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1.  photos -  Waffen-SS Photo Album & Document Grouping - 13 Waffen-SS Gebirgs Division “HANDSCHAR” - Top Rare!
Amazingly rare album to SS Sturmmann Rudolf SCHOENFELD, a member of the 13. Waffen-SS Gebirgs Division” HANDSCHAR.” He was part of SS Flak Abt. 13 of the Division. It is compiled inside an ORIGINAL wartime USA-issued YMCA “A Wartime Log” book given to POWs - very rare by itself! Contains a personal log of his service history from being stationed in Southern France at Le Puy & Mende through many operations in Hungary and Austria and finally being captured in Italy. Two pages detail his unit’s flight from the Russians trying to reach Western Allied lines. Interestingly, he indicates that he was attached for a time to Hauptmann Steidl (RK Winner of the 2nd Jaeger Rgt. BRANDENBURG! also contains appx 35 military related pencil drawings he did. There are 81 original wartime photos (additional post-war photos he added after the war from Kameradenschaft). Many captions throughout. Starts with him and his SS comrades training in Goslar and then stationed in Le Puy, France, excellent sharp SS uniform insignia details, nice studio portrait of him in SS uniform, home on leave in SS uniform in 1944, huge piles of SS gear we all wish we had, marching in town center of Le Puy, several photos of a SS funeral - probably battalion commander SS-Obersturmbannführer Oskar Kirchbaum
who was killed with others during the Villefranche-de-Rouergue Mutiny during training in September 1943, identified photos of famous unit commander SS-Obersturmbannführer & Knights Cross Winner Hans HANKE (he stated in his personal history that he was part of KAMPFGRUPPE HANKE, a prominent unit of the Division of which one can find more about on the internet), SUPER photo of unit members wearing SS FEZ caps while sitting in a VW Kubelwagen, troops at grave in Yugoslavia (Fez’s in wear), SS Camo smocks, other images of SS Fez’s in wear, KIA SS troops awaiting burial, more photos of identified personnel, photos of Operation Save on the Sava River, photo from unit in Bejellina, then incredibly rare original photos from his time as a POW while in transport on British ships, posing in Venice as a POW, in POW camps in Italy - RIMINI, etc. In the POW photos you can clearly see it is the same man as the SS portrait. Also comes with his original SS promotion document to SS Sturmmann dated April 19, 1944 from 1./SS Flak Abt. 13 with original signature Batteriefuehrer as well as similar promotion document to SS-Oberkanonier (both with official unit stamps), original field order/pass with Feldpost number for the Panzer Jaeger Abt of the division with original sig. SS Obersturmfuehrer. POW document attesting to his service in a labor unit. Also more articles and post war clippings and documents he added later.
$2500 - sold

2.  photos - Waffen SS DOCTOR Photo Album & Document Grouping - SS Regiment DEUTSCHLAND + SS-Artzliche-Akademie
Very nice grouping to Dietmar DELNER. Comes with his photo album with very nice carved wooden cover with SS runes - typical of something one sees made in Poland during the war. also comes with his original Iron Cross Second Class award document awarded to his as a SS-Untersturmfuehrer (2nd. Lt) with original signature of SS-Obergruppenführer DEMELHUBER! He was serving with SS Division NORD at this time. Also comes with a course book from the SS Aertzlichen Akademie with a super photo of him in SS officer uniform - follows his coursework in Graz and Wien. Photo album contains 140 very good photos, many captioned in his own hand. Has a super large photo portrait o him in SS uniform, photos from 1939 of him wearing SS1 collar tabs and “Deutschland” Regiment cufftitles, small pass portrait of him wearing SS1 collar tab at beginning of SS Junkerschule Braunschweig,other identified SS comrades and personnel, “SS-Schule-Braunschweig” cufftitles in wear, photos of him posing wearing BOTH CUFFTITLES on his left sleeve! Then photos of him shipping out to NORWAY with SS Division NORD, grave of his commander Kurt GRABOW, then photos of him in SS medical training, rare photos showing “SS-Artzliche-Akademie” Cufftitles in wear (SS Medical Officer Candidate School),white SS mess dress uniforms, SS swords in wear, photos form his wedding and more. Rare grouping.
$2130 - sold
2b.  photos -  WAFFEN-SS Photo Album - KRADSCHUETZEN - Russia + Norway/Finland
102 photos of a Waffen-SS Kradschuetzen man. Has some likely post-war insignia on first page, small portraits of the man in SS uniform, many photos of SS KRADS and Kradschuetzen troops in the field, medals in wear, many images of SS insignias in wear, camp smocks in wear, troops transport to Norway/Finland, KO Russian tanks, good images of salty SS troops in the field, SS officers, great photo of a SS squad in the field, one with a SNIPER RIFLE (!!), troops in heavy winter gear, MG 34 positions, one photo of some type of experimental (?) camo uniform in wear, PAK cannons, long barrel Sturmgeschutz, KIA Russian tank crews, schwere PAK, more.
$1100 - sold
3.  photos  -   Army Photo Album, Feldpost & Wehrpass Grouping - Aufklarungs Abt 30 - 30 Inf Division - KIA
Nice grouping to Obergef. Guenther PRIMAS who served with the Radfahr Abt and later the Aufklarungs Abt 30 of the 30 Inf Division. He was killed on Sept 20, 1944 when the division was fighting Livland & Kurland. Comes with his original Wehrpass. Award entries for the POSTHUMOUS award of his EK2, Black Wound Badge, many campaign entries for service with Heeres Gruppe Nord, he was KIA in OMELI. Also comes with several pieces of Feldpost including a letter he wrote home only a week or so before his death. Also comes with other documents & IDs including Postsparbuch.  Album contains 111 photos. nice photos of him in Russia in 1943/44 wearing camo uniforms, posing with Finnish MG, winter camo, schwere Mortars, nice photos showing Brunswick Totenkopf cap badges in wear, foxholes and more.
3b. photos - GROSSDEUTSCHLAND Photo Album - France, Yugoslavia, Russia - TOP!
Amazing original photo album from a member of Panzer Grenadier Division GROSSDEUTSCHLAND who served with the unit from its days as IR (mot.) GD during the France Campaign! Well captioned throughout. Many photos also have captions on reverse.  Contains 285 photos - all from his military service with Grossdeutschland.  Contains Many great images of GD ciphers shoulderboards as well as GROSSDEUTSCHLAND cufftitles in wear!  The second page has a photo of seven soldiers and officers, one wearing Knights Cross captioned " EK1 u. Ritterkreuztraeger im Battl." identified photo of Konrad Grell (DKiG winner with 3. Schwadron/Aufklärungs-Abteilung "GD"), photos from Pairs & Lyon (unit war crimes committed here), British POWs, Me 109's on airfield in France, Sd.Kfz. 251, StuG III's, refugees, captured French Panhard armored cars, Black French Colonial POWs, Maginot Line bunkers, many photos of vehicles with triangle emblem of GD, Heeres Flak Halftracks, training back in Germany after the France Campaign, many photos of GD graves, super photo of the Grenadier Kaserne GROSSDEUTSCHLAND entrance with huge unit sign officers conferring in the field, original photos of Oberst von STOCKHAUSEN (Kdr. IR GD), photos of DkiG winner Major Ernest KRUEGER (Pionier Kdr. GD), photos from the unit's transfer and operations in YUGOSLAVIA, original photos of Baldur VON SCHIRACH visiting the unit in 1941, good GD Panzer IV columns in the field, Krads, StuG's with nicknames painted on, nice photos GD Grenadiers riding on tanks, then phtoos of him recovering in hospital in Warsaw after being wounded, more.  Great album!
