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53. US WWII Photo Album - TANK DESTROYER -  825th Tank Destroyer Battalion
78 photos and many pieces of ephemera to Cpl. Eugene ALLAMAN who served in the 611th Tank Destroyer Battalion stateside and then the 825th Dank Destroyer Battalion overseas (the 630th by the end of 1945).   Two nice Camp Hood postcards - one with Tank Destroyer patch, photos of vehicles on the move in France, good photos of dug in Anti-tank positions, anti-tank cannons in tow, halftrack columns on roll in Germany, armored M8 Greyhound reconnaissance cars, troops in foxholes in the field, unit photos in the field, Christmas doily he sent to mom from TUNIS in 1943, souvenir pillow cover form ROME 1945, and more.
The 825h TD battalion was activated in August 1942, and organized as a "towed" battalion with 3" anti-tank guns in July 1943.[1] It sailed for the United Kingdom in May 1944 aboard the Queen Elizabeth, landed at Utah Beach on 29 July 1944, and was assigned to guarding rear areas of Third Army in the Cotentin Peninsula.[2] After the breakout in August, it continued security duties, but with the start of the Ardennes Offensive in December it was moved to the front and committed to combat.
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