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7.    WWI Photo Album Group - Westfront - Artillery Officer - FESSELBALLON UNIT - Rare!
Two photo albums containing 250 photos, meticulously captioned throughout. All from Artillery officer assigned to a FESSELBALLON (observation balloon) unit!   Very good front photos - bunkers, troops wearing Pickelhaube, trenches, mounted troops, identified officers, identified locations, artillery cannons, All from an Artillery officer. destroyed French towns, (several photos from Messines), MG positions, forward observer positions, FANTASTIC photos of observer balloons including images taken from inside the Balloon in flight (!) - rare!, good photos of support equipment for the balloons, graves,  photos of officer with two Medical service dogs,  graves, great photos of a captured BRITISH PILOT they captured,  great photo of a German ARGO DOPPLEDECKER airplane, and more.