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62 3x Photo Album & Wehrpass Grouping - 31 Inf. Division - Poland, France & Russia - JEWISH KUTNO GHETTO PHOTOS - TOP!
VERY nice grouping with apps 400 photos. Comes with the man's WEHRPASS. He served I various Sanitats units. During the Poland and France Campaigns he served in San.Komp 31 of the 31 ID and during the Russia Campaign he served in San Komp 131 of the 131 ID. Awards listed include EK2 (for Poland Campaign), Ostmedaille, and KVK2 (131 Inf Division). Many great campaign entries including many for POLAND. The album that covers the POLAND is amazing. Campaign is amazing! Many identified locations and very good combat related images, murdered Volksdeutsch, Polish church used as field hospital, Polish POWs, good photos from WARSAW. Then photos from the France Campaign - Belgian Bunkers, bicycle infantry, roadsigns, Field ambulances, Belgian POWs, British POWs, French tanks, and more. The album then contains MANY very rare photos of the KUTNOW GHETTO. Amazing photos of daily life in the Ghetto, Many photos showing Stars in wear, Rabbis, Jewish Cemetery, vendors, identified individuals, and more. Super rare images. Then photos from the Russia Campaign, photos from BREST LITOWSK, destruction, KO Russian tanks, artillery, bicycle infantry, troops posing with captured Russian Flags, Russian POWs, Russian POW camp, sieges of photos of a Russian airplane impacting a German observation balloon, troops in winter camp, StuG III in winter camp, female Russian POWs, aircraft, burning villages, photos from Smolensk and other identified locations and more. Great grouping and historically important.