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September 29th, 2017

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1.  photos -  FALLSCHIRMJAEGER German Cross in GOLD Soldbuch & Document Grouping - TOP!
This is one of the best Fallschirmjaeger document groupings we have had the pleasure of offering. Full of great signatures! All named to Oberleutnant Ernest August MEYER. Comes with his SOLDBUCH. Comes with original photo that was in his first Soldbuch and re-used in this one. his signature matches as do the stamps. Very importantly for such a late award, the group comes with the ORIGINAL Vorschlag four-page document which records the actions MEYER was being recommended for the DKIG for (amazing details) with ORIGINAL signature of Regt, Kdr. It was sent to the commander of the 1 FJ Division Generalmajor Karl-Lothar SCHULZ (Ritterkreuz on 24.5.1940, the 459th Eichenlaub on 20.4.1944 and the 111th Schwerter am 18.11.1944) who endorsed & signed the award. The document was then sent to the commander of the I Fallschirmkorps, none other than Generalmajor Richard HEIDRICH (also RK + Swords winner) also signing (original signature) and unequivocally stating that he is “awarding” the DKIG to Meyer, not just recommending or endorsing. The grouping also comes with a commendation from XIV Panzerkorps commander General der Panzertruppen Fridolin von Senger und Etterlin (RK & Oakleaves) for his actions at Monte Castellaro with original signature. Also comes with official letter (also with original signature) of GENERAL SCHULZ stating that Meyer was awarded 20 day special leave by Hitler’s order, his IRON CROSS FIRST CLASS award document warded June 23, 1944 also with original SCHULZ signature, KRETA CUFFTITLE Award Document, GROUND COMBAT BADGE awarded Feb, 20, 1943 with original signature HEYDRICH, and his large formal FALLSCHIRMSCHUETZEN ABZEICHEN awarded October 1940. Amazing grouping to a true combat warrior who saw much action at KRETA, MONTE CASSINO and other locations in ITALY.
2650 Euro - $3180
Amazing grouping of two album to the same man who served in II./FJR1. 226+ super photos! Well captioned - some on pages, some on reverse. Contains man excellent images of the man and unit in AFRICA (rare!), original photos of ROMMEL in africa, good photos of FJ smocks and helmets and FJ badges in wear, many photos of FJ smocks in wear, original photos of KURT STUDENT wearing RK & Jump smock & FJ helmet, then action in KRETA, good photos of salty FJ troops in the field, weapons, MP 40, MG 34, graves of comrades on Kreta, then photos of the man and unit in AFRICA with the RAMCKE BRIGADE! Rare images of FJ troops in Africa, using captured British vehicles, foxholes in the desert, ROMMEL and other high officers, award ceremonies in the desert with RAMCKE present, very nice studio portraits of the man, funeral ceremonies in the desert then photos of him in POW camp in Africa - he would have been captured with the rest of the Remake Brigade at the capitulation in Tunis.
2650 Euro - $3180 - sold
3.  photos  -    U-BOAT KIA Document Grouping - U-405 - Historically Important!
Grouping to Matrosen Gef. Ernst ZURWONNE. He was KIA on Nov. 1, 1943 when serving on U-405. The fate of the U-405 is unique in submarine warfare! On the 23rd day of her eighth and final patrol, 1 November 1943, U-405 was engaged by the destroyer USS Borie at 49°00′N 31°14′W. The destroyer initially fired depth charges, after which U-405 came (and was probably forced) to the surface. Borie then rammed U-405. After the ramming, Borie was high-centered on top of U-405, and until they separated, exchanges of small arms fire took place. This was a unique battle: unlike other modern naval actions, it was decided by ramming and small arms fire at extremely close range. USS Borie succumbed the next day from damage suffered, with the loss of 27 officers and seamen. See link below for more details.
The grouping comes with his original WEHRPASS listing many U-Boat related entries included him being killed in action while serving on a U-Boat on Nov. 4, 1943. Also comes with his original Minesweeper Badge award document with original signature 3 Sicherungs Division commander, Kapitän zur See Erich Alfred Breuning (DKiG). Also comes with the RARE Award Document for the POSTHUMOUS award of the U-Boat Badge as well as the very rare sport Award Document for winning the high jump in the 1943 Flottillemeisterschaft - great document with large U-Boat Badge design.
4.  photos -  U-BOAT Award Document & Photo Grouping - U-565 + Kampfgruppe Marienburg KIA
Grouping to Bootsmannsmaaten Martin KRUSE who served on U-565. He was was KIA on on Jan. 30, 1945 in the terrible fight against the Soviets in MARIENBURG. Comes with his very nice IRON CROSS FIRST CLASS award document with scarce specific U-Boat entry for “U-565” with original signature Führer der U-Boote Italien, Vizeadmiral Leo Kreisch (DKiG). Also comes with two very nice studio portraits including one of him wearing U-Boat Badge, and EK1. Also comes with letter to his wife informing her of his death. A note on the back of the envelope states he was buried in the mass grave at Maeienburg.
5.  photos -   U-BOAT Document, Feldpost & Photo Grouping - U-460 - KIA
Nice grouping to Maschinengefreiten Walter LAY who served on the U-460. he was KIA on Oct. 4, 1943. German submarine U-460 was a Type XIV supply and replenishment U-boat ("Milchkuh") of Nazi Germany's Kriegsmarine during World War II. She left Bordeaux for the last time on 30 August 1943. On 4 October, U-460 was resupplying the submarines U-264, U-422, and U-455 in the North Atlantic north of the Azores, when they were attacked by American Avenger and Wildcat aircraft of US Navy squadron VC-9 flying from the escort carrier Card. While the other U-boats submerged and escaped, U-460 was sunk by depth charges. 62 were killed; two crewmen survived. Comes with his U-Boat BADGE award document awarded March 9. 1943. Also comes with 29 FELDPOST letters he sent to his family. Also appx 20 original photos including a nice studio portrait of the man and a few photos of him on the U-460.
