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89.  US WWII P-51 FIGHTER PILOT Grouping - 353rd Fighter Group - Don SCHOEN
Fantastic grouping to Don SCHOEN who served as a P-51 Fighter Pilot with the 352nd Fighter Squadron, 353rd Fighter Group.  His P-51 was named "THE LITTLE WITCH."  118 original wartime photos!   Most photos are captioned in his own hand on reverse.  Many SUPER photos of his P-51 "THE LITTLE WITCH" portraits of him, posing with buddies, medals in wear, flight gear, photos of barracks, P-51s with drop tanks, photos of Schoen wearing A-2 jacket with squadron patch, photo of Schoen receiving AIR MEDAL on base, photos of Schoen & Pletz posing, captured JU 88 with British markings,  base theater "The Thunderbolt Theater,"  and more!