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95.   WEHRPASS - 31 Infanterie Division - Art. LEHR Rgt. 2 - POLAND, FRANCE, RUSSIA, KRIM, ITALY - nice!
Original Wehrpass to Stabsgef. Walter GRIMM.  He served in Beob. Abt, 31 and later Artillerie Lehr Regiment 1 and 2. Has a nice uniform photo (not typical for a Wehrpass). Awards include KVK2.  The highlight are the battle/campaign entries including POLAND 1939, France 1940, SALONIKI, Stalin Line battles, KRIM including MAXIM GORKY and SEVASTAPOL.  then a great page with Campaign entries for engagements with Art. Lehr. Rgt 2 at the  NETTUNO BEACHHEAD and other ITALIAN Campaign entries ending with defensive battles northwest of FLORENCE.