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8.   STURMGESCHUTZ Photo Album - StuG Abt 243 - 60x StuG photos! TOP!
166 photos of a StuG crew in the France & Russia Campaigns. Filled with excellent images of StuG III's - appx 60 StuG photos! He served in StuG Abt 243 in the Russia Campaign. This unit was destroyed at STALINGRAD! StuG's can be seen with the unit number on them. Good photos of Sd Kfz 250's destruction, POWs, StuG river crossings, KO Russian TANKS, Panzers in the France Campaign, many other good vehicle images, StuG's in winter camo, StuG crews posing, graves and funerals in the field, knocked out StuGs, StuG's under camp in the field, KIA Russian soldiers, many photos of knocked out Russian TANKS, and more! Super album!