- sold
Rare original award document grouping to a man who served in SS Freiwilligen Panzer Gren. Rgt. 48 of the SS-Freiwilligen-Panzer-Grenadier-Brigade ‘NEDERLAND.’ Comes with his original award document for the CLOSE COMBAT BADGE IN BRONZE awarded March 14, 1945 with original signature SS-Brigadeführer Jürgen Wagner (RK+ Oakleaves), IRON CROSS FIRST CLASS document also with original signature of Wagner, IRON CROSS SECOND CLASS Document also with original signature of Wagner. Rare grouping!
7.  photos - AFRIKAKORPS Award Document Grouping - Ju 87 STUKA PILOT - 2x KESSELING Signatures + rare KURT WALTER Signature
Very nice award document grouping to Unteroffizier Gerhard BODE who served in III./Stuka Geschwader 3. Comes with his IRON CROSS FIRST CLASS award document with original signature ALBERT KESSELRING (RK+ Swords & Diamonds), IRON CROSS SECOND CLASS award document also with original signature KESSELRING, FLIGHT CLASP IN SILVER award document with original signature General der Flieger & FLIEGERFUEHRER AFRIKA Hans SEIDEMANN (RK+oakleaves), AFRIKA CUFFTITLE award document with original signature Pfeffer, WOUND BADGE IN BLACK award document with original SCARCE signature of famous Stuka Pilot, III. Gruppe Kdr. Kurt WALTER (RK winner & killed during battle EL ALAMEIN - he also sunk the cruiser HMS COVENTRY) and his LUFTEAFFE PILOT’s BADGE award document (Sept. 4, 1940) with original signature GENERALMAJOR Generalmajor Karl Barlen.
- sold
8.  photos -   Luftwaffe Award Document Grouping - WESTA 26 & Aufklarungs Gruppe 122 - KIA ITALY
Grouping to Bordflieger Unteroffizier Ernst WEHMEINER who served in West 26 & later Aufklärung.Gr 122. He was killed on Sept 12, 1944 flying in Ju 188 F6+LP (150235). the entire crew was buried in Frabosa Soprana, ITALY. Comes with his IRON CROSS FIRST CLASS award document with original signature RICHTHOFEN (RK+Oaklaeves), IRON CROSS SECOND CLASS with original signature Oberst, FLIGHT CLASP FOR RECONNAISSANCE IN BROZE with original signature Major, FLIGHT CLASP IN SILVER with original signature Gruppe Kdr. original HELDENTOD document with original sig. Gruppe Kdr., rare COLOR Certificate from West 26 for the Staffel’s 3000th mission with orig. sig. Staffelkapitan, death notices, and letters to his family concerning his being KIA.
9.  photos - SOLDBUCH - HONOR ROLL CLASP WINNER - 544 Volksgrenadier Division - RARE!
Very rare SOLDBUCH to a Honor Roll Clasp recipient. Rarer than the Knights Cross. Oberleutnant FRANZ MEYER. He was awarded the Ehrenblattspange on Sept. 25, 1944 while serving with 1./Gren Rgt 1082 of the 544 Volksgrenadier Division. Zweitschrift in 1944. Honor Clasp entry is original. Very nice original uniform photo. all pages present. Served in Grenadier Regiment 1096, Fuehrer Reserve OKH Ost, Gren Rgt 109 and Gren Rgt 1082. Award entries include Sudetenland Medal, EK2, Infantry Assault Badge in Silver, Ostmedaille, EK1, Wound Badge in Silver and on Dec 19, 1944 the HONOR ROLL CLASP (“Ehrenblatt des Deutsche Heeres mit Verleihung der Ehrernblattspange”.) Entry made while he was in hospital in Leipzig recovering from bullet wounds. All pages present.
1350 Euro - $1620
10.  photos - PANZER Award Document Grouping - Panzer Regiment 33 “Prinz Eugen”
Nice award document grouping to Feldwebel Otto FRECH who served in Stabs Komp. Panzer Regiment 33 “Prinz Eugen” of the 9. 9anzer Division. Comes with his KVK2 award document with original signature 9 Pz Div commander Generalleutnant Walter Scheller (RK winner), IRON CLASS SECOND CLASS award document with original signature div. Fuehrer, BLACK WOUND BADGE with original sig. Regimental commander Oberst Ludwig Schmahl (DKiG), SUDETENLAND Campaign Medal award document when he was serving in PANZER-LEHRREGIMENT, his Musterungs Ausweiss 1935 with original photo, and appx 25 original wartime photos including a super studio portrait of him in panzer uniform (clearly matches Ausweiss image), good panzer photos, troops in panzer uniforms, knocked out Russian tanks and more. The 9th panzer Division saw action in HOLLAND in 1944, specifically ARNHEM! It went on to fight in the Ardennes, Eifel, etc.
$475 - sold
11.  photos Iron Class Second Class Award Document - 72 Infanterie Division
With original signature 72 ID commander and Knights Cross Winner General der Infanterie Franz Mattenklott.
$85 - sold
12.  photos Waffen-SS Photo Album, WEHRPASS & Documents - 16th SS Panzergrenadier Division "Reichsführer-SS" - RARE!
Amazing grouping to man who served in SS Artillerie Rgt 16 of 16th SS Panzergrenadier Division Reichsführer-SS! A rare unit to find material from since it was formed so late in the war. Contains appx 100 photos including many photos where the man can clearly be seen - matching his other ID photos in the grouping. great photos of him waring Reichsfuhrer SS cufftitles!! great SS came uniforms in wear, combat, MANY RARE photos form the unit’s time fighting in Northern ITALY after May 1944! Also photos from his time with the unit after its transfer to HUNGARY in Feb 1945. Also comes with his original WEHRPASS, Military discharge (matching units with Wehrpass), and other documents! Rare grouping!
2250 Euro - $2700
13.  photos - PANZER Photo Album - 14 Panzer Division - STALINGRAD - TOP!
