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6.  U-BOAT Photo Album, Soldbuch & Document Grouping - U-969 & U-2546
Very nice grouping to Maschinengef. Rolf STEPANEK. He served on the U-2546, U969. Comes with his SOLDBUCH - original issue with large "U" stamp on front page and nice uniform photo. Awards entered include Iron Cross Second Class, U-Boat Badge, and U-Boat Front Clasp! Interesting signatures including Juergen Vockel who went on to command the U-2336 and was KIA as well as MAX DOBBERT - commander of the U-969 and also U-2546. Also comes with his original U-Boat Badge Award Document. The photo album contains 120 photos. Great photos of him and comrades in uniform, many photos of them on U-Boats, great crew photo of the U-969 with all personnel identified, wedding porrtait of him in uniform wearing medals, photos of him and comrades in tropical uniforms, and more!
U-969's career began with training at 5th U-boat Flotilla on 24 March 1943, followed by active service on 1 October 1943 as part of the 1st Flotilla for the next five months. She transferred to 29th Flotilla, on 1 March 1944, based in La Spezia, for Mediterranean operations. In three patrols she sank two merchant ships, for a total of 14,352 gross register tons (GRT).
1350 Euro - $1620