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49  US WWII Red Cross Worker Photo Album Grouping - Me 262, Hetzer, Panther, Dachau - TOP!
1166 photos!   Three beautifully captioned albums, all from the same Red Cross Worker. All are extremely high quality leather albums she purchased while serving in Germany.  No crumbly pages like most US albums! Contains 1166 SUPERB photos, all meticulously captioned!  Starts with her preparing for deployment to England in 1944, then stationed on US Airbases in England serving Donuts to flight crews - primarily at DEBDEN Air Base, very nice portraits of her and comrades in uniform, Then movement to France, Germany and Austria, original photos she took at the BERGHOF in Berchtesgaden, original ME 262 photos parked on Autobahn, great photos of knocked out US Tank Destroyers at BASTOGNE, a fantastic photo of a German HETZER tank with US GI's sitting on top, very nice photo of a Mark V PANTHER tank knocked out by the 101st Airborne, many good photos of DACHAU CONCENTRATION CAMP with lengthy note detailing the GI stationed at the camp who made copies for her, many photos of her on leave with her comrades in Holland, France Paris, Switzerland, etc., many photos of various service HQ's in Europe she served at supporting the troops, and much more! Also comes with newspaper and magazine clipping about her service, official citations, official letter form the Red Cross giving her permission to wear theater and service ribbons of the military, and more! Completely unbutchered and complete!