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9.  US Navy AVIATOR Photo Album Grouping - US Naval Reserve Hell Diver Squadron - NRAB New York - Rare!
Very rare two-album grouping to a pilot who served in the US Naval Reserve Hell Diver Squadron (NRAB New York) based at Floyd Bennett Field in Brooklyn, New York.  Appx 260 photos - the majority of aircraft!  in two period binders purchased at Stationers in New York City. Each binder has a HAND-PAINTED UNIT INSIGNIA in it!  Also comes with about a 15 page diary he complied in July 1934, typed on unit stationary. And ALSO a large drawing of the unit emblem - possibly the original mock up of this insignia!!   Very well captioned throughout with GREAT aircraft photos including many SBC Curtis Helldivers, planes in flight, formation, many planes on airfield, many great photos of planes with the unit Mickey Mouse Emblem painted on them, many other identified aircraft - US Marines Curtis Navy Hawk, Douglas O-38, Martin T4M, Boeing f4B-4, P-26, parachutes, the man in flight gear posing by plane, crashed planes, maintenance, identified commanding officers, pilots making parachute jumps, and more. Rare material.