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1.  photos -  British WWII COMMANDO POW Grouping - DUNKIRK + Captured ST NAZAIRE RAID- Stalag VIIIB
Very rare grouping to a British COMMANDO. He was captured while participating in a raid on ST NAZAIRE on March 28, 1942 , also known as OPERATION CHARLOT.

St Nazaire was targeted because the loss of its dry dock would force any large German warship in need of repairs, such as the Bismarck's sister ship Tirpitz, to return to home waters via either the English Channel or the GIUK gap, both of which were heavily defended by British units including the Royal Navy's Home Fleet, rather than having a haven available on the Atlantic coast in Nazi-occupied France. The obsolete destroyer HMS Campbeltown, accompanied by 18 smaller craft, crossed the English Channel to the Atlantic coast of France and was rammed into the Normandie dock gates. The ship had been packed with delayed-action explosives, well hidden within a steel and concrete case, that detonated later that day, putting the dock out of service for the remainder of the war and up to five years after.
A force of commandos landed to destroy machinery and other structures. Heavy German gunfire sank, set ablaze, or immobilized virtually all the small craft intended to transport the commandos back to England. The commandos fought their way through the town to escape overland. Many surrendered when they ran out of ammunition or were surrounded by the Wehrmacht defending Saint-Nazaire.
Of the 611 men who undertook the raid, 228 returned to Britain, 169 were killed and 215 became prisoners of war.
The operation has been called The Greatest Raid of All within British military circles
His discharge certificate inside his playbook confirms he was a POW from 28.3.42 to 3.6.45. Apparently, he was also sent to Norway for a time in POW camp before transfer to Stalag VIIIb. He was also at DUNKIRK in 1940. His discharge also confirms he was with Commandos from April 1940 to Aug 1945. Also comes with a photo of him in Stalag VIIIb sent to his family with official Stalag stamps. Also comes with his War Medal and 39-45 Star.
$425 - sold
2.  photos -  British WWII Scrapbook, Photo Album & ORIGINAL OPERATION NEPTUNE (D-DAY) DOCUMENTS!
TOP rare grouping to British officer, Flying Officer and Adjutant Frederic L. WITHERS. He served as Adjutant for 122 Squadron (during D-Day) and later 134 and 80 Squadron. It is a very interesting grouping, but the most exciting part is his original II GROUP AND IX FIGHTER COMMAND JOINT AIR PLAN AND EXECUTIVE ORDER FOR OPERATION NEPTUNE. This is marked TOP SECRET and copy # 174, issued May 1944. ONE copy of this was distributed to EACH British & American Fighter Squadron and is indexed on the first few pages. This copy went to Lt. Withers who served with 122 Squadron. It contains the complete list of detailed operations of all fighter squadrons on D-Day, code words, an amazing large fold out map of the invasion beaches, and more. I have never seen this before and can find no record of it other than in military archives!

So, the rest of the grouping is also very interesting! Comes with a CONFIDENTIAL file folder covering all administration information for his 134 (CZECH) Squadron, 122 Squadron, and 80 Squadron. Many hand written notations by Withers inside. A large group photo of him and comrades at RAF School of Admin course in Jam 1944 (signatures on reverse), a very nice SCRAPBOOK with interesting content: Mementos from V-E day while he was stationed in Brussels, photos of girls he met, hotel receipts Allied Invasion Money, portrait of German soldier he found in his Hotel Room in Brussels, group photo of pilots of 80 Squadron in front of Mustang, portrait photo of F/O F. Bowyer, XO 134 Wing, greeting cards, passes, RAF Railway Leave Pass, original portrait of Air V.M. Sir Harry BROADHURST, pass photo of British troops in BAYEUX, press photo of Eisenhower and Montgomery, press photos of Allied troops liberation Eindhoven, photo of identified British fighter pilots including E.D. MACKIE - 21.5 kills, super photo of pilots sitting outside 80 Squadron officer mess/ready room showing unit number on door and captured Me 109 tail, etc., photo of pilots (identified) on day of Allied crossing of the Rhine, mementoes from his time in PARIS, original 122 Squadron report, his ration booklet, Release and Resettlement booklet, Comrades in Arms booklet 1942, nice large caricature of him done in Copenhagen, more!
Also comes with a very RARE booklet on the operational history of 122 Wing published Sept 7, 1945.
- sold
3.  photos  -   Luftwaffe ME 110 Photo Album - 7.(F)/Lehrgeschwader 2 - Battle of Britain + Russia + Greece
158 photos of a man who served in 7.(F)/Lehrgeschwader 2 - the first time we have had an album from this specific unit! Covers Battle Britain through Russia & Greece! a Zestoerer Geschwader flying specially modified Me 110’s. VERY nice Me 110 photos, pilots returning from missions, squadron Scottie mascot, Me 110 with unit emblems of L.G. 2, Me 110 with camp paint schemes, pilots in cockpit, personal emblems, good photos of unit base, Oblt. Josef Peteani reporting to the Staffelkapitän 7./ LG 2 Hptm Gerndt (back to camera) on his return from a sortie over England during the Battle of Britain, great photo of Me 110 L2+ER (On 25 September 1940 Bf 110 C-5 " L2+ER" flown by Oblt Weyergang was dispatched to photograph targets in London but ran into a 229 Sqn Hurricane and in the ensuing pursuit took a number of hits before crashing north of Hastings where the two crew were buried), vehicles with laughing devil unit emblem, good photos of destruction in France in 1940, motorcycle with unit emblem in front of KO British Tank in Greece, and more. Rare!
- sold
4.  photos - British WWII Bombing Recon Reports & Photos - U-Boat Yards!
Set of five ORIGINAL files detailing before and after bombing outcomes on various German targets. Each contains very detailed reports as well as original photos. (1) Cuxhaven, (2) Hamburg - Blohm-Voss (U-BOATS!) Werke, (3) Bremen Harbor, (4) Brem - Deschimag, (5) Vegesack (U-BOAT YARDS). great details!
$650 - sold
5.  photosBritish WWII WREN’s DIARY & Book - Top!
Original diary kept by British WREN named Sheila (perhaps her last name is inside somewhere). 133 typed pages! Amazing detail. Starts Feb 29, 1944 and goes to Dec 1945, the day she was discharged. She was assigned as an aircraft mechanic. There is also an original YWCA pin/badge in back of the diary. Also comes with book WRENS IN CAMERA, published 1945.
 - sold
6.  photos -  British Tank Officer WWII Diary, Scrapbook Document Grouping - 2x HIMMLER photos
a very nice scrapbook of World War II kept by Capt. John RH Yeoman who served in The Royal Norfolk Regiment and then The Hampshire Regiment RAC (147th Regiment Royal Armoured Corps). Quite large and well captioned. Contains a diary of his thoughts on his service as well as the political failures leading up to WWII. Several captured German postcards and photos including two VERY nice original photos of Himmler (one with Goering, one with Hitler), nice uniform portrait photo of him, original photo of King George inspecting his unit in September 1940, Nice portrait photos of unit commanders in 1941, company group photo, more portrait photos of the man, Photos from his transfer to ninth Battalion, the Hampshire Regiment, good photos of him and comrades posing in front of Churchill tanks just after crossing the Rhine in March 1945, many newspaper clippings, lots of menus and programs and greeting cards, girls in uniform, more capture German photos, two 21st Army group personal messages from Montgomery documents, original propaganda leaflets, more. nice archive!
7.  photos - OT ORGANISATION TODT Photo Album
111 photo of a man who served in an OT unit in France and Russia Campaigns. Many good photos of KO vehicles and destruction in France, Russian tanks, good images of OT uniforms, OT vehicle plates, etc.
price marked
8.  photos - German WWII Aerial Reconnaissance Photos SEVASTAPOL - 28. leichte Division
Very interesting original grouping of aerial recon photos of Sevastopol from the 28. Leichte Inf Division. These come in the original box. they are the uncut original negatives - very large full size with paper inserts from the 28 lei Inf Division concerning their being sent up to Korps headquarters. Also couple of photos taken of their wingman in flight.
- sold
9.  photos - Photo & Document Grouping - PILOT - Haupt. Erich SCHLOCKERMANN - Nachtjagdgeschwader 101 Staffelkapitain + Me 262 Lechfeld!
Grouping to Haupt. Erich SCHLOCKERMANN. Comes with 61 photos, many captioned on reverse. Good photos of him in Kreta, wearing his medals, aircraft and more. he served 8 years in the LW starting in the KM (flying service) then in 1941 with KG 102, 101 and 172. in 1943 he served in Transport Geschwader 1. In Sept 1944 he served in Nachtjagdgeschwader 101 as a Staffelkapitan and stayed with that unit Feb 1945 when he transferred to TURBO-SCHULE LECHFELD - where Me 262 pilots were trained!! He saw service in KRETA, the Balkans and Russia. He received his EK2 for KRETA service and EK1 for Russia. He received the HONOR GOBLET for service at STALINGRAD! Also comes with many documents including passes, his Sportsbadge booklet, flight school related documents, See-Flugzeuge Ausweis, very nice recommendation letter from Generalleutnant Ulrich Buchholz with original signature (DKiG winner), and many more documents.
- sold
10.  photos -  WWII Japanese Photo Album - Very Artistic!
Very nice Japanese photo album with VERY good original artwork throughout. 214 photos. Covers the man’s time as a student, through cadet training to Army service. Good portraits, swords, nice large tank photo, unit and group photos and more.
- sold
11.  photos WAFFEN-SS Soldbuch - SS Gebirgsjaeger Regiment 11 "REINHARD HEYDRICH"
Very nice original Waffen-SS SOLDBUCH to SS Sturmmann Josef PINTER.  Original issue Soldbuch from 1943.  He served in SS Gebgirgsjaeger Regiment 11 "Reinhard Heydrich" of the 6th SS Gebirgs Division NORD. He was born in 1923 in  Hungary.  Original photo and all pages present.  Filled with good entries including entry for Wound Badge in BLACK on July 26, 1944. 
The division was the only Waffen-SS unit to fight in the Arctic Circle when it was stationed in Finland and northern Russia between June and November 1941. It fought in Karelia until the Moscow Armistice in September 1944, at which point it left Finland. It fought in the Operation Nordwind in January 1945, where it suffered heavy losses. In early April 1945, the division was destroyed by the U.S. forces near Budingen, Germany.
$750 - sold
12.  photos - FALLSCHIRMJAEGER photo Grouping - Fallschirmjaeger Rgt 3
58 photos from a man in FJR 3. Many captioned on reverse. original photo General KURT STUDENT, several good photos FJ’s on parade after returning from KRETA, studio portrait of the man, original photos from KRETA, going through the Thermopile Pass in Greece, photos in Moordyk, Holland, newspaper clippings and also original funeral program for Kurt Student from 1978 which the man attended.
- sold
13.  photos - Luftwaffe GLIDER Photo Grouping
13 original photos showing Gotha Go 242 Gliders and Paratroopers in the field. nice grouping!
14.  photos - British WWII Paybooks of a PARATROOPER - Parachute Regiment
Two soldier’s Paybooks to Robert Henry MacNab-Grieve. His paybook shows he was entitled to Para pay on 23 April, 1943 and entry authorizing Parachute wings on right arm. there is a newspaper clipping from Jan 1945 for his wedding listing him as member of the parachute regiment, membership card in the Para Rgt Old Comrades Assoc., appears he transferred to the Middlesex Rgt in Jan 1945 and Manchester Rgt March 1945. More research needs to be done but he certainly would have been available for D-Day and Market Garden as well as other Para Rgt operations!
- sold
15.  photos Army Photo Album - Russian Campaign - Good Technical Photos!
63 photos from a soldier in panzer Jaeger Abt 13. Filled with good technical and front shots - KO tanks, captured heavy self propelled artillery, POWS, refugees, Italian troops, captured Soviet plans, nice STURMGESCHUTZ photo and more.
- sold
16.  photos -  ERWIN ROMMEL Photo Grouping
Original photo grouping of 9 photos. One is a large photo of him from Africa, the others are of him in civilian/hunting (very uncommon) and uniform, likely at a hunting trip in Berchtesgaden!
- sold
17.  photos -   WWII British RAF-SAAF Photo Album Grouping
184 photos, very well captioned. Many photos from his time in training and stationed in South Africa. Two nice Spitfire photos, loading bombs on Fairey battle, many uniform photos, women in uniform, many identified locations, and more.
18.  photos Army Photo Album- Russia, Norway - NARVIK
98 photos, well captioned nice studio portraits, good photos of POW camp, KO French tank in NARVIK 1940, photos of him recovering in hospital after being wounded in Russia, vehicles, graves and more.
  - sold
19.  photos -   US WWII Medal, Photo & Document Grouping - RARE IMT NURNBERG TRIAL PASS!
