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91.   WWII Luftwaffe Flak Photo Album - le. Flak Abt. 74 - Belgium, France
Album contains appx. 215 photos. The album is very nicely captioned throughout. The album starts with his 1939 pre-war training and progresses through the France Campaign. Super album!  Images include: Good portrait photo of the man wearing his Ground Combat Badge, another photo of him in the field wearing his Ground Combat Badge and wound badge, Flak Guns and their crews , Flak guns shooting at night, Fiesler Storch in flight, Flak guns in dug in positions. motorcycles and crews, shot down Enemy planes in France including a Spitfire ,  interesting photo of a French bunker painted to look like a house,  knocked out enemy tanks,  German field graves French POWs,  burning French towns,  grave of Major Gerhard Thomee - commander of I/IR57,  French Colonial troops,  Paris,  The man's truck riddled with bullet holes (with the l.Flak Abt 74 insignia visible),  gravesite of a Me109 pilot with his propeller by his grave ,  photo of a dead German soldier in his coffin ,  several photos from Dunkirk ,  graves of Panzer crew members with the Black berets on their crosses ,  soldier wearing Gorget,  more.