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54. US WWII PILOT Photo Album - 345th Bomb Group - Pacific Theater - Orig. HAWAIIAN PEARL HARBOR ATTACK NEWSPAPERS + Original URGENT-SECRET CEASE FIRE V-J DAY US Atlantic Fleet Cable !
Original photo album to Major Dickram M. SARKISIAN, Jr. who served in the 345th Bomb Group. Comes with Honolulu newspaper headlines from Dec. 7th and 8th (likely reprints made in subsequent days). 45 photos and 16 newspaper clippings. Also comes with an ORIGINAL URGENT-SECRET marked CEASE FIRE V-J DAY US Atlantic Fleet Cable from CICPAC ! Captioned in his own hand. Photos of Japanese ships being attacked, Bomb Group base signage, photos of the IE SHIMA surrender, none art, fighter planes with Japanese kill emblems, bombing Japanese air fields, many good aircraft images, unit-made photos sheets of 345th escorting Japanese Ie Shima delegation, more!