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4.    WWI FLIEGER Photo, Document and Militaerpass Grouping - EHRENPOKAL
Super grouping to ARTHUR MARTENS who served in Flieger Abteilung 203 where he was awarded the EK2, EK1 and Pilots badge. He later transferred to JAGDSTAFFEL 11 of the Jagdgeschwader Richtohofen under the command of GOERING. Martens was quite famous after the war as a GLIDER PIONEER. See link below. His Militaerpass is fantastic listing the actions he participated in, his awards including the EHRENPOKAL award for shooting down a SPAD on May 4, 1918 SE of Pirremont and more! Contains a very nice service history he personally typed up, appx 60 photos, a SUPER large portrait photo of him in flight gear, many good aerial recon photos, good aircraft photos, crashed, photos of he and other pilots on airfeilds wearing medals, very nice Pilot's License with photo of him wearing medals, planes broken down for transport, another large portrait of him wearing medals, photo of him later with HITLER when he served in the LW, and more! Needs more research!