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61.   SS POLIZEI Photo & Document Grouping - SS Polizei Geb. Jag. Rgt. 18 - Nice!
Nice grouping named to Oberwachtmeister Josef JARITZ. Comes with his original SOLDBUCH & Polizei Dienstpass!  Both are well filled out with original photos. He served in the Stabskompanie of SS Polizei Gebirgsjaeger Rgt. 18.  Campaigns listed include Oberkrain, Finalnd and more!
Great photos of the unit in Garmisch Partenkirchen, many high ranking unit officers, great SS Polizei uniform details, medals in wear, bunkers in Russia, BEUTEPANZERS used by the unit in the field (French H-39 tank) in OBERKRAIN (Upper Carniola, part of SLOVENIA), good photos of the unit in the Alps, Campaign Schilds in wear, POW interrogated, BMW motorcycles, photos of the unit in Finland, great original photo of Generals DIETL & SS Obergruppenführer KLEINHEISTERKAMP , other photos of (SS-Standartenführer) Hermann FRANZ (Rgt. commander) and KLEINHEISTERKAMP in the field, winter camo, trench positions, and more. Great grouping!