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90.  PANZER Photo Album - Russia Campaign - Super Combat Photos!
61 VERY good photos, no filler! Original photos of HEINZ GUDERIAN, General LEMMELSEN, other identified officers, good Panzer photos in the field, KO Russian tanks, Russian river crossings, many identified locations in Russia, Panzer columns in Russian fields, Nebelwerfers launchings, KIA Russian soldiers, fancy Russian border crossing, T-34 tanks, photos from Smolensk, Sd.Kfz.251 Panzerschuetzenwagens, unit graves in the field, Russian POWs transported on Panzer, Grenadiers approaching burning villages, female Russian soldiers, Stukas bombing Russian positions, Panzers rolling cross fields on attack, burning Russian Flak cannons, Panzers with kill rings on barrel, Panzer bogged in mud, and more. Super album!