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65 Army Photo Album - France Campaign 1940 - Inf Rgt 13
290 photos!  Very nice photo album to a man who served in a MG unit in Inf Rgt 13 of the 25 Inf Division. Inf Rgt 13 later became Gebirgsjaeger Rgt 13 of the 4 Gebirgs Division. In a nice official unit album cover. Contains very good front photos including several very good foxhole/trench action photos, series of super photos showing FLAME THROWERS assaulting a Maginot Line Bunker(!), good MG photos, studio portraits, captured French aircraft, wounded German troops, French troops just captured in the field, PAK cannons, heavy MORTAR crews, bicycle infantry KIA horses, French road signs, destroyed towns and cities, salty infantry on the march, French TANKS, more! great album.