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69c  Waffen-SS TOTENKOPF OFFICER Photo Album -  SS Hauptsturmfuehrer Fritz PILLE
56 photos from a SS Totenkopf officer - SS Hauptsturmfuehrer Fritz PILLE ( SS nr 249982). He served a a Kompaniechef in the SS division NORD!  Contains great studio portraits of the man. Starts with photos of him from WWI service and continues through his service in the Allgemeine SS and then in the Waffen-SS as a SS Hauptsturmfuehrer. Also some photos of his son serving in a Panzer unit.  Good SS vehicles, SS flags, many good photos of the man in uniform, parades, photos of him in uniform with his family, nice studio portraits (9x13) of him in Allgemeine SS uniform, Krads, and more. Easy to see his face throughout the album.