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49.    PANZER Photo Album & EK1 Award Document Grouping - Panzer Regiment 18 - RARE HITLER ASSASSINATION PLOT SIGNATURE!
56 photos of a man who serve din Panzer Rgt 8omes with his EK1 award document with original signature of 18. Panzer Division commander Generalleutnant Karl Freiherr von Thüngen (RK winner).  This is a rare signature as he was on the 20 July conspirators and was executed on 24 october 1944.   Album has many captions. Good vehicle images, knocked out tanks, medal ceremonies, hanged partisans in Russia, field graves, knocked out French tanks, and more.
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During World War II, Thüngen served on the Eastern Front, in 1942 and 1943 with the 18th Panzer Division. On 6 April 1943 he was awarded the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross.[1] On 20 July 1944, he was appointed by the conspirators as the commander of the defense group III (Berlin) as the successor to the arrested General Joachim von Kortzfleisch.[2] He did not follow the conspirators orders and later took part in the interrogation of Major Hans-Ulrich von Oertzen, a supporter of the plot under his command.

He was nevertheless subsequently arrested by the Gestapo. He was dismissed from the army by the court of honor and was then tried by the People's Court, sentenced to death by Roland Freisler on 5 October 1944 and shot by firing squad in Brandenburg-Görden Prison on 24 October 1944.