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89. German WWI CHAPLAIN Photo Album & Document Grouping - Westfront - Nice!
229 photos and documents of Division CHAPLAIN of the 29 Infanterie Division - last name SCHAEFER.  Many photos are captioned on reverse.  Comes with many good photos showing him wearing Chaplain insignia, original menu named to him from the 29 ID when stationed in Attigny in June 1917, other named paperwork from him, many photos of division officers, Generals and royal visits to the Division in the field, good images of destruction in France, supply columns, portraits, good trench photos, observation balloons, vehicles, medals in wear, Pickelhaube, several good aerial recon photos, mounted troops, artillery, refugees from ROISEL, crashed German airplanes, allied tanks knocked out, photos from PERRONE, MG positions, KIA troops in trenches, mortars, captured british trenches in ROSSIGNOL, and more. Great album!