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4.   WEHRPASS - Norway, Finland - Kampfgeschwader 27 - MANY Weapons Qualifications!
WP to Richard SCHERER who served with KG 27 and other Flughafen Betriebs units. Contains one of the most extensive list of weapons qualifications I have seen - Czech Pak 37, K98, MG, 13, MG 15, PAK 37, MG 42, MG 34, schwere Granatwefer, lei. Granatwerfer, Flammenwerfer, Gewehergranatgeraet (rifle grenade), Pistole 08, MP 38/42, Minelaying training, single-handed Tank destruction training and Stosstrupp Ausbildungs (Shock Troop training). Awarded the Ostmedaille, campaign entries for Russia, Finland and Norway. Also comes with his Allied issued military discharge.