$2350 - sold
4.  photos -  SS Polizei & Luftschutzpolizei Soldbuch. Wehrpass & Award Document Grouping
Very interesting grouping to a man who served in the Luftschutzpolizei. Named to Wachtmeister der LS Polizei Willi WOLTERS.  He originally   Comes with his Wehrpass with original photo, SS SOLDBUCH with uniform photo. He was in the organization form 1940 when it was named SICHERHEITS UND HILFSDIENST (SHD), His ID tag is a SHD one, SB indicates.  Also comes with 1940 document listing him in the SHD.  Also comes with his KVK2 field award document with facsimile signature SS Brigadefuehrer and also his large Luftschutz Medal 2nd Class award document awarded 1943.
4c.  photos ORIGINAL HIMMLER Signed Document -  SS-Gruppenführer  Georg-Henning Graf von Bassewitz-Behr Investigation
Original personal letter dated 27 Aug, 1944 sent from Heinrich HIMMLER to SS-Obergruppenfuehrer Maximilian von HERFF (DAK Knights Cross Winner before being called to SS administrative duties). From 1 October 1942 to 8 May 1945, he was chief of the Persönlicher Stab Reichsführer-SS (Himmler's personal staff). He dealt with internal and financial SS matters. Von Herff was in Warsaw during the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising and supervised its suppression under orders from Himmler. The letter contains HIMMLER'S ORIGINAL HAND SIGNED INITIALS. You can also see notations from secretaries concerning replies received and sent.  The letter concerns a personal investigation into SS-Gruppenführer  Georg-Henning Graf von Bassewitz-Behr who was serving as SS Commander of Hamburg. After the July 20 assassination attempt on Hitler, Bassewitz was investigated due to his nobility as well as having sisters living abroad married to foreigners.   The link below is an extensive online biography of Bassewitz that contains a transcript of this letter and discusses the investigation and outcomes.
Bassewitz was a convicted war criminal who died in Soviet captivity in 1949.  Historically important document.
$850 - reduced to $500 !!
- sold
5.  photos -   Marine Hitler Jugend & Minesweeper Document Grouping
Very nice grouping to Helmut Rademacher. Comes with his Landjahr ID booklet with photo in HJ uniform, Landjauhr Ausweis with photo in DJ uniform, Minesweeper Badge award document dated March 15, 1945 from Bergen, Norway with original signature Admiral and Kdr. der Norway. WestKueste Admiral Otto von SCHRADER (RK winner & WWI U-Boat commander), Arbeitsbuch, Arbeits Pass, Grundschein ID with HJ ID photo, British Zone Personal Ausweis, rare Seesport-Pruefungen der Marine Hitler Jugend ID, military discharge, original photos of him in uniform wearing Minesweeper Badge and more.
- sold
6.  photos - Hitler Jugend & OFFICER Document Grouping - Oberleutnant - Panzer Jaeger Abt 32 + NURNBERG RALLY AUSWEIS
Nice document grouping to a Oberlt. Heinz NAEVE who served in Panzer Jaeger Abt. 32 of the 32 infanterie Division. Comes with his General Assault badge award document with original signature Kdr. 32 ID Generalleutnant Wilhelm Bohnstedt (RK winner), Iron Cross Second Class with original signature Oberst, Drivers Badge in Bronze, 1938 Nurnberg Party Rally Ausweis for Active Participant, Hitler Jugend promotion documents, military discharge, and more!
7.  photos - FALLSCHIRMJAEGER Photo Album - France, Greece, Russia
295 photos! Large album of a Fallschirmjaeger. Many photos showing FJ jump smocks in wear, many photos of Paratroopers jumping from planes, FJ badges in wear, packing parachutes, officers, camp smocks in wear, FJ funerals, FJ MG 34 positions in the field,
Also Bundeswehr FJ.FJ’s marching through French towns, posing in Berlin, FJ drop containers being unpacked in the field, man and comrades at FJ reunion soon after the war, and more.
- sold
240 photos of Hans SCHROTTHOFER, Austrian Gebirgsjaeger who served in GJR 138 of the 3 Gebirgs Division. As of March 2016, Hans was still alive and celebrated his 100th birthday! Very well captioned throughout. One of the nicer GJ Norway Campaign albums we have offered in some time.Great photos of British troops captured in Norway, many identified locations, ship transport to Norway, captured British.Norwegian munitions in Lillehammer including paratroop drop containers, Luftwaffe seaplanes, Norwegian girls, troop graves, Norwegian and British troop graves, good photos photos from NARVIK including several CAPTURED NORWEGIAN SOLDIER PHOTOS he got in Narvik showing the with weapons and winter camo!!, good photos from the British attack on SVOLVAR 4,3,1941, also some news paper articles and original receipts from ship in Oslo.
- sold
8b.  photos - GEBIRGSJAEGER Photo Album & DIARY - GJR 138 - Poland Campaign - Nice!
121 photos of Hans SCHROTTHOFER, Austrian Gebirgsjaeger who served in GJR 138 of the 3 Gebirgs Division. As of March 2016, Hans was still alive and celebrated his 100th birthday! this album concerns his service in the Poland Campaign 1939. Also comes with a page of diary entries from his service in the Poland Campaign. Very good front images! Very well captioned. good technical photos, Pak cannons PKW cars, many identified locations in Poland, two photos of POLISH JEWS, Heeres Flak Halftrack, Panzers, burning villages, Panzerspahwagens, KIA Polish troops, troop graves in the field, Krads, Polish POWs, cavalry, artillery, Polish boys given cigarettes, unit return back to the Mosel, more.
- sold
9.  photos - STALINGRAD KIA Document & FELDPOST Grouping - 79 Infanterie Division
RARE document grouping to man who served in the 79 Inf Div and was KIA in STALINGRAD! Named to Wachtmeister Lutz MEYER who served in Art. Rgt 179 of the 79 Inf Division. Comes with his official death certificate stating he was KIA in STALINGRAD in Jan. 1943, Iron Cross Second Class with original signature General der Infanterie Karl STRECKER (RK winner and surrender forces at Stalingrad on 2, Feb 1943), General Assault Badge with orig. sig. Rgt commander Oberstleutnant Prestien, West Wall award document, many other documents also confirming his death at Stalingrad. Also important are MANY original FELDPOST letters he sent from the field including several from STALINGRAD - at least one one sent in Jan. 1943, days before his death and the surrender of forces. Also comes with a returned letter his parents sent to him on Christmas Day 1942 - he was KIA by the time it arrived. Very rare!
10a.  photos BDM Photo Album - Nice!
136 photos. Very well captioned. Very nice BDM content! Good photos of BDM girls in uniform, marching, camping, train troops, ceremonies in the field, visiting landmarks, sports competitions, work service, bicycle trips, posing with HJ boys, more.
- sold
10b.  photos BDM Photo Album + Landjahr Insignia - Nice!
97 photos. Has an original LANDJAHR sleeve triangle on first page! Good photos of BDM girls in uniform, marching, camping, train troops, ceremonies in the field, visiting landmarks, photos of Landjahr building signs, work service during Landjahr service, more.
- sold
11.  photos -  3x FALLSCHIRMJAEGER Photo Album Grouping - Fallschirm MG Bataillon - Russia, Greece, Africa
222 photos in THREE photo albums form the same man! Starts with Luftwaffe flight training and then quickly shifts to FJ training and service. many good photos of FJ uniforms and equipment, FJ jump smocks in wear, FJ troops in camp uniforms in the field, great foxhole and trench positions, very salty looking FJs in the field, Panzers, KO Russian tanks, MP 40, vehicles with unit insignias, unit graves in the field, burning villages, MG 34 positions, winter camp, Krads, mnany photos showing FJ badges in wear, FJ funerals in the field, good field combat photos, good images of FJ drop containers bing loaded/unloaded, FJ’s loading onto Ju 52’s, paratroop jumps, photos from Greece, photos from AFRICA, more. Great grouping!
