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51.   SS POLIZEI  Document, SOLDBUCH & Dienstpass Grouping - SS Polizei Gebirgsjaeger Rgt 18 - Norway, Finland, Greece, Balkans - MIA
VERY nice grouping to Wachtmeister Alexander SCHNEEBERGER who served in SS Polizei Gebirgsjaeger Rgt 18. Comes with his SS SOLDBUCH, Polzei Dienstpass, Polzei Dienstausweiss as well as many other original documents. He served in Inf Rgt 174, then Polizei Batl 302, then (when it was reformed) SS Polizei Gebirgsjaeger Rgt 18. He was MIA on Oct 4, 1944.  The regiment was on the retreat out of Greece at the time.  They were subject to brutal ambushes during this process. During on, only 12 men survived in the the entire III Batl.! The regiment was transferred to Slovenia shortly after formation. It was in Northern Finland by March 1943 and Greece by October before it retreated north through the Balkans in late 1944–45. Soldbuch has entry and signature of SS Hauptsturmfuehrer concerning his being MIA.  Polizei Dienstpass shows service in Norway from Oct 1940 to June 1942 and then operations Slovenia and then  in Northern Finland. Other documents detail the combat engagements he participated in, and more!