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81.    US WWII 9th Air Force OFFICER'S Photo Album - CAPTURED LUFTWAFFE AIRCRAFT - Do 335 - TOP!
Appx 400 photos form the same LT. COLONEL Alan D. CATTERALL.  He served in the 32nd Service Group and later commanded the 492nd Air Service Group. It was responsible for decommissioning and destroyed captured Luftwaffe aircraft - ME 109, FW 190, HE 111, Me 110, SUPER RARE photo of a DO 335 and more!  Also original paperwork of his - orders, promotions, etc. nice Christmas Cards he sent home. GREAT images at end of the album of captured Luftwaffe aircraft including rare photo of Do 335, original photos from his time stationed in England prior to D-Day, many identified officers, map photo of crashed of V-1 rockets in Kent, photo of him receiving his INVASION CURRENCY prior to D-DAY, super photo of him landing on OMAHA BEACH, photo of his bivouac in ST MARIE DUMONT in NORMANDY, photos from Mont St Michel, destruction in ST LO, photos from BELGIUM 1944 (Battle of the Bulge), headquarters in DION LE VAL Belgium, CATTERALL awarding medals in HAMMERMILLE Belgium, tanks, original private photo of WINSTON CHURCHILL, destroyed German cities, Russian troops in CZECHOSLOVAKIA, Catterall in various captured German cars including a nice camo painted Mercedes, many Allied tanks on the Nurnberg  Zeppelin field, photos he took at DACHAU CONCENTRATION CAMP, super photo of 8.8CM FLAK CANNON TRAIN WITH CAMO PAINT, captured underground Me 262  factory - WEINGUT I in Muehldorf, captured Luftwaffe RADAR train, German POWS in BAD AIBLING, good photos of him visiting the BERGHOF and other sights at BERCHTESGADEN, more! Top album!