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7.   US Naval Aviator Log Book, SQUADRON PATCH & Medal Grouping + Operation Crossroads
Grouping named to Paul E. HASTINGS, AOM2c who served in VPB 116 "BLUE RAIDERS." He flew PB4y2 Privateers - Navy version of the B-24. Comes with TWO log books with combat missions entered, his AIR MEDAL (appropriate Naval issue type), sleeve rating patch, VERY RARE ORIGINAL WARTIME VPB 116 SQUADRON PATCH - designed by DISNEY, ID card for VPB 116 for unit activities on IWO JIMA, SUPER RARE ID card for his participation in Joint Task Force One Atomic Bomb Test OPERATIONS CROSSROADS at Bikini Atoll. Log books have many great entries including IWO JIMA, Tinian, Kwajolein, "attacked by two Zekes but shot them down," " B-29 afire over Japan crew had to bail out," "120 miles from A BOMB when dropped," "run on sub," "spotted life rafts," etc.