing 380 photos (and more private photos). All from a LW man serving as a Do 17 bomber crewmember in the Spanish Civil War in the Legion condor.  Beautiful leather cover with hand made Legion Condor embossed artwork and insignia.  Photos of the man wearing flight gear, mini parades, many good images of Aircraft with legion condor markings, Luftwaffe KNIGHTS CROSS WINNERS, nice large photos of DO 17 planes in flight, SPANISH troops, aerial views of Spanish cities, TANKS in Spain, vehicles with Legion Condor plates, 8.8cm FLAK cannons, parades in Munich on their return to Germany, more.
4.  photos - Hitler Jugend NAPOLA Photo Album & Document Grouping - Rare!
Rare grouping to Hans-Georg ENCKHAUSEN.  Comes with his original IRON CROSS SECOND CLASS Award document while serving as a Leutnant with rare unit Kavallerie Regiment NORD.  Also a nice studio portrait of Knights Cross Winner of the unit.  the Napolas  (Nationalpolitische Erziehungsanstalten) served as strong politically-accentuated elite preparatory schools within the framework of the general higher education system. During the war, they increasingly developed into preparatory schools for entry into the Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS. Life in boys' Napolas was highly-competitive, even brutal. It was extremely hard to get in and nearly as hard to stay. Approximately one fifth of all cadets failed to meet the required standards or were sent home because of injuries sustained in training accidents.
89 photos, very well captioned.  Good photos from his time NAPOLA school  in KOESLIN (NPEA Köslin) and later as a Kavallerie Leutnant.  Service in 1./ AA 158.  portrait photo of him in NPEA uniform with NPEA Koeslin sleeve triangle, Hitler birthday parades in Koeslin, good photos of the school grounds, original photo SEISS INQUART visiting his unit, camping and hiking, rare photo of GIRL NAPOLA students, more.
Also comes with several documents including his LEISTUNGSBUCH made out to him while in NPEA Koeslin with several school stamps, several other documents, three original unused NPEA Koeslin Urlaubschein, original newspaperclipping about his NPEA service and more.
5.  photos -   Luftwaffe KAMPFFLIEGER Photo Album - Kampfgeschwader  26 + 28
273 photos of an Observer who served in a bomber crew with Kampfgeschwader 26 & 28.  Many good photos of aircraft including He 111, Do 17, Ju 52, and more! good photos of him and crew in cockpit on bombing missions, ships being bombed and sunk at sea(!), the man and crew posing by their planes, the crew receiving EK2 medals in the field, good portrait photos of the man and crew, aerial bombs being loaded, badly damaged airplane,  KG 26 unit emblems on vehicles, graves of comrades, mascots, wrecks, more.
6.  photos - WWI German Photo Album - Russian Front & Westfront - TOBOLY BRIDGEHEAD
205 very good photos of a man who served in Grenadier Regiment 5.  Photos from Russia and the Westfront. Meticulously captioned throughout.  Also comes with some post war IDs. good portrait photos, Pickelhaube, great battlefield destruction photos, Russian POWs, KIA Russian troops, burning villages, nice TRENCH photos, captured French weapons, medals in wear, Christmas cards from the front 1916, cavalry, shells exploding outside their trench, good photos and newspaper clippings about battle of the TOBOLY BRIDGEHEAD which started with a 5 hour 45 minute artillery bombardment, gruesome photos of the aftermath, flamethrowers in action, Jewish cemetery, and more. Nice album
Rare original award document grouping to a man who served in SS Freiwilligen Panzer Gren. Rgt. 48 of the SS-Freiwilligen-Panzer-Grenadier-Brigade ‘NEDERLAND.’ Comes with his original award document for the CLOSE COMBAT BADGE IN BRONZE awarded March 14, 1945 with original signature SS-Brigadeführer Jürgen Wagner (RK+ Oakleaves), IRON CROSS FIRST CLASS document also with original signature of Wagner, IRON CROSS SECOND CLASS Document also with original signature of Wagner. Rare grouping!
7.  photos - GEBIRGSJAEGER Photo Album - France & Russia
118 photos of a GJ soldier. Good combat content from France and Russia. Photo of KIA GENERAL and his funeral in the field in France, French TANKS, destroyed French towns, many photos of GJ insignia in wear, Krads and other vehicles, MG 34, artillery,  field ambulances, French airplanes, stick grenades, and more.