Nice grouping to Major Addison C. BRICKELL who served as commanding officer of the 70th ordnance Group. Cornerstone of this grouping is his original NURNBERG IMT (International Military Tribunal) TRIAL ID/PASS - Very rare! Also comes with his Croix de Guerre, several unit patches, laminated War Dept. ID, Dog Tags, various patches, maps of Holland and Germany he brought back, several photos including images of tanks, his original DISCHARGE showing all his awards and campaigns including Normandy northern France, Rhineland, Ardennes, and Central Europe. Also comes with many more papers related to his service.
- sold
20.  photosBritish Army WWII Photo Album - North Africa
All in a leather album he brought back from North Africa. Captured photo of ROMMEL, knocked out German equipment in the desert, desert bivouacs, troops interacting with Arab locals, vehicles, great photo of “Avenge Tobruk” banner/sign, portrait photos and more!
21.  photos -  WAFFEN-SS Photo Album - HIMMLER photos!
132 photos. In a very nice album with SS runes on cover! Very good images of Allgemeine SS uniforms, insignias and equipment, SS sports uniforms and competitions, high ranking SS officers, original photo of HIMMLER with other officials, photos of the SS Lager at Nurnberg Rally grounds 1934, large SS band photos (very nice), another large photo of HIMMLER speaking to assembled SS troops, another superb photo of HIMMLER reviewing the troops (large size), original photo of HITLER reviewing SS troops, officers wearing “RFSS” cufftitles, nice photo of SS Barracks at Berchtesgaden, and more!
- sold
22.  photos -  WWII RAF Trunk Grouping - NAVIGATOR
VERY nice trunk/suitcase grouping named to P/O Raymond A. WOODHOUSE.  Original suitcase he brought/shipped his effects home in is in very good condition. It survived me checking it as luggage back from England last week!  It is full of, likely, everything he brought home,  Comes with a very nice, professionally framed display of his War Medal, Cap Badge, Nav WIng, photo and ID tag. On the reverse is a copy of his Record of Service from the RAF.  Comes with his officers flying tunic with label from Moss Bros & Co Ltd., Covent Garden, London, his officer's greatcoat, also from same tailor, period framed group photo, his painted RAF duffle/kit bag, ID tag, medal boxes and insert letters, Flying LOG BOOK & RCAF Sight Log Book (mostly training in Canada, he did make it over to the CBI theater after the war - he was assigned to TFU Defford in July 1945), his RAF Paybook, RAF Service & Release  Book, various other ID cards and booklets, invitations, box of various uniform effects - buttons, extra pair of shoulder boards, etc., a nice lot of photos showing aircraft, him and comrades in uniform, base life, photos when he was posted in India,  several maps he used in flight, engraved lighter in box, and more. great grouping that would make a very nice display.
23.  photos -   German WWII Unit PHOTOGRAPHER Photo Grouping - NORWAY, SUDETENLAND Massive!
HUGE grouping to a WWII unit photographer who served in Panzer Abwehr Abt 5, part of the 5. Inf Division (later (5 Jaeger Division). Comes with four "sample" albums that he passed amongst unit members for them to select photos they wanted copies of and box full of photos & negatives, many in original photo shop packets.  Must be well over 1000 images!  First album contains images of the unit in PRAGUE. Many photos from NORWAY, many vehicles, motorcycles, PAK cannons, ceremonies, troops interacting with Norwegian locals, more.
  - sold
24.  photos -   Luftwaffe KAMPFGESCHWADER 55 Photo Grouping
45 very good photos of a member of KG 55, Good photos of He 11 aircraft, photos of crew after successful mission, photos of night bomb raid they went on, photos of crew in plane in flight, Russian Front in flames, camo paint schemes, base photos, and more.  Many photos are captioned on the reverse with dates, locations and crew members identified.
  - sold
25.  photos - British WWII Photo Grouping - NORMANDY, TIGER TANKS, HOLLAND +
105 VERY good larger format photos taken of identified locations in France (especially NORMANDY), Holland and Belgium. Also photos of knocked out TIGER TANK in the Falaise area, great Sd.Kfz. 251 with camo paint scheme, long barrel panzer IV and other German vehicles,  Identified locations include (sorry, I did not correct all spelling errors of the photographer): LE VALTRU, FALAISE, LE BON REPOS, HELLOCK, BRETTVILLETTE, HALBOUT, PLACY, GRANVILLE, PIERREFITTE, EVRECY, MALTOT, ESQUAY, BOUGY, GAVRUS, NIJMEGEN,   GAVRUS,  CALLEVILLE, BOUCY, BLADEL, VALLEDIEU, and more.
- sold
26.  photos -   British WWII FEMALE Women's Land Army Grouping
Grouping named to Miss Ellen DALBY who served in the WLA. Comes with her appreciation letter form Queen Elizabeth with original mailing envelope, a great studio portrait of her in uniform, two original WLA slip on shoulder board insignia, WLA Release Certificate with original mailing envelope, original wartime WLA Enamel cap badge and post war cap badge.
27.  photos -  Luftwaffe Award Document Grouping - Me 110 - Zestoerergeschwader 26
Nice grouping of a Me 110 Air Gunner who served in ZG 26. Comes with his Air Gunner badge award document, Iron Cross Second Class award document with orig. sig. 1 Jagddivision commander Oberst Hajo Herrmann - RK + Swords winner, and Iron Cross FIRST Class award document with facsimile signature Generalobserts Stumpff.
28.  photos -   US Korean War Marine Photo Album
111 photos of a US Marine serving in the Korean War. Named to James Richard McGinnis.  Well captioned throughout. Good photos of Korean base life, Marine camo uniforms and helmets, bazookas, BAR's, trench lines, looking in to N Korean territory, photos from Japan and more.
29.  photos -   WEHRPASS - KIA - 263 Inf Division
Wehrpass named to Uffz. Alfred ZIMMERMANN who served in Aufklarungs Abt  263 of the 263 Inf Division. He was KIA on Sept 20, 1943 in Russia. Comes with his funeral program as well as letter to family which accompanied the Wehrpass when sent home to them.
$85 - sold
30.  photos  WEHRPASS - KIA - 5 Inf Division
Wehrpass named to Gef. Otto Schrumpf who served in Inf Rgt 14 of the 5 Inf Division.  He was KIA on Aug 25, 1941 in Russia.
$85 - sold
31.  photos - WEHRPASS - KIA  - Officer - 544 Grenadier Division - SNIPER RIFLE ENTRY - Rare!!
Wehrpass named to Leutnant Joachim SCHLACHOW who served in Gren Rgt 1083 of the 544 grenadier Division. He was KIA on Sept 19, 1944 in heavy fighting in Poland.  Very good weapons entries including MG 42, SELBSTLADEGEWEHR 41 [G-41 semi-auto rifle - uncommon entry], and the VERY rare entry for Zielfernrohrkarabiner 98k [SNIPER RIFLE], Schiessbecher [Rifle grenade launcher], and Granatbuechse 39 [AntiTank Rifle 39 - another rare entry]
32.  photosSoldbuch & Wehrstammbuch - Kuesten Artillerie Batterie 698 - 15 cm Kanone 39
Wehrstammbuch & Soldbuch both to Kanonier Karl FALBE who served in K. Batterie 698.   Art. batt. 698 was the only unit in the Battle of France that was equipped with the heavy 15 cm Kanone 39.  Wehrstammbuch has many French campaign entries including Antwerp, DUNKIRK, Kampf un Nieuport & La Panne and the occupation duties (Kuestenschtz) on French & Belgian Atlantic coast, Wehrpas campaign insert documents, Wehrmacht dirver's license with photo Truppenausweis, and more.
- sold
33.  photos - WWII Anti-Semetic book:  DE JODEN IN NEDERLAND
Original first edition 1941 copy of De Joden in Nederland by SS-Sturmbahnführer Hans Graf von Monts.  Published by the Reichskommisariat. 64 pages, 23x15.5 cm. 
$195 (one left)
34.  photos -   British WWII PAYBOOK  - Dunkirk, Africa!
Named to Royal Engineer and Sapper Lewis Roberts.  Veteran of AEF and DUNKIRK then Middle East, Sicily and Italy from Jan 1943 till War's end. Also awarded AFRICA STAR.
$95 - sold
35.  photos -   WWII RAF Playing Card Pack
Original complete pack of RAF WWII Era playing Cards,
36.  photos British BATTLE OF BRITAIN One of a Kind Relic - National Fire Service (No. 11 Area)
Rare one of a kind original Battle of Britain National Fire Service (No. 11 Area)  rare Occurrence Book. Covers Period 25 June to April 4th 1941. Lists ALL Air Raid warning and details from Essex, England. Report listing bomb damage and dead bodies on front page. Daily entries throughout the BoB!
$350 - sold
40.  photos -  PANZER Award Document Grouping - 23 Panzer Division - Panzer Assault Badge “50” - Panther Commander - TOP!!
Amazing grouping to Feldwebel Willi HÄRTEL who served in 8./Panzer Rgt 23 of the 23 Panzer Division. Comes with his Panzer Assault Badge III Stufe (Panzer Badge “50”) award document with original signature of 23 Panzer Regiment commander Oberstlt. Georg-Wilhelm Prinz zu Waldeck und Pyrmont, his Iron Cross First Class Award Document with original signature 23 Panzer Division Commander Generalleutnant Joseph von Radowitz. Radowitz, interestingly, was the last person awarded the Knights Cross. There are also several official documents from his personnel file. VERY IMPORTANT to this grouping is his official, complete list of all his engagements qualifying his for the Panzer Badge “50.” Has original signature of Kompanie Fuehrer. Also comes with official file document listing his official details including promotion to Feldwebel on March 1, 1945 and as “Kommandant in Pz. Kampfwagen V” - Panther! on reverse is official listing of his awards including Panzer Assault Badge I Stufe, II Stufe and III Stufe! Also cones with his Kompanie commander’s applications [Antrag]for his awards of the Panzer Assault Badge “25” AND “50.” Also comes with his Verpflichtungsschein for long service award, and a personal evaluation completed by his Panzer course instructor when he was in Panzer Rgt 15. Amazing grouping.
1650 Euro - $1930
- sold
41photos  - Waffen-SS FIVE Photo Album Group - Leibstandarte SS “Adolf Hitler” + FÜHRERSCHÜTZKOMMANDO OBERSALZBURG!!
605 photos in
FIVE photo albums, all from the same Waffen-SS man!! He served in VI./LSSAH and also FÜHRERSCHÜTZKOMMANDO OBERSALZBURG - Hitler’s personal SS guard at the BERGHOF! 559 photos! Named to SS Rottenführer Gottfried BIEHLE. Comes with VERY nice promotion document to SS-Rottenführer dated Dec 12, 1940 with ORIGINAL signature Wilhelm MOHNKE!!
Album 1: 181 photos. There is a SUPER studio portrait of him with LAH slip on shoulder board ciphers and Infantry Assault Badge. He has a baby face so is easy to spot through the album. Starts with a SUPER photo of HIMMLER & HEIDRICH leaving building together in Berlin, FOUR original photos of HITLER, good photos from LAH Kaserne in Berlin, photo of him on watch duty at the kaserne photos of his barracks room, pass photos of him in SS uniform, on honor guard duty for Hitler at parades, weapons training, pass photos of other SSLAH comrades, then photos in the SUDETENLAND Campaign, several identified locations including several ethos from Zilnia, then photos of him assigned to FUEHRERSCHÜTZKOMMANDO OBERSALZBURG! He was part of the Hitler’s personal SS guard at the BERGHOF!! [Most of the Berghof service photos have photo shop stamp on reverse from Berchtesgaden] Beautiful large photo of the Berghof from across the valley, great photos of the Berghof, he and comrades marching past the Berghof, photos him on the balcony of the Berghof, great photos of the SS BARRACKS, on leave hiking nearby, parade ceremonies in Berchtesgaden, amazing photo he took looking inside the great window of the Berghof - doubly rare as the window is lowered(!!), SIX original photos of HITLER visiting and touring the SS Berghof Barracks, several photos of Hitler’s personal adjutant Otto GÜNSCHE can be seen in these photos, the Plattendorn at the Berghof, and more! Then he is transferred for service in the POLAND CAMPAIGN - original private photo of Sept DIETRICH, photos of JEWS expelled from Polish towns, Polish POWs. destruction, Panzers , armored train, good MG positions, original photos of SS-Obersturmbannführer Rudolf SANDIG (RK winner), very nice LAH parades in PRAGUE and more. Amazing album!