 - sold
12.  photos - German Female Document & Photo Grouping
Grouping to Gerlinde BRINCKMANN. Comes with several IDs - Kennkarte, DAF buch, etc as well as several photos.
- sold
13.  photos - Army Photo Album - Poland, France & Russia - 45 Inf Division - TOP!
Beautifully captioned. 183 photos + appx 120 additional photos he purchased. Man was in Inf Rgt 133 of the 45th Infantry Division. Good photos of destruction, Polish POWs, crashed planes, many identified locations in Belgium & france 1940, good photos of KO french tanks, refugees, troop columns moving through french villages, crossing french/Belgian canals, troop grave sin the field, French planes, bicycle infantry, refugees, nice photo of Oberstlt. EGGELING (Kdr. IR 133), photos before BREST LITOWSK, great photos of salty troops in the field, burning villages, KIA Russian troops, Fw 189, hospital in Warsaw after being wounded, more. Nice album.
14.  photos - German WWI Army Photo Grouping - Officer - West & Eastern Fronts
300 photos! All from the same officer. Sedan train station, troops in trenches, vehicles, cavalry, graves in the field, bunkers, officers conferring, destroyed villages, unit photos, more! Some duplicates
$225 - sold

15.  photos -  FOUR Photo Album Grouping - FEMALE DANSK BRIGADE
HUGE grouping of FOUR photo albums, 100’s of photos, of a young Danish woman - Annie TOUSSING - who served in the Tanks Brigade! It appears that her father was also a Danish general. Possible they were members of the Danish Brigade in Sweden during the war, also. Very good photos of her in Danish brigade FOVA uniform, interesting photo showing German and British officers at ceremony, photos from occupation duty in germany after the war, nice portrait photos, photos of the father and mother also in uniform, more! Also some original paperwork from her service.
16.  photos -   British WWII FEMALE WAAF Medal, Photo & Document Grouping
Grouping of Cpl. Doris LENTLE. Nice portrait of the woman, her service and release book, original medals in box of mailing with packing slip, RAF cap badge, ID tag and original chain, and more. She served in the RAF Innsworth & Air Ministry office in London during the war.
- sold
17.  photos -   German Army Photo Album - KOSCHMIN Poland, Saint-Leu-la-Forêt, France, Russia, Italy - KRIM - 23 Panzer Division - nice!
190 photos. Very well captioned with lots of content. Man was in the Werkstatt Kompanie of the 23 Panzer Division. In March 1942, the division went to the Eastern Front near Kharkov as a subdivision of the German Sixth Army. It was to remain within the Army Group South for the major part of its service until surrender.The division part in the German advance to the Caucasus but was subsequently send north to STALINGRAD. It escaped encirclement when the 6th Army was trapped there and took part in the subsequent failed relief attempt.
Photos date from 1940 to 1944! Starts with nice studio portrait of the man, MANY photos from KOSCHMIN, POLAND, many identified personnel, any other identified locations in Poland,Polish refugees, Polish JEWS, tanks, Polish churches and cemeteries, KOTOWKA, good invasion of Russia photos showing many identified loactions they rolled through and many vehicles, photos from SHABELKIVKA, Ukraine - troops transitioning to tropical uniforms, also many photos from the unit’s time stationed in Saint-Leu-la-Forêt - northern Paris, also photos from NAPLES, Italy, photos form the CRIMEA, KIA Russian troops, Russian POWs in KHARKOV, several photos from STALINO, more. Nice album!
- sold
18.  photos  Army Photo Album - Russia Campaign - 121 Inf. Division
67 VERY good and sharp photos of man who served in Inf Rgt 407 of the 121 Inf Division. Good bicycle infantry images, Russian refugees, cavalry, troops movements cross the Russian Steppe, KO Russian TANKS, KRADS and other vehicles, Russian POWS captured, Stalin Line BUNKERS captured, KIA Russian troops, KIA Russian tank crew still in tank, captured Russian weapons, foxholes, Feldpost being delivered, what looks like soldier delivering coup de gras to a fallen Russian solider, officer awarding medal to soldier in the field (three images), troop graves, more.
- sold
19.  photos -   Luftwaffe BALLOON Unit - France Campaign
110 photos Very good images form the France Campaign 1940. Many French TANKS, lots of technical images, crashed French planes, German Panzers knocked out, other vehicle images, destroyed towns and villages, Panzer son transport trailers, more.
- sold
20b.  photos  Army & Luftwaffe Photo Album - Two Brothers
68 photos of what appears to be two brothers, one in the Army and the other Luftwaffe. Rad service, sports competition, graves, portraits, unit photos, shells exploding. large wedding portrait, postcards, some Gebirgsjaeger photos, service dogs in the field, more.
- sold
21b.  photos -  RCAF WWII Photo Album - Many good Aircraft Photos
137 photos. many photos are captioned on the reverse. MANy good images of RCAF & RAF aircraft - Lancasters, Mosquitos, Hurricanes, Dakotas, B-24, sea planes, etc. Nose Art, Appears he was stationed in Montreal among other locations, visiting New York, many photos of the man and comrades in uniform, Scoudouc RCAF base, unit photos, interesting photos of supply rooms, barracks, and more. Need more research.
22b.  photos -   British FEMALE WWII Photo Album - War Agricultural Camp + Victory Day London
130 photos. very well captioned. Good photos of her serving at War Agricultural Camps as well as photos of Victory Day in London. Original photos of King George visiting the Durham Light Infantry. Also good photos of holidays she took.
23b.  photos -   British Army Photo Album - Palestine - Haifa
92 photos. Many photos of them camping in the desert, good equipment photos, life in the field, the camp destroyed after a storm with photos of it rolling in, troops interacting with locals, Hurricane fighter planes, more.
24b.  photos -    British WWII Photo Album - North Africa, Egypt, India
130 photos. All from the same man. Service win India, North Africa and Egypt. photos of the man and comrades in uniform, barracks in the field, visiting Indian towns and cities, aircraft being repaired, vehicles, posing with Indian kids, more.
25b.  photos -    British RAF POLICE Photo Album - IRAQ - RAF Habbaniya
100 photos of a ma who served in the RA Military Police in Habbaniya, Iraq from 1940 to 1941. Royal Air Force Station Habbaniya, more commonly known as RAF Habbaniya, was a Royal Air Force station at Habbaniyah, about 55 miles west of Baghdad in modern-day Iraq, on the banks of the Euphrates near Lake Habbaniyah. many photos of Habbaniya Base, personnel in uniform, nice base signs, troops interacting with locals, sports team with base insignia on sports shirts - one with Jewish Star on his shorts, aircraft, base vehicles, more.
26b.  photos -   British WWI RFC/RAF Photo Grouping - Egypt - Great AIRCRAFT Photos!
190 photos. All from the same man serving in Egypt during WWI.  MANY great aircraft photos. Many photos captioned on reverse, great photo of a captured German Albatros (A German Albatros D.III aircraft (serial D636/17) flown by Oberleutnant Gustav Adolf Dittmar of Fliegerabteilung 300. The aircraft had been shot down, practically intact, into AIF Light Horse lines near Beersheba, Palestine, by a Bristol fighter aircraft flown by Lieutenant R. Steele, a Canadian pilot with No. 111 Squadron, Royal Flying Corps. No. 1 Squadron, Australian Flying Corps, members recovered the machine and moved it to their airfield where repairs), base photos from RAF Amriya and Kafyr el Zayet, personnel, interacting with locals and more. Super lot!
- sold
27b.  photos  British WWII Home Guard Photo & Document Grouping
Nice home Guard document grouping to George Adrian LUPP.several good documents the would look great framed. Also several photos, original milling envelope from the King the documents came in, and also nice STEN GUN diagrams issued to him.
