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68   2x Luftwaffe Photo Album Grouping - Do 17 Crew - Poland + France
295 photos of a Do 17 bomber crew member who served in Nahaufklärungsgruppe 1. Starts with the man's service in the Poland Campaign, many identified locations in Poland, Many good aircraft photos, Me109 images, crashes, Ju 87 Stukas, Polish aerodromes, photos taken from his Do 17 in flight, bombs being loaded, panzers, Polish refugees, destroyed Polish towns, Polish artillery, nice photo of Panzer II on tow trailer, crew graves, large aerial recon photos, good photos from the France Campaign mission celebrations, of 1940, photos taken in cockpit in flight, French bunkers, captured French munitions, french Tanks, Panzers, several goof Ju 87 photos, ends with him serving in a FW 189 crew, more. Great grouping!