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52  Luftwaffe Photo Album Grouping - Fernaufklarungsgruppe 123 - Original GOERING photos + RK Ceremony ORLOWSKY
61 photos as well as unit made documents from Fernaufklarungsgruppe 213. Several nice unit made documents printed on photo paper including the rare “Knullenkopfabzeichen” document, many photos of unit officers wearing medals, original photos of General KUHN and Oberstlt KOPPER, photos from PARIS, REIMS, FLEURY and other identified locations in France, vehicles, original photos of GOERING visiting the unit, also SPERRLE and MILCH, photos of Major DONAUBAUER departing the unit (he was KIA one month later, he writes), original photo SPERRLE awarding the owner of the album his KVK2, then photos from ITALY including San Remo, ORIGINAL photos of Major HELMUTH ORLOWSKY receiving the KNIGHTS CROSS in the field!!