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98.   SOLDBUCH - 18th Volksgrenadier Division - Battle of the Bulge
Original issues Soldbuch to Gef, Gerhard BACHMANNwho served in Art Rgt 370 & 1818 - Part of the 18th Volksgrenadier Divisio.  The division fought in the Ardennes, inflicting on the 106th US Infantry Division the worst defeat suffered by U.S. forces in the ETO, when over 8,000 US soldiers surrendered to the Volksgrenadiers. On December 21, the 18th VGD captured St. Vith, winning a great victory. As the offensive steam came to an end in the Ardennes, the division went on the defensive, and there they would stay. Eventually retreating through Germany until the end of the war, when it surrendered.