Album 2: 168 photos, well captioned throughout. Starts with him in SS service on the Rhine in 1939, then service in the France Campaign, good photos from Rotterdam, SS camp smocks and helmets in wear rolling through Rotterdam, knocked out Dutch bunkers, crashed planes, great photo of SSLAH officer talking with Dutch POW, rolling through Amsterdam, photos from Arnhem, great photos of SS graves including a super close up showing SS Belt buckle they affixed to man’s cross, knocked out French tanks, many French POWs, many other identified locations in France & Belgium, photos from Paris, great original photo of the man standing behind SEPP DIETRICH and HITLER at a dinner in Metz, then photos from BALKANS and GREECE, then photos on leave visiting SS Kaserne in OBERSALZBURG/Berghof! He previously served there as part of the FUEHRERSCHÜTZKOMMANDO OBERSALZBURG! Great photos of Platterhof, Berghof, SS barracks, etc.
Album 3: 134 photos, well captioned. Starts with him and his unit at the BERGHOF!!   Many good photos of the Berghof, SS Barracks at the Berghof, Platterhof at the Berghof, then photos from training at Sennelager at Paderborn, MO40 and Mg 34 training, mortar squads, SS camp smocks and helmet covers in wear, then shipping out to RUSSIA, photo of him on day of his EK2 award, SSLAH cufftitles in wear, several nice SS postcards, SS vehicles, then transfer back from France in 1942photos from Paris, funeral ceremonies in France, and more.
Album 4: 46 photos and postcards. nice grouping of SS combat related postcard images, then photos of him attending a ski training course in 1944.
Album 5: 76 photos form his RAD service. Actually a very good RAD album, well captioned, good content and well captioned
6500 Euro  - $7605
42 photos - Waffen-SS Photo Grouping - LENINGRAD + Late War Photos
80 photos, all from the same SS man. Most photos are captioned on the reverse. Good SS uniforms and insignia, SS vehicles, SS camp smocks and helmets, many photos identified from LENINGRAD, knocked out bunkers, many photos from summer 1944, SS Krads, TOTENKOPF cufftitles in wear, Sd.Kfz. 251, foxhole photos, captured Russian weapons, Demyjansk Shield in wear, medals in wear, VW Kubelwagen, KO Russian tanks, SS camo tunics, great photos of SS 8.8cm Flak with many kill rings and insignia, more
800 Euro - $940
43 photos - Luftwaffe GERMAN CROSS IN GOLD Winner Photo Album & Document Grouping - Transport-Geschwader 4 - STALINGRAD
319 photos of DKiG winner Feldwebel Kurt WULFF. He was awarded the DKIG for service with TG4 for flying support missions to STALINGRAD! Many photos captioned on reverse. He served in 5,/KGzbV 4 and 2./KGzbV 500. Comes with a great grouping of documents including his large formal German Cross in Gold document, Iron Cross Second Class with original signature Generaloberst Alfred Keller (RK), Iron Cross First Class also with Keller signature, Transport Flight Clasp in GOLD with orig signature Lufttransportführer beim Generalquartiermeister, Ostmedaille award document with original signature Oberst Friedrich-Wilhelm Morzik, Air Gunner Badge award document, promotion document to Feldwebel with orig signature Gruppenkdr in Transportfliegergeschwader 4. The photo album is excellent, filled with good aircraft photos, great photos and portraits showing him wearing medals including DKiG, comrades also wearing DKIG, inside views of his aircraft, photos from ITALY, crashed planes, plane squadrons in flight over the Mediterranean, crashed Italian aircraft, medal award ceremonies, Knights Cross Winners, two nice photos of Heinkel He 177 bombers, Me 110 on airfield, planes with unit emblems, and more!
2650 Euro - $2925
44 photos - SOLDBUCH & Award Document Grouping - NAHKAMPFSPANGE - 11 Panzer Division - Battle of the Bulge, REMAGEN Bridge
Grouping to Uffz. Heinrich STRETZ who served in Panzer Gren. Rgt. 40 of the 17 Panzer Division and later Panzer Gren Rgt 110 of the 11 Panzer Division. He was stationed in the west fighting US and British troops after D-Day including Battle of the Bulge, Remagen and finally surrendered near Passau. Comes with his Award Documents for Close Combat Clasp in Bronze awarded June 1, 1943, Ostmedaille with orig. sig. Regimental commander, Panzer Assault Badge in Bronze with orig. signature 17 Panzer Division commander Generalleutnant Rudolf-Eduard Licht, two Wehrmachtfahrschein, Urlaub document from Dec 1944. SOLDBUCH is complete original issue with pass photo. Lists all awards including EK2, EK1, Panzer Assault Badge, Ostmedaille and Close Combat Clasp. Also comes with a studio portrait of him wearing helmet and all his awards including Nahkampfspange!
675 Euro - $790
45 photos  - WAFFEN-SS FELDPOST, Award Document & Medal Grouping - SS-Verfügungs-Division - SS DAS REICH
Iron Cross Second Class award document awarded to Ernst HEINLEIN of 4./SS Aufklarungs Abteilung of the SS-Verfügungs-Division. Awarded 18 June, 1940 with ORIGINAL signature SS-Oberst-Gruppenführer Paul HAUSSER (RK+Swords).great “SS V Division” stamp, also! Also comes with his EK2 medal and small portrait photo of him in which you can see him wearing SS Deutschland shoulder boards. Also comes with his MILITARY DISCHARGE and a big pile of FELDPOST with Feldpost number for 4. Kompanie SS-Aufklarungs-Abteilung z.b.V. (SS-Division) and later 3. Kompanie Aufklarungs-Abteilung SS-Panzergrenadier-Division Das Reich. Dates from 1939 - 1945. Also comes with several POW Camp letters from French POW camp, his Deustcher Reichsbund fur Leibesubungen- the photo matches the uniform portrait mentioned above, condolence card from General der Artillerie Friedrich von Cochenhausen with original signature,
46photos - KRIEGSMARINE Photo Album & Award Document Grouping - DESTROYER Z-32
111 photos & postcards, very well captioned. Named to Erwin HAHN. Starts with a nice studio portrait of him as well as his original Kriegsmarine Cap Tally. Also comes with his IRON CROSS SECOND CLASS award document dated Jan 9, 1944 for service on the “Z-32” with original signature Vizeadmiral Leo Kreisch and his DESTROYER BADGE award Document listing “ship “Z 32” - great documents! Good photos of the Z-32 at sea, engagements in the Bay of Biscay, and English Channel, period newspaper clippings, photos of other Destroyers in his Flotilla
$760 - sold
47 photos - Photo Album & Award Document Grouping - KRIMSCHILD
Grouping named to Leutnant Hans Meyer who served in 3.(mot.)/ Pionier Batl 88 of the 46 Infanterie Division. Comes with period framed KRIMSCHILD award document, May 6, 1945 surrender document - rare “Division Konitzky” - with original signature Generalmajor KONITZKY. Photo Album contains over 135 photos. Contains a super studio portrait of the man wearing all medals including KRIMSCHILD.
47b photos - German TURKISTANISCHE LEGION Photo Grouping - Rare!
39 great photos of a (wounded in STALINGRAD) officer serving in the TURKISTANISCHE LEGION.  It was made up of  Turkic peoples who fought in the Wehrmacht during World War II.  Most of these troops were Red Army POWs who formed common cause with the Germans -  Turkic, Caucasian, Cossack, and Crimean. The battalions of the Turkestan Legion formed part of the 162nd Infantry Division and saw much action in Axis-occupied Yugoslavia.  Super photos showing TURKISTAN arm badges in wear, good photos of the unit training in CASTRES, FRANCE, service dogs, more.
$385  - sold
48photos - HITLER JUGEND Photo Album - LANDJAHR
29 photos of a HJ boy’s Landjahr service. Nicely captioned. Also comes with period newspaper clipping. Good HJ uniforms and gear, marching, ceremonies, more.
49photos - Photo Album & WEHRPASS Grouping- KIA - Sicherungs Ball 966 - BANDENKAMPF
74 photos. Named to Gef. Karl PORRMANN who served in Sich Btl 966. Comes with his Wehrpass. He was KIA on March 2, 1944 in anti-partisan fighting in Poland. Also comes with his large funeral notice listing his death due to “Bandenbekampfung.” Letter to his wife from his commander giver her details about his death, letter indicating the unit is sending her this photo album that they put together for her, another hand-write letter to her from comrade. Photos include photos of his grave in Jaroslau, photos from his funeral ceremony including his coffin identified, photos of him and unit in anti-partisan fighting in the weeks before his death, Russian Asian POWS working for his unit, photos from their Lager in Demba, Poland, nice field portrait photo of him.
50 photos - PANZER Photo Album - 24x TIGER MARK VI PANZER Photos!!
138 photos. Comes with the man’s Black WOUND BADGE award document for wounding in the France Campaign. Awarded in St. Hilaire, France on July 10, 1940 while serving with 1./Panzer Pionier Batl 49 of th 10 Panzer Division. Signed by Batl commander. The most important thing about the album is that it contains 24 TIGER TANK photos! Also many other good front photos, schwere PAK, KIA, KO Russian tanks, great studio portraits, and more!!
1650 Euro  - $1930
- sold
51photos - GEBIRGSJAEGER Photo Album & Book Grouping - Nice!
Interesting grouping as this GJ man made a photo album out of the 1957 book, Gebirgsjaeger for Murmansk. He pasted original photos throughout the book pertain gin to relevant passages. Also comes with several period maps. 85 very good front/combat photos! Most have typed captions on the reverse. He made a personal memoir from this book!
$420 - sold
52photos - HITLER JUGEND Photo Album - Nürnberg Rally 1937
109 photos. Many captions. Very good HJ uniform and gear images, hiking with his unit in the Alps, attending the 1937 NURNBERG PARTY RALLY, marching in Nurnberg, original photo of HITLER in Nurnberg, HJ musical instruments and drums, SA troops, more.
$225 - sold
53photos - Kriegsmarine Photo Album & Documents - Kreuzer KARLSRUHE
112 photos. Very well captioned. All from a crew member of the Cruiser KARLSRUHE. Comes with many original documents from the ship as well as many period newspaper clippings.
54photos - Photo Album & Award Document Grouping - 21 Inf. Division
33 photos from the man’s service in the Russian front. Award documents include Wound Badge in Black awarded May 1944, Iron Cross Second Class with orig. signature 21 Inf Division commander Generalmajor Franz SENSFUSS (RK+Oakleaves Winner), KVK2 award document with orig sig 21 ID commander Generalleutnant Gerhard MATZKY (RK winner), and Ostmedaille award document.
$245 - sold
55 photos - Luftwaffe Photo Album - Fw 189 - 5.(H)/Aufkl. Gr. 41 - HOLLAND - Nice!
184 photos, very well captioned! many GREAT photos of the Fw 189 of which the man was a crew member. his pilot was DKiG winner Helmet MAHNKE. He served in 5.(H)/Aufkl. Gr. 41, and other units. Many photos from his time serving as recon unit in the NETHERLANDS. Great photos ofFw 189 in flight and on ground, photos of crew members wearing medals, crashed planes (identified), great camp painted car on base, great photos taken inside his plane, many photos taken from their base in EINDHOVEN, Holland, returning with tail shot up by Allied fighters, great photos of unit emblem with “Wehrmacht-Befelshaber in den Nederlanden” painted on plane.other photo of plane with bullet holes he indicated came from a P-47 attack, and more.
- sold
56 photos - Army Photo Album Grouping - OFFICER - Russia Campaign - Great COMBAT Images - Inf Rgt 478
266 very good photos of an officer who served in Inf Rgt 478 of the 258 Inf Division, mostly from a man’s service on the Russian Front! Well captioned. Super combat photos - knocked out TANKs, female Russian POWs, burning villages, bunkers, medals in wear, winter camo, medal ceremonies in the field, identified officers, nice PANZER IV photos, German Cross in Gold Winners, division General arriving by PKW, graves of officers, photos and later photo of the grave of Regimental commander Oberst Horst VON WOLFF (Knights Cross Winner), nice photo of infantry fanning out across field, Russian POWs on march, more. Great grouping!
- sold
57 photos  - Army Document & Feldpost Grouping - Soldier Missing at STALINGRAD!
Large grouping of documents & letters concerning Obergef. Julius KÜRTEN who’s served in Artillerie-Regiment 371 of the 371 Inf Division which was destroyed at STALINGRAD. Comes with official document from Arbeitsstab STALINGRAD to his mother informing her that her son was MIA in Stalingrad. Original signature Oberstleutnant. Also comes with several other documents from Stalingrad including promotion document to Obergefreiten, money paid to mother, official letter to his mother in Jan 1943 while he was in STALINGRAD notifying her of his address change, etc. Comes with a LARGE number of letters he wrote during his time in the RUSSIA Campaign all the way up to and including letters he wrote FROM STALINGRAD through Jan 1943!! Rare content! Also comes with responses from the Archives, Red Cross, etc. his niece received about him the man in 2002.
- sold
58 photos - Army Photo Album & DIARY - Inf Rgt 96 - 32 Inf Division
VERY nice original period war diary for Inf Rgt 96 of the 32 Inf Division. covering period 1936-1945. It was compiled in 1952. The man added at least 35 original wartime photos to the diary, with additional captions in his own hand. Great content from Poland, France and (mostly) Russia. Very rare!
