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60.    U-BOAT Photo Album, Document & CAP BADGE Grouping - U-96 (DAS BOOT)!
Nice grouping to U-Boat crew member Max PIEN who served on the U-96 and U-874. U-543. U-96 is famous, besides sinking 27 ships(!), for being the basis of the book/film DAS BOOT. During 1941, war correspondent Lothar-Günther Buchheim joined U-96 for a single patrol. His orders were to photograph and describe the U-boat in action for propaganda purposes. Over 5,000 photographs, mostly taken by Buchheim, survived the war. From his experiences, he wrote a short story, "Die Eichenlaubfahrt" ("The Oak-Leaves Patrol") and a 1973 novel which was to become an international best-seller, Das Boot, followed in 1976 by U-Boot-Krieg ("U-Boat War"), a nonfiction chronicle of the voyage.
The grouping comes with a nice plaque with U-Boat Fr and one for the U-543. Also has U-96 metal emblems that may have been cap badges as well as USN dolphins. Album contains 176 photos, starting in his training time, then surface ship service then U-Boat training and finally operation service with U-96! Many good studio portraits of him including one in which he can be seen wearing the U-96 “Laughing Sawfish” cap Badge!! Good photos of his am crew at sea on patrol, super studio portrait of U-96 commander Hans-Jürgen Hellriegel (Knights Cross Winner) with signature and personal dedication on reverse! Also comes with U-Boat service “Bierzeitungen and other documents of Pien