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48  PANZER Photo Album - ITALY - Late War - Panzer Abteilung 345 + 129
141 photos.   Nice album to man who served in Pz/Abt.129 of the 29 Panzergrenadier Division. Started with panzer Abt. 345 and was with the unit when it was reformed into Pz.Abt.129.  The 29. Panzergrenadier-Division was formed in France in March 1943 from the destroyed 29. Infanterie-Division (mot) and was sent to Italy in July. It fought at Salerno, Anzio and Po River. It was destroyed in April 1945 when the LXXVI Panzerkorps was attacked by the British 8th Army between the Po and the Apennine Mountains. Filled with Good PANZER images - the last photo is of a TIGER !   Good Panzer I, Panzer II, Panzer IIII and Panzer IV as well as StuG III long Barrels with side armor.   Very well captioned throughout.