28b.  photos -   US WWII Air Corps Photo Album - Ascension Island - Rare
170 photos of a US Airman who served on Ascension island during the war. This is the first album from this base we have offered. Rare Material! During World War II it was an important naval and air station, especially providing antisubmarine warfare bases in the Battle of the Atlantic. Filled with good aircraft photos, many excellent photos of the base and personnel in action, many good P-40, P-39, P-38 photos, planes in flight, air crew in flight gear, Jeeps, more!
20.  photos  WWII US African American COAST GUARD Photo Album - Pacific Theater
Large album to an African American Coast Guardsman who served in the south Pacific. 135 photos. Named to a Lawrence A. WOODBY. Contains hand-written page listing all the places he traveled during the war - Suvic Bay, Manilla,Tokyo, Hawaii, Guam, etc. Many handwritten captions. Photos include images he took of Japanese foxholes on Leyte, landing on Luzon, Japanese ships in Manilla harbor, beach landings at BORNEO, Japanese atrocity photo of body of American staked to die on beach, photos of destruction in Borneo, photos form onboard the Missouri during surrender, nice photo of surrendered Samurai swords, naked native women, parades, more.
- sold
21.  photos Hitler Jugend + DAD Deutscher Aufbaudienst + Army Photo Album + INSIGNIAS
82 photos. In album with swastika on cover. Starts with his service in the HJ - good uniforms, HJ flags, etc., then early DAD service - Scarce images. Also comes with full page of VERY RARE DAD uniform insignia including collar tabs, breast Eagle! then photos from his Army service, nice foliage camp helmets, MG 08, winter camp in wear with winter camp grenade bags, field telephones, optics, troops goofing off, bike infantry, Inf, Geschutz, more.  Deutscher Aufbaudienst ('German Construction Service', abbreviated D.A.D.) was an organization of ethnic Germans in Slovakia during World War II, organizing volunteer labour for construction efforts.[1] German sources claimed 19,725 persons participated in the D.A.D. brigades of 1941.[2]
- sold
22.  photos - US WWII PILOT Photo Album - 345th Bomb Group - Pacific Theater + Original URGENT-SECRET CEASE FIRE V-J DAY US Atlantic Fleet Cable !
Original photo album to Major Dickram M. SARKISIAN, Jr. who served in the 345th Bomb Group. Comes with Honolulu newspaper headlines from Dec. 7th and 8th (likely reprints). 45 photos and 16 newspaper clippings. Also comes with an ORIGINAL URGENT-SECRET marked CEASE FIRE V-J DAY US Atlantic Fleet Cable from CICPAC ! Captioned in his own hand. Photos of Japanese ships being attacked, Bomb Group base signage, photos of the IE SHIMA surrender, none art, fighter planes with Japanese kill emblems, bombing Japanese air fields, many good aircraft images, unit-made photos sheets of 345th escorting Japanese Ie Shima delegation, more!
23.  photos -   Luftwaffe Photo Album - RUSSIAN CAMPAIGN - Wilna GHETTO + STALINGRAD
201 photos from a LW man during the Russian Campaign. Well captioned. Starts on his first day of operations during operation Barbarossa. several photos of Unit emblems on vehicles, KO and captured Russian TANKS, captured Russian artillery, German PANZERS, 8.8cm FLAK cannons, photos from WILNA (Vilnius, Lithuania - looks like the Vilna GHETTO), STALINGRAD, CHARKOW, WITEBSK, WJASMA, OREL, ORSCHA, KURSK, WISCHAU, other identified locations, unit graves, several good photos of captured & destroyed Soviet aircraft, Luftwaffe airplanes, road sign “trees,” Attrappenpaner (fake tank), nice photo of KRAD troops napping on their motorcycle, MP 40, anti-tank rifles, photos from STALINGRAD, more! Nice album!
 - sold
24.  photos -   Army Photo Album - Infanterie Regiment 103 - France Campaign - CAPTURED FRENCH PHOTOS
111 photos of a man who served in IR 103. Starts with a nice studio portrait of him wearing his full EK2 medal, photos from Paris, several nice captured French soldier & French Red Cross photos including a great French soldier studio portrait, French Red Cross uniforms, French soldier group photos with rifles, French postcards, French Colonial troops, soldier wearing Red Cross armband, wounded soldiers, German studio portraits, French troops wearing fur vests in the field, crossing DUTCH BORDER, Krads, German PANZERS under foliage camp, Rotterdam train station sign, unit graves, trainmen course in Prague, more.
25.  photos -   HITLER JUGEND Photo Album
104 photos from a boy’s HJ service. Has an original HJ tine on cover. Large photo of HJ Bannfuehrer Dierter Wolf on first page, HJ and DJ boys in uniform, flags, HJ drums, tents in field, camping, hiking, HJ boys wrestling, girls in Dirndls, HJ gliders, more.
- sold
26.  photos -   Army Photo Album - FRANCE & RUSSIA CAMPAIGNS
147 photos of a soldier during the France Campaign of 1940.nice soldier artwork on cover. has a large full-page studio portrait of the man in uniform, many typed captions in album. bicycle infantry, troops with shaved heads, writing letters home, french town signage, checking out french girls walking by, cavalry, french POWs on the march, Black french Colonial POWs, French soldier marched under guard, identified locations including BOURCEFRANC, LE CHAPUS, LA ROCHELLE, ROCHEFORT, MARENNES, identified personnel, French railway cannons, Panzerspahwagens, Krads and other vehicles, vehicles with unit emblems, KO Russian T-34 TANKS, Fieseler Storch recon plane, downed Ju 52, graves, more.
27.  photos  German Photo Album - Schweinfurt Destroyed in Air Raid Photos + France Campaign
115 photos. Contains photos of the man home on leave showing Schweinfurt after allied bombing raids (it was forbidden to take such photos), troops on French Atlantic coast, destroyed French towns, vehicles, photos of soldiers in Kaserne, GYPSIES begging, Yugoslavian troops, motorcycles, french vehicles in German service, General awarding medal and award document in the field, burning towns, more.
28.  photos -   RAD Field Service Photo Album - FRANCE Campaign - ST POL SUR MER + DUNKIRK
109 photos of a man’s service in the RAD with field service in the France Campaign. Many captions. Good RAD photos including troops dressing up like Churchill and Chamberlain, French POWs on train transport, destroyed towns and cities, photos from CALAIS, GRAVELINES, SAINT POL SUR MER, DUNKIRK and other identified locations, troops checking out french women walking by, photos of destroyed DUNKIRK, abandoned British materiel and vehicles on Dunkirk Beach, more!
29.  photos -   Army Photo Album - France & Belgium 1940
123 photos. Many captioned on reverse. In a nice album with metal helmet on cover. Starts with RAD service. Nice Army studio portrait of the man wearing helmet with sharp new decal, other studio portraits, Kaserne, troops goofing off in barracks, breaking through French/Belgian roadblocks, destroyed French bunkers, Pionier Bridges over french canals, PKW cars troops in foxholes, troops posing with captured British bagpipes, officers reviewing maps in the field, photos from the unit in ANTWERP & BRUSSELS, refugees on the move, destroyed towns and cities, burning vehicles after street battle, artillery, DUNKIRK, more.
30.  photos - Luftwaffe Photo Album - FLAK Kompanie SPIESS - 8.8cm FLAK Unit
380 photos - SUPER Flak photos. Starts with his RAD service - nice portrait photos, NURNBERG RALLY, unit photos, officers, etc. Better than average RAD content. Luftwaffe service - nice portraits, The man and comrades wearing Luftwaffe Flak Badges, MANY SUPER 8.8 cm Flak cannon photos, He 111 bombers on airfield, funeral ceremonies, destroyed allied planes they shot down, EK2 AWARD Ceremony - several images, plane contrails, high ranking officers visiting their Batterie, more. The album ends with a touching portrait of a British family who befriended him during his POW time in England. They write to him on the back of the photo that they hope he has luck in finding his family when he returns to Germany.