- sold
59 photos  -  Army Official KRIEGSTAGEBUCH - 30 Infanterie Division - Rare!
Another very rare official Kriegstagebuch (War Diary) from an Oberlt. JOERRS who served in the Stab of Inf Rgt 6 of the 30 Inf Division. It is a mixture of his handwritten material that would have then be typed up and also typed material. He included his list of campaigns like what would be in his Wehrpass and also listed when he was awarded certain medals on it. Also comes with a few very nice RARE theater made booklets and the division. There is much material from DEMYANSK - the 30 Inf Div fought heavily during these battles. Also Russian propaganda leaflets, hand drawn maps, original letter form II Armee Korps with ORIGINAL SIGNATURE General der Infanterie Walter Graf von Brockdorff-Ahlefeldt - (RK+ Oakleaves winner) - rare signature as he died in 1943. Rare material!
 - sold
60photos - U-BOAT Photo Album, Document & CAP BADGE Grouping - U-96 (DAS BOOT)!
Nice grouping to U-Boat crew member Max PIEN who served on the U-96 and U-874. U-543. U-96 is famous, besides sinking 27 ships(!), for being the basis of the book/film DAS BOOT. During 1941, war correspondent Lothar-Günther Buchheim joined U-96 for a single patrol. His orders were to photograph and describe the U-boat in action for propaganda purposes. Over 5,000 photographs, mostly taken by Buchheim, survived the war. From his experiences, he wrote a short story, "Die Eichenlaubfahrt" ("The Oak-Leaves Patrol") and a 1973 novel which was to become an international best-seller, Das Boot, followed in 1976 by U-Boot-Krieg ("U-Boat War"), a nonfiction chronicle of the voyage.
The grouping comes with a nice plaque with U-Boat Fr and one for the U-543. Also has U-96 metal emblems that may have been cap badges as well as USN dolphins. Album contains 176 photos, starting in his training time, then surface ship service then U-Boat training and finally operation service with U-96! Many good studio portraits of him including one in which he can be seen wearing the U-96 “Laughing Sawfish” cap Badge!! Good photos of his am crew at sea on patrol, super studio portrait of U-96 commander Hans-Jürgen Hellriegel (Knights Cross Winner) with signature and personal dedication on reverse! Also comes with U-Boat service “Bierzeitungen and other documents of Pien
$775 - sold
140 photos. Very well captioned! Really good album of a HJ Führer. Very interesting content as he and his unit get sent to RUSSIA & the Ukraine in 1943 for some type of music duty there. Quite uncommon! GREAT PHOTO OF GERMAN SOLDIER WEARING TURKISTANISCHE LEGION ARM BADGE!! Great photos of HJ uniforms, insignias, gear, parades, flags, attending ADOLF HITLER SCHULE SONTHOFEN, great AH music and instrument photos, performing in Ukraine, performing for troops in Lazarett, photos performing in Zwiahel and Winizza, postcard from Ordernsburg Sondhofen,back in Sondhofen after returning from Russia, , in training at BAD TOLZ (SS training school), and more.
Adolf Hitler Schools (AHS) were National Socialist boarding schools (12 in total) created to indoctrinate the youth of Nazi Germany, which in many ways resembled the National Political Educational Institutions ("Napolas"); the AHS were counted among the National Socialist's elite institutions. Great album!
62photos  - Luftwaffe STUKA Photo Album - Schlachtgeschwader 2 (SG 2) Immelmann + 10./St.G.77
182 photos of a man who served in a Ju 87 STUKA crew in SG2 and later in 10./St.G.77! Many excellent photos of Ju 87 STukas - on airfields and in flight, nice photos from inside cockpit showing detailed photos of instruments & controls, crew in flight gear, portrait photos of the man, Ju 87’s with unit emblems, bombs being loaded, funerals of crew members of the unit, wreckage of crashed Stukas, base life, unit vehicles, more.
$630- sold
63 photos HITLER JUGEND & Gebirgsjaeger Photo Album
88 photos from man’s service from HJ through Gebirgsjaeger. The Hitler Jugend photos re great - very good flags, parades, uniform and gear details, HJ band studio portraits, then very goof GJ photos in Russia, winter camo, super photo of him with MP 40, wounded soldiers on litters in field, trench positions, ski patrols, artillery, destroyed towns, more.
- sold
64photos - Army Photo Album - OFFICER - KIA - Kompanie Commander - IR 78 - ORIGINAL SIGNATURE WERNER VON BLOMBERG
88 photos and documents of Hauptmann Wilhelm BURKHARDT who was a Kompanie commander in Inf Rgt 78 of the 26 Inf Division. He was KIA on June 5, 1940 during combat on the Oise Canal - very early in the France Campaign! Comes with many documents including his promotion to Oberleutnant document with ORIGINAL SIGNATURE WERNER VON BLOMBERG! Four Yer Long Service Medal award document, other documents and citations form his time in the Landespolizei, his funeral notice, several letters from commander and comrades to his wife, several letters of congratulations to the man upon promotions, album is well captioned. Has a SUPER large portrait photo of him wearing helmet, good photos from 1938 of him and unit on parade, other studio portraits and more.
65 photos - Army Photo Album & Document Grouping - NÜRNBERG RALLY, France & Russia - 78 Inf Division
206 photos of Uffz. ROCKENHAÜSER who served in Aufklarungs Abt 178 of the 78 Infanterie Division. Comes with his KVK2 award document with original signature division adjutant. Ostmedaille award document with original signature Battle. commander. Has a SUPER photo of Horst STOFFLETH on the day of his KNIGHTS CROSS award in the field (Aug 20, 1942).another photo of him wearing RK posing with DKiG winner (Mueller), nice photo of KNIGHTS CROSS WINNER Jochen MEYER with personal dedication to the man on reverse, good Russian front photos, motorcycles, vehicles, graves, bunkers, POWs, nice photo of soldier w MP 40, super studio portrait of the man in early style helmet, photos from his training time with IR 13, great parade and flag photos, 1935 Maneuvers, his unit attending 1936 NURNBERG PARTY RALLY, two original photos of HITLER, nice studio portrait of OBERST, and more!
- sold
66photos - Army Medical DIARY & Photo Album - Lazarett PARIS - ROMMEL Treated July 1944 - Nice!
HUGE period binder with over hundreds of typed pages and many more pages with inserts, mementoes, souvenirs, orders, postcards etc. from a doctor’s service in Lazarett in PARIS [L'hôpital du Vésinet in St. Germain, outside of Paris, to be exact - among others]! named to a Dr. Westphal. Great material from Pais. Also very interesting is his entries related to ERWIN ROMMEL being there under his care on July 28, 1944 - incognito - under the assumed name XXXXXXXXXXXX - buyer will get the privilege of knowing this :)  It is historically unknown except for this diary!   Super grouping!
$850  - sold
67photos  - Sturngeschütz Officer Soldbuch & Document Group - Rare "Schwester Adler" Entry! - 3. Kavallerie-Division + OPERATION MARKET GARDEN ARNEHM- JAGDPANZER IV - HUGE GROUPING!
Massive two-binder grouping of Oberleytnant Hans Jürgen FEDDER. He served in Panzer Jaeger Abt 110 (110 Inf Division), 1190 (Operation Market Garden) and ended the war with Pz Jag Abt 69 (StuG unit with the 3 Kav Division, previously StuG Abt 177). Soldbuch is complete with super uniform photo of him as Leutnant. Has the very rare entry allowing him, as a member of the 3. Kav. Brig, to wear the "Schwedter Adler" traditions cap badge! With original signature of Oberlt. It is interesting to note that while serving in Pz Jag Ers Abt 20, his unit was sent to Holland as an "Alarm Unit" with Einsatz-Division Nr. 190 on Sept. 18 and fought in OPERATION MARKET GARDEN, specifically at ARNEHM!!!! ADDITIONALLY - he was part of JAGDPANZER IV CREW AT THIS TIME and would have gone with this to Holland. there are training documents that show him so in the grouping! His letter mentioned below details this! His EK1 was awarded for service in this battle! Awards listed in the SB include Ostmedaille, Black Wound Badge, EK2, Sturmabzeichen, and EK1. Also comes with his Wehrmachts Fuehrerschein, his military discharge, a rare grouping of photos showing training with models of Russian tanks as well as sand tray table training, MG 34 trainman booklet, Feldpost, a LARGE number of original documents from his service - far too many to list. Some that stand out: long letter to his comrades in Nov 1944 discussing his training on StuG's, battle in France, etc, promotions, lists of unit officers and commanders, reports about his being wounded , passes * IDs, letters from company commander concerning his being awarded Sturmabzeichen, letters of congratulations, original MAPS and very nice hand-drawn diagrams used in the field in Russia, documents related to his command of his Kompanie, orders, Letter from 9 Armee commander General von VIETINGHOFF, letter from II AK commander General von BROCKDORFF, letter he wrote confirming award of DEMJANSKSCHILD to soldier in his unit, letter from Aug 1944 showing him in Panzer Jag Act 50 of the 9 Panzer Division in Southern France, rare training/identification documents about American and British tanks, Sturmgeschutz related training documents from Lehrgange, RARE JAGDPANZER IV training documents with the unit he was sent into action with at MARKET GARDEN in ARNEHM, and more! Top rare grouping!
$1550  - sold
68 photos - General Assault Badge Award Document - 131 Inf Division
Awarded to Gef. August BURMESTER who served in 2./Pionier Btl 131 of the 131 Inf Division. Orig sig div car generally. Heinrich Meyer-Buerdorf - Knights Cross Winner.
69photos -   Iron Cross Second Class Award Document - Kriegsmarine
Awarded to Steurmannsmaaten Karl MEWES. Original signature Vice Admiral Friedrich RUEGE - Knights Cross Winner.
70photos -   Iron Cross Second Class Award Document - 4 Inf Division - France Campaign Award
Awarded to Uffz. Kurt GOLDBERG who served in 2,/Inf Rgt 103 of the 4 Inf Division. Original signature Division commander, General Erick-Oskar HANSEN - Knights Cross Winner. Issued June 24, 1940 for the FRANCE CAMPAIGN.
$120  - sold
71photos - Iron Cross Second Class Award Document - Kriegsmarine
Awarded to Stabsobersteuermann Wilhelm WARBURG on May 10, 1940 (Early!) with original signature Vice Admiral Hermann MOOTZ. Issued on board ship.
72photos -  Iron Cross Second Class Award Document - ITALY - 65 Infanterie Division - NETTUNO, ANZIO
Awarded to Get. Josef WERK. He served in 14,/Gren Rgt 146 of the 65 Inf Division. Orig. sig. Division commander General Helmuth PFEIFFER - Knights Cross & OAKLEAVES winner. Awarded June 23, 1944, for his service at the Nettuno/Anzio bridgehead.
73 photos  Iron Cross Second Class Award Document - 260 Infanterie Division
Awarded to Gefr. Hugo WINTER who served in Gren Rgt 480 of the 260 Inf Division. Awarded Sept. 3 1943. Orig sig. General and div commander Walther HALM - Knights Cross & Oakleaves Winner.
74 photos -  Iron Cross Second Class Award Document - 260 Infanterie Division
Awarded to Obergef. Gustav ULRICH who served in Art. Rgt. 260 of the 260 Inf Division. Original signature division commander general. Walther HALM- Knights Cross & Oakleaves Winner. Awarded Aug 12, 1943.
75 photos -  War Merit Cross with Swords Award Document - Bau Pionier Batl 403
Awarded to Obergef. Rudi SAMMLER who served in 3./Bau-Pio Btl 403. Original sig. 44 Army Corps commander General der Artillerie Maximilian de Angelis - Knights Cross & Oakleaves winner.
$75- sold
76photos -  War Merit Cross with Swords Award Document - Luftnachrichten Abt (H) (mot) 2
Awarded to Obergef. Heinrich REH who served in Luftnachrichten Abt (H) (mot) 2
. Original sig. General der Flieger u. General der Luftwaffe beim Oberbefehlshaber des Heeres Rudolf BOGATSCH - Knights Cross winner. Awarded Aug 10, 1941.
77 photos -  War Merit Cross with Swords Award Document - Stellungsbattr. (K) 343
Awarded to Oberwachmeister Werner FECHTNER who served in Stellungsbattr. (K) 343. Original sig. General & Div. Commander Wilhelm NEUMANN - 712 Inf Div commander - Knights Cross winner. Awarded Jan 30, 1943. The division was defending Vlissingen - harbor city near Antwerp.
