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9.    GEBIRGSJAEGER Photo Album - 3. Gebirgs Division
#9 & 9b are from the same man. 197 photos of a
Gebirgsjaeger (mountain troop) soldier who served in Gebirgsjaeger Rgt 138 of the 3 Gebirgs Division . Well captioned throughout. In nice album with metal helmet on cover. Starts with his RAD service with several good NÜRNBERG RALLY photos he participated in, original photo of HITLER in Nürnberg, Then photos of him serving in WACH BATL WIEN  - special honor guard unit in Vienna, then in GJ unit - Gebirgsjaeger Rgt 138 of the 3 Gebirgs Division. Good photos of the unit Kaserne, GJ troops in the Alps, mountain climbing, good GJ gear images, SUDETENLAND BUNKERS, BEUTE Czech Armored Cars - OA vz. 30 (Obrněnı automobil vzor 30),  nice MG 34 photos, more.