VERY good album of a man who served in Panzer Aufklarungs Abt 40 of the 14 Panzer Division! Very well captioned throughout (the color of the ink doesn't show up well in the photos)! Starts with him in the field in 1941. Contains super studio portraits of the man, filled with excellent images of PANZERSPAHWAGEN, many identified personnel, photos from SERBIA, Serbian militia wearing armbands, knocked out Panzerspahwagen, interacting with Italian troops in Fiume, the unit in Sarajevo, copies of his Wehrpass campaign pages he pasted in the album, then photos from RUSSIA, wounded Russian troops, Russian tanks, captured Russian aircraft, original photos of General der Panzertruppen Friedrich Kühn in the field, many comrades’ graves with panzer berets (this unit was still wearing them into the Russia Campaign). long barrel PANZER IV, great photo of a Russian soldier holding up a Molotov Cocktail, female Russian POWs, the unit welcomed by Ukrainian locals, halftracks, schwere artillery, Panzerspahwagen with painted nicknames, good KRAD photos, more knocked out Panzerspahwagen, more KO Russian tanks, many photos of battles around Dnjepropetrovsk, captured Russian FLAMETHROWING TANK, original photos of KNIGHTS CROSS WINNER KURT PRZYKLENK wearing RK in field (KIA in Stalingrad) including a private photo of his RK AWARD CEREMONY in the field, several photos of the KNIGHTS CROSS CEREMONY for Helmut LUTZE (Oct 1942 - Kradschutz. Batl. 64) at STALINGRAD!! photos of Generalleutnant Ferdinand Heim in the field and also in his command Sd.Kfz. 251, formations of Sd.Kfz. 250’s in MAKJEWKA, battles in STALINO & CHARKOV, battle in ROSTOW, photos of Division emblems on vehicles and field signage, photos of the unit on the KALMÜCKEN-STEPPE,burining Russian STALIN ORGAN rocket launchers, original photos of Generalleutnant Friedrich Sieberg, great photo of PRYZYKLENK wearing RK with LUTZE (beofore receiving his RK), Great photo of RK+OAKLEAVES winner (wearing both) Fritz FESSMAN with RK Winner LUTZE wearing RK also, another private photo of PRZYKLENK wearing RK, and more Also comes with some photos from POW camp in Russia and several FEDLPOST he sent home in 1944.
- sold
14.  photos -   PANZER Photo Album & Award Document Grouping - Poland, France & Russia - Panzer Regiment 7 - TOP!
254 SUPER photos of a man who served in Panzer Rgt 7. Comes with his IRON CROSS SECOND CLASS award document with orig. sig. General SCHALL, Kdr. 10 Pz Division (RK winner), also his Sudetenland Medal award document. Filled with MANY excellent Panzer images - Panzer I,II,II, IV !! Great photos of Panzer with PANZER RGT 7 EMBLEMS, many panzers with visible turret numbers, identified officers, captured POLISH Armored Car, Polish BUNKERS, Polish JEWS expelled from towns, Polish POWs, refugees, many identified locations in POLAND, then the France campaign, BISON Panzerjaeger tank,, KO French tanks, Command Panzers, crashed RAF airplanes, many identified locations in France, several photos of CALAIS, Panzers rolling through French towns, captured BRITISH TANKS, man and comrades being awarded Panzer Assault badges in field, French POWs, captured SPITFIRE, then ethos from RUSSIA, burning villages, panzer on Russian steppe, officers, more great Panzer photo, medals in wear, portraits and more!
213 photos, all from a man who served in the SS WIKING DIVISION.Well captioned! Named to Fritz SOELDNER Starts with a great studio portrait of him in SS uniform, then another wearing SS helmet (sadly, insignias marked out), many photos of him wearing SS-Standarte Der Führer “SS3” collar tabs, Der Fuhrer cufftitles in wear, also wearing “L” shoulder boards - appears he was undergoing SS engineering/chemical training at the beginning, then shipped off to the Russia Campaign with SS WIKING Division in May 1942 ( album contains his original orders from SS Engineer school in Wien to be shipped to STALINO), Wiking vehicle emblems can be seen, many identified locations - Dnjepropetrovsk, Rostow, etc. photos of his SS wedding ceremony, Several original DOCUMENTS - orders, leave documents, photos from KRAKOW, KO Russian tanks, photos from the KUBAN, unit graves, burning villages, and more. At the end are his original Ostmedaille & EK2 ribbons. Also a small portrait of him in LW uniform dated 1945 - disguising himself? nice album!
16.  photos -   PANZER + STURMGESCHUTZ & BEUTEPANZER Photo Album Grouping - Russia Campaign
Two photo albums to the same man who served in a StuG unit! 217 photos. Very nice studio portrait of him in black Panzer uniform, several very good STURMGESCHUTZ photos including long barrel types! Sd. Kfz. 250 halftracks, several very nice photos of BEUTEPANZER KV-1 with Balkankreuz emblems, original photo of GUDERIAN in the field, vehicles, Many good images of PANZERs in the field, came smocks in wear, destroyed towns and cities in Russia, MG 34, unit graves and more!
- sold
17.  photos -   AFRIKAKORPS Photo Album
66 photos all from a man’s service in the AFRIKAKORPS. Well captioned throughout. GREAT studio portraits including one of the man wearing nice ”AFRIKA” cufftitle, other photos showing AFKIRAKORPS cufftitles in wear, many good tropical uniforms, desert bivouacs, Lugers, more.
$185 - sold
18.  photos  LEGION CONDOR Photo Album - Luftwaffe PILOT - Many Aircraft - TOP!
156 photos on a large album all from one Germans Luftwaffe pilot’s service in the LEGION CONDOR during the Spanish Civil war of 1936!! Good Photos of Spanish cities, Photos of Spanish children wearing uniform marching with rifles, Spanish soldiers on parades, flags, soldiers interacting with Spanish civilians, MANY good images of legion condor aircraft, flight crews on airfields, destroyed aircraft, 8.8 cm flak cannons, the man and comrades wearing civilian clothes touring Spanish cities, captured artillery cannons, Aircraft with nicknames painted on nose, the man flying aircraft, Photos of towns taken from the air, aerial recon photos, Photos of destroyed Spanish cities, propaganda posters, pilots badges being worn, Luftwaffe troops posing with first pattern LW daggers, more.