79. photos - VIETNAM GENERAL Photo Album & Document Grouping - Major General Lloyd B. RAMSEY - Americal Division
A fantastic photo album, from personal estate of Major General Lloyd B. RAMSEY. Ramsey had very colorful service from WWII through Vietnam.  During WWII he served as Aide-de-Camp to British General ALEXANDER during the North Africa Campaign, participated in the Battle of Kasserine Pass, he and his unit were the FIRST to BERCHTESGADEN (Sorry 101st AB, it wasn't you), was present at the raising of the American Flag over the Eagle's Nest, and recipient of multiple Purple Hearts, Silver Star and multiple Bronze Stars.  During Vietnam, he served as the commander of the Americal Division. This album covers his Vietnam service. It is a MASSIVE, heavy thing, hand made from wood with personalized engraved name plate on cover. Also comes with award document from South Vietnam and a large pile of letters, many from other Generals and high officers as well as Ramsey's response letters, after his injury from an in country helicopter crash.  The album is filled with excellent photos - many excellent color photos,  everything you would want to see, combat, many named officers (including NORMAN SCHWARTZKOPF and COLIN POWELL), tanks, heavy weapons, on stage with Bob Hope, helicopters, Ramsey receiving medals, many articles about significant battle he commanded, photos of his helicopter crash and him recovering in hospital and much more!  A historically significant album!
80. photos - Amazing US Army Jewish POW Interrogator Grouping - Liberated German Medals, Dagger and more - DKiG from a General!
This is such a historically important grouping! From the estate of Frederic H. HARF. Harf was a native Jewish Luxemburger who escaped Nazi controlled Europe, arriving with his sister in New York City in 1941. Speaking five languages, he was soon discovered by the US Army and sent back to Europe as a POW interpreter. By the time of D-Day he was stationed at SHAEF and questioned many German officers and soldiers. He later was transferred to 9th Armored HQ and interrogated many Germans during the Battle of the Bulge. His final unit was with the 86th Black Hawk Division. He was later responsible for interrogating many high ranking German officers including Knights Cross Winning General ERNST VON LEYSER, from whom he “acquired” his German Cross and Gold and calling card. Harf went on to work with the International Military Tribunal in Nurnberg as an interpreter. The grouping consists of several original wartime photos of Harf including a couple he took at BERCHTESGADEN, his ribbon bars, 2x CIB, several patches, the ORIGINAL DKIG of General LEYSER - an extremely nice LDO 21 “GODET” DKiG, Leyser’s original calling card, Leyser’s gorgeous Army Officer Dress Dagger with original hangers - it is a first production EICKHORN worth $2000 by itself! A Very nice K98 Bayonet maker marked by Hörster with matching scabbard and leather frog, two Black Wound Badges - one unmarked the other made by Hahn (these medals as well as the others still come with the notebook paper he wrapped them up in at the end of the war!, WWI Iron Cross First Class with WWII Spange, WWII iron Cross First Class, KVK2, KVK1 made by DESCHLER, and a wrist compass. Amazing grouping! Hard settled in Ohio and became an active member of the Battle of the Bulge Association.
 - sold
81.  photos - Panzer Assault Badge "25" Wehrpass & Document Grouping - PANTHER -  5x T-34 kills in one day - 23. Panzer Division - TOP!
Amazing grouping named to Uffz. Erwin EIFLER He served in Panzer Regiment 201 from Oct 1941 to July 1943. The unit was renamed Panzer Regiment 23 in Aug 1943. He remained with the unit until war's end.  Wehrpass is well-filled out. Lists all awards including Panzer Assault badge "25."Alson contains a great list of campaigns. He was wounded in May, 1942 from a shell splinter.  Comes with his PANZER ASSAULT BADGE award document with original signature 23 Pz Div commander Generalleutnant Hans Freiherr von Boineburg-Lengsfeld 9RK winner), PANZER ASSAULT BADGE "25" (II Stufe) wth original signature 23 Pz. Rgt. commander Major Fritz FECHNER (RK winner & rare signature to find!!), IRON CROSS FIRST CLASS award document with interesting unit "Division Panzer Kompanie "Rothe," with original signature 23 Pz. Div. commander Generalmajor Ewald KRÄBER (DKiG), IRON CROSS SECOND CLASS, also with signature von Boineburg, BLACK WOUND BADGE award document with orig. sig. Abt. commander Oberstleutnant Georg-Hennig von Heydebreck (RK winner while commanding Fallschirm-Panzer-Regiment 1 "Hermann Göring"), a VERY RARE card awarded to Eifler for exceptional service with original signature 23 Pz. Div. commander Generalmajor Ewald KRÄBER, a complete listing of  his STURMTAGEN - Panzer engagements qualifying him for the Panzer Assault Badge "25," and he was well on his way to the "50."  documents confirming his 14 Sturmtagen qualifying him for the Panzer Assault Badge, amazing document commending him for action on April 4, 1944 - in his PANTHER Mark V tank, he knocked out FIVE T-34 tanks!! Also comes with a rare 23 Panzer Division unit reunion program with division emblem, a nice portrait photo of hi in Panzer uniform, Feldpost and more.
1850 Euro - $
82. photos - Soldbuch, Award Document & Medal Grouping - 15 Panzer Division - MONTE CASSINO, AACHEN, BASTOGNE!
Nice grouping to Feldwebel Paul MENG who served in Panzer Grenadier Rgt 115 of the 15 Panzer Division.  Comes with his Iron Cross First Class award document (awarded for combat at MONTE CASSINO) with signature 15 Panzer Grenadier Division commander Generalleutnant Eberhardt Rodt (RK+Oakleaves), SILVER Wound Badge with orig. sig. Rgt. cdr. Oberst Wolfgang Maucke (DKiG), Ostmedaille award document also with signature Maucke, SOLDBUCH is nice and salty with original photo, all pages present, contains campaign insert (similar to what is in a Wehrpass, listing his participation in the unit's battles from MONTE CASSINO, upwards through Italy, then AACHEN, siege of BASTOGNE(!!) until the capitulation), all awards listed including EK1, IAB and KVK2 for which the documents are not present, also comes with his medals which have been de-nazified. great group, Super rare confirmed siege of Bastogne participant!
 - sold
83.  photos - Panzer Wehrpass & Document Grouping - PANTHER CREWMEMBER - 23 Panzer Division
Another exceptional 23 Panzer Division Grouping from an advanced collection. Named to Uffz. Walter ALBRECHT who served in Panzer Regiment 201 which later became Panzer Regiment 23 of the 23 Panzer Division. Comes with his unit personnel data card confirming that he served in a PANTHER MARK V crew. Also comes with complete list of his EINSATZTAGE - listing of all Panzer engagements qualifying him for the Panzer Assault Badge. Interestingly, he was only two short of being award the Panzer Badge “25.” Also comes with his official “Antrag” document for his Panzer Assault Badge - very uncommon to find. Wehrpass is nicely filled out with original photo. Lengthy list of weapons qualifications, good Panzer related training courses listed, long list of campaigns right up unto war’s end, all awards listed. Also comes with his Army Driver’s License for Panzers, nice studio portrait of him in Panzer uniform wearing medals, and more.
 - sold
84. photos - Luftwaffe JAGDFLIEGER Photo Album & Unit Plaque - Jagdgeschwader 3 “UDET”
120 photos. Very nice album and copper plaque to man who served in JG 3 “Udet.” Comes with several photos w/ signatures of JG3 Udet Knights Cross Winners, a rare song sheet of JG Udet, great photos of Me 109’s with unit emblems, great original photo and newspaper front page showing bullet hole in Knights Cross Winner WALTER DAHL’s Me 109 cowling, another photo with personal signature and dedication of Walter DAHL on reverse. photos of crashed Allied planes they shot down, original photo Knights Cross winner WALTER BRANDT, one very nice large photo of an Me 109, good photos of high award winners on JG3 base, photos of KM officer wearing U-Boat, Blockade Breaker AND Minesweeper Badges!, original photo of GÜNTHER LÜTZOW (RK+swords winner), several good photos of JOACHIM KIRSCHNER (RK+Oaklenaves), unit vehicles with JG3 emblem, and more.
 - sold
85.  photos - WEHRPASS - KRETA & AFRIKAKORPS - 164 leichte Afrika Division
Named to Frits ROSSNER. He served in In Rgt 382 during the French Campaign and then in Afrika with Panzer Gren Rgt 382 of the 164 leichte Afrika Division and Marschbatl “Afrika” 39. He ended the war serving with Panzer Grenadier Rgt 200 of the 90 Panzer Grenadier Division. This division fought in ITALY until war’s end. Contains many campaign entries including Greece, KRETA, and EL ALAMEIN!
85b. photos -  Army Photo Album - POLAND, Russia - WARSAW GHETTO - 45 Inf Division
177 photos of a man who served in the 45 Inf Division. nice album cover with Panzer.good photos from the WARSAW GHETTO including shwowing Ghetto police, Jews with armbands, Jews in forced labor for the Wehrmacht, KIA troops, planes, motorcycles, vehicles with unit emblems, signs posted with unit emblem, KIA soldiers in the field, Panzer columns, Fieseler Storch airplanes, crashed Rata aircraft, French tanks, toppled Lenin statues, Panzerzug armored trains knocked out, more.
 - sold
86. photos -  Soldbuch, Wehrpass, Award Document Grouping - Greece + Crimea
Grouping to Uffz. Emil CHRISTMAN who served in Very. u. Kart. Abt. (mot) 613. Comes with his KVK2 award document with original signature 12 Armee commander, General der Pioniere Walter KUNTZE (RK winner), SOLDBUCH & Wehrpass are complete and well filled out, Wehrmacht Fuhrerschein, RED Cross stretcher bearer oilcloth ID, military discharge.
87.  photos - Award Document Grouping - Green Rgt 434 - Waffen-SS Gruppenfuehrer GILLE Signature
Award document group gin to Grenadier Peter DIEIERICHS who served in Green Rgt 434 of the 131 Inf Division. Comes with Iron Cross Second Class with great original signature of Waffen-SS Gruppenfuehrer GILLE (RK + Swords & DIAMONDS)commander Stab Generalkommando X. SS-Korps and, as listed on document, Kommandant des Festen Patz “Kowel,” Black Wound Badge with original signature Ball commander, Wound Badge in SILVER.
88. photos -  U-BOAT Award Document Grouping
Great grouping to Helmuth GUTHAUSEN. Comes with his Iron Cross First Class award document with facsimile signature Hans Georg von Friedeburg, Iron Cross Second Class with original signature Konteradmiral and Befehlshaber des Deutschen Marinekommandos Italien Wilhelm Meendsen-Bohlken (RK winner), U-BOOTS-FRONTSPANGE in Bronze with orig sig. 2. Unterseebootflottille commander Ernst Kals (RK winner), U-Boot Badge award document with original signature Konteradmiral u. Fuehrer der unterseeboote Mittelmeer Konteradmiral Leo Kreisch (DKiG), also comes with several photos as well as nice studio portrait showing him wearing his medals.
$1365 - sold

89. photos -  Luftwaffe Photo Album & Award Document Grouping - Kampfgeschwader 77
91 photo in a very nice hand made wooden album. Named to Obergef. Arnold STRATMANN who served in 4./KG 77. He was KIA on June 23, 1941 on a bombing mission in his Ju 88. Starts with his HJ service, then RAD then Luftwaffe. Very well captioned throughout. portrait photos of him wearing medals, postcards, and more. Comes with his award document for IRON CROSS SECOND CLASS with signature Generaloberst Ulrich Grauert (RK winner), Iron Cross First Class award document with original signature GENERALFELDMARSCHALL SPERRLE, Fliegerschuetzen award document, Bomber Flight Clasp in Bronze (very nice uncommon version) with original signature Kommodore KG 77 Oberstleutnant Johann Raithel (RK winner), his death notice, funeral notice, photos from his grave, information typed up by his parents about his last mission, more.

90. photos - AFRIKAKORPS Photo Album
76 photos of a soldier who served in a Panzerspahwagen crew in the DAK. Several very good photos of him in his Panzerspahwagen in the North African desert, portrait photos, wearing Panzer uniform, Panzers, Ju 52’s in low flight over the mediterranean, more.
- sold
91. photos -  Army Photo Album - PANZER Officer - MANY TECHNICAL PHOTOS
151 photos in nice album with metal helmet device on cover. All to same Panzer officer. Starts with studio portrait of him in uniform, very good technical photos, halftracks, Panzers, Panzerspahwagen, PKW cars, officers, artillery cannons, more. nice album.
$220 - sold
92. photos - Winterhilfswerk 1933-34 Metal Vehicle Plate
wartime original.
