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77  Luftwaffe FIGHTER PILOT Photo & Document Grouping - Me 109 + Me 262 Pilot!!
135 photos of a Luftwaffe fighter pilot Kurt FRIEBIS. 
original NSFK Dienst-Taschenbuch, a very nice large fold out Me 109 diagram/schematic! Comes with one training Flugbuch and the other, which is empty. A "collector" visitied the veteran and ripped out his operational flights and stole many photos form him also. Comes with nice studio portrait s of the man, great ME 10 photos including one with bombs attached to undercarriage (rare view!), original photos of MOELDERS, great Me 109 tail photo with many kill emblems, the man and comrades in flight gear, nice Me 110 images with nose radar antennae, aircraft with unit emblems, great inside view of cockpit of his Me 109, original GOERING photo visiting the unit, Knights Cross Winners, original photo KESSELRING awarding medals in the field, photos of his training aircraft, He 111, Ju 88, and other aircraft, many original wartime negatives, and more. See below for article about him.
$650 - cheap!
Kurt Friebis Elder active pilot at SFC Hockenheim e.V.
The oldest active pilot of the sports flying club Hockenheim e.V., Kurt Friebis, celebrated his 88th birthday on 19 August with a schnapps number. With the blessing of the flight doctor, who extended the medical again for him, Kurt sometimes takes off from Hockenheim with his Cessna 172 XP weekly for a photo flight. His aviator's CV reads as unbelievable as the fact that he is considered one of Germany's oldest pilots.
Hockenheim - With the tinkering of model airplanes at the age of 13 years, the foundation stone was laid for his flying. At the age of 17, after completing his first flights as a glider pilot, he enlisted as a Kriegsfreiwiliger in 1940 at the Aviation School in Klagenfurt. There he was trained on a Klemm 33 and on the Bücker 133. At the military school of Tuln in Austria he was then admitted to the Focke Wulf Fw 58. This was followed by Messerschmitt Bf 110 and Heinkel He 111. Via the Arado Ar 96 he was trained on one of the most famous fighter aircraft of the Second World War, the Mes-serschmitt Bf 109. As he tells the difference, it was only the "small" version with 1,350 hp, the stronger Versi-on with 1,660 hp was reserved for the older aviators.As a so-called zbV - for special use - he was on the first combat capable jet fighter The Luftwaffe, the Messerschmitt Me 262, was assigned to the Pocking air base, and after various missions at various theaters of war, was stationed on the Cochem coastline from 1944 until the end of the war.
After escaping the war after captivity, he did not want to wear a uniform, not even in the Luftwaffe air force, which was founded in 1956. At the airfield of Lachen-Speyerdorf, he built in 1951, with a construction period of one year, as one of the first private aircraft owners a L-sparrow from a kit. The blessing came from the French Allies. As in the legendary feature film with Humphrey Bogart, Casablanca, emerged with the
French a long friendship. Kurt Friebis was a magnet for aerobatic demonstrations at every air show in France from Cannes to Paris with his Lo 100 and later with an L-13 Blanfk. A passion for aerobatics became a profession. As a skilled mechanical engineer, he was also his own mechanic. A French newspaper once wrote: Kurt Friebis is a great son of his nation on the other side of the Rhine. During his many years in France, he never experienced hostility as a German, he was only the "crazy" German, and in Baden-Baden he often performed aerobatics in the 1960s with the former glider world champion Ladislav Bezak ,
In the US, he made his American pilot licenses. In 1969 he took over the representation of the Italian aircraft manufacturer SIAI-Marchetti on the former airfield Karlsruhe-Forch-heim. From Acapulco in Mexico, he flew from 1969 to 1971 with a factory engine, a Marchetti SF 260, often to San Salvador, Panama and Guatemala, to deliver the engine to the military.