19.  photos -   WAFFEN-SS Photo Album & DIARY - Sturmgeschutz - SS Panzer Grenadier Regiment "DEUTSCHLAND"
Amazing photo album to man who served in a StuG unit in SS Panzer Gren Rgt DEUSTCHLAND of the SS Panzer Division DAS REICH. Contains 130 military photos, about 10 original negatives, and more private photos of girlfriends (he had many, home on leave, etc. Also comes with his DIARY from 1945, Daily FIELD ENTRIES - not a "rememberance" diary after-the-fact. Right up until him being captured and going into POW Camp in Italy! Many hand-written captions in the album. Contains SUPER portrait photos of him wearing SS Feldgrau STuG Wrap tunics, portraits and photos of him wearing "Desutchland" cufftitle, EK1, Panzer Assault Badge & CLOSE COMBAT BADGE!! Excellent front photos - many Russian Tanks, very nice long barrel StuG III photo, many Panzer images, a large full-page size field portrait of him in uniformwith Deutschland cufftitle, him wearing SS TROPICAL uniforms in the field, MG, Krads, good foxhole photos, KIA Russian troops, hanged Partisan, high SS officers, portrait photos of comradss in SS uniforms, recovering in hospital and more. Super album!
$2250 - sold
20.  photos   Unteroffiziervorschule Photo Album - Unteroffiziervorschule Deggendorf
130 very good photos of a boy’s time Unteroffiziervorschule. Filled with great images of the boy and comrades wearing Unteroffiziervorschule insignia. nice studio portraits with insignia, well captioned throughout, good photos of the unit barracks in Deggendorf, ceremonies, training in the field, GERMAN CROSS IN GOLD WINNER, nice images of Unteroffizier vorschule cufftitles in wear, more!
21.  photos Army Photo Album- Vienna, Austria
53 photos in a nice album with metal helmet. Good photos of the unit in Vienna and other locations in Austria, good images if Vienna with many swastika banners, many vehicle images, more.
$95 - sold
22.  photos -   Army Photo Album - Poland, Russia - Jewish Content
152 photos. Photos of Jews wearing armbands, Russian tanks, Panzers, destroyed Russian villages, troops interacting with locals, cermonies, aerial bombs, graves in the field, officers, many vehicle images, Bunkers and more.
$100 - sold
23.  photos -    Army Photo Album - France - ILE DE RE - LA ROCHELLE - SAINT-JEAN-D'ANGÉLY - LES SABLES-D'OLONNE
85 photos, all from one soldier. Many photos are captioned on reverse. Many photos showing medals in wear, several photos of troops training for the INVASION OF ENGLAND (Operation Sea Lion)doing amphibious landings on the ILE DE RE - a French island near LA ROCHELLE (also many photos of german troops in La Rochelle), photos of the soldiers seeing the sights on ILE DE RE, troop bivouacs in Russia, horses, bunker building, stick grenades, troops receiving flowers from welcoming civilians, troops in SAINT-JEAN-D'ANGÉLY, France, also photos of them on beach at LES SABLES-D'OLONNE, France, more.
$250 - sold
24.  photos -   HITLER JUGEND Photo Album - NICE!!
VERY nice HJ album, all form the same boy who was from Dettingen. Beautifully captioned throughout. Contains appx 100 photos. All excellent HJ content - many good images of HJ uniforms, HJ parades, visiting German landmarks with his unit good images of HJ gear, HJ camping and hiking, HJ insignias in wear, good photos of the boys’ mountain climbing in the Alps,, HJ bicycles, more. Also has an original Edelweiss he brought back from his Alpine excursion.
- sold
25.  photos -   NURNBERG PARTY RALLY 1936 Photo Album - TOP!
125 photo, all from one soldier’s unit’s participation in the 1936 Nurnberg Rally. One of the best Reichsparteitag albums we have offered! Some purchased photos and also private photos, Excellent photos of the Nurnberg Rally grounds, original photos of HITLER, GOERING, etc., good images of parade through Nurnberg Altstadt, photos of the Army Zeltlager, Fahenetraeger & standard, aircraft flying over the Zeppelin field, maneuvers performed on Zeppelin field, original photos of the HINDENBURG Zeppelin flying over, Panzers in formation, and more. Super album!
$465   - sold
26.  photos -    Kriegsmarine Photo Album, Cap & Document Grouping - SCHWERER KREUZER LÜTZOW - NETHERLANDS, Latvia, Norway, Finland
Very nice grouping to Wilhelm DREES who served on the Schwerer Kreuzer Lützow (Previously named the DEUSTCHLAND until renamed at the beginning of the war). Comes with his GESUNDHETSBUCH (G-Buch) filled with information about his service - Many LÜTZOW entries, many additional documents added inside, letters he received, his US military issueddischarge,six original LÜTZOW SHIP’S BORDZEITUNGEN (ship’s crew newspaper) from late 1943 (rare!), his KM Tellermütze cover with original ID number and name tags sewn inside, the PHOTO ALBUM contains 326 photos! Many captioned on reverse Starts with many great KM studio portraits of the man and comrades, then photos of him in HOLLAND (Rotterdam?), then serving on smaller ship (minesweeper probably) prior to the Luetzow, good images of their camp-painted ship, photos of the ship based out of TERSCHELLING NETHERLANDS, then photos stationed in Latvia, then photos on the LÜTZOW in Norway & FINLAND, good photos of the ship’s captain and officers on bridge, crew at duty stations, hiding in Norwegian Fjords, at sea under operations, other ships in convoys, and more!
27.  photos  BDM PHOTO ALBUM - Female Athlete - Nice!
108 PHOTOS. Very well captioned throughout. Starts with the girls service in the BDM in 1940 and carries on through 1951 in various sporting events. Good BDM uniform insignias, many BDM sports uniforms, Reishssportfeld in Berlin, HJ boys also in sporting activities, original photos of Hans von Tschammer und Osten - leader of the Deutscher Reichsausschuss für Leibesübungen (DRA) "German Reich Commission for Physical Exercise,” the girl attending BDM sports training in 1944, then continuing on with sporting organizations and competitions after the war.
28.  photos -   LARGE BDM, REICHSSPORTAKADEMIE, Red Cross Photo Album & Document Grouping!