$360 - sold
31.  photos - Japanese WWII Photo Album
48 photos of a Japanese soldier. Most with official captions. Good images of Japanese troops in the field, artillery, troop exercises, shells exploding, formations, MG, mortar cannons, more!
32.  photos - RAD & Army Photo Album
75 photos. there is a note in the album that he was KIA at Tobruk. Keppelin, troops working in field, ceremonies, more.
$70 - sold
33.  photos -  Army Photo Album - FINLAND
182 photos. Large album. Nice studio portraits of the man and comrades in SA uniform as well as Army, nice StuG portrait, funny portrait of a very portly Landser mounted troops, Kaserne images, Gebirgs Jaeger troops in the Alps, funerals in the field, then photos from the unit in FINLAND, more.
34.  photos -   Luftwaffe Album Pages - Nachrichten unit - France, Poland
Appx 165 photos on 23 photo album pages. Most pages have typed captions that have been pasted into them. Many locations in France are mentioned - NORMANDY, Orleans, Macily, Nonancourt, Paris, St.Madelaine, Versailles, etc. His unit transferred to an airfield in Poland in 1941. Lots of photos of French Girls, Signals crew, Signals equipment in use - many nice photos., photos of his French girlfriends, good uniform pictures, nurses, officers, Polish civilians, vehicles, unit insignia , more.
35.  photos -   Hitler Jugend Photo Album - Landjahr - Nice!
89 photos. Nice hand drawn maps the boy made, nice artistic “Landjahr 1937” Named on inside cover. original newspaper article, good images of HJ uniforms, boys camping, HJ tents, HJ flags, unit sightseeing trips, trumpeters, working in the field, very good parade photos, original SS Veranstaltung entry card, good portraits of him and comrades, and more. very nice HJ album!
$335 - sold
36.  photos -  RAD Photo Album
73 photos. Named to boy named Speth. Work service in the field, portrait of the man in uniform, barracks, German children, medals in wear, Rallies, more.
37.  photos -  Army Photo Album - France Campaign 1940
69 photos of a soldier during the France Campaign of 1940. Nice album with metal helmet on cover. studio portraits, troops goofing off in barracks, Pionier training, assault rafts, KO Maginot Line Bunkers, French POWS surrendering with hands raised, captured French artillery, vehicles, shells exploding, troops on Channel coast, Black French Colonial POWs, more.
38.  photos -   Gebirgs Jaeger Photo Album - Russia Campaign - 1. Gebirgs Division -  Nice!
195 photos of a Gebirgs Jaeger (Mountain Troop) who served in the 1. Gebirgs Division, In a nice hardback book type album with original Edelweiss cap Badge on cover! Studio portraits including officer with personal dedication, field radios in mountains, GJ troops in high mountains, ski troops, troops in winter camp, PKW cars with unit insignia, KO Russian armored car & KIA crew being inspected, troops graves in the field, KO Russian T-35 tanks, Russian artillery, KV-2 tanks, Cossacks, BT tanks, vehicles navigating Russian mud, Krads with unit emblems, Ski patrols in winter camp, crashed Soviet planes, 8.8cm Flak cannons with armored shields, Rata aircraft, KO Stalin line Bunkers, T-34 tanks, Russian POWs, GJ KNIGHTS CROSS WINNER, Gotta GLIDER in the field, GJ mules with equipment, more.
$345 - sold
39.  photos -   Army Photo Album - 20 infanterie Division - Sudetenland Campaign
21 photos. Man served in Nachr. Abt 20 of the 20 Inf Div. Captioned. Pre war photos as well as Sudetenland Campaign. Nice Standard photos.
40.  photos - German Army Photo Album - POW Camp
85 photos. nice album cover with helmet. Well captioned. Many identified locations, Black french colonial POWs, unit photos, training, maneuvers, more.


41b.  photos  - 2x  LEGION CONDOR Photo Album Grouping - 3./Luftnachrichten Abteilung 88 "Legion Condor." -  TOP!
Amazing grouping of TWO photos from the same German soldier who served in the LEGION CONDOR during the Spanish Civil War!  One of the best LC groupings we have offered.  Contains 376 total photos! Also comes with a LARGE Clot Map of Spain that he used during the campaign! Also two original Spanish Civil War newspaper!    The first album is from his German Army service with Infanterie Regiment 14 prior to serving in the Legion Condor. Contains 168 photos. Many captions. many good portraits of the man, unit photos, Standarte, planes artillery, field radios, Unteroffizer Lehrgang in 1934, unit Bierzeitung, more. the second album is ALL his Legion Condor service - 208 photos!  He served in 3./Luftnachrichten Abteilung 88 "Legion Condor."  Starts with his troop ship transport to Spain, Arrival in Spain, many identified locations in Spain, great images of vehicles, he has included many period maps throughout the album. , photos of destroyed Spanish towns and cities, aircraft, vehicles with Legion Condor license plates, Nachrichten equipment and vehicles, Spanish troops with FLAMETHROWERS, MG positions, barracks, parades, Irish Christian Front Red Cross truck, Spanish locals giving German salute, foxholes and trench positions, artillery positions, ME 109 on airfield with emblems, other LW and LC aircraft, Spanish roadblocks, great photos of large ARMORED CARS, TANKS, rare photo of a TRUBIA NAVAL / TRUBIA MODELO 1936 / TANQUE EUSKADI, on the Spanish/French border, General Varela, more!  Super grouping!
$1750 - sold
42b.  photos - Large Army Grouping - Photo Albums, Wehrpass, Documents, Books - 1. Panzer Division
Nice large army grouping to Otto WITZIG.  He was in a Bakery company (I know, but he took great photos :) with the 1 Panzer Division.  Comes with two photo albums and loose photos. Covers the France and Russia Campaigns. Really good content. 235 photos.  One album is mostly from the France Campaign; the loose photos are from Russia. Well captioned throughout the album and on reverse of the single photos.  Knocked out french B-1 tank, French POWS, Maginot Line Bunkers, POW camps, destruction, troops in Paris, RAF airplanes, vehicle columns, KIA French soldiers by their cannon, Krads, shells exploding, graves, Russian children, portrait photos, vehicles, many good photos of KO Russian tanks, burning villages, crashed Soviet aircraft, knocked out Panzerschuetzenwagen with crew graves next to it, more.
Comes with two nice wartime  period books - Bollwerk Im Westen, and Mit Dem K Durch Frankreich.  Also comes with his WEHRPASS with a massive number of campaign entries - France, Greece, Russia, awards include Ostmedaille & KVK2. Also comes with many other documents related to his service, large portrait photos, more.  nice grouping.
43b photos - AFRIKAKORPS Photo Album
64 photos. Starts with the France Campaign, good salty MG 34 crew photo, Black French colonial POWs, graves, troops interacting with Arabs, bicycle infantry, nice studio portrait of three soldiers in DAK uniform, foxholes, train transport, desert bivouacs, then photos from POW camp, also some photos from his father's WWI service.
44b  photos - FEMALE RAD Photo Album
110 photos. Nice album cover with RAD cap badge. Well captioned. Good photos of the girl and her comrades in the field, Party officers visiting their unit, work service, barracks, sports ceremonies, nice studio portraits, more.
$130 - sold
45b.  photos  - 3x Photo Album Grouping - 46 Infanterie Division - KRIM, KUBAN - Great Front Photos!
140 photos in three albums from man who served in the 46 ID. Great front photos - super salty images of the man with beard after many days fighting on the front, super FOXHOLE photos showing Stick & EGG GRENADES at the ready, KO Russian tanks, Russian artillery cannons, schwere PAK cannon, gruesome image of KIA Russian tank crew in tank, many KIA Russian troops, Gotha Glider coming in for landing, camo painted PKW vehicles, unit emblems on vehicles in the field, Schuetzenpanzerwagens, captured Soviet airplanes, Sd.Kfz. 251 with StuG Abt 197 emblems, German troops using Russian PPSH sub machine guns, EK2 medals just awarded in the field, MAXIM GORKY fortifications captured, Panzers, crashed & burning Luftwaffe airplanes, more. Nice grouping.
