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5.    Luftwaffe Officer Photo Album - Fernaufklarungs Gruppe 33
174 photos, very well captioned, of an officer who served in 1./Fernaufklarungs Gruppe 33.He included many great details including a hand-drawn map of all of his travels with the unit throughout France as well as a detailed list from 1940 until 1948 when he was released from POW camp! He was in Orleans, France at D-Day and records partisan attacks as his unit moved east thereafter. Many photos from France with identified locations - NANCEY, Versailles, Montpellier, Marseilles, Etang de Berre, Les Baux, Pizza, Monaco, etc.
good photos of Ju 88 aircraft of the unit photos of their airbases, many identified pilots and personnel, award ceremonies, celebrations of the 500th and 1000th mission, photos of destruction after Allied bomb raid on their base, fantastic large photo of Knights Cross Winner with lengthy dedication to the man, then photos from POW camp, Also comes with a rare unit history compiled in 1966 on the occasion of a unit reunion.