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7.    Army Photo Album - Pionier - Poland, Russia - Jewish Content
Very nice album with 203 photos of a OberWachtmeister Pionier. Meticulously captioned throughout. He was a WWI veteran that volunteered for WWII service. Starts with his training in 1941.Good portrait of him wearing medals and medal bar, then transfer to POLAND. Many identified locations in POLAND - OSTROWIEC, KRAKAU, site of hanging of 30 Poles in Ostroweic after sabotaging a German rail bridge, JEWISH CEMETERY in Ostrowiec, Russian POWs, then transfer to GOMEL in ANTI-PARTISAN operations, using Hungarian PAK and MG, Anti-Partisan duties in OTRESCHKOWO, Panzer II and long Barrel Panzer IV on train transport, JEWS WEARING ARMBANDS, Wrecked Me 109, refugees, then transfer to KURSK, destruction in KIEV, then photos from CHARKOV, then home and released from service in 1943. Three photos of his brother in AFRIKA as well as other relatives’ service photos.