46b.  photos - 2x WWI Photo Album Grouping - OFFICER - Westfront
107 photos in two albums to an officer. Named to Leo KRUGER. Officers in trenches in the field, heavy trench mortars, medal ceremonies in the field, Pickelhaube in wear, German AIRPLANES, field portraits, vehicles, graves, destroyed towns, cavalry, nice portrait photos, more.
$265 - sold
47b.  photos - WWII German Feldpost Chess Set - Schach-Dame und Muehle
original WWII Feldpost Chess set for soldiers in the field in original box.
48b.  photos - Female Army HELFERIN Photo Grouping - Nice!
VERY nice grouping to a female Heeresnachrichtenhelferin.  Super photos of women in uniform, nice studio portraits, small pass photo of the woman made in France, more.
$185 - sold
49b.  photos - AFRIKAKORPS Photo, Medal, Cufftitle & Document Grouping - AFRIKA, NORMANDY +
Grouping to Gef. Helmut WIPPEL who served in the 21 Panzer Division. Comes with his original EK2 award document awarded Oct 1944 (the remnants of the division surviving the Falaise Pocket were fighting in France still at this time!!),  with facsimile signature Generalleutnant Edgar Feuchtinger & orig. signature Div. Adjutant Major HEERINGER, and EK2 medal (maker "20"), document ID of release from POW camp 1948, original AFRIKAKORPS cufftitle, military discharge, two large portrait photos in Panzer wrap tunic, one original photo in Panzer tunic, more. 
$425 - sold
50b.  photos - Kriegsmarine OFFICER Award Document & Fuhrungsbuch Grouping
Nice grouping to Aloisius RUCKNER who served as I.W.O. U-Jaeger vessels.  Comes with his Iron Cross Second Class award document with original signature Friedrich RUGE (RK winner), Minesweeper Badge award document with original signature Fuehrer 4. Sicherungsdivision. Docuement stating he was engaged in Minesweeping duties from June 1945. His original personnel file including his Fuhrungsbuch (much information like a Wehrpass), awards listed include EK2, Minesweeper Badge, Marine Frontspange - appears DkiG and EK1 entries were added later. Perhaps he was recommended but it never was confirmed.  nice grouping that needs more research!
$365 - sold
51b.  photos - WAFFEN-SS Photo Grouping
15 original photos from a Waffen-SS soldier.
$120 - sold
52b.  photos - SOLDBUCH & Award Document Grouping - 72 Inf Division
Soldbuch & Wound Badge in SILVER award document grouping to Obergef. Karl GEITLINGER who served in Grenadier Regiment 124 of the 72 Inf Division.  Soldbuch has a VERY nice original soldbuch-portrait pf him wearing all his medals - Krim Schild, Ek2, Ostmed., IAB, Silver Wound Badge. Extensive hospital entries, all six medal entries, after being badly wounded he was posted to a Landeschuetzen Abt.
53bphotos - SOLDBUCH - KIA w/ BULLET HOLE through Soldbuch - 116 PANZER DIVISION - NORMANDY!
Original Soldbuch to Fahnenjunker Peter GLASER who served in Panzer Abteilung 116 of the famed 116 Panzer Division and later Panzer Grenadier 59.  The Soldbuch has a bullet hole all the way through it and what appears to be blood stains on many pages.  Awarded the Panzer Assault Badge in SILVER on Oct 16, 1943 and the Iron Cross Second Class on Oct 19, 1943, both from the 116 Panzer Abteilung. Soldbuch also contains listing of all his Sturmtage qualifying him for the Panzer Assault Badge.  According the German war graves records, he was KIA on Jan 23, 1945. There are entries for promotion June 1944 Pz Abt 116 - the unit was equipped with PANTHERS at that time. Feldpost nummers also match 3. & 4./ Panzer Abt 116.  So, he would have been with the unit through Normandy.
54bphotos - AFRIKAKORPS  WEHRPASS & Document Grouping - Panzer Regiment 8 - "TOTENSONTAG" Wounded!
Wehrpass to Uffz. Alfons BOSCH who served in Panzer Regiment 8 as a real Tank Crew Member! Comes with his Wehrpass Promotiosn to Uffz., awards include Panzer Assault badge in SILVER, Iron Cross Second Class, Wound Badge in Silver, Italian/African Campaign medal. good campaign entries for Poland and  the France Campaign then campaigns in Afrika - TOBRUK, TRIPOLIS, Egyptian Border, Sollum, Marmarica, Bardia, Si. Omar, Sidi Rezegh, etc. Entry that he was badly wounded in Afrika on Nov 23, 1941 - known as "TOTENSONTAG [Sunday of Death]" - had his left hand blown off by a panzer shell and bullet lodged in left thigh.  Also comes with his Wehrmacht Driver's License for armored tracked vehicles over 10 tons issued by Panzer Regiment 8 (FP: 28038).  His Arbeitsbuch - Interesting as it shows that he worked for FOCKE WULF and Mauserwerke in 1935-37!
$450 - sold
55b photos - SOLDBUCH & WEHRPASS Grouping - FELDPOSTMEISTER - Norway
Grouping to Feldpostmeister Kurt DOESCHER.  Comes with his Soldbuch and Wehrpass. Very well filled out. Soldbuch has a nice uniform photo. Wehrpass photo is missing. Awards listed include KVK1 (702 Inf Division - stationed in Norway), KVK2, Ostmedaille and Bulgarian Service Medal V Kl. Many campaign entries including France, Balkans and Norway at war's end. Also comes with his POW tag and a nice studio portrait of him and two others.
$150 - sold
56b photos - WEHRPASS - KIA - Gren. Rgt 421 - 125 Inf Division
Wehrpass and other documents to Gef. Friedrich ANTONI who was KIA in Russia on Feb 21, 1943.  Comes with letters to family concerning their son's death.  WEHRPASS is well filled out.  Awards include Ostmedaille, Infantry Assault Badge in SILVER, several campaign entries, entry concerning his being KIA, more.
$85 - sold
57b photos  - Death Notices - Mother & Children in Allied Bombing Raids
Three death notices - two for mother and children killed by Allied bombing raids.
$40 - sold
58b photos - Pfälzischen Wirtschaft Cased Medal
Minty Pfalz medal in original case. Medaille Für Langjährige Mitarbeit im Dienste Der Pfälzischen Wirtschaft
$40 - sold
59b.  photos  - POLIZEI 25 Year Service Medal in Case
Very nice Police 25 year service medal in hinged case of issue.
$275- sold
60b.  photos - POLIZEI 18 Year Service Medal in Case
Very nice Police 18 year service medal in case of issue.
61b.  photos - Third Reich 40 Year Faithful Service Cross in Case of Issue - Deschler & Sohn
Original Third Reich 40 Year Faithful Service Medal in case of issue - Deschler & Sohn.
$150- sold
62b.  photos  - Third Reich 25 year Faithful Service Cross in Case of Issue - Jos. Ruecker & Soh
Original Third Reich 25 Year Faithful Service Medal in case of issue - Jos. Ruecker & Sohn. Original tissue paper.
$75 - sold
63b.  photos -  Third Reich 25 year Faithful Service Cross in Case of Issue - Roman Palme
Original Third Reich 25 Year Faithful Service Medal in case of issue - Roman Palme
$75- sold
64b.  photos - Mothers Cross in GOLD in Case of Issue - L. Bertsch
Mothers Cross in GOLD in Case of Issue. Maked - L. Bertsch
$90 - sold
65b.  photos -  Mothers Cross in GOLD in Case of Issue - Pfarzheimer
Mothers Cross in GOLD in Case of Issue. Maked - Pfarzheimer
$90 - sold
66b.  photos - Cased NSFK DEUTSCHLANDFLUG 1938 Award Medal & Stick Pin - RARE FEMALE AWARD – TOP!
