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1.  photos -  Army Photo Album - Inf Rgt 130 - France, Poland, Sudetenland, Russia
189 photos of a soldier's service in multiple campaigns. He served in IR 130. Well captioned throughout. Good winter warfare photos, trenches and foxholes, MG positions, identified locations in Poland, POWs, graves, destroyed vehicles, crashed planes, tanks and armored vehicles, artillery, bicycle infantry, river crossings, RK winner, medal ceremonies in the field showing award documents, medals in wear, more.
$265 - sold

2.  photos -  Kriegsmarine Photo Album - Coastal Artillery - Germany, France, Greece
231 photos of a coastal artillery unit. nice portraits, many captions, warship photos, photos from Kiel,many good images of various marine flak cannons and crews in the field, photos form Greece, and more.

3.  photos  -    Kriegsmarine Photo Album - Holland, Belgium
136 photos. Very nice handmade KM photo album & diary. Has original signature unit commander. Served in Vermessungskomp Gotenhafen. Nice portraits, many photos of there time stationed in HOLLAND and BELGIUM, many vehicles, good images of marine coastal artillery positions, nice hand drawn artwork and maps.
4.  photos - Luftwaffe Photo Album - POLAND, DENMARK
174 photos. Well captioned starts with his RAD service. Then RAD field service in POLAND, then flight training in the Luftwaffe, many trainer airplanes, aerial photos, crashes, many photos of his training time in DENMARK, portraits, more.

5.  photos -   Army Photo Album - OFFICER
101 photos of an Army officer. Photos of him and his wife during their honeymoon, then photos in the field.

 6.  photos Army Photo Album & BOOK - POLAND
37 photos. Very interesting wartime printed unit history with real photos inserted as illustrations. Original hand written dedication of unit commander (Graf Schimmelmann) dated May 1940. Good quality photos, Jews, Panzers, Polish POWs, etc.


7.  photos - Hitler Jugend Photo Album
14 photos.

8.  photos  Army Photo Album - BERLIN
28 photos, most larger size. Good photos of high officers on parade in Berlin

9.  photos - Army Photo Album - Russia Campaign - Art. Rgt. 29
127 photos of a man who served in Art Rgt 29. many captions. Russian POWs, troops in Russian village quarters, bunkers, vehicles, destroyed towns, planes, winter conditions, Rata fighter planes, mascots, Pay cannons, bunkers, more

10.  photosArmy Photo Album - France & Russia - 79 Inf Division
110 photos of a soldier in the France and Russia Campaigns, man served in IR 208 of the 79 ID. Well captioned. Good portraits, photos from the Franc campaign, weary troops on march, bunkers, trenches, MG 34, destroyed French towns, Maginot lone bunkers, border crossings, captured French materiel, French TANKS, burning Russian vehicles, graves, original photo of HESS, MG positions, POWs, death notices of comrades, more.

11.  photos Army Photo Album - ITALY - Flak Rgt 49 Panzer Division Hermann GOERING - TOP!
145 photos. camp smocks in wear, rare photos from Flak Rgt 49 Panzer Division Hermann GOERING in Italy 1943, 1944. Rare images of Mercedes FLAK Trucks - 2 cm Flakvierling 38 auf schwerer geländegängiger Lastkraftwagen 4,5 t (Mercedes-Benz L-4500A), medals in wear, tropical uniforms, other vehicles, field bivouacs, many photos from CAPUA (near Naples), photos from Naples, plane exploding they shot down, funerals, photos from Rome, photos from Florence, more. great album!

12.  photosArmy Photo Album - POLAND - Inf Rgt 19 - Nice!
180 photos of this unit in Poland. This is one of the best Polish albums I have offered. There are three photos from KRASNIK of a Jewish neighborhood and also a chilling photo of Jews from this area queuing up for "transport". Also, it has many front line photos including MG34 in a foxhole, KIA Polish soldiers, freshly captured Polish soldiers, Polish civilians awaiting execution (another photo of a civilian sniper already executed), artillery, graves, crashed French aircraft with AC codes legible, knocked out French tanks and armored vehicles and more.
13.  photosArmy Photo Album - Officer - Panzer Unit - Poland, Russia & HOLLAND 1944 - WARSAW GHETTO - ROMMEL PHOTOS!
322 photos of a Panzer unit in Poland and Russia as well as photos in HOLLAND 1944 with original photo of ROMMEL touring the atactic wall defenses. well captioned. Starts in 1935. nice photos of the man including portraits showing his fencing scars that were vogue the 1920's. many identified locations, good Panzer photos, original photos of JEWS in the WARSAW GHETTO, Russian river crossings, burning Russian villages, halftracks, Russian POWs, KNIGHTS CROSS WINNER General NEHRING, commander 18 Panzer Division, nice portrait photos of the man, nice hand drawn maps, flamethrowers, stationed in Holland in 1944, original photo of GOLIATH panzer, beach defenses, more!