8.  photos -   Army Photo Album - France Campaign - Inf Rgt 680 -  ARACHON, France
140 photos, Very well captioned. Man served in Inf Rgt 680 of the 333 Inf Division. Hard unit to find material from as it was dissolved in 1943.  Many identified locations Several photos from ARACHON, France as well as other locations. Good weapons photos, identified officers, good MG 34 photos, Panzerspahwagen, interacting with French locals, buying wine from a French wine shop, in French cafes, posing at French border crossing, KO French tanks, exhausted troops on the march, more.


9.  photos - NSKK + Hitler Jugend Photo Album & Document Grouping - Nice!
152 photos. Very nice grouping to NSKK Obertruppfuehrer Hans RAHLF & son. Comes with his KVK2 award document (Rare NSKK award) as well as his wife's Mothers Cross award document.  Also photos from their son's Hitler Jugend service.  very nice studio portrait of the man and comrades in NSKK uniform, then photos of the son also in NSK on a "Propaganda Fahrt," riding motorcycles with placards, photos of the father & son together in NSKK uniforms, portraits of the son in civilian clothes w/ NSKK pin, photos of friend in Pilot flight gear and in flight, more.
- sold
10.  photos - WWI Photo Album - Ostfront - POLAND
31 photos in a period WWI album Well captioned. Many photos from MLAWA, POLAND, Polih JEWS in OSTROW, burning vilages, KIA on battlefields, cavalry, more.
- sold
11.  photos Award Document Grouping - Officer - JAGER REGIMENT 49 - Krimschild
rouping to Leutnant Geert-Ulrich MUTZENBECHER who served in Jaeger Rgt 49 of the 28 Jaeger Division.  Comes with his KRIMSCHILD award document with facsimile Manstein signature, OSTMEDAILLE award document with  orig. sig Rgt cdr. Oberst Theodor Freiherr von und zu Aufseß (he commanded Schnell Brig 30 on Omaha Beach on D-Day!), Wound Badge in SILVER, Wound Badge in BLACK, and IRON CROSS SECOND CLASS with orig. sig. General der Artillerie Johann Sinnhuber (RK winner).  Also comes with three photos. Below is a link to an article about him.  Clearly the same person in the portraits. Apparently he was quite the author - 20 published works.
12.  photos - Propaganda Leaflet Collection - TOP!
83 ALL ORIGINAL Wartime propaganda leaflets, from one collection. Several very rare pieces! A mixture of German and Allied. Cheap!
13.  photos - GERMAN CROSS IN GOLD Award Document Grouping
ORIGINAL DKIG award document grouping to Oberfeldwebel Gerhard FRANKE. He won the DKiG on April 5, 1943 while serving with 3./Panzer Grenadier Regiment 52 of the 18 Panzer Division. The unit was engaged in heavy fighting around Orel at this time.  Comes with his ORIGINAL German Cross in Gold award document (denazified), ORIGINAL portrait photo showing him wearing the DKiG, original telegram of congratulations on his DKiG award from Generaloberst SCHMIDT (RK+Oakleaves), commander 2. Panzer Armee with original envelope, letter of congratulations from the Neue Leipziger Tageszeitung, letter of congratulations from Kreisleiter Leipzig, and letter of congratulations from Oberburgermeister Leipzig.
14.  photos - Brothers' AWARD Document Grouping - 3. Leichte Division - Poland Campaign EK2 Award
Award document grouping to Gef. Albert ENGELBRECHT who served in Art Rgt 80 of the 3. leichte Division.  Comes with his Iron Cross Second Class award document with orig. sig. div. cdr. General der Panzertruppen Adolf Kuntzen (Rk winner) awarded October 5, 1939 for service in the Poland Campaign. Also comes with his brothe, Willi's, award documents from OSTMEDAILLE &War Merit Cross 2. Class award documents. Willi served in 3. Batterie schwere Flak-Abteilung 323.
15.  photos -  4x Award Document Grouping - 258 Infanterie Division
Award document grouping to Uffz. Heinz WEGNER who served in Inf Rgt 478 of the 258 Inf Div.  Comes with his Ostmedaille, Black Wound Badge, Iron Cross Second Class field issue citation and Infantry Assault Badge in Silver (signature Rgt. Cdr.) Award Documents.
16.  photos -   GERMAN CROSS IN GOLD Document Grouping - Kampfgeschwader 27 "Boelcke"
Two document grouping to DKiG winner Feldwebel Adalbert FUCHS.  He won the DKiG  on Feb 16, 1943. Comes with his original promotion document to Feldwebel with original signature Hauptmann Joachim PETZOLD (RK Winner) and his Certificate for completion of Nachrichtenhilfslehrer course. Also comes with copy of his DKiG award document.