VERY nice, mint condition NSFK medal. Numbered “5436” on reverse. Bronze plated aluminum, 95 x 77 mm, black leatherette box with blue velvet and silk inserts. Fold down top reveals award document to FRAULINE Ries with matching award number on reverse “5436”– RARE award to a woman! Only example I have seen. Also comes with great NSFK stickpin ($70 by itself). Bargain priced!
- sold
67bphotos  - Third Reich/Imperial ELEVEN-PIECE Medal Bar in Original Purchase Carton - Maker Marked & Named
Amazing original 11 medal bar, completely period. Comes in original box from the maker - Wolfgang Rob. Schwartz - Berlin. Named to a Herr STREUBEL as written on the box.  Great collection of awards including WWI Ek2, 1936 OLYMPICS Medal, Austrian Anchluss, Sudetenland, Third Reich Long Service Medal, Hindenburg Cross Medal, Prussian Long Service Medal for 15 years service, Austrian WWI Commemorative Medal,  Hungarian WWI Medal, and more!
$950 - sold
68b photos - US WWII Photo Album- North Africa, Italy, Germany - 314th Fighter Squadron!!
280 photos of a man who served as a ground crewman in the 314th Fighter Squadron.   Great images of aircraft, super portrait photo of him wearing 314th squadron patch on his field jacket - uncommon!!!, sandstorms in North Africa, convoys in the desert, P-40's in the desert, destruction in Germany, Mobile canteen in the desert, crossing the Rhine River, photos of him and unit on ship bound for Africa, good photos of them onboard ship - rough sleeping conditions, posing with captured Italian tank, wearing German field gear, 314th squadron base signs, Mt Vesuvius erupting, captured Luftwaffe Ju 52 with unit emblem, jeeps, nice P-47 photos, Flak cannons, good base life photos, Nose Art, crashed planes, crashed He 111, portraits, more.
69bphotos - US WWII Air Corps Photo Album - Many Airplanes & Crashes - 384th Bomb Group
65 photos from a man who served in the 384th Bomb group. Filled with aircraft photos. Many crashed planes, Many B-17 photos, 384th Tail codes, base vehicles,  plane graveyards. burning & exploding planes, captured FW 190 airplane, ME109 WITH RAF MARKINGS(!!), more.
$185 - sold
70bphotos-  US WWII Air Corps Photo Album - POW -381st Bomb Group
Nice album belonging to Norman E. PHILLIPS who was a right waist gunner in a B-17 flying with the 535th Bomb Squadron, 381st Bomb Group. He was shot down by a swarm of FW 190s on Feb 22, 1944 while attacking Oschersleben. He bailed out, was captured and spent remainder of the war in Stalag Luft 4.  Seven other crew members were killed.  Album contains a hand written mission list, original patches, A-2 name tag, many photos from his training, good aircraft photos, postcards from POW camp, nice studio portrait of him in uniform, and more.
71b.  photos - US WWII WAC Photo Album, Scrapbook, Named Good Conduct Medal, Caps, Books & More.
Large grouping to Florence J. BOYER who served as a WAC during WWII. Comes with a LARGE scrapbook, filled with documents, uniform insignia, photos, newspaper clippings, booklets, her Paybook, greeting cards, commendations, etc.  Bing Crosby visiting her unit, great WAC uniform details, work service, portrait photos, President Roosevelt visiting, barracks, Also comes with her original WWII issue Good Conduct Medal - engraved, WAC garrison cap, WAC Physical Fitness book (interesting),  and more!
$185 - sold
41photos  - Luftwaffe FLAK Photo Album - Hungary & ITALY
85 photos of LW FLAK unit. Photos from HUNGARY. good images of 8,8cm Flak cannons & crews, field positions, range finders, ceremonies, Panzers on roll in the field, Hungarian troops,  Gypsies, then photos from stationing in ITALY including CARAVAGGIO, more.
$100 - sold
42 photos - Army & RAD Photo Album - France & OSTFRONT
76 photos. Album starting with the man's RAD service through Army on Russian Front. Album cover has a RAD cap badge. high ranking RAD officers, good barracks photos, then Army service in Russia - Good Russian TANK photos - Churchill, KV-1, T-34. road signs, troops giving food to Russian peasants, graves, destroyed French towns, Russian kids, more.
$100 - sold
43 photos - Army Photo Album - FRANCE CAMPAIGN
219 photos. Many photos of troops on occupation duty in France, Destruction, destroyed bridges, troops interacting with French locals, troops marching through Paris, troops using captured vehicles, nice photos of many wrecked ME 109's in the field, other crashed planes, officers sitting in French cafes, photos from DUNKIRK, more.
$135 - sold
44 photos - US WWII Air Corps Photo Album - B-29 - TINIAN ISLAND - 6th Bomb Group
66 photos of the 6th Bomb Group.  36 photos of aircraft. Appears he was part of crew of B-26 SHASTA (See link below for more details).  Good B-29 photos, last photo is of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, Nose ART, troops returning home on troop ship, landing craft, planes in flight, nice strike photos and bombs dropping, crashed & burning B-29, Japanese tanks, more. Nice album.
$220 - sold
45 photos  - Army Photo Album - France Campaign - Inf Regiment 135 - Nice!
148 photos of a man who served in Inf Rgt 135.  Very nice photos from the France Campaign 1940.  Covers has a nice Krad emblem.  KIA French soldiers in ditch, airplanes, unit signs, Panzer IV tanks, French airplanes, captured French artillery, graves, French POWs, French POWs in pen, PAK cannons, good munitions images, Krads, vehicles, knocked out French armored cars, captured French tanks, captured French aerial bombs, Maginot Line bunkers, French anti-tank cannons, destroyed French towns, close ups of shell holes in French tanks, French colonial POWs, Panzerjaeger tanks, portraits, more.
46photos - Army Photo Album - Hungary, Balkans & Russia - VOLUNTEER LATVIAN TROOPS - LATE WAR!
185 photos. Very artistically captioned. Nice photos of STURMGESCHUTZ with winter camo, Panzers on roll in the field, photos from HUNGARY, train transport, many vehicles, refugees, photos from PRAGUE, good signals equipment images, ceremonies in Bulgaria, gypsies, destruction in VIENNA, heavy artillery, halftracks, Russian TANKS, KO Russian artillery, troop graves in the field, crashed Me 109 in the field, more good images of ME 109 airplanes, Soviet aircraft, very nice TRENCH PHOTOS OF VOLUNTEER LATVIAN TROOPS!, scarce photo of a Sd.Kfz. 254 (only 140 constructed), photos right up until the day of capitulation (last photo dated 8. May, 1945) and his entry into POW camp. Nice album!
$425 - sold
47 photos -  Army Photo Album - RUSSIA CAMPAIGN - Denmark
154 photos. Starts with his RAD service and a few private photos, then Army Service, Cavalry, movement to Russia in Jan 1942, troops enduring harsh Russian winter, troop graves, identified locations in Russia, photos from NOWGOROD & WOLCHOW, studio portrait wearing medals (two equestrian badges), vehicles, then posting to DENMARK on occupation duty and also as a cavalry trainer, hanging out with Danish girls and more.
48photos - Female RAD Photo Album
135 photos of a girl's service in the RAD.  Well captioned throughout. In a nice official RAD album. Good female RAD uniforms, work service, sports uniforms, ceremonies, flags, mascots, swimming parties, more.
