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67.   British WWII RAF Photo Album- NORTH AFRICA - Good Luftwaffe Aircraft & German Insignias - NICE!
137 photos.  The first page has some nice German insignia including a tropical breast Eagle and Mine flag as well as RAF Air Gunner Wing.  Well captioned. Photos of him wearing captured German helmet, foxholes in the desert, KO Italian tanks, Italian & German POWs captured at EL ALAMEIN, German graves, Panzers, crashed ME 109, motorcycles, captured German vehicles, British troops posing with Luftwaffe tail swastikas from aircraft, photos of his unit landing in North Africa, ships burning in Benghazi harbor, more good photos of captured and destroyed ME 109 & JU 87 airplanes in the desert, good photos of CHURCHILL, celebrating on VE day, photos from 230 Squadron "the best photos confiscated," more. Nice album!