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88-b.   PANZER Photo Album & Document Grouping - Aufklarungs Abt. 7 - Austrian Anschluss
82 photos of Ernst RAMPL who served in Aufklarungs Abt. 7 of the 7 Inf Division. Starts with a nice studio portrait of him wearing Panzer Aufkl Abt 7 shoulder boards, parades, Fahnentrager & Standarde, many good PANZERSPAHWAGEN photos, nice portrait photo of him in Kradschuetzen gear, Panzerspahwagens with EMBLEMS of the Austrian Anchluss, photos of the unit moving through Austria, many photos of tiform, roops in black Panzer uniforms, Panzers with AA7 insignia, Austrian ADMK wheel-cum-track vehicles, Krads, more.   Also comes with his large original Austrian Anschluss Medal award document.