17.  photos -   AWARD DOCUMENT Grouping - 19 Panzer Division
Award document grouping to Hauptwachmeister Adolf BEHREND who served in Panzer Nachrichten Abteilung 19 of the 19 Panzer Division.  Comes with his KVK2 award document with original signature 19 Panzer Division commander Generalleutnant Otto von Knobelsdorff (RK + Oakleaves & Swords winner!), OSTMEDAILLE award document with orig. sig. Abt. Cdr., Long Service Medal award document and Black WOUND BADGE award document.
18.  photos WWI German PILOT Photo Album - Fliegerabteilung 280 - TOP!
SUPER album to German pilot in Fliegerabteilung 280 Rudolf BECK (can be identified in other photos in album also). Very well captioned throughout.  85 photos. Starts with a super studio portrait of him in flight gear with original signature!  Filled with fantastic photos of German WWI aircraft!   Super photos of BECK posing by his HALBERSTADT CLII airplane with aircrew, several original aerial recon photos of locations in France including MARS LA TOUR, FLEVILLE, ROSSIGNOL, and more. Identified personnel including Hauptmann Gristes, Pilots badges in wear, captured French Spad fighter, Super view of LVG C.1052, crashed LVG named to Lt. Schneider, balloons in flight, photo of LVG.C which he indicated was his first crash landing, nice photos of identified aircraft and pilots in flight taken from airfield, Albatross planes taking off, photos showing their air base, nice photos of aircraft drinking and celebrating, funerals of KIA aircrew, generals reviewing maps, super view of a FOKKER DIII in flight taken from above (rare view), KIA pilots burned in crashes, super photos of LONGUYON Train station after bombardment on March 18, 1918 - additional info of the US attack can be found online, more photos of the unit at LONGUYON, more! Super album!
19.  photos -   WWI Photo Album - Feld Artillerie Regiment 112 - Westfeldzug - TOP!
Huge, amazing album to officer who served in Feld Art. Rgt 112.  Comes in a very nice album with unit name embossed on cover. Contains 360 photos, all from the field.  Each photo is numbered and corresponds to an index contained on typed pages in rear of the album!   Very detailed information including locations, personnel pictured and other details. Many identified locations in France, Belgium and Galizien - VALENCIENNES, VOGESEN, LUBACZOW, FONTAINE-EN-DORMOIS, SEDAN, VERDUN, VIMY, OSTENDE, REIMS, and more!  Great TRENCH photos, artillery cannons and crews, French churches being blown up, graves, captured Allied weapons, observation balloons, captured French airplanes, and more!
- sold
20.  photos WWI Photo Album - Officer - Reserve Infanterie Regiment 92 - Meuse-Argonne, Verdun - schwere MOERSER
87 photos of an officerwho served in Reserve Infanterie Regiment 92.  Unit photos, Trenches, photos of the man on horseback, medals in wear, many good photos of battlefield devastation, several photos from ROMAGNE, France - Meuse-Argonne area, several photos of the Ornesschlacht (VERDUN), observation balloons, graves, super photos of MASSIVE MOERSER from several different angles,  captured British/US soldier just captured with hands up, more.
- sold
21.  photos -  WWI Photo Album - Infanterie Regiment 19 - KIA - Battle of NEUVE CHAPELLE - 1915
58 photos of a WWI soldier - Ernst KNITTEL- who served in a machine gun unit in Inf Rgt 19. Contains his funeral notice, photo of his grave as well as nice portrait photo of him in Pickelhaube.  He was KIA in Pietre, France nearby Neuve Chapelle.  Nice large format photos that are very sharp. Starts with a nice filed portrait of him just after award of his EK2, many good photos from Battle of NEUVE CHAPELLE, great TRENCH combat photos, MG, KIA British troops, British Indian troop POWS, funeral for 240 comrades killed in one day during the battle, then many photos from their unit at nearby  L'AVENTURE, France (La Bassee). Good album dedicated to a very particular battle area! Additional details found on the link below
- sold
22.  photos -   WWI Photo Album - Officer - Garde-Kürassier-Regiment - PINSK + Westfront - Flanders - Nice!
127 photos. Very nice album to man who served in the Garde-Kürassier-Regiment. Beautifully captioned.  Starts with photos from their positions in PINSK in 1915, identified officers as well as GENERAL von Baerensprung, good trench photos, German royalty visiting unit in Pinsk - Prince Leopold and others, balloon aerial photos of Pinsk, then pthoso from his service on the Westfront starting at Chateau BULSCAMP in BELGIUM, ceremonies, good photos of mounted troops, battlefield photos from VERDUN, destroyed YPERN, more.
