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8.    Kriegsmarine U-BOAT Photo Album & Document Grouping - KIA - U-655
216 photos, all from Funkobergefreiter Karl REICH who served on the U-655. Also comes with his U-BOAT BADGE AWARD DOCUMENT (the rare KIA posthumous version!), his very nice formal KIA document from Admiral der unterseeboote and letters to his family concerning his being KIA/missing as well as sending them these documents. Even comes with original envelope. While operating against convoy QP 9, U-655 was rammed by HMS Sharpshooter and sank with all hands lost in the Barents Sea on 24 March 1942. The album starts with his trying and goes all the way through his assignment to U-655. There is a very nice large photo to the U-655 and crew dated Aug 1941 on the reverse. Also another photo of the U-655 underway, at sea, conning tower, etc.\