- sold
93. photos -Rare Polish JEWISH ID Document - Police Registration Form
Anmeldung zur Polizeilichen Einwohnererfassung - Police registration form from Jewish person in town of Wartbruecken (German name for Kolo, Poland)
94. photos -  Rare Polish JEWISH ID Document - Police Registration Form
Anmeldung zur Polizeilichen Einwohnererfassung - Police registration form from Jewish person in town of Wartbruecken (German name for Kolo, Poland)
95. photos - Rare Polish JEWISH ID Document - Police Registration Form
Anmeldung zur Polizeilichen Einwohnererfassung - Police registration form from Jewish person in town of Wartbruecken (German name for Kolo, Poland)
96 -photos - Rare Polish JEWISH ID Document - Police Registration Form
Anmeldung zur Polizeilichen Einwohnererfassung - Police registration form from Jewish person in town of Wartbruecken (German name for Kolo, Poland)
97. photos - WWII LST-4 COMMANDER Photo Album - ANZIO LANDINGS!
Fantastic album belonging to Commander Oren HOWELL. He commanded LST-4 and made D-Day landing at GALA, SICILY, SALERNO, ANZIO, ELBA and Southern France! Contains 144 very good photos and ephemera from his service. Great photos of his LST, many good and RARE photos of landings at ANZIO, photos of ship tour emblem “Little Joe,” Admiral Lowry in Bizarre, photos from PALERMO, good photos from Marseille, photos from Livorno, and more!! Historically important album!
  - sold
FOld3 has his war diary when serving as Commander LCI(L) Group Sixty-Eight with further landings in the Pacific.
98. photos - US General Document Grouping & Bring-back Reichskriegflag
Grouping of Major General Cecil Ray MOORE, Chief Engineer European Theater in WWII. Comes with a folder of original paperwork and his bring-back Reichskriegflag. Cam from a prominent museum that was divesting extra material they could not display. Covers his WWI and WWII service. A nice assortment of material, several stamped “Restricted.”
99. photos - WWII B-29 Photo, Document, Medal & SQUADRON PATCH Grouping - 504th Bomb Group
Grouping named to Chester HEHLE who served as a ground crew of the 504 Bomb Group, 398 Bomb Squadron
Comes with his rare original leather squadron patch for the 398 Bomb Squadron, medals, great chief photos of B-29 LUCKY LADY - plane he was ground crew chief for, discharge, separation qualification record, original photos of Nagasaki or Hiroshima after  the bombing, Certificate of Appreciation for War Service, promotion document, more!
$725  - sold
100. photos - WWII AAF Airman Purple Heart Certificate KIA Grouping - 501 Bomb Group
Named to Sgt. Charles T. ELLMAN, Ball Turret Gunner in the 501 Bomb Group, 510 Bomb Squadron. He was KIA on Dec. 30, 1943.  Comes with his original PH certificate dated Jan. 1944 and his Citation of Honor with original folder.  He was killed on mission to IGF factory at Ludwigshaven. In B17#42-39780 'Little Twink.'  On bomb run, ac hit by flak and lost #3 engine. Hit by flak again over Frankfurt and unable to keep in formation, RAF escorted a/c to Hawkinge where a/c crash landed. Unfortunately 7 crew members baled out but parachutes failed to open. 5 KOF 5 RTD
101. photos - Rare Wartime Unit History:  First United States Army Report of Operations
Rare original hardback, marked "Secret."  Forward by Omar Bradley indicating the report is classified "Secret" until Aug 1944, after which it will be considered "Confidential." Much information about D-DAY Operation NEPTUNE.  Contains several nice fold out maps of NORMANDY and D-DAY BEACHES!  This edition still has untouched "Secret" printing on cover. In other copies, you see it scratched out and "confidential" written on cover and then this also marked out. 
150  - sold
102. photos  - Rare Wartime Unit History:  Fifth Army History: Part III The Winter Line - Official Serial Numbered Edition "Confidential"
Rare original wartime unit history.  Registered Copy # 201. Also with fold out maps.
103. photos - WWII US SUBMARINE Photo Album - Rare!!
318 photos, all from a submarine sailor. Great photos of the USS V-1 (later renamed USS Barracuda), identified officers and crew members, other identified submarines, nice aerial photo of the US Fleet in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, photos of the sub and crew at sea, conning tower emblems, photos of the USS S-28 (SS-133), torpedoes being loaded, photos of the boat and crew in Pearl Harbor, great photos taken from inside his submarine, nice pieces of ephemera, more!
- sold
104. photos - WWII Photographer Grouping - Original EISENHOWER Photos
Two large boards with original photos of a WWII Army photographer. Contains two original, private photos of EISENHOWER, one original photo of JOE LEWIS in uniform, several photos of aircraft taken on D-DAY taking off from England!
105. photos - RARE Philippine Constabulary Photo Album + PHILIPPINE SCOUTS
Hundreds of original photos.  Named to H.M. WARD. Dates from 1913-16.  Well captioned throughout. Great, rare images of the Philipine Constabulary.  Many uniform photos, barracks, operations, portrait photos of the man in uniform, Philippine natives in uniform in the service, great photo of head hunters rounded up by the constabulary, murdered local, unit and group photos, many identified locations, super photos of PHILIPPINE SCOUT troops, rare color printed illustrations of Philippine Constabulary Uniforms, nice pieces of ephemera from his service.
The Philippine Constabulary (PC) was established on August 18, 1901, under the general supervision of the civil Governor-General of the Philippines, by authority of Act. No. 175 of the Second Philippine Commission, for the purpose of maintaining peace, law, and order in the various provinces of the Philippine Islands.[2] By the end of 1901, a total of 180 officers had been commissioned.[3]
The constabulary assisted the United States military in combating the remaining irreconcilable revolutionaries following the March 23 capture of General Emilio Aguinaldo and his 1 April pledge of allegiance to the United States. This phase of the Philippine–American War ended in Luzon by 1906, with the surrender and execution of one of its last remaining generals, Macario Sakay.
Continued disorder and brigandry prompted Governor-General William Howard Taft to maintain the PC to combat insurgents. Captain Henry T. Allen of the 6th U.S. Cavalry, a Kentucky-born graduate of West Point (Class 1882), was named as the chief of the force, and was later dubbed as the "Father of the Philippine Constabulary". With the help of four other army officers, Captains David Baker, W. Goldsborough, H. Atkinson, and J.S. Garwood, Captain Allen organized the force, trained, equipped and armed the men as best as could be done at the time. Although the bulk of the officers were recruited from among U.S. commissioned and non-commissioned officers, two Filipinos qualified for appointment as 3rd Lieutenants during the first month of the PC: Jose Velasquez of Nueva Ecija and Felix Llorente of Manila. Llorente retired as a Colonel in 1921 while Velasquez retired as Major in 1927.
$850  - sold
106. photos - WWII B-29 PILOT Photo, Bomb Tag and Letter Grouping - 505th Bomb Group
Several hundred photos in album and loose from B-29 Pilot Lt. Elmer H. WITTE.  Also comes with dozens of original letters, two original bomb tags with pins with mission details on reverse, original newspapers and Yank magazine cover, original 505 BG Christmas Menu, many good photos of him in uniform, good photos of him in his B-29 in flight, great NOSE ART photos, a couple of nice COLOR photos of him in uniform, and more.
25 - sold
107. photos - WWII 13th Armored Division Uniform Grouping
Named uniform grouping of a 13 Armored Division veteran - Robert A. ROSTOCK who served in HQ 13 AD Train. Comes with his Ike jacket with 13th AD patch, two shirts with 13th AD patch, multiple garrison caps, original 13th Armored Division Unit History, uniform pants, two pairs wool socks, uniform belt, soldier's sewing kit, Red Cross issues wool vest sweater, OD tank top and shorts, photos, mess kit fort & spook combo, can opener, photos, various uniform insignias and more.
- sold
109. photos - SS POLIZEI COMMANDER Photo Album - II.SS-Polizei Regiment 4 + Cdr. SS Wach Batl. DANEMARK - BANDENBEKAMPFUNG!
Fantastic photo album of SS Hauptsturmfuhrer Gustav ZUSCHNEID from Breslau, commander of II./SS Polizei Regt. 4. He was also commander of SS Wach Battalion DANEMARK. Contains 90 photos starting with VERY nice portraits of him in WWI uniform and then FREICORPS uniform wearing Totenkopf cap badge! great photo of him posing by early armored car during training as Polizei officer in 1930 in Breslau (interestingly, later RK winner Franz Josef WELZEL is in the photo as his trainer as Hauptman), nice photo showing MP 18 sub-machine guns, nice Stahlhelmbund portrait from a comrade, nice photos of him in Early Polizei uniform, SA uniforms with strange cap insignia, more fantastic studio portraits of him in uniform wearing all his medals, photos serving as Polizei commander in Berlin at Olympics, other high Polzei officers, great photos in SS Polizei uniform and SS Helmet in the field, photos in St. Germain France in 1941, photos of him as commander 11./Polizei Schuetzen Rgt 2 on the Westwall in Jan 1940, photos of his unit during France Campaign around CHARTRES, great photos of SS-Obergruppenfuhrer Alfred WUENNENBERG (RK+OAKLEAVES WInner) with Zuscheid in AALBORG, DENMARK in 1944 when Zuschneid was commander of SS Wach Battalion DANEMARK, also photos at the same time of SS-Obergruppenfuhrer Guenther PANCKE - Höherer SS- und Polizeiführer Denmark. Photos end in 1945 with captured anti-tank weapons being displayed from Trieste, Italy. Finally there are several original pieces of paperwork including promotion documents, and a VERY nice document attesting that he, as commander of II.SS-Pol Rgt 4, was involved in Anti-Partisan operations in LUBLIN, Poland, from June 3 to 16, 1943. Obviously, this was anti-Jewish activity. He was awarded the Bandenkapf Badge in Bronze (see below)
$1850 - sold
110. photos - WWII Air Medal & Purple Heart Grouping- KIA OPERATION VARSITY - March 24, 1945 - GERMAN SNIPER KIA!
Original wartime government engraved AIR MEDAL & PURPLE HEART grouping to Cpl. Elmer A. MILCHAK (ASN: 33706583). He was KIA on March 24, 1945 while flying as Right Waist Gunner on a mission with in B-24 42-50709 of the 392nd Bomb Group, 576th Bomb Squadron. This was a mission to drop supplies to troops in support of OPERATION VARSITY! He is buried in Netherlands American Cemetery in Maegraten, E31. the Pilot of this mission, John Hummel, received the DFC for staying with the plane and crash-landing it in a German forest near Wesel and was captured.
"As we approached the drop area, we found that there was considerable smoke or haze covering the area. We began getting a little small arms fire during the supply drop run, for we could hear it hitting the plane. our Radio Operator, James Deaton, stood at the entrance of the bomb bay, waiting for the drop, so he could enter and pull the static lines. We made our drop. At the time of our drop we had slowed our air speed and with 2 engines out at this speed we could not gain altitude. Jack picked out the first field he could find, which also contained the remains of some gliders, so we could make a controlled crash. Elmer Milchak had been killed as he was coming out the waist window of the plane. He was the first one out after the crash.” [According to an account by co-pilot 2/Lt Reynolds in The Liberators Who Never Returned]
$850 - sold
111. photos - WWI German Aviation Photo Grouping - WWI  Aviator HAUPT-HEYDEMARCK
Amazing grouping, all from the estate of famous WWI Flieger, Georg Wilhelm Haupt-Heydemarck.  Upon joining the Imperial German Air Service, Georg Wilhelm Haupt-Heydemarck trained as an observer and served on the Western Front with Feld Flieger Abteilung 17 (FFA 17), a 2-seater observation squadron, flying numerous combat missions against the French during 1915 and 1916.  Haupt-Heydemarck completed his service in FFA 17 in December 1916 and transferred to FFA 30 in Macedonia. He arrived in Macedonia in February 1917 and was made acting leader of the unit.   He was also famous after the war for the numerous books he wrote on WWI aviation. These are all photos from his personal estate, which he acquired directly from famous WWI aviators or their families (if deceased) that were used in his publications - several even gave them childhood photos of the men! He knew all these people personally and, what is particularly interesting, he was able to caption the reverse of the photos with their exact recollections of the events of the photos - crashes, planes they shot down, personalities, etc. The grouping also comes with photo copies of all of Haupt-Heydemarck's WWI award documents (I am working on the originals as well as his personal photo albums) and an original copy of his book Feldflieger ueber Mazedonien with personal corrections he made. the photos come in various envelopes, each listing the aviator and details in his own hand; the reverse of each photo provides further details:
1.  2x FFA 43 - Oberlt Richard Dannevert & Lt Curt Canter - group photo & aircraft
2. 4x Lt Pegoud (14 victories) & Lt Hamouille (12x victories)
3. 12x Olt Oswald BOELCKE (40 victories) - identified planes Boelcke shot down, photo of Boelcke as child, plane having maintenance done, etc.
