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5.    U-BOAT Document, Feldpost & Photo Grouping - U-460 - KIA
Nice grouping to Maschinengefreiten Walter LAY who served on the U-460. he was KIA on Oct. 4, 1943. German submarine U-460 was a Type XIV supply and replenishment U-boat ("Milchkuh") of Nazi Germany's Kriegsmarine during World War II. She left Bordeaux for the last time on 30 August 1943. On 4 October, U-460 was resupplying the submarines U-264, U-422, and U-455 in the North Atlantic north of the Azores, when they were attacked by American Avenger and Wildcat aircraft of US Navy squadron VC-9 flying from the escort carrier Card. While the other U-boats submerged and escaped, U-460 was sunk by depth charges. 62 were killed; two crewmen survived. Comes with his U-Boat BADGE award document awarded March 9. 1943. Also comes with 29 FELDPOST letters he sent to his family. Also appx 20 original photos including a nice studio portrait of the man and a few photos of him on the U-460.