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93.   PANZER WEHRPASS - Panzer Regiment 33 - NORMANDY
Original issue Wehrpass to Johann SCHNELLHASE. He served in Panzer Regiment 33, 9 panzer Division, and was KIA near PARIS on Aug. 2, 1944. Contains many good campaign entries from the Balakans, Russia. Following the D-Day landings conducted by the Allies, the division was rushed to northern France to participate in the Battle of Normandy. At this time, its strength was up to 150 tanks and assault guns and 12,768 men. The division was sent to Avignon, before being sent to support the collapsing 7th Army in Normandy. The division arrived just as the army was encircled by American, French, British, and Canadian forces at Falaise. In the subsequent furious battle, the division was almost completely destroyed escaping the Falaise Pocket.[10] By late August its strength was at around 1,500 organized in one infantry battalion, one artillery battalion, and 5 tanks.[5] However, it continued to cover the escape of Army Group G from Normandy.