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65.  Army Photo Album & Document Grouping - NÜRNBERG RALLY, France & Russia - 78 Inf Division
206 photos of Uffz. ROCKENHAÜSER who served in Aufklarungs Abt 178 of the 78 Infanterie Division. Comes with his KVK2 award document with original signature division adjutant. Ostmedaille award document with original signature Battle. commander. Has a SUPER photo of Horst STOFFLETH on the day of his KNIGHTS CROSS award in the field (Aug 20, 1942).another photo of him wearing RK posing with DKiG winner (Mueller), nice photo of KNIGHTS CROSS WINNER Jochen MEYER with personal dedication to the man on reverse, good Russian front photos, motorcycles, vehicles, graves, bunkers, POWs, nice photo of soldier w MP 40, super studio portrait of the man in early style helmet, photos from his training time with IR 13, great parade and flag photos, 1935 Maneuvers, his unit attending 1936 NURNBERG PARTY RALLY, two original photos of HITLER, nice studio portrait of OBERST, and more!