Huge grouping of five photo albums and loose photos of a BDM girl and also photos from her REICHSSPORTAKADEMIE & Red Cross service. 425 photos! Good images of her and comrade sin BDM uniforms, portraits, marching, BDM sports uniforms, visiting landmarks with her BDM unit, One photo album is from her time in the REICHSSPORTAKADEMIE in 1941 - good sports photos, official RSA uniforms and insignia, original photos of Hans von Tschammer und Osten - leader of the Deutscher Reichsausschuss für Leibesübungen (DRA) "German Reich Commission for Physical Exercise,” good photos of sports competitions, visiting the Alps with comrades, visiting the BERGHOF and BERCHTESGADEN, more photos from the REICHSSPORTAKADEMIE in Berlin in a second album, photos from her Red Cross nursing service, studio portraits, photos from Germish Partenkirchen, and more!
$625- sold
29.  photos - PANZER Photo Album Wehrpass & Document Grouping - HUMMEL Crew Member - KIA!
341 photos(!) and documents of a man who served on a Sd.Kfz. 251  HUMMEL Crew as part of At. Rgt 63. It is well known this unit was equipped with Selbtfahrlafette "Hummel" starting December 1, 1943.  Comes with his award documents for the Bulgarian Bravery Medal IV Class, Driver's Badge in SILVER, Iron Cross Second Class, Driver's Badge in GOLD, letter to family saying he was KIA, letter attesting to his being credited for a Sturmtag, rare document from the 36 & 134 Inf Div. WEHRPASS is very nice with training qualification for the s.F.H. 18 (Sf.) [ that would be the HUMMEL], also training courses for driving fully tracked armored vehicles over 10 tons and as GESCHUTZFUEHRER. All awards entered, many campaign entries for France & Russia, and entry that he was KIA on Dec 12, 1944. Album contains many great front photos including several of him on his HUMMEL in the field (!!), many other good artillery photos from his time before the unit was fitted with HUMMELS, many halftrack photos, photos of him on day of his EK2 award, artillery crews in action in the field, graves, Russia river crossings, Russian airplanes, bunkers & foxholes, Russian POWs, MP 40,  Krads, Bunkers, Sturmgeschutze, nice photo of a German PANZERZUG armored train, rare photo of a "BUNKERKNACKER" armored 8.8cm Halftrack, Gypsies, burning Russian villages, more. Rare group!
$1125 (relisted - buyer did not pay)
- sold
30.  photos Army Photo Album - Russia + Balkans + POW Camp
61 photos, meticulously captioned. Reads like a diary. Covers his entire service through POW Camp. His face is easily identified throughout. Lots of anti-partisan fighting in the Balkans, identified locations in Russia, more.
- sold
31.  photos - Army Photo Album + WEHRPASS & SOLDBUCH Grouping - Russia - Nice!
Grouping to Johan GRIESS. Comes with his Wehrpass & SOldbuch, both with all pages and ID photos. Served in Kw. Transport Abt 992. Awards entered include KVK2 and Ostmedaille. Long list of campaign entries in Poland and Russia and in 1944, West of Germany. there are also several other papers from his service. One interesting one is an order with the truck & license plate number he is to drive to the Eiffel in Jan 1945. Photo album contains 120 very good images from his service in Russia - most captioned on reverse - weapons, tanks, good photos of his vehicles he was responsible for, captured Russian Tanks, militia, POWS, troops interacting with Russian villagers, road signs, burning villages, graves, vehicles with insignias and more.
32.  photos -  POLIZEI Photo Album & Ausweis Grouping - UKRAINE - JEWISH CONTENT
86 photos and Polizei Ausweise of Otto HOFMANN. Ausweis has original photo which matches the photos in the album as well as a nice studio portrait of the man in uniform. Containsseveral excellent photos of UKRAINIAN JEWS (probably from STANISLAU considering the other locations identified), Many photos are captioned on the reverse. Crossing the Dnjster river, Christmas 1941 with his unit in STANISLAU, Ukraine, Ukrainian church used as Polizei headquarters, Polizei interacting with Ukrainian villagers, Polizei posting notices in the field, more.
- sold
33.  photos -  Third Reich 25 Year Faithful Service Cross in Case of Issue
- sold
34.  photos -   Seven Third Reich Ribbon Bars
35.  photos -   Third Reich - Matching Set Collar Tabs & Stabsgefreiter Chevron
$40 - sold
36.  photos   Two Third Reich RIbbon Bars
- sold
37.  photos -   Three Third Reich RIbbon Bars
$30 - sold
38.  photos -    Three Third Reich RIbbon Bars
- sold
39.  photos -    Three Third Reich RIbbon Bars
40.  photos - Three Third Reich RIbbon Bars
$30 - sold
41photos  -  Original Box of Third Reich Ribbon Devices - Swords, Army & Luftwaffe
42 photos - Box of Original Third Reich Uniform Buttons & Rank Pips
43 photos - Five Original Third Reich Boxes Unopened Cigarettes
Unopened. All with Third Reich tax stamp.
44 photos -  Original Wehrmacht Army Mosquito Head Net
$50 - sold
45 photos  - Original Wehrmacht Book - Unteroffizierthemen - 1943
- sold
46photos - Panzer Schiessbuch & Unit Emblem/Badge - Panzer Regiment 7
$150 - sold


47 photos - US WWII Air Corps Photo Album - 64th Troop Carrier Group - 82nd AIRBORNE - NORTH AFRICA & SICILY
140 photos of a man sho served in the 64 TCG. Named to Randy MORSE. Content from North Africa and Sicily. Good images of PATROOPERS in full kit, many photos of C-47 transport aircraft being loaded, 82nd AB paratroopers jumping and landing during exercises, officers, vehicles, knocked out GERMAN vehicles, German cemeteries, what looks like original photos of EISENHOWER in the field, medal ceremonies in the field, knocked out US TANKS, troops interacting with Arabs, female WAC pilots in A-2 jackets, US troops wearing captured German headgear, gliders, Italian fighter aircraft, captured Ju 87 STUKA with Italian insignia, destroyed ME 109 airplanes, knocked out German PANZERS, more.
