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49   Army Photo Grouping - 44 Infanterie Division "Hoch- und Deutschmeister" - Poland, France, Russia, Italy
753 photos.  Large grouping, all from the same man.  Many captioned on reverse. Served in the 132 Inf Rgt, part of 44 Inf Div which in 1943 was redesigned 44. Reichsgrenadier-Division Hoch- und Deutschmeister - an elite unit which saw much action against the Americans and British in ITALY!  Content from Poland, France and Russia.  Identified locations - KRAKOW, LEMBERG, PARIS, ROME, LA ROCHELLE, SMOLENSK, etc.  Death notice of the man- Josef KRANZER. crashed planes, bunkers, vehicles, graves, Panzer columns, Jews, portraits from a studio in La Rochelle, burning villages, motorcycles, Russian POWs, captured artillery, VW Kubelwagens, award ceremonies in the field, mounted troops, medals in wear in the field, photos from ROME, KIA unit officer, MG 34, Sturmgeschutze, RSO Schlepper, Panzer uniforms in wear, more!