4. 2x (WWII Jagdflieger) Major Wurmheller (102 victories) - private photo of him in hospital after being shot down
5. 6x Lt WIRTH - planes, portraits, photo of him as child
6. 7x (French) Lt. GUYNEMER (59 victories) - great plane photos of German planes he shot down including Lt OERTELT
7. 7x Haupt-Heydemarck - family and WWII service
8. 12x Olt MANFRED VON RICHTHOFEN "Red Baron" (80 Victories) - child portrait with mother, identified planes he shot down with details, photos of his plane, bad landing he made, etc.
9. 13x Lt LOEWENHARDT (54 victories - 3rd highest) - id planes he shot down, portrait of Lt GRIEN,  photos of his funeral in field, portrait comrade Lt KOEHLER, child portrait with sister, photo of his wreck resulting in his death
10. 1x Haupt Wilhelm REINHARD (20 victories) - him and plane in bad landing in Balkans
11. 1x Lt Hand KLEIN (22 victories) him and plane after bad landing
12. 9x Lt Kurt WINTGENS (22 victories) - id planes he shot down, his plane in bad landing, nice photo in plane just returning from combat
13. 5x Lt Wilhelm FRANKL (19 victories) - portrait w/ medals, planes he shot down, portrait as child w mother, great photo of him in aerial combat w French plane, nice photo of his plane in botched landing
14. 6x Lt Kurt WUESTHOFF (27 victories) - group photos in front of plane showing Wuesthoff, planes he shot down, CDV portrait of him as child
15.  10x Lt Fritz RUMEY (45 victories) - id planes he shot down, in cockpit, posing by plane he shot down,plane crashes recovering in hospital, photo as child in play uniform, posing by plane after botched landing
16. 4x Lt Gustav LEFFERS (9 victories) - super photo of his plane, his plane crashed, aerial recon photo, CDV of him and sister as children
17. 5x Lt Ulrich HAUPT  - very nice field portrait, field portrait of his pilot, his plane crash, cabinet photo of him as child
18. 8x VizeFeldwebel VON AHLEN (9 victories) - planes he shot down, photo of crash that killed him, CDV portrait of him as child, photos of English pilots in hospital he shot down
19. 4x Lt Albert OESTERREICHER (4 victories) - photo of crash resulting in his death, him standing by body of British pilot he shot down, botched landing, child photo of him
20. 9x BRUNO LOERZER (45 victories & later WWII General) - posing by plane after bad landing, he and GOERING in plane on recon flight in clouds (nice!), planes he shot down
21. 18x Olt. MAX IMMELMANN (15 victories) - posing by planes, Allied planes he shot down, group photo, in flight in clouds, wreck of his plane crash resulting in his death, photo of his funeral procession, photo of his first botched landing, beautiful colorized cabinet photo of him as child in sailor suit
.. also comes with hospital admission document for Ludwg Hanawaas after being wounded in Ypern on 11.11.1914
$2650 - sold
112. photos - PANZER Wehrstammbuch & Document Grouping - Panzer Regiment 3
Collection of documents to Panzer crew member with Panzer Regiment 3, Karl PLATTNER. Comes with a wide assortment of Panzer service related  documents including his original WEHRSTAMMBUCH and Militaer-Fuehrerschein (Military Driver's License for tracked vehicles, unit marked for Panzer Regt 3.
113. photos - PANZER Document Grouping - Panzer Regiment 4
Grouping of documents named to Feldwebel Josef HOFMANN who served in 1,/Panzer Regiment 4.  Comes with his award document for 7 Year Long Service Medal with original signature Regimental commander Oberst Friedrich KUEHN (RK winner), Austrian Anschluss Medal award document, promotion document to Feldwebel, original Bierzeitung for panzer Reg 4, Feldpost, his Sports Badge booklet and more.
$250 - sold
114. photos - POLIZEI Photo & Document Grouping
Grouping named to Lt. Johan HAMBACHER. Comes with 61 photos including several nice portraits as well as his DIENSTAUSWEIS.
115. photos - HITLER JUGEND Document Grouping
File folder with Hitler Jugend documents named to Alfons SCHRNAK. Contains several nice HJ sports related award documents and many others.
116. photos - Army Photo Album - FRANCE Campaign
89 photos, all from the same man. Good content from the FRANCE Campaign of 1940. French tanks, motorcycle troops, PKW cars, troops w grenades, troops in PARIS, photos from DUNKIRK, French colonial POWs, French planes and more.
117. photos - Army Photo Album -Grenadier Rgt.  270 - Russia, Estonia, Latvia - Late War
Very good album, well captioned, containing68 photos. Covers period 1941 to Jan. 1945!  Starts with his unit marching in to Lithuania in 1941, many identified locations, good photos of salty front line troops, river crossings, MG 34 bunkers, photos from the Oranienbaumer Kessel, unit graves, medal award ceremonies, interacting with Russian locals, photos from WOLCHOW, medals in wear, harsh winter conditions, patrols in winter camo, ski patrols, identified battles, retreating in 1944 through Latvia, and more.
$145 - sold
118. photos - Army Photo Album - Grenadier Rgt. 270 - Russia Campaign + Amiens, France Summer 1941
93 photos, all from the same man.  most photos have detailed captions on the reverse,  Many identified personnel, knocked out Russian TANKS, very nice photo of Grenadiers riding on a Sturmgeschutz, burning Russian towns, battles in Latvia, vehicles, cow in a field, bivouac life, bicycle infantry, medals in wear, harsh Russian winter conditions, home on leave Feb 1941, stationed in AMIENS France March-July 1941, more.
119. photos - Award Document & Photo Grouping - Grenadier Rgt 270 - France & Russia
133 photos and negatives as well as the man's OSTMEDAILLE award document. Named to Obergef. Walter BEIERLEIN who served in Gren Rgt 270 of the 93 Inf Division.   Comes with several portraits of him and other photos in which he can be clearly seen. Several old envelopes of photos on which he indicated the dates of the content,  Almost all photos are captioned on the reverse.  Contains images from his service in France and Russia.
$175 - sold
120. photos - Army Photo Album - 22 Infanterie Regiment - WOLCHOW
140 photos, Very good images of the dismal life on the Wolchow front.  One can really feel in these images the hardships experienced by frontline soldiers in this theater of war. Ski patrols in white camo, battlefield destruction, knocked out Russian tanks, bunker fortifications, endless swampy conditions of the Wolchow front, unit graves and much more.!
$325 - sold
121. photos - PANZER Photo Album - Afrikakorps, SCHWIMMWAGEN Photos & PANTHER Mark VI Tank
Very nice album containing 93 original photos & postcards.  All from the same Panzer man, He has also pasted additional articles and photos from period magazines in the album related to his service. contains several very nice Panzer related postcards, contains one nice late war PANTHER photo when he was on Truppenubungsplatz in Bergen, also contains several very nice SCHWIMMWAGEN images during the presentation of the first production run, also very good VW KUBELWAGEN photos taken at the same event, also comes with several rare VW Werke postcards.
122. photos - HITLER JUGEND, Flak Helfer Photo Album - Visit to Paris
68 photos. Well captioned,. In a RAD album in original cardboard box.  Photos of visit to Paris, photos from his HJ service, attending military training course being led by WAFFEN-SS troops, Alpine trip, LW Flak Helfer service and more.
123. photos - Army Photo Album - Regensburg & Nurnberg 1943
147 photos, well captioned, all from the same man. Many photos from his tie stationed in Regensberg, also photos from Nurnberg. Nice portraits, good photos of parades through Regensberg Altstadt, swearing in ceremonies in Nurnberg, visiting the NURNBERG RALLY Grounds, maneuvers in forests around Nurnberg, named Regimental commanders, and more
124. photos - EMPTY Photo Album in Original Cardboard Box - Nice!
Very nice empty & unused photo album with Army Eagle and "Meine Dienstzeit: Ein Erinnerungsbuch" printed on cover. In original box. Rare to find
$90 - sold
125. photos - Army Photo Album - POLAND CAMPAIGN - Inf Rgt 95 - KIA German Soldiers
40 photos of a soldier in Inf Rgt 95 during the Poland Campaign.  Contains photos of KIA German soldiers. This is scarce to find as taking such photos was strictly forbidden.
$110 - sold
126. photos - Luftwaffe Photo Album - Russia - JEWISH Content
42 photos, well captioned. All from a Luftwaffe man serving on the Russian front. Contains photos of JEWS in forced labor, FEMALE Russian soldiers, vehicles, destruction, motorcycles, Russian planes & tanks, officers, graves and more.
$90 - sold
127. photos - WWI Portrait Photo grouping - CDV & Cabinet Photos
34 photos, many German CDV & Cabinet photos, also good Cabinet photos of German Royals.
$50 - sold
128. photos - Army Photo Grouping - Panzer Unit - Russia
70 photos.  All from a Panzer unit on the Russian Front. Panzerspahwagen, Panzers, Pionier bridges, POWs, motorcycles, PAK cannons, destruction, graves, troops in winter camo and more.
$50 - sold

129. photos - Army Photo Group - France Campaign - Officer
143 photos. Many officer photos, photos of destroyed French towns, troop ceremonies in french town squares, vehicles, artillery, graves, bunkers, French POWs, more.
$90 - sold
130. photos - Red Cross Photo Grouping - Portraits -  Amputees
Small grouping of Red Cross personnel, nice portraits including photos of soldier amputees in recovery.
131. photos - WWI Photo Album
69 photos and postcards.
132. photos - Large Mixed Lot Third Reich Identification Documents and More
Large lot of various Third Reich ID's and more - 4x Ahnenpass, 4x Arbeitsbucher,  2x Wehrpass, 1x DAF Mitgliedsbuch, 1x DLRG Grundschein, 4x Feldgesangbucher, and more.  $550 retail
133. photos - WWII German Aircraft Recognition Booklet - RAF Aircraft
Wartime original, published by the Luftwaffe.
134. photos - WEHRPASS - Fallschirmjaeger - 7. FJ Division - Westfront 1944/45
Wehrpass of a Fallschirmjaeger Medic who served in various FJ medical units. In 1943 he was stationed at the Fallschirmjaeger Armee San. Park in GARDELEGEN, after D-Day he was assigned to the FJ Sanitats Abt 7 of the 7 Fallschirmjaeger Division and served on the Westfront. Photo missing.  Extensive medical training entries,  Last rank was Sanitats Unteroffizier, awarded EK2 on March 30, 1944 and EK1 on Jan 20, 1945. Several post-D-Day campaign entries in the West.
135. photos - Third Reich POLIZEI Booklet - Kraftfahrer im Verkehr
Colorful cartoon traffic rules. Publshed by Reichsführer SS und Chef der Deutschen Polizei im Reichsministerium des Innern.

136. photos  - NSFK Flugbuch
Original, with photo and entries. Handmade protective cover.
137. photos - Female RAD Reichsarbeitsdienst Pass
Original with photo of girl in uniform.
$40 - sold
138. photos - Hitler Jugend DRL ID + Photos
Original hard-back DRL ID for a HJ boy. nice photo of him in HJ uniform with a few other HJ photos alsoa
$65 - sold
139. photos - NSDAP Mitgleidsbuch
Complete, with photo, spine detached, but all pages present.  Membership number 3147751
140. photos - GROSSDEUTSCHLAND Document Grouping
Schiessbuch, GD unit stamped, two Feldpost letters, GD marked and other documents also named to him.
141. photos - REICHSBAHN Photo & Document Grouping - Russia + ITALY - Nice!
Very nice grouping of a Reichsbanhoberinspektor Josef WISSMANN.  Extensive grouping. Comes with his KVK2 award document awarded Sept 1944, very nice Reichsbanh promotion document to Reichsoberinspektor, and two large, formal promotion documents, as well. Comes with a gorgeous large colorized portrait photo of him in uniform, also comes with many other portraits of him in uniform.  Comes with 114 photos, loose and in an album.  Many good photos of him and comrades in uniform in service of the Wehrmacht in the filed, many photos from his time station in ITALY, Italian train officials in uniform, many photos of train wrecks and damage, and more.  nice group!
$530 - sold
142. photos - Reichsbahn & Hitler Jugend Document & ID Grouping
All from the same family - Heinrich (father) & Auguste (son) SCHWENK.  COntains two Hitler Jugend award documents to the son, a Reichsbahn ID to the son, and various other Reichsbahn and SPD party IDs.
$60 - sold

143. photos - SS POLIZEI Photo Album Grouping - France Campaign - Panzer Jaeger Abtl. SS Polizei Division - Nice!
Two photo albums from the same SS Polizei man who served in 1./Panzer Jaeger Abtl. SS Polizei Division.  The first album contains 93 photos and covers his Polizei training and service starting in 1935. Well captioned.  Good photos of him visiting BERCHTESGADEN, good Polizei uniforms, parades, vehicles, PAK training, Fahnentraeger, many photos from his service in Ludwigshafen. The second album contains 175 photos and covers his SS POLIZEI photos in the France Campaign, 1940. VERY good photos!  Well captioned throughout, bunkers, KIA French soldiers, many good vehicle photos, excellent SS Polizei uniforms, crashed RAF airplanes, many identified locations in BELGIUM, destruction in SEDAN, good PANZER III photo, French Tankettes with German markings, French POWs, crossing the Aisne Canal, captured French tank, halftracks, many good photos of battle in LES ISLETTES, posing with French police at checkpoints, comrades' graves, visiting Paris, and more. nice content.
