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80.  Amazing US Army Jewish POW Interrogator Grouping - Liberated German Medals, Dagger and more - DKiG from a General!
This is such a historically important grouping! From the estate of Frederic H. HARF. Harf was a native Jewish Luxemburger who escaped Nazi controlled Europe, arriving with his sister in New York City in 1941. Speaking five languages, he was soon discovered by the US Army and sent back to Europe as a POW interpreter. By the time of D-Day he was stationed at SHAEF and questioned many German officers and soldiers. He later was transferred to 9th Armored HQ and interrogated many Germans during the Battle of the Bulge. His final unit was with the 86th Black Hawk Division. He was later responsible for interrogating many high ranking German officers including Knights Cross Winning General ERNST VON LEYSER, from whom he “acquired” his German Cross and Gold and calling card. Harf went on to work with the International Military Tribunal in Nurnberg as an interpreter. The grouping consists of several original wartime photos of Harf including a couple he took at BERCHTESGADEN, his ribbon bars, 2x CIB, several patches, the ORIGINAL DKIG of General LEYSER - an extremely nice LDO 21 “GODET” DKiG, Leyser’s original calling card, Leyser’s gorgeous Army Officer Dress Dagger with original hangers - it is a first production EICKHORN worth $2000 by itself! A Very nice K98 Bayonet maker marked by Hörster with matching scabbard and leather frog, two Black Wound Badges - one unmarked the other made by Hahn (these medals as well as the others still come with the notebook paper he wrapped them up in at the end of the war!, WWI Iron Cross First Class with WWII Spange, WWII iron Cross First Class, KVK2, KVK1 made by DESCHLER, and a wrist compass. Amazing grouping! Hard settled in Ohio and became an active member of the Battle of the Bulge Association.