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60.  PANZER Award Document & Photo Grouping - 16 Panzer Division - 2x HUBE signatures!  RK+ Swords & Diamonds - STALINGRAD
Grouping to Oberschuetzen Edmund ZEPP who served in 1./ Schuetzen Rgt. 79 of the 16 Panzer Division.  The 16 Panzer Division was destroyed at STALINGRAD.  Come with his award documents for the Iron Cross Second Class with orig. sig. Div. commander General Hans HUBE (Knights Cross + Swords & DIAMONDS winner!!) - Hube died in April 1944, Black Wound Badge with orig. sig. batl cdr., Panzer Assault Badge in Bronze also with original HUBE signature! Also comes with several original photos of the man including studio portraits.