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64photos - 97 Jaeger Division Feldpost + Postcard Grouping - Hans Werner von Aufseß
35 postcards sent from Hans Werner von Aufsess to his family.  He was an historically important figure - see history below. Feldpost number shows he served at war's end as a Lt. in the 97 Jaeger Division. as his biography confirms. the postcards are quite nice by themselves - two Rommel, many color ones, RK winners, Combat, etc.
In his youth Aufseß attended a high school in Berchtesgaden and the Wilhelmsgymnasium Munich , where he passed the Abitur in 1927. [2] He then studied 1927-1931 jurisprudence at the University of Munich . In 1931 he passed the first state law examination. After that he worked from 1931 to 1935 in the legal preparation service at courts and administrative offices in Munich, Nuremberg and Bremen . In 1932 he was a dissertation at the University of Erlangen on the criminal significance of the consent for the negligence of the doctor to Dr. med. jur.PhD. The formal completion of his education formed the Great Law Examination, which he passed in 1935 in Berlin.
Since August 1931 Aufseß belonged to the NSDAP (membership number 576.940). In addition, he was at that time a member of the Schutzstaffel (SS. No. 10.490), in which he reached on April 20, 1939 the degree of equalization of a Sturmbannführer . Between March and June 1933 he was the "Landscape Guide of Bavaria" of the short-lived Greater German Confederation . [3]
In 1935 Aufseß received a job as clerk for Erbhof questions in the Main Department I in the Reichsnährstand . From 1936 to October 1939 he held the post of personal advisor to the Reich Minister of Agriculture Walther Darré in the Reich Ministry of Food and Agriculture . He then worked until June 1940 in the Erbhof Department of the Ministry, most recently in the rank of Oberregierungsrat.
From June 1940 until the end of the Second World War Aufseß served in the Wehrmacht , most recently in the rank of lieutenant. In the army he first belonged to the 1st Mountain Division , before he was employed from late June 1941 to February 1943 in the Economic Staff East in East Prussian Bartenstein. He then served in the 97th Jäger Division . [4]
Shortly after the end of the war Aufseß was arrested by the Allies. In 1947 he participated as a witness at the Nuremberg trials . [5] he was later a lawyer involved.
Around 1930 and again in 1950 Aufseß published several travel and nature guides.