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65.   US WWII Officer's Photo Album - Sanitary Corps - Original Teddy ROOSEVELT photo
Huge album belonging to Lt. Cleon C. MASON who served in the Sanitary Corps. Mason was also a veteran of the Spanish American war.  Hundreds of photos and original documents.  Has a super original photo of him and President Teddy ROOSEVELT together has Mason is handing him pieces of shrapnel which were responsible for his son, Archibald's,  wounds. Also comes with a newspaper clipping of the event. Good photos of aircraft, many vehicles, officers, medical field ambulances, photos of him and officers visiting Burg Eltz, large photos of the Rhine he brought back form Germany, and more.   Interesting documents about him being assigned to make nutritional assessment of German POW camps, original KING GEORGE letter of appreciation, orders, promotions, personal reports he made and more.