23.  photos - WWII German FORESTER Officer Photo & Document Grouping - RARE!
Rare FORESTER (Forestry)Grouping to Willi CARSTENS. Comes with two super portraits of him wearing Forester uniform, his original WWII WEHRPASS also showing him in Forester Uniform, his WWI SOLDBUCH - well filled out, served in 3. Garde Reserve Feldartillerie Rgt., grouping of photos showing him hunting, in Forester uniform at daughter's wedding,  family photos, Feldpost, etc.  Also comes with his HINDENBURG CROSS Award Document, Kyffhaeusrerbund JUBILAEUMS ABZEICHEN Award Document for 25 year membership  & facsimile signature SS Obergruppenfuehrer, 25 Year Long Service Medal Award document awarded 1940 to him as FORSTVERWALTER, letters of congratulations to him, official 1933 service history of his WWI service, and more.
- sold
24.  photosWEHRPASS & Award Document Grouping - KIA -  20 Panzer Grenadier Division
Grouping to son of man in #23.  Willi Carstens, serving in Pio Batl 627. Comes with his WEHRPASS, Ostmedaille Award Document KVK2 award document, nice POSTHUMOUS award document for Driver's Badge in Bronze as well as letter to family notifying them of the award and his death.  He was KIA on Aug 7, 1944 while serving with Pio Batl 20 of the 20 Panzer Grenadier Division.
- sold
25.  photos -   WEHRPASS Grouping - Oberleutnant & Wife- 110 Infanterie Division - POSTHUMOUS  EK2 - MIA
Grouping to sister (Lina Carstens) of man in #24 and her husband, Oberleutnant Johann MUELLER. He was MIA on Aug 14, 1943 while serving with Gren Rgt 252 of the 110 Inf Div.  Many campaign entries including POLAND, the Rhine, France 1940 , NORWAY and finally Russia.  Awards include Sudetenland Medal and a POSTHUMOUS award of the Iron Cross Second Class. Comes with Deutschesfrauenwerk Mutterschulungs Lehrgang certificate for Lina, many pieces of Feldpost he sent to her, several photos, paper appearing to indicate that he is still alive and in POW camp, official letters regarding his being MIA, POSTHUMOUS promotion document to OBERLEUTNANT, more!
26.  photos -  WWI KIA Photo & Document Grouping - Pionier Batl 5
Grouping to brother of Forester in #23.  Arnold CARSTENS, Comes with his Iron Cross Second Class award document, letter from his commander to family, very nice large portrait of him wearing EK2.
27.  photos  ORGANISATION TODT Document Grouping - NORWAY - OT Eisatzgruppe WIKING
Grouping to OT man including his Wehrpass, Org Todt Dienstbuch, Arbeitsbuch, DAF book, and more. OT Dienstbuch shows that he was serving as a construction foreman with the unit with OT EINSATZGRUPPE WIKING & the firm Sager & Woerner in DRONTHEIM, NORWAY.  From 1938, Sager & Wörner was one of the companies that received contracts through the Todt organization, which included projects such as the Atlantic Wall in Denmark and defense facilities in the Channel Islands.
$125 - sold
28.  photos -  2x German Red Cross First Aid Books - Amtliches Unterrichtsbuch Erste Hilfe - SS Standartenfuehrer KRUEGER
Very good condition.
29.  photos -   Scarce DLV Liederbuch - Flieger-Lieder - Song Book
Feb, 1934 edition
30.  photos -  WAFFEN-SS Studio Portrait Grouping - TOTENKOPF - Croatian
Grouping of four photos named to Andreas PLELLI, from STROSINCI, Croatia.  Born Sept. 23, 1908 and joined the SS in 1944. Three super 9x13cm studio portraits and one 6x9 cm group photos, all taken in LUBLIN, Poland with photographer's studio stamped on reverse.
31.  photos - RARE Austrian NSDAP HITLERBEWEGUNG MITGLIEDSBUCH Membership Booklet
Rare Austrian NSDAP Hitlerbewegung Party ID book. Issued 1933. Much rarer than the normal one.  The Austrian NSDAP was outlawed one month after his ID book was issued.
