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47   Army Photo Album - Poland, France & Russia Campaigns
202 photos of a man's service in Poland France and Russia. Also comes with a typed "Tageblatt" unit reunion newsletter. Easliy identified as he had the Hitler mustache popular with older soldiers, well captioned throughout. Starts with him stationed on the WESTWALL prior to the France Campaign. French Minefield, manning MG 34 over the Rhine, sub MG, then crossing border at start of the French Campaign, French POWs, Maginot Line Bunkers, trench positions, invading French border towns, field grave services, tanks French POWs, captured French Regimental Kaserne, French POW camp in BITSCHE, vehicles, then photos from POLAND in May 1940 staging for Operation Barbarossa, photos from TOMASZOW, Poland, Russian TANKS, and more! Nice album!