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72. Army Photo Album - France & Russia Campaigns - Inf. Rgt. 70 - Nice!
168 photos. Nice content from France & Russia.  Served in Inf Rgt 70 of the 111 Inf Division. Many vehicles, destroyed French towns & cities, artillery, Pionier bridges, KIA horses, French roadblocks, nice Panzer IV with frame Aerial, French artillery & Tanks, graves, BEUTEPANZER FT17 French tank with German markings, captured French Railway cannons,  troops in Paris, Eiffel Tower, French black colonial troops, Maginot line bunkers knocked out, Halftracks, WESPE Panzer, very nice camo painted, NEBELWERFER Rocket Launcher mounted on SdKfz 251 Schuetzenpanzerwagen, BEUTEPANZER British Matilda tank with German markings, troops in foxholes, crashed planes, postcards, more.  nice content.