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83.    Panzer Wehrpass & Document Grouping - PANTHER CREWMEMBER - 23 Panzer Division
Another exceptional 23 Panzer Division Grouping from an advanced collection. Named to Uffz. Walter ALBRECHT who served in Panzer Regiment 201 which later became Panzer Regiment 23 of the 23 Panzer Division. Comes with his unit personnel data card confirming that he served in a PANTHER MARK V crew. Also comes with complete list of his EINSATZTAGE - listing of all Panzer engagements qualifying him for the Panzer Assault Badge. Interestingly, he was only two short of being award the Panzer Badge “25.” Also comes with his official “Antrag” document for his Panzer Assault Badge - very uncommon to find. Wehrpass is nicely filled out with original photo. Lengthy list of weapons qualifications, good Panzer related training courses listed, long list of campaigns right up unto war’s end, all awards listed. Also comes with his Army Driver’s License for Panzers, nice studio portrait of him in Panzer uniform wearing medals, and more.