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69.  US WWII Medic Scrapbook/Photo Album & Medal Grouping - 77th Division - Okinawa
Large grouping named to Charles S. NEVIN. Comes with a very large and complete scrapbook, filled with great original photos, ephemera and original paperwork. Also comes with a nice assortment of original medals, ribbons, his Combat Medic badge, dogtags and more. newspaper clippings, original publications from the 77th division, original map of Okinawa he used in the field, original photos from Okinawa campaign, wounded soldier being treated on landing craft, troops in foxholes, refugees fleeing battle, great photos of salty troops on march in the field, mail being sorted, helmets with 77th division emblem, captured Japanese ephemera, his bring -back certificate for Japanese rifle and bayonets, then photos and ephemera after he was transferred to 8th Cavalry and sent on occupation duty in Yokohama, brothel (?) ticket, nice large map of Tokyo, more. Great grouping.