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4.  ORIGINAL HIMMLER Signed Document -  SS-Gruppenführer  Georg-Henning Graf von Bassewitz-Behr Investigation
Original personal letter dated 27 Aug, 1944 sent from Heinrich HIMMLER to SS-Obergruppenfuehrer Maximilian von HERFF (DAK Knights Cross Winner before being called to SS administrative duties). From 1 October 1942 to 8 May 1945, he was chief of the Persönlicher Stab Reichsführer-SS (Himmler's personal staff). He dealt with internal and financial SS matters. Von Herff was in Warsaw during the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising and supervised its suppression under orders from Himmler. The letter contains HIMMLER'S ORIGINAL HAND SIGNED INITIALS. You can also see notations from secretaries concerning replies received and sent.  The letter concerns a personal investigation into SS-Gruppenführer  Georg-Henning Graf von Bassewitz-Behr who was serving as SS Commander of Hamburg. After the July 20 assassination attempt on Hitler, Bassewitz was investigated due to his nobility as well as having sisters living abroad married to foreigners.   The link below is an extensive online biography of Bassewitz that contains a transcript of this letter and discusses the investigation and outcomes.  A rough translation is as follows:

I am writing to you this letter strictly confidentially and personally. Follow two things.
What foreign relations did he report?
Does he have sisters?
Are these sisters married abroad? As far as I know, yes.
Please tell me as soon as possible, but without asking [him] yourself.

Bassewitz was a convicted war criminal who died in Soviet captivity in 1949.  Historically important document.