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8.  Award Document Grouping - Original KEITEL Signature - Oberstintendant
Very nice award document grouping to Obertsintendant Hans DREY.  He served in the Stab Gerneralkommando I. Armeekorps.  Comes with a SUPER studio portrait of him in uniform wearing his medals and special insignia for the Heeresverwaltung.  Comes with his KVK1 award document with large facsimile signature of von Brauchitich and ORIGINAL signature of KEITEL, also comes with enclosure letter that would have accompanied the award, Ostmedaille award document, field issue Ostmedaille award document, Iron Cross Second Class Award Documentwith original signature I Armeekorps commander General der Artillerie) Walter PETZEL, and his Long Service Medal Award Document - intersting as it is a combined document for the IV AND III classes.
HV (de: Heeresverwaltung, Army Administration) yellow metal emblem
Officials in administrative, legal, and technical service positions are a category peculiar to the German Armed Forces. They consist of civil service personnel performing functions within the Armed Forces and are recruited, in part, from former professional non-commissioned officers who became military candidates for civil service (de: Militäranwärter) at the end of their 12-year contractual period of active military service.

Up to 1944, none of these officials were classified as soldiers; in that year certain groups were converted into officers in the Special Troop Service (Truppensonderdienst or TSD). These were the higher administrative officers (Intendanten) in ranks from captain to lieutenant general; the lower administrative officers (Zahlmeister) in the ranks of first and second lieutenant, and the judge advocates (Richter) in ranks from captain to lieutenant general. At this time all personnel of the Field Post Office were made soldiers as well, but formed a corps of their own rather than belonging to the TSD. It was also made possible for qualified reserve technical service officials to become reserve officers of the motor maintenance troops.

The officials had titles, not ranks: Intendant, Direktor, Rat, Vorsteher, Inspektor, Meister, Assistent. This is a complex subject as each branch had its own titles.