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9.  Photo & Document Grouping - PILOT - Haupt. Erich SCHLOCKERMANN - Nachtjagdgeschwader 101 Staffelkapitain + Me 262 Lechfeld!
Grouping to Haupt. Erich SCHLOCKERMANN. Comes with 61 photos, many captioned on reverse. Good photos of him in Kreta, wearing his medals, aircraft and more. he served 8 years in the LW starting in the KM (flying service) then in 1941 with KG 102, 101 and 172. in 1943 he served in Transport Geschwader 1. In Sept 1944 he served in Nachtjagdgeschwader 101 as a Staffelkapitan and stayed with that unit Feb 1945 when he transferred to TURBO-SCHULE LECHFELD - where Me 262 pilots were trained!! He saw service in KRETA, the Balkans and Russia. He received his EK2 for KRETA service and EK1 for Russia. He received the HONOR GOBLET for service at STALINGRAD! Also comes with many documents including passes, his Sportsbadge booklet, flight school related documents, See-Flugzeuge Ausweis, very nice recommendation letter from Generalleutnant Ulrich Buchholz with original signature (DKiG winner), and many more documents.