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60  US WWII Air Corps Photo Album - 64th Troop Carrier Group - 82nd AIRBORNE - NORTH AFRICA & SICILY
140 photos of a man sho served in the 64 TCG. Named to Randy MORSE. Content from North Africa and Sicily. Good images of PATROOPERS in full kit, many photos of C-47 transport aircraft being loaded, 82nd AB paratroopers jumping and landing during exercises, officers, vehicles, knocked out GERMAN vehicles, German cemeteries, what looks like original photos of EISENHOWER in the field, medal ceremonies in the field, knocked out US TANKS, troops interacting with Arabs, female WAC pilots in A-2 jackets, US troops wearing captured German headgear, gliders, Italian fighter aircraft, captured Ju 87 STUKA with Italian insignia, destroyed ME 109 airplanes, knocked out German PANZERS, more.