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58  Luftwaffe Award Document, Photo Album & Uniform Effects Grouping - Flaksturmregiment 7
Nice grouping to Obergef. Erich STEINERT who served in 1./Flaksturmregiment 7 and previously in Reserve Flak Regiment 147. Comes with his uniform insignia pasted on cover of album. nice grouping of documents to which he has added notations for what they were awarded for - Luftwaffe FLAK Badge awarded Oct. 1942 with orig sig. GENERAL Albert VIERLING (DKiS winner), Crusade Against Communism Medal award document with orig sig Abt commander, KRIMSCHILD Award Document, Iron Cross Second Class award document with orig sig 10 Flak Division commander General Franz ENGEL (DKiG) - interesting notation that he was awarded the EK2 for knocking out 5 Russian T-34 tanks(!).  Album contains 78 very good 8,8cm FLAK photos, well captioned throughout. Many good photos from KRIM, photo of shot down Russian airplane and the Soviet "Kill ring" they painted on their 8,8 for it, Flak firing at night and more. Great grouping!