48photos - Army Photo Album - SUDETENLAND Campaign + Poland Campaign
134 photos. Many photos form the Sudetenland Campaign. Many hand written captions. Krads, troop movements, Czech locals welcoming German troops, German flags and banners displayed in Czech towns, then photos form the POLAND CAMPAIGN, many vehicle images, MG, more.
$110- sold
49photos - Hitler Jugend & PANZER Photo Album
161 photos. Starts with his Hitler Youth service & pre HJ youth organization service, then Army trains and military service in Russia, Several good Panzer IV photos in Russian villages, vehicles, troop movements, Russian halftracks & PAK cannons, portraits, more.
$150- sold
50photos -Army Photo Album - France & Russia Campaigns + Balkans
62 photos. In an nice album with Iron Cross on cover. Many hand-written captions. photos of destruction in ROSTOW, Pionier Bridges, unit graves, sturmboote, destroyed French towns, Luftwaffe bi-plane, Pionier construction vehicles and equipment, artillery, river crossings, Muslim villagers in the Balkans, Gypsies, cavalry troops, more.
$100- sold
51photos - Army Photo Album - Artillery Regiment 4
46 photos of a man who served in Artillery Regiment 4. Green type album with Army Adler in original cardboard slipcover. Many captions. Artillery, Zeppelin hall, Kaserne photos, funerals, vehicles, cavalry, more.
$65- sold
52photos - Army Photo Album - OFFICER - Berlin
Army Photo Album - OFFICER - Berlin
147 photos an Army Officer. Many photos from BERLIN, flags, banners, parades, good signage, more.
$100- sold
53photos - FEMALE RAD Photo Album
98 photos of a girls service in the RAD. good RAD uniform details, work service, parades, visiting German landmarks, singing, more.
$70- sold
54photos - Army Photo Album - POLAND CAMPAIGN - Fahrkolonne 6/44
59 photos in an official unit album. Also comes with some Feldpost from the man. Good photos of Polish BUNKERS, troops entering Polish towns and villages, Pionier bridges, Krads and other vehicles, horse & wagon columns, Polish JEWS being expelled from Polish towns, Polish POWs, Halftracks & artillery cannons, Polish GHETTOS, more. nice content!
$175- sold

55 photos - Luftwaffe Photo Album - Air Crew Member
160 photos. Starts with some photos from his RAD service then LW training, Standarte, ceremonies, attending Bordfunkerschule, good images of the man and crew in aircraft in flight, pilots in flight gear, portrait photos, tropical uniforms, photos fom the unit stationed in WINNIZA, UKRAINE, photos of allied bomb damage in Dusseldorf (it was forbidden to take such photos), mass graves in Winniza, recovery in hospital, portrait taken of the man in berlin in Dec. 1944, portrait photos of comrades, more.
$175- sold
56 photos - Luftwaffe Photo Album - Flak Regiment 74 - Flakscheinwerfer Abt. 559
91 photos. Man was in Flak Regiment 74 and during the war Flakscheinwerfer Abt 559 which was stationed in france and Belgium.. He included lots of written details of his service coving his pre war training through POW camp in 1945 !!  He was in France in 1944 at the time of D-Day.  Well captioned. Goo dunit photos, vehicles, 8.8cm Flak cannons, girls on the beach, portraits, receipts from HOLLAND, more.
57 photos  - Luftwaffe Photo Album - Poland, Denmark, France - CHANNEL COAST
98 photos.  Well captioned. Starts with man stationed in VILLERS SUR MER France, 1940 to 1941, other identifed locations, photos from EVREUX, WIMEREUX, ETAPPES, shot doen RAF bombers w/ KIA crew, interacting with fremch locals, then photos from WARSAW Poland, then DENMARK. Nice album
$185- sold
58 photos - Luftwaffe FLAK Photo Album - Flak Regiment 24 - Flak Abt 92 - Russia
146 photos of a man serving in a FLak unit.  Started in Flak Regiment 24 and later served in Flak ABt 92. Well captioned. parades, ceremonies, identifed officers, weapons training, Flak cannons, vehicles, good photos of 8.8cm Flak firing at night, FLAK HALFTRACKs, photos from Russia campaign, more.
59 photos  - HITLER JUGEND & Army Photo Album - France Campaign
136 photos of a man from Hitler Jugend through Army. Nice HJ photos including portraits, good uniforms, bicycles, backpacks, BDM portraits, tents etc. Then RAD service. Army service includes: MG 34 being carried, artillery, halftracks, French colonial POWs, PANZER III crossing field, Panzer and Motorcycle column, French POWs on the march, motorcycles and sidecars, White CAMO helmets, soldiers with stick grenades in belt, more.
$225- sold
60photos - Army Photo Album - Original Artwork - France Campaign
82 photos plus original drawings the man made.  French POWs, newspaper clippings, identified locations in France, KIA French troops, destroyed French towns, photos from SEDAN, more.
61photos - Japanese WWII Photo Album - Good Sword Photos
70 photos all from the same Japanese soldier. Portraits, officers, children, good images of SWORDS, uniform insignias, unit photos, more.
62photos  - USAAF WWII photo Album - B-29 Nose Art - 498th Bomb Group
108 photos from a man who served in a B-29 unit - 498 BG, 874 BS.   Good images of NOSE ART, good base photos, aircraft details, base vehicles, aerial bombs, base clubs and bars, Marine cemetery, P-51 mustang photos, more.
$285 - sold
63 photos - JAPANESE NAVAL WWII Photo Album
152 photos. All from the same Japanese sailor. good portraits, unit photos, officers, swords, ship paperwork, more.
$150- sold
64photos - JAPANESE Photo ALbum - Anti-Aircraft Officer
100 photos of a Japanese AA officer. Starts with his service as a cadet and later promoted to 1st Lt of an Anti-aircraft unit. group photos, training, field exercises spotting scopes, nice portrait photos,  good images of AA artillery firing at day and night, vehicles, MG, swords, more.
65 photos - Japanese ARTILLERY Photo Album
135 photos of a man who served in a Japanese Artillery unit. Well captioned.  Good artillery photos, large TANK photo, troops on horseback, sea planes, troops with service dogs, MG positions, motorcycles, studio portraits, swords,  more.
