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57  PANZER Award Document & SOLDBUCH Grouping - 2 Panzer Division - Normandy & Ardennes
Nice grouping to Gef. Josef WIMMER who served in 3./ Panzer Aufklarungs Abt. 2 of the 2 Panzer Division.  He was with the unit when it was fighting in Normandy and the Battle of the Bulge.  Comes with his Iron Cross Second Class Award Document with original signature Generallt. Lübbe, Vollrath (RK Winner) cdr. 2 Panzer Division, Ostmedaille award document with orig. sig. Abt. Kdr, Hauptmann Riedel, Panzer Assault Badge in Bronze with orig. sig. Abt. Kdr., Black Wound Badge with orig. sig, Abt Cdr. Major PETRI, Wound Badge in SILVER with orig. sig. Ab. Kdr. von BOEHM, E-Schein, POW document (Jan 1945 - captured during the battle of the Bulge), Original issue SOLDBUCH with nice uniform photo, all awards entered. Also has list of Sturmtage for qualification for Panzer Assault Badge.  Nice Grouping!