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69.    US WWII PURPLE Heart - 81st Infantry Division - KIA  PELELIU
Officially government wartime engraved Purple Heart to PFC Abram C. ANDERSON who served in the 323 Inf Rgt, 81st Inf Division (Wildcats). he was KIA on Oct 31, 1944 while fighting with the 1 Marine Division on PELELIU.  Comes with his IDPF.
When the 1st Marine Division began its invasion of Peleliu in September 1944, the operation in the South Pacific was to take but four days. In fact, capturing this small coral island in the Palaus with its strategic airstrip took two months and involved some of the bloodiest fighting of the Second World War in the Pacific. Rather than the easy conquest they were led to expect, the Marines who landed on Peleliu faced a war of attrition from the island's Japanese defenders, who had dug tunnels and fortified the island's rugged terrain. When the Marines' advance stalled after a week of heavy casualties, the "Wildcats" of the 81st Infantry Division were called in, at first as support. Eventually, the 1st Marines Division was evacuated and the 81st Infantry secured the island.
Below is a detailed history of combat operations on the island.