66photos - US WWII NURSE Photo Album
248 photos of a Nurse Lt. during WWII.  Many captions. Good portait photos, aircraft photos, photos from England and India, flame thrower demonstration, more.
$120- sold

67photos  - Japanese PILOT Photo Album - Many Aircraft Photos - Rare!
85 photos of a Japanese pilot.  Comes in original cardboard slipcover.  Many photos of aircraft, Well captioned. Unit photos, planes in flight, pilot in cockpit in flight, pilots in flight gear, swords, portraits, auto-giro, aerial bombs, more.
$335 - sold

68 photos - JAPANESE Army Photo Album
157 photos of a Japanese soldier during WWII and before - probably China.  Many captions. Good images of Japanese weapons and kit, formations and ceremonies, studio portraits showing swords and rifles, vehicles, burning villages, troops in the field, more.
$120- sold
69photos - Japanese Army & Navy Photo Album Grouping
145 photos of a Japanese soldier.  Mostly official photos. Ships, MG, flags, ceremonies, high officers, aircraft, aerial bimbs, ceremonies, troops in combat, tanks, naval battles, more. nice content.
- sold
70photos- Japanese Army Photo Album
88 photos of a Japanese soldier.  Good dstudio portraits, well captioned throughout, cavalry, swords, photos of troops in the field, more.
71photos - Japanese Army Photo Album - Atrocities
77 photos of a Japanese soldier.  Photos of Japanese atrocities against Chinese civilians, many portraits, medals in wear, officers, unit photos, swords, rifles, flags, MG, more.
$150- sold
72photos - Japanese Photo Album - China
43 photos of a Japanese soldier.  Great cover with embossed military themes.  Reads "China incident Commemerative." Portraits, artillery, unit photos, training, swords, more.
73 photos -  Japanese Photo Album - 20th Cavalry
77 photos of a Japnese soldier.  Cavalry photos, troop movements, POWs, bases in China, troops in cold weather gear, troops & horses fording rivers, more.
74 photos - KRIEGSMARINE Photo Album - Coastal Artillery - Norway Occupation
200 photos. Studio portraits, one portrait showing coastaly artillery badge in wear, parades and ceremonies, KM feldgrau uniforms, quarters in Norway, ships, graves, inspecting remains of shot down RAF aircraft, more.
nteresting album with 25 photos.  Wooden cover with "MAEDCHENHEIM FUEHRER DER SCHNELLBOOTE" carved on cover. I assume it is the quarters for female KM auxilliaries assigned to the HQ of S-Boots.  Many photos of the woman and her comrades, portraits, more.
$120- sold
76photos -  WWII German Army Photo Album - ARCTIC CIRCLE - Norway/ Finland - Inf Rgt 392 (169 Inf Div)
201 photos - many have captions on reverse side - some extensive.. Images include: STandarte, troop bivouacs, nice winter camouflaged vehicles in Lappland (Finland), troops and red cross vehicle being transported to the arctic, German graves, STUKAS in flight, winter gear, Officer reviewing troops, knocked out Russian tank, troops in the field in Artic circle, more.
- sold
77 photos - ITALIAN Army Photo Album - Artillery Unit - Africa
126 photos of an Italian soldier. Most content is from Africa. Great uniform insignia, photos of natives, pith helmets, many good images of artillerycannons, positions & crews, officers, vehicles, forts, vehicles, native colonial troops, camels used as equipment carriers, parades, more. Nice album.
$265- sold
78. photos - Japanese Army Photo Album - Artillery Unit
112 photos of a Japanese soldier. Flags, cavalry, swords, portraits, unit photos, medals in wear, artillery positions, tractors towing artillery, tanks, aircraft, more.
79. photos - US MARINE WWII Photo Album - South Pacific
100 photos of a US Marine. In an official unit album. Named to Sgt. Lee R. WHITE. Good studio portrait of the man, photos from the south pacific, unit photos, field services, troops movements in the jungle, planes in flight, fighter planes with may kill emblems, troops in combat, crashed P-38, funny base signs, Japanese POWs, newspaper clippings, cards, V-Mail more.
80. photos - US WWII Army Photo Album - Pacific Theater
140 photos of a soldier statioend in the South Pacific.  Weapons, interacting with natives, Jeeps, captured Japanes bunkers inspected, B-24 airplanes, destroyed Japanese towns, USO shows with celebrities, Nose Art, more.
$110- sold
81.  photos - US Army WWII Photo Album - 575th AAA AW Batl. - PATTON, Mauthausen Concentration Camp
150 photos. Man served in the - 575th AAA AW Batl. Many are captioned on the reverse. Contains original private photos taken at MAUTHAUSEN, rare non-fraternization flyers with Mauthasen theme,  photos of AA quad-50 cal. Hlaftracks and crews, rolling through German towns, German POWS on the march, original private photo of PATTON, priavte photo of Goering house in Berchtesgaden, the Berghof & Eagles Nest, French refugees, 11th Armored Division Siegfried Line sign, captured Me 109, captured 8.8cm Flak cannons, captured Ju 52, german vehicles,  more.Nice album!
$450- sold
82. photos - HITLER JUGEND GLIDER Photo Album
124 photos. Well captioned. HJ studio portraits, HJ camping and hiking,  his unit at a NURNBERG RALLY, good photos of HJ gliders in flight, more.
$175- sold
83.  photos - Army Photo Album - RUSSIA Campaign - 131 Infanterie Division
102 photos of a soldier who served in the 131 Inf Division. with many images of him in Russia. Officers, medals in wear, Nebelwerfer Rocket ammo depots in the field, vehicles, troops interacting with Russian locals, vehicles with divisional emblems, destruction, artillery fingin in the field, field ambulances, halftracks, burning towns, Russian POWs, Russian children, more. Nice album!
$175- sold
84. photos - Army photo Album - Russia Campaign
Only 17 photos, but nicely done with clippings and newspaper articles. Panzers, aircraft, MG etc.
$50 - sold
85.  photos - Luftwaffe Photo Album - GREECE
74 photos. ALl photos appear to be from Greece. Tropical uniforms, captured aircraft, troops in Athens, refugees, vehicles, Krads, LW aircraft in the field, original chalk portrait of the man done in Athens, more.
