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6.  British Tank Officer WWII Diary, Scrapbook Document Grouping - 2x HIMMLER photos
a very nice scrapbook of World War II kept by Capt. John RH Yeoman who served in The Royal Norfolk Regiment and then The Hampshire Regiment RAC (147th Regiment Royal Armoured Corps). Quite large and well captioned. Contains a diary of his thoughts on his service as well as the political failures leading up to WWII. Several captured german postcards and photos including two VERY nice original photos of Himmler (one with Goering, one with Hitler), nice uniform portrait photo of him, original photo of King George inspecting his unit in September 1940, Nice portrait photos of unit commanders in 1941, company group photo, more portrait photos of the man, Photos from his transfer to ninth Battalion, the Hampshire Regiment, good photos of him and comrades posing in front of Churchill tanks just after crossing the Rhine in March 1945, many newspaper clippings, lots of menus and programs and greeting cards, girls in uniform, more capture German photos, two 21st Army group personal messages from Montgomery documents, original propaganda leaflets, more. nice archive!