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90.   SOLDBUCH & Award Document Grouping - Gren Rgt 115 - 47 Volks Grenadier Division - AACHEN + HURTGEN FOREST
Grouping to Grenadier Gustav STEEB who served in green Rgt 115 of the 47 Volks Grenadier Division and saw action against the American forces in AACHEN and the HURTGEN FOREST.  Comes with his Infantry Assault Badge in Silver award document with original signature Rgt. Commander, Black Wound Badge for wound on March 5, 1945 while serving with Green Rgt 115, also comes with original Wound ID Tag, SOLDBUCH is complete with uniform photo in Luftwaffe uniform ( He must have previously been in the LW before being conscripted to Infantry duty late in the war), both medal entered.