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50  GERMAN CROSS IN GOLD Winner Photo & Document Grouping - REGIMENT GENERAL GOERING + 12 Fallschirmsturmgeschuetze Brigade.
90 photos and original large formal German Cross in Gold award document to Feldwebel Arulf KETTERL. He received the DKiG while serving with 7./Flak-Regiment 43 on March 31, 1943. At this time, Flak Regiment 43 was part of REGIMENT GENERAL GOERING under the command of Major Karlhuber! There is also a letter he wrote o General Heinrich Plickert in 1954 discussing his being proposed for and approved the Knights Cross by General Erdman. Interestingly, he indicates that at war's end he was s  erving in the 6 Fallschirmjaeger Division in the 12 Fallschirmsturmgeschuetze Brigade. Definitley needs further research!