32.  photos - Photo & Newspaper Clippings - Kampfgruppe HAASE
Original wartime press photo and two period newspaper clippings of members of Kampfgruppe HAASE receiving decorations.  Very salty blokes!  Major Haase, Commanding Officer of one Engineer Battalion (Pi-Lehr-Btl 2) led a Combat Group which held successfully its positions in a strong point, the defense lasted several weeks and for that feat he was awarded the Knight Cross on Apr 12 1942.
33.  photos -  Iron Cross Second Class Award Document - Inf Rgt 169 - Generalleutnant Georg Braun - RARE signature
Original EK2 award document awarded to Alois KNAPP, 2./ Inf Rgt 169 of the 68 Inf Division. Original signature Division Commander Generalleutnant Georg Braun - RARE signature as kis was killed in action near Kharkov  on Nov 14, 1941 - just 2 weeks after this document was signed!
34.  photos -   Bulgarian Pilot's badge Award Document for Luftwaffe Pilot - STUKA GESCHWADER 1
Original Bulgarian Pilot's Badge for Luftwaffe Stuka Pilot Anton OSTLER who served in Stuka Geschwader 1.
35.  photos -   Aufstellung UNSER HEER Wien 1944 Book & Color Postcard
Rare original postcard and souvenir book for AUSSTELLUNG UNSER HEER Wien 1944. Army Art exhibition in Vienna, 1944.  Postcard alone sells for $55.
36.  photos -  Award Document Grouping - Nachrichten Rgt 558
Award doc grouping to Uffz Willi BISLE who served in Nachr Rgt 558. Comes with his Ostmedaille award document as well as two ROmanian medal award documents.
$50 - sold
37.  photos -  MIXED Document Grouping - WWI, WWII U-Boat, Propaganda Leaflets,  +
38a.  photos  6x German Wartime Insignia, Flag, Medals, Etc. POSTERS
All wartime originals!
$100 - sold
38b.  photos - NS FRAUENSCHAFT Poster - Kommt In Die Kindergruppe
38c.  photos -    German JUDGE & Magistrate Document grouping
Nice grouping to a Nazi Judge and Magistrate. TWO original signatures of Reichs Minister of Justice Franz Schlegelberger (highest ranking Nurnberg defendant - sentenced to life in prison).
38e.  photos -   German Third Reich Hunting Association Certificate - Period Framed
very nice period framed document!
$80 - sold
39.  photos -   DLV Photo Album - Deutscher Luftsportverband
21 photos of a man's service in the DLV. Good planes, DLV uniforms and insignias, crashes, parties w/ comrades, etc.  DLV was an organization set up by the Nazi Party in March 1933 to establish a uniform basis for the training of military pilots.
40.  photos - 2x Photo Album Grouping - WWI, Holiday & Son's RAD Service
Two photo albums from the same family. One album is mostly the father's WWI service, the second is a combination of German holiday sightseeing and Nazi Rallies as well as the son's RAD service. Appx 150 photos.
41photos  - PANZER Photo Grouping
105 photos.
42 photos - German ARMY Photo grouping - Infantry Unit - RUSSIA
107 photos. many captioned
$80 - sold
43 photos - German ZOLL & STAATSBEAMTER Portrait Photo & Document Grouping - KRAKAU - Nice!
VERY nice grouping to Rudolf KOLLMANN who served as a Zoll officer as well as a STAATSBEAMTER (civil servant/state officials) in the GENERALGOUVERNMENT KRAKAU.  Amazing portrait photos showing him in Zoll as well as Staatsbeamter uniforms!  Two with Staatsbeamter dress daggers!  Very desirable photos!   Also comes with his Inlander Jahrjagdschein for his time serving in the General Gouvernment (poland) Krakau!  Most portraits  have a Krakow photography uniform logo embossed! Later portraits of him in Army uniform.
44 photos - Gebirgsjaeger Photo Album - Russia Campaign + 16 Photos WARSAW GHETTO !
180 photos.  All from the same GJ man. MANY good images of the WARSAW GHETTO - easy to identify by signage and buildings.  Many photos of Jewish armbands in wear, good combat photos and more!
$850 - sold
45 photos  - HITLER JUGEND Photo Album - AMAZING!
471 photos. a very BIG album!  One of the best HJ albums we have offered.  Very large album, artistically captioned throughout.  High quality HJ images. Very artistic. Many identified locations, all you would want to see in a HJ album - good camping and hiking images, HJ insignias, HJ flags, HJ fuehrers, wrestling matches, visiting German landmarks, marching and parades, ceremonies, skiing, very good ALPINE unit photos, and more!!
$950 - sold