$120- sold
86. photos -  Luftwaffe Photo Album - 8.8cm Flak Unit - Poland + Russia Campaign
73 photos.  Well captioned. Starts with the man in Litzmanstadt (Lodz) poland, unit photos, photos of his unit in Warsaw, 8.8cm FLAK, planes, field bivaoucs, crashed Russian aircraft, photos from MINSK, destruction, refugees, road sign "trees" in the field, Russian POWs, captured Russian artillery, halftracks, troops navigating horrible Russian roads, Flak cannons with kill rings, Panzer IV tanks, more.
$175- sold
87.  photos - Kriegsmarine Photo Album - Minesweeper
157 photos. Many photos on board their ship, kill emblems on the ship, ships in port, camo paint schemes, tropical uniforms, medals in wear, sea planes, Schnellboote, the man and comrades just awarded EK2 medals on board, operations at sea, more.
88. photos -  Gebirgsjaeger Photo Album - Alps, France Campaign
200 photos of a Gebirgsjaeger Soldier (Mountain Troop).  Also has an original sleeve Edelweiss insignia in album.  many photos o ftroops in the mountains, GJ insignia in wear, river crossings, mountain combat, pack mules, KO Panzers, KO French Tanks, French POWs, schwere PAK cannons, formations in french town squares, graves, officers, very nice large portrait photo of the man, more.

89. photos -  Luftwaffe Photo Album - Many Early Aircraft Images + Nurnberg Rally
161 photos. Portrait photos, may photos of training aircraft, Krads, vehciles, planes with emblems, Partei ceremonues, Zeppelins, NURNBERG RALLY, more.
- sold

90. photos - Female RAD & Reichsbahn Photo Album
73 photos. Covers her service in the Female RAD through working with tzhe Reichsbahn. Many captions. RAD uniforms, work service, barracks, helping children, flags, sunbathing, ceremonies, more.
$90- sold
91. photos -  British ROYAL NAVY Photo Album - AFRICA, Italy - TOBRUK
132 photos of a sailot in the british Royal Navy. Appears he served on LCT 108.  Content from Italy and Africa. many identified loactions - TOBRUK, Tripoli, etc. life on bard ship, ship mascots. photos from BEIRUT, German shells exploding in TOBRUK harbor, Bitish 8th Army tanks, knocked out German PANZERS in the desert, crashed Ju 87 STUKAS, graves, captured German guns, captured Luftwaffe aircraft, British tanks, motorcycles, more.
92. photos - British WWII 8th ARMY Photo Album - Africa, Italy - Nice!
100 photos of a man who served in the British 8th Army. Comes in a leather album he purchased in Egypt.Artistically captioned throughout, good combat photos of troops at EL ALAMEIN, photos of CHURCHILL and other identified British officers, good photos of German and Italian POWS, crashed luftwaffe aircraft, surrender of the Italian fleet 1943, “An amazing war picture” - you have to read the caption, Me 109 airplanes in the desert, Ju 87, Giant Gliders, KIA German troops, German Panzers, Halftracks, several photos of MONTGOMERY, captured German self propelled guns, troops in foxholes, more. Nice album!
$550- sold

93. photos -US WWII Air Corps Photo Album - 393rd Bomb Squadron - TINIAN
258 photos of a man who served in the 393rd bomb Squadron. Appears he also served with 389th BS - perhaps they shared the base, but I did not look it up. THIS WAS THE SQUADRON THAT DROPPED THE ATOMIC BOMBS ON JAPAN! Many photos from TINIAN. Also comes with five propaganda leaflets. Many captions. captured Japanese materiel, many named personnel, many photos of the air base, Japanese crashed aircraft, crashed B-26, B-29 airplanes with NOSE ART, General Arnold giving medals, 398th Bomb Squadron base sign.

94. photos -  British WWII Photo Album - 8th ARMY - North Africa
80 photos of a soldier who served in the British 8th Army. Appears he was a unit Quartermaster given the captioning. You can spot him easily throughout the album. Many images of British operations in Libya with identified locations - TOBRUK, TUNIS, EL ALAMEIN, SOLLUM, BENGAHZI, TRIPOLI, DERNA, etc. Well captioned - many humorous. many vehicles, unit graves, , Anti-tank cannons in action, desert signposts, many British vehicle images, unit photos, more.
95. photos - Luftwaffe Photo Album - France Campaign - BRITTANY
181 photos. Well captioned throughout. Many photos from the unit’s time stationed in BRITTANY. Good 8.8cm Flak cannon images, crashed Me 110 airplane, French POWs and destroyed French towns, photos from COMPIEGNE, Belgian Artillery BUNKER disguised as a house, German PANZERS with nice turret numbers, French TANKS, mascots, LKW trucks, photos from ST SERVAN, photos from PARIS, CESOUN, ST BRIEUX, MORLAIX, BREST, PON DE BUI, LE HAVRE, and more!
96. photos - Army Photo Album - France Campaign - FRANCE & BELGIUM
261 photos. Many photos are captioned on the reverse. In a nice album with metal helmet on cover. Weapons photos, MG 34, troops on march in France, identified locations in France & Belgium, PAK cannons & crew under cover in position in field, crashed French planes, French BUNKERS, captured french tanks, crossing MARNE river, photos from CHALONS SUR MARNE, French roadblocks broken through, captured French vehicles, more.
97. photos - REICHSARBEITSDIENST Photo Album
60 photos off a boy’s RAD service. In nice album cover with German flag. Work projects, postcards of Hitler & high leaders, barracks, marching, sports, medals in wear, unit photo, more.
$70- sold
98. photos - Army Photo Album - France & Russia Campaigns
165 photos of a man’s service in the France & Russia Campaigns. In a Luftwaffe albs with eagle on cover. Starts with his RAD service (also some childhood photos0, then Army trains, then service in the france Campaign, knocked out french armored cars, bicycle infantry, gas masks in wear, vehicles, good images of field radio positions, troops interacting with villagers, weapons, marching in PARIS, visiting the sights in Paris, then bunker positions in Russia (looks like Wolchow), celebrating Christmas in the field, medals in wear, more.
$110- sold