144. photos - Original Field Document Files KRIEGSTAGEBUCH - Inf Rgt 434
Two ORIGINAL period bound files of field documents from the headquarters of Inf Rgt 434 of the 131 Inf Division. One of a kind historically important collection!! Wide range of topics including KRIEGSTAGEBUCHER [War Diaries} of the unit covering, in several places, daily operations in the field during operation Barbarossa! Original letter from General HENRICI to be read to troops in 4. Armee, fold out MAP of the Korps advances from 1940 to 1942, lists of commanders down to Kompanie level, daily tables with losses from all units of the Regiment, table listing all medals awarded to units the regiment, hand drawn maps of troop positions, lists of captured Russian weapons and prisoners on a daily basis, weapons losses, daily weather reports, and much more!
$575  - sold
145. photos - Army Photo Album - Inf Rgt 69 - France Campaign
159 photos, well captioned throughout from a man who served in Inf Rgt 69 of the 20 Inf Division.  Starts with his swearing in ceremony, nice parade photos, maneuvers, studio portraits, Panzers, Army bands marching, then photos form the France Campaign, assault river crossings, salty infantry in the field, destroyed French towns, requisitioned French chateaux, nice studio portrait of him wearing EK2 medal, more.
146. photos- Army Photo Album - NARVIK CAMPAIGN - TOP!
333 photos. Well captioned throughout. One of, if not the BEST album with content from the Norway Campaign we have offered.  Starts with his unit shipping out from Kiel on April 6 for Narvik, motorcycle troops, stopping over in Denmark in interacting with Danish locals, British soldiers just captured in Norway, photos from identified Norwegian towns including NARVIK, HAMMAR, ALEN, KRAM, SEL, DOMBASS, ANSALSNES, TRETTEN, etc., more captured British soldiers, Panzers in Norway, French tanks in Norway, infantry marching in to Norwegian villages,  Mortar crews firing in the field in combat around KRAM, photos of Fahnentraeger insignia in wear, original photo of HANS FRITSCHE, good requisitioned car photos, EK2 Medals awarded in the field, captured Norwegian troops, PAK crews in position in the field, British troops surrendering with white flag raised, and more.
$750 - sold
147. photos - Allgemeine SS Portrait Photo
Large, matted studio portrait of an Allgemeine SS man. Very nice
148. photos - German POW Photo Grouping
70 photos.  From  a German POW.
$70  - sold
149. photos - German WWI Photo Grouping
49 photos - Good studio portraits with Pickehaube, weapons, packs, etc., airplane crashes, unit photos and more.
150. photos - Waffen-SS Postcard Grouping
32 original wartime postcards, many of SS troops in action in the field - Paul Hausser, Schwimmwagen, StuG, combat, etc and others also. Cheap.
$150 - sold
151. photos - WEHRPASS & Arbeitsbucher Grouping
4x complete Wehrpasses and 3x Arbeitsbucher. All with entries.
152. photos - WWI Photo, Postcard & Militaerpass grouping
45 photos, postcards and Militaerpass Also a 1925 Passport.
153. photos - WWII German Soldier DIARY Grouping - Pionier Batl 45 - 1940-1945 - STALINGRAD
Complete dairy grouping to Gustav Adolf SCHAEFER who served in Pionier Bat. 45 which was destroyed at STALINGRAD! Consists of four diaries - 1940, 1941, 1942 and 1945.  The 1940 diary has many daily entries listing where he was during the Westfeldzug.  The Russia campaign diaries also mention all the places he fought in. One entry in Nov, 1943 says "End of November in STALINGRAD."
$250 - sold

154. photos -Third Reich Document, Booklet Grouping - DIE DEUTSCHE UNIFORM
Nice grouping including DIE DEUTSCHE UNIFORM (many color illustrations of German military uniforms & insignias), German Russian dictionary from 1941, daily diary 1944, Arbeitsbuch w Hermann Goering entry, rare HJ fight against "Kohlemklau" handbill and more.
$75 - sold

155. photos - Third Reich Document Mixed Document Lot
Wide assortment including period framed KVK2 award document from Flak Rgt 93, European Command Exchange System certificate (first I have had), Hindenburg Cross award document, Luftwaffe Frontnachrichetnblatt from 1940, collection of past war Waffen-SS photos including seom portraits with original signatures of W-SS RK winners, photo of Sepp Dietrich, etc., interesting folio with printed copies of Hitler's documents from the Fuhrerbunker, and more.
$120 - sold

156. photos - HITLER JUGEND Document Grouping
Small grouping of wartime HJ related items - VERY nice original rare HJ fight against "Kohlemklau" handbill, HJ songbook, HJ Dienstkarte and original issue of HJ magazine Wille & Macht.
157. photos - Wartime HOFFMANN Photo Grouping
Appx 90 original wartime HOFFMANN photos. Most with original Heinrich Hoffmann studio stamps, most with original paper caption "slugs" on reverse.  Some high ranking officials, speeches, one photo of Berghof great window, many Speer building projects and more. Great price!
$400 - sold
158. photos - Waffen-SS Band Group Photo - TOTENKOPF
Gorgeous large 23x17cm group photo of the band for Waffen-SS Totenkopf  Infanterie Ersatz Batl. 1.
159. photos - Army Photo Album - 88. Infanterie Division - France Campaign - TOP!
157 super photos of a man who served in the 88 Inf Division.  Beautifully captioned throughout. Albums of this quality are getting harder to find due to all the album-butchers.  Many identified locations in France and Belgium, KIA GERMAN troops, KIA French soldiers, graves, captured French aircraft, French tanks, British POWs, destroyed towns and cities, vehicle images, and more!
- sold
160. photos - Army Photo & Document Grouping - ITALY - Panther Tank!
Nice grouping named to Capt. John J. HAYER. He served in the 10th Port of Embarkation in Italy.  Comes with a large group of original photos, most well captioned on reverse. Good photos including knocked out PANTHER tank, knocked out Allied tanks, destroyed Italian towns, photos from MONTE CASSINO, many photos of destroyed LEGHORN, Italy and other towns, photos of KIA German troops in the field, captured T-Mines, and more! Also comes with V-Mail he sent hoe to girlfriend, Rome booklet issued to troops, unit booklet, Stars and Stripes newspapers, and more.
$325 - sold
161. photos - US WWII KIA Purple Heart & Bronze Star & Document Grouping - 7th Armored Division
Nice grouping to Pfc. Donald B. Bour (36864953). He served in Co. B, 38 Armored Infantry Battalion of the 7th Armored Division. He was KIA on Sept 13, 1944 in Cernay France. Comes with his officially wartime government engraved Purple Heart & Bronze Star, both in original cases. Also comes with his formal Purple Heart Certificate and Accolade as well as a large studio portrait of him in uniform. His Bronze Star Citation reads: GO #47, Hq 7th Armd Div, APO 257, U S Army, 13 Sep 44: Private First Class Donald B. Bour (Army Serial Number 36864953), Infantry, United States Army, for distinguishing himself by meritorious service in connection with military operations against an enemy of the United States in France on 23 August 1944. Entered the military service from Michigan
162. photos - US WWII 101st AIRBORNE Photo Album - Silver Star Winner
Photo album of a 101st Airborne veteran. James M. BRUCE. Comes with photo of his SILVER STAR citation.  Contains mostly family photos but several nice portraits of him in uniform and other good 101st paratrooper photos. A nice "Rosie the Riveter" photo of his wife. Also later photos of her in uniform overseas.
163. photos - WWII Officially Engraved Purple Heart - Counter Intelligence Corps Agent
Officially wartime government engraved Purple heart medal in original case. Named to Lt. Francis R. DONOVAN who served in the 1135th CIC Detachment, Philippines-Ryukyus Command.
The United States Army Counter Intelligence Corps (Army CIC) was a World War II and early Cold War intelligence agency within the United States Army consisting of highly trained Special Agents.
However the use of informants within the Army become politically controversial, and CIC was forced to curtail its activities. In particular, the CIC was ordered to cease its domestic investigations, to destroy its investigative records, and to ship its agents out to overseas theaters.[5] The reason for this sudden and unprecedented expulsion has never been clarified. One leading theory was expressed in the official history of the Corps, “the speed [of these events] left little doubt that someone—possibly Communists who still held key positions in government—was determined to halt CIC investigative activities in the United States.”[6] Another possible explanation is that the CIC mistakenly bugged the hotel room of Eleanor Roosevelt and incurred the President’s wrath. In any event, the CIC protected the investigative records it had so painstakingly accumulated. According to Sayer and Botting (p. 47) “When the command was given to cease any investigations of known or suspected Communists and destroy all files on such persons immediately, eight of the nine Corps Area Commanders took the remarkable step of disobeying this order.” According to the official history of the Corps, this information proved highly valuable in controlling communism: “the information acquired by CIC from May 1941 to September 1945 regarding communism and its adherents played a major part in keeping communism under control in the United States ever since.”[7]
In the European and Pacific theaters of operations CIC deployed detachments at all levels. These detachments provided tactical intelligence about the enemy from captured documents, interrogations of captured troops, and from para-military and civilian sources. They were also involved in providing security for military installations and staging areas, located enemy agents, and acted to counter stay-behind networks. They also provided training to combat units in security, censorship, the seizure of documents, and the dangers of booby traps. In some cases CIC agents such as Henry Kissinger found themselves acting as the de facto military government on the occupation of large towns before the arrival of Allied Military Government for Occupied Territories (AMGOT) officers. As the war in Europe came to a close, CIC were involved in the Operations Alsos, Paperclip and TICOM, searching for German personnel and research in atomic weapons, rockets and cryptography. Recruits after World War II included Klaus Barbie, also known as the 'Butcher from Lyon', a former Gestapo member and war criminal.

$335 - sold
164. photos - USS ANCON Officer Grouping - Command Flagship - Omar Bradley, Mark Clark
Grouping of an officer who served on the USS ANCON. the Ancon played important roles during WWII. She served as the FLAG SHIP of Commander of the Atlantic Fleet Amphibious Forces during the invasion of SICILY. She carried Rear ADMIRAL ALAN G. KIRK, COMMANDER, TF 85, AND LIEUTENANT GENERAL OMAR BRADLEY on board. During the invasion of mainland Italy, she had been designated flagship for the Commander of the 8th Fleet Amphibious Forces in Northwest African Waters. On 6 September, Ancon got underway for Salerno. During the operation, the ship carried Lieutenant GENERAL MARK WAYNE CLARK who commanded the 5th Army. For the NORMANDY invasion, she was designated the flagship of the 11th Amphibious Force. On 25 May, King George VI of the United Kingdom and Field Marshal Montgomery visited the ship. She served as FLAGSHIP FOR THE ASSAULT FORCES THAT LANDED ON OMAHA BEACH IN NORMANDY. Throughout the invasion, the ship provided instructions for forces both afloat and ashore. She served important roles in the Pacific Theater, as well.
Comes with two garrison caps, pair shoulder boards, box of buttons and insignia, official ships newspapers, wartime restricted Naval Ordnance & Gunnery manual, wartime report of the ANCON during the SALERNO invasion, ship diagrams, rare original ship's organization manual, color photos, original photo of SALERNO landing craft on beach and more.
165. photos - WWII Photo Recon Photo & Document Grouping
Grouping of a photo recon unit. Large, wartime published book on the unit with good P-38 images, large map of Europe (German captured), recon photos, good P-51 photos, composite unit photos, RAF photos, crashes and more.
$150 - sold

166. photos - "Remember Pearl Harbor" Home Front Grouping
Very nice grouping of original home front "Remember Pearl Harbor" items.  Metal vehicle plate, fountain/ball point pen, silk scarf, bracelet, pin in original packaging, two patches, bottle opener.
167. photos - US WWII 20th AF Navigator TRUNK Group - Squadron Patch, Photo Album, Medals+ 881th Bomb Squadron, 500th Bomb Group
Nice grouping named to Lt. Marion A. COMSTOCK. All in his original footlocker. Comes with a rare guaranteed original 881st Squadron Patch, his cased Air Medal & DFC, WWII victory medal, dog tag, original patches, extra ribbon bars, rare 500th Bomb Group wartime unit history, A-2 name tag, lots of original paperwork including discharge and separation paper, complete mission log, nice four pocket tunic with Navigator Wings and nice ribbon bars, uniform pats, super PHOTO ALBUM with great B-29 nose art, mission photos, rare COLOR PHOTOS, and more!
$1350 - sold