$90 - sold
49photos - Luftwaffe Photo Album - France - Channel Coast Positions
115 photos in a very nice LW album with metal eagle on cover.  Many good images of Channel Coast towns. Nice Flak cannon images,  RAF aircraft murals, barracks, mascots, Stuka murals, officers, foreign police, Ju 87 Stuka taking off, Channel coast positions, Krads, sunk ships, vehicle convoys in Belgian/French villages, crashed RAF airplanes being inspected, troops visiting Paris, destroyed French towns and churches, nice photo of KIA Panzer crew grave with berets, funerals, wood tanks made by troops, more.
$225  - sold
50 photos - Luftwaffe Photo Album - Many Aircraft & Tanks - France & Russia
108 photos.  Good civilian motorcycle images, wrecked aircraft, LW troops in winter positions, wedding photos of the man in uniform, crashed Soviet airplanes, Ju 87 STUKAS, KO Russian TANKS, portrait photos, more.
51photos - Army Photo Album - Russia Campaign
122 photos. Many captions. Starts with the man and unit in Paris, graves, KIA soldiers, good images of Sturmboote, Soviet airplanes, medal ceremonies in the field, crashed trains, Krads and other vehicles, Russian road sign "trees," troops interacting with Russian locals, captured Russian tanks, Panzerspahwagens, MG 34, halftracks, train transport, more.
52photos - Hitler Jugend & RAD Officer Photo Photo Album
38 photos. Well captioned. Photos of a boy's HJ service as well as photos of his father who was a RAD officer. Also good photos of the boy wearing his father's WWI uniform, nice ceremony photos, parades, more.
53photos - LEGION CONDOR Photo Album - Spanish Civil War - Nice!
119 photos.  nice album of a German man serving in the Legion Condor during the Spanish Civil War!  All LC content!   Nice photos of troops in Spanish towns and cities, vehicles with Legion Condor license plates, good images of Legion Condor uniforms, troops interacting with Spanich locals, troops interacting with Spanish soldiers, artillery positions, ceremonies, aircraft, LC funerals, Spanish & German flags, parades in Spanish cities, Panzers and tanks in the field, tank crews, more.
$475 - sold
54photos - Luftwaffe FLAK Photo Album - Flak Regiment 26
100 photos of a man serving in a Luftwaffe FLAK unit - Flak Rgt 26. Good Standarte & Fahnentraeger photos, ceremonies, 8.8cm Flak cannons, 2cm flak cannons, Krupp L2h43 trucks, other vehicle images, wartime postcards, more.
$110 - sold
55 photos - Army Photo Album - I./Flak Regiment 47 -  LAPPLAND
136 photos. Well captioned throughout. Portrait photos of the man, starts with service in Russia at the beginning of the campaign, many identified locations, graves in the field, captured Russian MG, Russian POWs, troop transport to Lappland, many identified locations in FINLAND, harsh Arctic conditions, vehicles, mascots, VW Kubelwagen, burning villages, 8.8cm FLAK firing at night, more.
56 photos - Nürnberg Rally Photo Album - Original HITLER Photos
143 photos. gliders, civilian sightseeing, planes, Infanterie Geschutz cannon, parades, photos from Munich, ZEPPELINS in flight, troops in quarters at Nürnberg Rally, original Hitler photos at the Rally, more.
$135- sold
57 photos - Luftwaffe Photo Album - WARSAW
117 photos. Many photos captioned on reverse. Many photos of the unit in destroyed WARSAW, most photos were developed in Warsaw as well, graves, Polish airplanes destroyed in hangars, postcards from Warsaw, more.
$225- sold
58 photos - HITLER JUGEND & Army Photo Album - France & Russia - Original HITLER photo
128 photos. Starts with his pre Hitler Jugend youth service then Army service in France and Russia.  Vehicles, parades, cavalry, bands, Panzers, training panzers, Panzerspahwagen, 8,8cm FLAK cannons, large original HITLER photo, Russian POWS, KO French tanks, graves in the field, badly wounded soldier, KO bunkers, more.
$150 - sold
59 photos  - Luftwaffe FLAK Photo Album - Flak Regiment 6 - Many KRADS
103 photos. Nice large eagle on cover. Man served in Flag Rgt 6.  Officers, vehicles, many MOTORCYCLE images, many Flak cannon images, weapons, planes in low flight, more.
$160- sold
60photos - Army Photo Album - France + Russia Campaigns + DENMARK
164 photos.  well captioned. Nice studio portraits of the soldier, parades, ceremonies, Infanterie Geschutz cannon positions on French/Belgian streets (nice ones from MONS), cavalry, refugees, destroyed French aircraft in Reims, many good images of captured and knocked out French B-1 tanks, good images of troops marching through destroyed French towns, KIA French troops, graves in the field, then photos from his posting in DENMARK then Russia, troops in winter camo, trench positions in the field, medal ceremonies in the field, DKIG winner, Russian POWs, destroyed vehicles, bunkers, shells exploding, forward observation positions, camo helmet covers, barbed wire obstacles being laid, planes, more.
61photos - JAPANESE WWII Photo Album
26 photos.
Several nice studio portraits, several official photographs with captions, other original photos of the unit stationed in China.

62photos  - JAPANESE Photo Album
70 photos. well captioned. Many portraits.  Civilian content.
63 photos - British WWII 8th Army Photo Album - Officer- Africa, Italy
68 photos of a British soldier who served in the 8th Army.  Content from Benghazi, TOBRUK and other locations. nice portraits, nice Egyptian souvenirs, Benghazi harbor burning after RAF attack, captured Germany artillery, captured Luftwaffe aircraft, KIA soldiers in the field, original 8th Army sleeve badge, more.
64photos - FRAUENWERK Photo Album & Medal Award Document Grouping
69 photos.  Comes with her original German Social Welfare Medal, Frauenwerk ID badge, well captioned.  Good photos of girls, unit photos, the girl and comrades visiting the sights in Germany, more.
65 photos - British WWII 8th Army Photo Album - Luftwaffe Aircraft
42 photos of a British soldier who served in the 8th Army.  Luftwaffe aircraft photos - Me 109, Ju 88, Ju 52 minesweeper plane, photo of CHURCHILL, graves, crashed Ju 87, troops in foxholes, German POWs, Italian troops, more.
66photos - ITALIAN WWII Photo Album - Ethiopia & Africa - Cinematography Unit
175 photos of an Italian soldier serving in Ethiopia and Africa.  Appears that he was in a Cinematography unit.  Rare to find. nice portrait photos, unit signs, unit using cameras in the field, aircraft, unit vehicles, partisans being hung by natives, medal award ceremonies in the field, Italian tanks, nude natives, more.
67photos  - British WWII RAF Photo Album- NORTH AFRICA - Good Luftwaffe Aircraft & German Insignias - NICE!
137 photos.  The first page has some nice German insignia including a tropical breast Eagle and Mine flag as well as RAF Air Gunner Wing.  Well captioned. Photos of him wearing captured German helmet, foxholes in the desert, KO Italian tanks, Italian & German POWs captured at EL ALAMEIN, German graves, Panzers, crashed ME 109, motorcycles, captured German vehicles, British troops posing with Luftwaffe tail swastikas from aircraft, photos of his unit landing in North Africa, ships burning in Benghazi harbor, more good photos of captured and destroyed ME 109 & JU 87 airplanes in the desert, good photos of CHURCHILL, celebrating on VE day, photos from 230 Squadron "the best photos confiscated," more. Nice album!
68 photos - US WWII Photo Album - OMAHA BEACH + NORMANDY
85 photos from Capt. Robert J. SOMMER.  Great content starting on OMAHA BEACH July 1944 !!!  second photo is of a KO Panther in CAUMONT, photos from CARENTAN & CAEN July 1944, good photos of field bivouacs in Normandy, Cherbourg, July 1944, photos from PARIS, VE day photos in Paris, German POWS on OMAHA BEACH, wrecked LST's on Omaha Beach, more!  Rare photos!