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8b.  GEBIRGSJAEGER Photo Album & DIARY - GJR 138 - Poland Campaign - Nice!
121 photos of Hans SCHROTTHOFER, Austrian Gebirgsjaeger who served in GJR 138 of the 3 Gebirgs Division. As of March 2016, Hans was still alive and celebrated his 100th birthday! this album concerns his service in the Poland Campaign 1939. Also comes with a page of diary entries from his service in the Poland Campaign. Very good front images! Very well captioned. good technical photos, Pak cannons PKW cars, many identified locations in Poland, two photos of POLISH JEWS, Heeres Flak Halftrack, Panzers, burning villages, Panzerspahwagens, KIA Polish troops, troop graves in the field, Krads, Polish POWs, cavalry, artillery, Polish boys given cigarettes, unit return back to the Mosel, more.