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55  STURMGESCHUTZ Photo Album - StuG. Abtl. 191 - RUSSIA - Top!
150 photos of a man who serve din Sturmgeschutz Abt. 191.  Covers his service in Poland, France and Russia. Good photos of StuG III in the field, Panzer Grenadiers with MP 40, other vehicles, graves, Knights Cross & Oakleaves Winner HOFFMANN-SCHOENBORN in his SdKfz251 (won the RK as Cdr Stug Abt 191), burning villages, KIA Russian troops, KO Russian TANKS, Russians surrendering with hands up, He 111 planes dropping resupply containers overhead, schwere PAK crews in action, Sd.Kfz. 250, crashed Russian planes, captured Russian materiel, cute female Russian POWS, Russian POWs treated by German doctor, Russian armored trains, Black French colonial POWs, Gypsy kids given cigarettes, death notices of comrades, more!