14.  photos - Luftwaffe Photo Album - Russia
91 photos. Well captioned. Starts with photo of him in Fallschirmjaeger jump gear, portraits, training aircraft in flight, more.

15.  photos -   Army Photo Album & Award Document Grouping - Generalfeldmarschall Walter MODEL Signature!!
88 photos in nice Panzer album. Comes with his original OSTMEDAILLE, KVK2 with ORIGINAL signature 9 Armee commander Generalfeldmarschall Walter MODEL - RK _ Swords & DIAMONDS Winner!! Also his Sudetenland Medal document. Nice portraits, Armored trains, artillery, river crossings, many photos captioned on reverse, KIA, Panzers, planes, field bivouacs, graves, photos of PARTISAN HANGINGS, more.

16.  photos -   Army Photo Album, Medal, Award Document & WEHRPASS Grouping - Flak Rgt 231
25 photos and Wehrpass from the same man who's served n Flak Rgt 231. Also sho he served in Freiwilliger Gebirgsjaeger Rgt 2 in WWI. Awards entered include Hindenburg Cross Medal, Sudetenland Medal. Also comes with award documents and medals for these awards. Extensive campaign entries, also comes with WWI Führerschein, good photos from the France Campaign.

17.  photos -   US WWII Press Photo Grouping
15 original WWII press photos- Patton, FDR, IKE and more.

18.  photos  US WWII Press Photo Grouping - FDR, Churchill
9 original press photos. FDR, Churchill, IKE

19.  photos  POLISH WWII Soldier Photo Grouping - Italy
41 photos of a Polish soldier with many photos of his service in Italy. many captioned on reverse.
20.  photos  US WWII Photo Album - 362nd Fighter Group - Many P-47 photos
66 photos. Named to Bill Marles who served in the 362nd Fighter Group. Many good P-47 photos including nose art, kill insignia, pilots, captured german planes, KO PANTHER tank, posing with his Bronze Star medal, several photos of "The Tennessee Cannonball" - P-51 and P-47 (Ken McCleary), pilot portraits and more. Nice album.

21.  photos -  US WWII Scrapbook and Photo Album
80 photos and scrapbook named to George DOSTMAN. Comes with several pieces of original paperwork, mostly from his training.

22.  photos  US WWII Scrapbook and Photo Album
87 photos. Need to Alfred Gervickas. Extensive scrapbook, filled with IDs original paperwork, letters, telegrams and personal history. newspaper articles about him being WIA, very nice TANK photos, weapons, MG foxholes, quarters in French towns, super studio portrait of him, original German maps he brought back, original orders for his Purple Heart and more.
23.  photos -   Original wartime photo and signature - Arthur "Bomber" Harris
24.  photos -   US Pacific Theater Photo Album
158 photos. Good aircraft photos, Jeeps, interacting with natives, plane nose art, Ie Shima photos, pilot photos, base photos, more.

25.  photos -   US WWII Scrapbook - 80th Division
Large, period wooden scrapbook. Named to Ben CONNELLY. Filled with interesting IDs, papers, photos, orders, postcards, newspaper clippings, letters, telegrams, newspaper article about him being wounded in action, personal history and more.

26.  photos -   US WWII Photo Album - B-24 Base in England.
49 photos. Many photos from his time stationed in England. Good B-24 photos.

27.  photos   British WWII Photo Album - 123rd East Indian Fighter Squadron
198 photos. Well captioned. Many photos from the Middle East and India. Good Hurricane And Spitfire photos. nice photo of a Turkish Hurricane, more. Nice album.

28.  photos -    US WWII Photo Album - Nurnberg
135 photos. Many photos from his time stationed in NURNBERG. Good photos of armored vehicles, heavy tank recovery vehicle in use in the field, German aircraft, good photos of destruction in NURNBERG, and more.
$120- sold

29.  photos -   Australian WWII Photo Album
150 photos. Well captioned. Nice hand drawn artwork, photos from locations in Australia and India.

30.  photosRAF WWII Log Book - 214 Squadron
Named original WII RAF log book of Wireless Opertor J. Swinburne. Served in 214 Squadron. Many bombing missions over Germany listed - Berlin, Hamburg, etc.
At a time when Stirling losses led to the aircraft being withdrawn from bombing Germany the squadron transferred to RAF Downham Market in December 1943.[5] In January 1944, the squadron was converted to special operations, joining No. 100 Group RAF for electronic countermeasures in support of the main bombing operations.

The squadron used the Boeing Fortress Mk II and Mk III and Stirlings. They used the jamming system codenamed "Airborne Cigar" (ABC) to block German night fighter communications. German speaking radio operators would identify and jam the ground controllers broadcasts and also pose as ground controllers themselves with the intention of steering the night fighters away from the bomber streams.[6] At least some of 214 Squadron's B-17s were equipped with 'Piperack' which countered the Germans' Lichtenstein SN-2 aerial intercept radar.[7]
$350- sold